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Pennsic is in less than a week. I leave here at ohgodthirty in the morning on Friday, for a week of a very unique type of relaxation... Cannot wait to see everybody, and wake up every morning under canvas.

I'm packed. Mostly. Ish. Everything on my checklist is pretty much in one big pile in the basement. It's not that big a pile, looking at it... I could possibly do this in my car, but J is letting me steal his truck for a week because it has a roof rack, and tent poles really do work better up above...

Still ToDo (besides the last minute whoops-I-forgot-X packing):
- Get tent/poles (once they're repaired), and cot from Max & Mickel
- Make new fencing/sword bag. Mine are just about worn out.
- Get EK Artisan Exchange project in a better transportable state so I can work on it onsite
- buy fruit & water (Thursday PM)
- water houseplants (Wednesday PM)

I of course feel like I'm forgetting things, and my brain says no way do I have enough of anything to be gone for a week, but I know I do...

This is gonna be a long 4-day work week.


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