Aug. 27th, 2012

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There will be a Pennsic post eventually... this one is quicker, and easier, and more recent. :)

All Things Scribal was announced sometime before GNEW, and it was going to be in IDD. Got very excited. Emailed the delightful Baroness Tadea, figured out what I wanted to teach (also what needed teaching), and arranged crash space (since Cynan was going to be in PEI that weekend...) I ventured North on Friday evening, prepared for a day of ART on Saturday. Landed at Angus and Tigger's around 10:30, Rozi and Kayleigh arrived somewhere around midnight, sleep was had soon thereafter.

Saturday dawned bright and HOT. I thought Canada was supposed to be cooler... (heh, right) I realized that I'd forgotten paper towels (essential supply for painting), and then proceeded to forget the roll provided by my most gracious hostess on the table. Got to the event site, was directed to a bank (for money) and a corner store (for paper towels). Found both. Sketchiest. Corner store. Ever. Eeeeeugh. Acquired paper towels, though. Back at the event, got ready, taught class #1 (scroll layout, 8 people), had a break, taught class #2 (beginning gouache. very popular. at least 13 students. more people than I'd anticipated, but I had enough stuff, some folks brought their own, so it worked. a bit overwhelming for me, but I think everybody had fun, and by the end was using the paint (mostly) properly). Her Majesty and Her Higness sat in on that one. No pressure.

Lunch was lovely, and then thank goodness there was an extra hour I didn't think I had between lunch and my last class (whitework), because I needed to clean palettes and decompress a little bit. Whitework was 6 or 7 students, just about perfect. Her Highness joined me again, and again by the end of the class, most of the students were making good progress.

Three classes is my limit. It didn't feel like a lot of work, but it was pretty tiring. I was falling asleep at dinner, which was hard to do with at least 30 people in the backroom. One of the highlights was definitely discussing the "finer" points of NASCAR (and various other things) with His Highness Edward. We had a lovely dinner, the 30 of us...

So many good people and good times. I think everybody had fun. Staying with Angus and Tigger was fantastic. Can't wait to go back up in February for K&Q Rapier. I do so enjoy Canada and all the people there.

08-25 All Things Scribal IDD

Things to do for next time:
- have a 'preferred brands' list. The brushes, paint, and paper weren't really written down anywhere... I may do a follow-up email/post to the event page.
- demo paint before handing it out. too much gouache too quickly, not enough instruction before brushes started hitting palettes.

Sunday I met up with Cynan (returned from PEI Saturday night), and I got to be a tourist. It's nicer when it's not 17 below (C) out there... We wandered a bit of Montreal, went climbing all over Mount Royal, had a lovely lunch at a pub downtown, and then I had to be off... quick day... another wonderful day, though. Home by 10:30 or so, didn't get enough sleep. I'll catch up eventually.

Photos of Montreal/Mount Royal:
08-26 Montreal


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