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Good weekend. Relaxing.

Max, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius, and I went to Capitol Park yesterday afternoon, to meet some folks for a Steampunk Picnic. Truly delightful. A perfect afternoon, the remnants of hurricane Earl having passed through the previous night, sunny and just a bit breezy. My skirt, which had the previous night been 4 yards of fabric, complete, and matching spiffy tophat (complete with peacock) worked. (The skirt truly is fabulous, and Mickel and I are contemplating making a few street-length out of linen, or something similarly flowy.) I'm not sure about the whole Steampunk thing, but it's allowing me some more costuming options, and I can't apparently go wrong with a tophat. :)

Met the people Max had been talking with on Steampunk Empire, laid out the picnic things, and proceeded to thoroughly enjoy ourselves for several hours. Cucumber sandwiches and peaches were et, bocce was played (all over the place), and friends were made. Photos soon, once I get them all organized.

The four of us continued on to the Windsor Fair, first stop this year in my continuing series of Photos of Cow Butts. Soon to be posted here.

Caramel apple count 2010: 1. Om nom nom.

Today mom and dad came up, we went to the Sea Dogs game, which was excellent. We won, we won! Photos soon to be posted here... Perfect weather for baseball. I will never tire of the sight of a green diamond appearing over rows of seats as I come up the stairs of a stadium...

Don't much want to go to work tomorrow. Bah.
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Winter's over! It's a bright, sunny day, no snow whatsoever in the forecast, and the Sox are reporting to Spring Training! Spring is on the way!

Only 4 1/2 hours, and then I get to leave work, visit with the kitties a bit, and then go sign my life savings away... Awesome. :)

EDIT, 9:15 AM - Cannot visit the boys. :( The shelter folks are just there to clean today, and will be gone by 11:00. I has a little sad. Will visit tomorrow or Sunday, perhaps...
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SeaDogs Baseball!
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So mom, dad, [livejournal.com profile] glassbeetle and I all headed to Portland today for a SeaDogs game. I figured, after living here for nearly 7 years, it was about dang time, since when I moved to Portland, one of my thoughts was "yay! now I can go to games whenever I want! they're right down the street!". WRONG. A million thanks are not enough for our friend J, who can get free tickets through his workplace. Finally, I get to Hadlock Field. Seats along the 3rd base side, 2nd row, right behind the visitors dugout. Doesn't get much better than that, let me tell you.

It was 'Field of Dreams' Day and Fan Appreciation Day, apparently. Arrived, had no idea what was in store. [livejournal.com profile] glassbeetle had never been to a baseball game before, did not know the first thing about baseball... oh... my... we will fix this, yes we will. Dad and I talked her ear off through the game, and there are some movies that will need to be watched, soon.

Looking into center field, we notice a big wall o' cornstalks... heh... Field of Dreams... I wonder if they'll... nah. Then the music from the movie starts playing over the speaker system... an announcer in old-timey clothes starts talking about Hadlock Field, and the SeaDogs, and the history, and how great all the fans are, and how much we all love baseball, and how good it is. Pure. Perfect. The team today would wear replica uniforms from the 1926 Portland Eskimos. Pretty nondescript, gray with black lettering, standard early era. Then the players came out of the "cornfield"... Combine the music with the joy I felt at being at a ballgame again, with the general ambiance and homage to one of (if not THE) my favorite movies, and I am not ashamed to say I teared up a little... they may have even leaked onto my cheeks... It was beautiful.

The game itself was pretty darn good, too! I kept score, I think reasonably accurately, even though the outcome on my scoresheet wasn't any better than the one on the main scoreboard... SeaDogs still lost... oh well. There was excellent pitching, a couple home runs, a Grand Slam (for THEM...), some stolen bases, good hits, good catches, everything you need in a baseball game (I managed to ignore the dancing mascots and goofy stuff happening not 10 feet in front of me on the top of the dugout, too, which was nice. Guys in baseball uniforms tend to grab my attention and hold it pretty well.). Couple broken bat hits, one of which, with amazing timing, I managed to catch on camera (see above). Ball went to left, bat went to right, batter was out, but WOW.

Had a wonderful, wonderful time. We will have to do this again sometime, but will need to wait till next year... the last home game is tomorrow, and I'm working. Poo. Maybe Fox will come in, and I can watch the Red Sox...

"The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again." ~James Earl Jones as Terrence Mann, 'Field of Dreams'

Oh yeah, and there's pictures... enjoy. :)
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Mike Piazza and Tom Seaver, leaving Shea Stadium for the last time.

...and this nearly made me cry.

Immersed in Gloom, a Farewell to Shea Still Enchants

It's NY Times onlne... not sure if you need a login... article text is under here. )

All the old ballparks are almost gone... I think Fenway is the last one left. Even the Yankees closed the doors to the House that Ruth Built last week, after their wildcard playoff hopes were smushed under many many Red Sox cleats last evening. White Sox and Twins may just be in a tiebreaker game, and my Cubs are determined, once again, to make it to and win the Series. They just might do it this year. The Mariners, in a stunning display of mediocrity, have finished a whopping 39 games behind the Angels. Sad.

I have sadly neglected my baseball this year. I'll catch it on the TeeVee when we're all at post-fencing dinner, but that's about all.

