Jan. 31st, 2012

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Before this Friday, in fact. All done by Thursday night. When, exactly? I'm not sure... I'll manage.

  • Laundry. Birka garb has exploded all over the dining room, and though [personal profile] kurlon doesn't appear to be bothered by it at all, it is truly driving me nuts. Also. Running out of socks.
  • Small tweaks on the scroll for Saturday. Got a few things to detail a little more, and something to add, if I can find a spot.
  • Armor Repair. Need. to. make. a. new. shirt. Dammit. Have the fabric, won't take long to put together at ALL. Perhaps can finish it Friday night, any hand-sewing I need to do... Note to self - add fabric to laundry tonight. Cut & start sewing tomorrow. Finish Thursday? Suuurrre... (perhaps I'll bring it to the office to amuse myself whilst waiting for the post-work obligations that are timed such that it's not feasible to go home and then head back out again...)
  • Armor Repair. Gorget padding is getting kinda fuzzy. Not bad, and not dangerous, but looks ugly. Easy fix. But will I do it?

And looking through my to-do list I made after GNEW last year... To do for soon, but not immediately - Tent Door. And loops. And stakes (hrm, still need to talk to [livejournal.com profile] crazyroman, but I know he's crazy busy. Before GNEW. When the heck am I gonna have time? I think I have a free weekend again innnnn... April? Maybe. Pfeh.

Also, it has been three days since Birka. Still healthy. Apparently did not get typical BirkaCrud. Woo!


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