Jan. 2nd, 2012

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Broken Tree
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So, back to work today, after a week off, in which I did roughly NOTHING that I'd planned on doing. Sure, house got vacuumed, dishes washed, laundry done (and folded! And CSI is not the best thing to watch during lunch...). Some gourmet grilled cheese eaten (apples make things better), some not-so-gourmet ramen as well. But tasty.

Anywho, back to work. Catching up on emails, finding all the things that somebody (coughMYBOSScough) moved and put on my desk in the week I was gone (and I'd even cleared it off before I left! bah.), running through a small pile of paperwork and plant confirmations that came in. About 10:00, I finally glanced out the back window. Saw a rather large limb down across some of the back tables. Didn't think much of it. We lose branches back there all the time. There's a bunch of pine trees, pine trees like to drop limbs. Fortunately it's all been during the night, when nobody's back there shopping.

My eyes traveled up, to see if I could find where this one broke off, and what do I see, but more limbs, and tree top, and... TREE. Eep. Holy crap! My co-worker said it came down in the crazy wind we had the day after Christmas.

I liked that pine tree... I thought it was one of the healthy ones, apparently not. Rotten to the core. It took out the skinny ash tree (which was not healthy) next to it too. Fell in just the right spot. If it had fallen away from the woods, we'd be doing shop repairs, and possibly repairs to the office. That's a good 75 feet of tree there. The guys are gonna have some clean up work to do. It seems pretty stable where it is (knock on wood), and the wind shouldn't be bad the rest of the week.

I think my shade tables are going to be a bit less shady next summer...


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