(Edit: dumb me... Wrigley Field is still around, too. That was the first baseball stadium I ever went to, I think. I was 2 or 3, then we moved away from my Cubbies...)
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We'd better get a lot of flowers in May, given the way April has started off... Kinda gray today, but some bits of sun... got up to about 55 or so, and I actually dug into the garden box. Thawed, almost warm, all the way to the ground... were it not going to be 20 tonight, there would be peas in the ground. nrgh.. *twitchtwitch* (I don't think I planted anything till the last week of April last year... should really start keeping track... maybe that's what this is for. Hm.) Found a few worms, though, veeeery slow moving, but alive and well. The little girls in the other apartments were out running around, and came over to "help" me. We mushed soil between our fingers, and (re)planted a few Nasturtium seeds that were turned up when I raked the soil. Was good. My awesome Peony of Wonderfulness (a Bartzella; a thousand thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fairestyarrow's father) is quite alive and well; showing nice pointy red buds when I dug down to surface level, but he'll stay buried for just a few more weeks.

There is baseball on TV! Joy of joys! It's the Braves! They're winning! :) Fox23 is still fuzzy, but I can see and hear well enough. Life is good.

Memey meme: how I talk. Makes perfect sense to me... )
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Finally, there's something good on TV again. Of course, I only get fuzzy Fox23, when the antenna is behaving, but my morning news checking will be much cheerier when I can see how my boys out west are doing. :) And I'm ready with HiDef if they ever show baseball on ABC/NBC/CBS again!

From Field of Dreams: (just imagine James Earl Jones saying it... it sounds so much better that way. :) Annnd there's where my childhood crush on Kevin Costner came from...)

"The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again."

It is good again. There's new grass on the field. Let's play ball.


Oct. 29th, 2007 12:53 am
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We now (sadly) return you to your regularly scheduled mundania... no more baseball till Spring Training starts up again in February....... February is a long way off.

Me, I'm going to bed. It's late, and I'm tired. I didn't sleep through any of this game.  :)
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The Hunter's Moon rose full last night, bright and HUGE. Was beautiful... as I walked around the corner of the apartment, headed towards my car and fencing practice, I had to blink a couple times and wait for my eyes to adjust, the moonlight was so brilliant.

Practice was fantastic. I was a bit tired and slow from work this week, but loosened up pretty quickly. Even got to fence everybody, which is a rare thing.

Being tired as I was, but still determined to cheer on the Sox, I collapsed on the couch behind Josh when I got home. Was planning on re-stitching the lacingholes on my green gown, but completed a grand total of one, re-threaded the needle, and promptly fell asleep... hm. I think I slept through the bottom of the 6th inning through the top of the 8th... Nothing score-changing happened, which was good, and I did manage to force my eyes to stay open till the end, and SOX WIN! Yaaaaaay! Up 2 games to 0 over Colorado, travel day today, then 3 games out west... should be a good series. The first game was a wonderful blowout, but last night's (what I saw of it, anyway) was generally better baseball.

And here's what's interesting... people say baseball is boring... 'they' may use the excuse that I slept through 2 innings of it and "nothing happened" as proof. I maintain that there was a lot happening, and I am sorry to have missed it. Pitchers able to drop the ball exactly where they want it, batters struggling to swing where they're not sure the ball will be, exactly. It is a completely different game when you're there, and involved, but also most worthwhile to watch on TV (or listen to, for me. We only get fuzzy Fox, as we don't have cable in the apartment), if the commentators are good, and don't get too distracted from the game (there are some I refuse to listen to; John Miller & Joe Morgan on ESPN, for example. aieeeee....). I can also do other things, like sew buttonholes. But boring? Never.

There are 8 days till Alvin (my Daemon) stays a lynx... he started out a lion. Lynx are easier to travel with, I suppose. Not quite so large... :) He's only been transformed once, and people can still play... Here is the original entry, or the website is The Golden Compass Movie, here. >^.^< KITTY.
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Yaaaaay!!! Last night again, they pull runs from the aether. Came back from 7-1 to win it, 8-7. Hopefully this will become a trend. :) Now all they need to do is win all of their remaining games, and the Yankees/Tigers lose most of theirs, and they've got the wild card! hm. yeah. okies.

Getting ready to grill some chicken and wait for the house to be invaded for birthday party now. The blackberries have been picked and made into pie, salad is ready, and the laundry is done... don't wanna go home and back to reality yet.
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M's Win! M's WIN! YAAAAAAY!!! :) (about freakin' time...)

The game last night was fantastic. There was no way they were going to lose; I didn't come 3000 miles to see that. Safeco is such a beautiful ballpark, and it was a perfect night. Was Josh's first MLB game; we got a home run, unassisted double play, and good clutch hitting in the bottom of the 9th to close it all out. 6-5 over Oakland. They are now, at this moment, losing spectacularly to Tampa Bay. sigh.

Yes, Max, we did make it to FX McRory's before the game. Excellent food, cool building, and I think I have competition for Twig's love... double-cream chocolate ice cream. Will kill me if I eat it, I think, but we went back so he could have seconds today. It's vacation, we can do that. :)

No Whidbey Island/Deception Pass today. We parked behind the Space Needle last night, and there is a new weird building, somewhat blobby and strange, next to it. Poked our heads in before we walked downtown, and saw there were many many wonderful things inside. The Science Fiction Museum (and the Experience Music Project, also cool, but didn't get to spend much time before they closed and kicked us out) is new since I was last in Seattle. Went back today, spent several hours with the aliens. Costumes, props (actual and replica), videos, books, paintings, scripts (City on the Edge of Forever, pre-edit...) you name it... Luke Skywalker's ACTUAL LIGHTSABER (and severed hand... model.). And Captain Kirk's Phaser(s). And the car from Blade Runner. And tons of other fun things. No photos allowed except in the entry area, but well worth the one: Gen and Gort

Going to be an early night tonight, am sleepy. Plans tomorrow include doing absolutely nothing. I think I've just about worn out my shoes. Having a small party for grandma's 75th birthday, but that's all. Will be good. Plane leaves here at noon (local time) on Saturday, so don't have to get up too much earlier than normal.


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