Mar. 11th, 2012

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Two lovely weekends, productive and fun!

Last weekend, I went up to IDD for their Baronial Investiture Anniversary, fenced all day, laughed and talked long into the night, and generally had a wonderful time. Missed a couple people, saw most of the others I'd hoped to see, and got to catch up with everybody. Can't wait to visit again at Panteria at the end of May. Photos from the event are here:
03-03 BIA

This weekend was Sewing Weekend at The Arboretum. Got stuff accomplished! Finally finished (started, and finished) my new fencing armor shirt (only took 6 months!). Mickel finished a shirt for Max, a chemise for her, and an opera cloak to use with the steampunk garb. Syd started and finished the shell of her cloak (with the enthusiastic help of Lancelot, expert fabric weight). Now we need to wait for the trim and faux fur to do the lining, and she'll be stylin'. And warm. Iain finished his linen hood too, so I call the weekend a success.

And, it was almost 65 degrees out, so we opened the door to let some sunlight and warmth in. Galahad approved.


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