Jan. 29th, 2012

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Home from Birka. Wonderful Event. I think (at least at the moment) that I've escaped any crud that may have been floating around.

Saw lots of folks, did not fence much at all (and thereby saved my sanity, though it seems the tourney went much better this year), marshaled a bit which was fun, held guard duty for the Royal Room, did a few quick run-throughs of the merchant area, and was pleased to be able to accompany Their Majesties and Hignesses of the East into court with the rest of Woolfe's Companies. Biggest hooray at court goes to [livejournal.com profile] ludicrose and Aneleda, newest Court Baron and Baroness. I did not take a single photo all weekend, but please enjoy the ones of Aneleda's gift scroll.

Baronage Gift for Aneleda

Left court early, couldn't hear a thing hanging out in the back with all the fencers anyway. Lovely dinner, interrupted only by Lucien, who I followed back to court, because he said "Thomas de Castellan needs to see you." Why? I asked... "I dunno..." So, back to court, pulled away from my soon-to-be-arriving dinner and chocolate martini... Because Thomas made an offhand comment of "where's Camille? I miss her!", so off went Lucien to find me... He owes me another chocolate martini for interrupting the first one.

Post-dinner, got drawn into one fencer vortex after another, and missed most of the ball. Wonderful, wonderful socialization with my friends though, it was worth missing the dancing. There are Plans Afoot. Muaha. Muahahaha. Ha. Got to the ball in time for Korobushka, some weird Pinwheel thing (what in the world did I just do??), and Gay Gordons. Fun.

Spent some time (though not enough) with Xavier, before he moves to Seattle in a week and a half. Ye gods I'm gonna miss him... :(

Nice visit with my parents and a trip to the Currier Museum of Art on the way home with Max and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel. Haven't been there in years, and not since the renovations. Very nice.


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