Feb. 12th, 2012

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Day 2 of 'Relax, Dammit' weekend is a go. Sorta. Successful relaxation was had yesterday. The afternoon brought a cuppa tea, Chocolat on DVD, and a purring Galahad in my lap through most of it (after I finished folding laundry). The cold has indeed settled in. More tea today, and zinc, and hot shower to try and minimize the damage. Blugh.

Project for the day - clean up the complete disaster that is my craft room. I know it can be organized, I know it. Also in doing so I will find the boxes for the snowmen and houses that are still out everywhere from Christmas... Time to put them away... Also, vacuuming and possibly taking stock of houseplants. Have gone through a little bit of attrition since last year, I think.

Two years ago this weekend, the house was in much more need of cleaning out, but it was OURS. Happy truck day for the Red Sox (Wednesday), happy two-year signing anniversary for us. Happy cats now in my lap that were still at the shelter two years ago, but we knew they'd be coming to join us soon.


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