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  • Potatoes! I has sprouts! Yaaaay! Just in the garden box so far; the top ones of the tower are buried a little deeper, I think, and I've got to wait for the ones on the sides of the tower to work their way through the straw, so perhaps next week we'll see some sprouts on the sides.
  • Tomato! I have again obtained a wonderful 'Pineapple' Tomato plant (last seen during the blight of '09 ('10? When was the bad late blight year?); I got one fruit. It was phenomenal.). It is planted in a large green pot, and placed next to the potato tower, in the hopes of more sun = fruits!
  • Purple and green Kohlrabi seeded in the previously vacant spot in the raised bed made their appearance mid-week. YAY.
  • I definitely planted round 1 of peas too deeply. Or it was just too cold. Probably too deeply. Round 2 is all up, just over a week. Half an inch, that's all they need...
  • Have sprayed my rose with Neem oil. The aphids found it. Horrible little beasties.
  • There is ONE bud (so far) on the mystery iris that came with the house. I moved some of them last year, hoping a bit more sun would help them out. I'm kinda hoping for something other than purple, but not really expecting anything exotic. What I hope is my 'Enchanted One' Iris also has one bud. Lemon-scented, yellow with lavender falls, it is absolutely enchanting. Also one bud on the 'Best Bet' piece I got from work when we divided the giant clump last fall. White with deep blue falls. So pretty!
  • Finally planted the Canadian Ginger around the Oakleaf Hydrangea. One casualty, nothing serious, and it allowed me to finally get a good look at the neat little flowers:

    So cool. It's not as glossy and showy as the European, which I have planted around the coral bells one terrace down (two of which need to be replaced... I need a new dark purple and a new green, I think. We've got 'em at work...), but it will fill in the top and hopefully out-compete the darn sorrel.
  • Helped Max put in some hosta, fern, and bugbane by their new privacy fence today, mulch on Sunday after work. Looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it next year when it's more filled in.
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