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Apparently, at 180,100 miles, the explosive bolts go off in a Hyundai. Some of them, anyway.

Went through the tollbooth tonight on the way to dinner with the in-laws, got a very spirited and passionate rant from the toll-taker about his blood sugar, and how I should make sure to never, ever get diabetes (do I really have a choice in the matter?), went to roll the window up, and heard a loud and final-sounding "THUNK". Ah, crap. Window did not move, no matter what...

Got to the restaurant. Said hi. I think. Maybe I just went right into "my window won't go up, something is broken". Cue emergency in-law car repair service. The guys went outside, Bobbi and I stayed in, had a nice chat, and realized it was quite a while they'd been gone... Frank came back for duct tape. Oh dear lord. [personal profile] kurlon and his dad managed to get the window back up. It is now duct-taped to the doorframe. The rest of my door is in my backseat. The white bits are pieces of an envelope stuck to some truly nasty adhesive that I didn't want to get stuck on. Apparently the cable that drives the window got bound in the motor, and finally snapped/gave out/broke. Sigh. Oh, Rosie. She's 12 years old, and really has treated me well... only other major broken part was the alternator, about 8 years ago. Just... why did this have to break now, right when there's a $1,000 maintenance already on the books for this month? Argh.

Further exploration tonight shows that this is pretty typical of this car, and I was lucky to get 12 years before it went boom. I need a $40 part, probably about an hour's worth of labor to get it all working and back together again. Till then, I will possibly be crawling out the passenger door, since I don't want to put undue stress on the cables, since the door handle is not exactly properly attached and doesn't work very well at the moment. Will be taking the HiHy to the Fort this weekend.
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