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There will be a Pennsic post eventually... this one is quicker, and easier, and more recent. :)

All Things Scribal was announced sometime before GNEW, and it was going to be in IDD. Got very excited. Emailed the delightful Baroness Tadea, figured out what I wanted to teach (also what needed teaching), and arranged crash space (since Cynan was going to be in PEI that weekend...) I ventured North on Friday evening, prepared for a day of ART on Saturday. Landed at Angus and Tigger's around 10:30, Rozi and Kayleigh arrived somewhere around midnight, sleep was had soon thereafter.

Saturday dawned bright and HOT. I thought Canada was supposed to be cooler... (heh, right) I realized that I'd forgotten paper towels (essential supply for painting), and then proceeded to forget the roll provided by my most gracious hostess on the table. Got to the event site, was directed to a bank (for money) and a corner store (for paper towels). Found both. Sketchiest. Corner store. Ever. Eeeeeugh. Acquired paper towels, though. Back at the event, got ready, taught class #1 (scroll layout, 8 people), had a break, taught class #2 (beginning gouache. very popular. at least 13 students. more people than I'd anticipated, but I had enough stuff, some folks brought their own, so it worked. a bit overwhelming for me, but I think everybody had fun, and by the end was using the paint (mostly) properly). Her Majesty and Her Higness sat in on that one. No pressure.

Lunch was lovely, and then thank goodness there was an extra hour I didn't think I had between lunch and my last class (whitework), because I needed to clean palettes and decompress a little bit. Whitework was 6 or 7 students, just about perfect. Her Highness joined me again, and again by the end of the class, most of the students were making good progress.

Three classes is my limit. It didn't feel like a lot of work, but it was pretty tiring. I was falling asleep at dinner, which was hard to do with at least 30 people in the backroom. One of the highlights was definitely discussing the "finer" points of NASCAR (and various other things) with His Highness Edward. We had a lovely dinner, the 30 of us...

So many good people and good times. I think everybody had fun. Staying with Angus and Tigger was fantastic. Can't wait to go back up in February for K&Q Rapier. I do so enjoy Canada and all the people there.

08-25 All Things Scribal IDD

Things to do for next time:
- have a 'preferred brands' list. The brushes, paint, and paper weren't really written down anywhere... I may do a follow-up email/post to the event page.
- demo paint before handing it out. too much gouache too quickly, not enough instruction before brushes started hitting palettes.

Sunday I met up with Cynan (returned from PEI Saturday night), and I got to be a tourist. It's nicer when it's not 17 below (C) out there... We wandered a bit of Montreal, went climbing all over Mount Royal, had a lovely lunch at a pub downtown, and then I had to be off... quick day... another wonderful day, though. Home by 10:30 or so, didn't get enough sleep. I'll catch up eventually.

Photos of Montreal/Mount Royal:
08-26 Montreal
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Home from GNEW. Absolutely Wonderful Weekend. Could not have had better weather, or better staff, or better help, or better friends.

One scroll of mine went out this weekend, for a dear, dear lady in IDD. Congratulations to Eliane, it is so well deserved. Photos of my first (but definitely not my last!) foray into 'squashed bug' style are right here. I'm thrilled with how it came out, and I'm pretty sure she is happy too. :) Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel for calligraphing [livejournal.com profile] moonandtree's words so beautifully.

Right. I have GOT to go to bed now. More photos and news later, after I've had some sleeeeeeeep.
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
Lancelot is being a Helpful Kitty today, making sure I stay in my chair and finish the scroll for next weekend at GNEW. Break time now. Dinner time. Starving artists aren't necessarily starving because they're poor, I think they just forget to eat sometimes...

More photos after the event. My first foray into "Squashed Bug" style, and it is going VERY well, I think. :) Iain and I were up till nearly 4 AM last night/this morning, him sewing, me painting, and I was astounded at how awake I still was at 3:30 AM, and how well the paint was working. Maybe that's the secret...

Secret is out for me, though: Whitework. Don't try to re-wet dry white paint to do whitework. Start with a fresh blob of white, there will be much, MUCH less swearing about it.

