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More traveling this past weekend, to Connecticut and Balfar's Challenge! Stopped over and saw Dad on Friday night so I didn't have to get going quite as early on Saturday morning, which was nice. Beautiful day, perfect weather again for outdoor fencing. Carolyne and Jocelyn were excellent teammates, we are not treasure-motivated, it seems, and need to pay a bit more attention to the eventual goal of the scenarios we are participating in actually is, but we had a blast. So wonderful to see a lot of the fencing family. And my Don! Wyatt and I were actually at the same event! Now I just have to get us to drill and work on me learning things earlier, when I am not so tired... trying to learn stuff after a full day of tourney and pick up fencing does not work all that well...

Lots of photos here:
04-07 Balfar's Challenge

Off to Coronation this weekend, with Jean and Sorcha and maybe Mylisant. It will be fun. Again. :)

6 months ago tonight was not so fun... I was sitting on the side of the road, by this point probably talking to the nice EMTs and police officers who showed up to put me back together after I decided it might be entertaining to drive Giovanni off the road... (ok, not really... at all...) I had a better ride home tonight. Realization hit me about halfway home, though. I made it just about through the front door before losing it completely... Apparently things are not quite right in the brain, but I know they are close... Loss is still pretty strong. I'm just glad to be here and able to type this. Time to find an inexpensive dirtbike and get myself back in the saddle where the landings are softer, at least to start.
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