In other news, there is a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak that has found my birdfeeder out front (and the squirrel baffle works wonderfully. No more empty feeder after a day and a half!). He is so pretty. A staccato chip! chip! chip! lets me know he's out there, but I haven't been able to get a good photo... darn screen in the front door...
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Sagittarius for Alexandre St. Pierre

(click the apple for more pictures)

Pretty proud of this one. New technique for me, paired with wonderful words by Max, done in beautiful calligraphy by [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, for my apprentice brother and friend [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre. Well deserved indeed.

More on the rest of Birka later. The second half of the day was wonderful.

Good Things

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:40 pm
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Had meant to post this last night, but between one thing and another (and attempting to sew what has become the most complicated T-tunic in history, and I have no idea WHY. At this point, I'm just praying it fits...), it was suddenly 12:30AM, and I had to sleep...

Good things:
- Fresh peas, blueberries, and raspberries from the farm stand down the road.
- My kitties love puddles of sunlight. They so cute.
- I have enough sun in one little corner of the front garden to grow roses. I have 'High Voltage' planted at the moment, and am hoping to add a few more... just a few... And the Japanese beetles haven't found it. Yet.
- The main benefit to having raspberry brambles everywhere in the yard and garden is the raspberries, which are just starting to ripen. The ones in more shade were sweeter, too.
- Blueberries. I need to go out by the side of the road and see what I can pick off the zillions of plants out there. There were a few on the patch in the backyard, but I think it's too shady to really produce any fruit...
- Fun wildflowers in my backyard! 5 or 6 little plants of Lilium philadelphicum v. philadelphicum, or Wood Lily, have managed to poke their way through the leaves and weeds and other mess in the back, and are beautiful.
- Paint that works. Had a fantastic art day yesterday. Scroll is coming along.
- Still learning (but loving) the new camera. Need to read the manual... got to figure out the white balance settings and other stuff for indoor shots so colors don't come out all weird.

Today, now, I must finish Xavier's tunic. And work on the scroll some more. The easy part is done... Also, grocery shopping must happen today, and we have got to get the kitchen put back together. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit tonight, so the cats need to be brushed, and I need to vacuum everywhere, possibly twice, so they don't both die the moment they walk through the door...
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Max, Mickel and I traveled to Canada (just barely) and Crown Tourney in IDD yesterday, to watch Julien try to become the next King of the East Kingdom. Not the actual outcome, but we had a darn fine time cheering him on. Pom-poms and all. He appreciated them, and the cheers. What fun. :) Gryffith and Aikaterine will be wonderful winter monarchs.

The weather was disagreeable, but did not dampen (heh) the good time at all. We had a fine viewing station from the wedge tent, food, drink, and good friends all about. The finals were excellent, with Count Gryffith emerging victorious over Sir Kenric in 4 bouts. Marcus did extremely well. [livejournal.com profile] valkyrie1972 will be an awesome Queen one of these days. ;)

Stayed for court (long court, because it was bilingual...), as Very Important Things were happening. Xavier's Silver Rapier scroll came out very well (I'm happy with most of it... the ink was behaving weirdly, and the cap... well... just lookit the moose, though! eee!), especially for only getting the assignment less than 2 weeks before the event. He was kinda happy too (understatement), which made me very happy. [livejournal.com profile] moonandtree and I were robbed, though! The surprise was less than it could have been, since our little Order didn't get called up before the court. Hugs and congratulations happened afterward, on the porch... was very Good. Beautiful words by [livejournal.com profile] moonandtree, beautiful calligraphy by [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel. Couldn't have done it without them.

Trip home was uneventful. Didn't see any moose, deer, whatevers. Stopped by a little restaurant just across the NH border for dinner, and ended up talking with a gal I had played in Pep Band in college with. She recognized me right off, it took me a couple minutes, but the memory was jogged. Pretty cool, if a bit random.

Going through the 275+ photos I took yesterday will take a while... A gallery and a few videos will be posted when I'm done.


Apr. 22nd, 2010 10:36 pm
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'Cause it's a cute li'l scroll, and I'm excited that Ben from Endewearde won, I share with you all! The Third Annual Northern Region Rapier Champion's Scroll, now with slightly different wording than the last two!!
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Viking Wolf
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Birka was fun. Wonderful fun. Was wonderful to have [livejournal.com profile] kurlon there, even if I didn't see him very much. :) I think we wore out poor Alianor, she's been asleep on our couch for about the last three hours...

We actually left close to on time, got a pretty good spot in the garage, and signed in without problems. Got gear after checkin, hauled it to the Armory, gave and received hugs from Guthfrith (yay! all the way from Nova Scotia!), changed, and went back out to the car. I had about 15 minutes of work left to get Astrid's dress to where I wanted it, and managed to finish, with enough time to run through a couple fencing authorizations.

Tourney was fun. Did OK. Knees hate me today. owie...

Dropped off the dress to Astrid. Astrid (and everybody else) loves the dress. I love the dress. She looks fabulous in the dress. We done good, the planning and the sewing all worked just the way they should have. Eeee! I still need it back, to finish those last two pieces...

Managed to get into my gown and get the hennin to stay on my head in time to set up the thrones for court. Hennin and gown look fabulous. Isobel and I were twins. Hee. I don't think I'm shifting time periods permanently, but it's a bit tempting... Socialized a bit before meeting back upstairs to muster for court.

Court wasn't too long. Got to sit for parts of it, since there were enough guards to take shifts. Alianor was quite happy to receive her Master Bowman badge. Was very nice. :) We gave her a little scroll too, at the ball, 'cuz she's special and we love her so much. :)

Presentation of the monies from the T-shirt sales was silly. Max said the proper things, laughter ensued, and the Princess promised not to murder him (eventually...). Heh.

Had dinner with Xavier, Guthfrith, and Isobel, since the rest of the Haus abandoned court at the intermission... Was lovely. Is good to eat with close friends and family, but also good to eat with and spend time with friends that I don't see very often. :)

Dancing was lovely. Missed Korobushka, but we made our way through Female Sailor, due mostly to the excellent teachings of [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel. Did not dance with Creepy Dude at all. A full dance card and wonderful dancing partners are Good Things.

Would have liked to have gotten more sleep, I think, but there'll be time for that eventually... Photos will be posted once I've had time to go through them. Two weekends free, now, then Tourney of Love, K&Q Rapier, and a looong drive to Montreal... and sometime between all that, we're moving! Yay!
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January Snow
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Started as rain yesterday, leaving New Hampshire. Changed to snow around the Wells exit on 95, and hasn't stopped since. We've got about 8-12" of the fluffy white stuff on the ground, and it's still coming down... Don't have to go anywhere tonight, though. Can stay home and putter/sew/relax.

Some good things; the office wasn't plowed out right away this morning, so I got a little bit of extra sleep. It's still snowing, so the guys are out plowing, and I get the office to myself. No boss to bug me. And I have new jeans that fit me perfectly. Hooray for Tractor Supply Company in NH, boo that they only had one pair. I'll try the one up here sometime.

Lego Rock Band is also made of Awesome. So cute. Good music, and silly silly challenges that give alternating band members a rest and chance to see what's going on in the background animations.

The search for good sizing for gold leaf continues. [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre was having issues with what we'd thought we'd found for a good replacement, which I had found and used and got to work, but not well last night. Frustrating. This looks like a promising substitute, assuming it's usable on paper. Gah, gold leaf sticks to everything except what we want it to, and the sizing we have, everything sticks to, including the tissue paper backing on the gold leaf. Causes issues when I want to put gold on that spot... We'll figure it out, hopefully before the last of the good stuff has been used up.

GNEW Recap

Jul. 13th, 2009 11:17 pm
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Company of Fools?
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Home, and rested now. Am mostly unpacked. Laundry is in the works. The post-event depression wasn't that bad this year, but still definitely there. I miss you all, all you who I get to see only a couple times a year (if I'm lucky). Among the missing this year were [livejournal.com profile] frothgar and [livejournal.com profile] evensongs_fall, [livejournal.com profile] sprirtwolf, [livejournal.com profile] moonandtree, Guthfrith and Isobel from Nova Scotia, and Jehan, and others... One fellow I definitely did not miss was not even there, so a nice, stress-free dance and and afternoon of fencing happened.
full loooong post with details under here! )

Photos (though I wish I took more) are here: GNEW 2009, and here:AoA for Damiana. Such a wonderful weekend. Wish it could have gone on for a few more days, just to relax with everybody.
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Fun fun fun day yesterday in Giggleswick... Spring's Inspirations/Northern Region Rapier Academy & Champion's Tourney at the Baptist church in Eliot on a beautiful Summer day was the place to be. I dunno if temps hit 80, but it was certainly warm.

ramblerambleramblerecap )

The culmination of the day was the Apprenticing ceremony for [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre and myself, and we are now officially apprenticed to Carolyne... I have a beautiful belt, he has a beautiful baldric, and we have one of the coolest Laurels for a mommy that anybody could ask for. Thank you to everybody that stayed to watch the ceremony. I hope I do my new family proud. :)

And now that the scroll has been presented, I can unlock this album, of [livejournal.com profile] ludicrose's Queen's Order of Courtesy scroll. I think he likes it... :) I definitely enjoyed doing it.
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Charcoal Kitty
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Illumination class tonight turned into a back-to-basics drawing class. Not life drawing, per se, but taking pictures from books, and sketching, rather than tracing. The hardest part for me is not making that first mark on the paper... it's hard for that to be wrong. The hardest part is making all the other marks match up to that one.

Found a book of Leonardo daVinci's sketches, and found his cats. He drew lovely cats. I like cats. I stared at a little 1 1/2" square picture of a cat for several minutes, pencil in my hand, poised to make that first mark, and never did... Kerry then offered me charcoals. Really? Oh. Oh yes. I would like some of that, thank you.

Tonight was the first time I'd even touched charcoals in about six years. I'd forgotten how much I love using them. I get it. It works, in my brain, and it's quick to lay down basics, then we worry about the details, which can be kinda fuzzy, just based on the property of the medium itself. I love the smushing and playing with texture and getting black dust over EVERYTHING. Though I must say, I stayed a lot cleaner than usual...

Attempts with an ebony pencil on a lily sketch went better than they could have; I still to be more patient, and just poke away at it. The page I'm copying isn't going away, and is not going to change at all. It's also much, much easier to copy a black and white drawing in black and white than it is to actually draw something real, sitting in front of you. Somebody else already figured out where the shadows need to be in a drawing...
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Fun Fun Fun. :) But oh, boy, am I sore. Fencing, dancing... You'd think that with all the shoveling I've been doing my muscles would be just fine, but they're different muscles... It needs to not snow tomorrow, so I can make it to fencing and work the pain out.

A fantastic weekend, right under here. )

Frustrating part of the event is always the poor lighting; I refuse to use flash, and it's pointless from as far away as I usually am anyway, but I was not terribly thrilled with any of the photos I took... Those that were not deemed totally unworthy are here, do enjoy, if you can.

Photos of Mickel's shiny shiny shiny Silver Crescent scroll are here! They are much better and less fuzzy.

Now comes the unpacking... I had a ridiculous amount of stuff for a weekend/1-day event, but I don't think I can actually cut down on this one...... I'll find everything in the back seat of my car eventually.
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...because it's rain, and not snow! Better wet than white, at least for the moment.

Slept OK last night, even with the fear that the phone would ring at 3 AM (it didn't), and for the second day in a row, woke up at 10:30 feeling rested. The ringing phone woke me this morning, but it was "unknown name unknown number", so I didn't bother to answer. No message, not gonna call back (not that I could, anyway). Whoever invented Caller ID has my eternal blessing.

And I am happy, because I remembered that Mr. Pillsbury came to our house a few nights ago, and baked me oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Oatmeal is a breakfast food, right? :) Though we are getting onto lunch now.

Today is project day. Decided, I think, that I'm going to drag myself out of bed earlyish on Thursday, and do the turkey on Thanksgiving day. It'll need that extra day to thaw, anyway, unless I wanted to stick it in the bathtub (I think it's too big to fit in the sink...). I will finish the sewing that has been piling up for months, after, of course, straightening up the sewing room *again*. It seems like I have to do that a lot... I need to get rid of some stuff, maybe...

Edit: 100 Minutes War is over, so the scroll gallery can be made public. OTC Scroll for Erich Hundemann, not as much detail as some previous, because the end product was just so much nicer than the process... I LOVE THE DOGGIE!!! And so did he, I hear. Makes me happy.
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So... GNEW is done, we are home, the car/trailer is mostly unpacked (and everything is randomly strewn about the living room and kitchen), I have done a load of laundry to clean icky fencing gear, and there is to be sleep soon. Not before, though, sharing what ate up many an evening in the last month and a half, and was received with all the appropriate and expected reactions at court... I give you Iain's Grandmaster Bowman Scroll, from start to finish, in all it's illuminated glory. Calligraphy by [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre, words by Max.

A most excellent weekend. Bed now. Me go thunk.


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