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Thanksgiving 2011
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Snowy day-before-Thanksgiving. All done and over with now, supposed to be lovely tomorrow.

The view that greeted me this morning was the one I expected, so I was able to roll over and go back to sleep for a while. There was no way I was getting out of the driveway anyway, and I had prepared for this inevitability by bringing home catalogs and spreadsheets so I could work from home and get done what needs to get done. Which I did, like a good girl. Once I caught up on my sleep. Seeds and some perennial plugs and pots ordered for next year, started on the annual plugs... more on Friday, maybe. Maybe not. The kitties were happy to have me home, as I was a nice warm lap for them for most of the day.

I did venture outside and get the front walk shoveled. Arm is a little stiff... I did the lifting part with my left arm, the still-not-quite-healed-don't-tell-my-doctor-what-I-did right arm was the pivot point of the shovel. Didn't take too long, though I did do it in two sessions... Lots of little birdies at the feeder too. Juncos on the ground, Tufted Titmouse, Chickadee, and Chipping Sparrow coming to the feeder itself. Love my birdies.

Collapsed on the couch for a while post-shoveling and was quickly buried in cats.

Now to finish making the house presentable for tomorrow's Grand Thanksgiving Feast. Smaller group for the main meal this year, but it will still be fun. :)
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Righteous Horticultural Justice has been served. Mostly.

Yesterday was part 1 of the Battle of the Wintercreeper. Beautiful day, post-dentist, lovely motorcycle ride, and lunch, I descended upon the rock wall bed by the driveway. I vowed that the wintercreeper would meet its end. The poor white azalea that it is trying to eat, unfortunately, there is no saving... If I ever had my own nursery (noooo... not gonna happen...), there would be a short list of plants that no way, no how, don't care how many customers request them, that I simply would not carry. Wintercreeper is pretty high on that list.

I think I did OK. I went from this, a little over a year ago to the photo in this post. LOTS of cutting and pulling and I managed not to go tumbling backwards over the 4' wall into the driveway and landing on my head... Go me! More today, because we are currently out of space in the trailer. Today we will be hauling one load of brush (including the forsythia branches that I cut last year) to the yard waste pile at the dump, and returning to finish the job, I hope. The plan after things are mostly cleaned out is to get a 1/2 yard (or more) of some good loam, and bring the soil level up to something usable. Things settled in 15 years, I think, and if I don't add something, anything I put in that bed will just be buried. Also, hoping a good 8-12" of loam will slow the re-emergence of raspberries, sumac, and wintercreeper from the roots that I can't pull or dig.

Lots of leaves to rake too... I hurt now, a bit. Gonna be sore tomorrow, still. Lovely weather today, to hopefully finish (or at least make more progress on) this little Project.

Good things: My two 'Green Lotus' Peony, 'Time after Time' hydrangea and 'High Voltage' gorgeous yellow rose that I planted last year are alive and happy! As are the 2-for-$5 peonies that I bought at WalMart, which I had long given up for dead last year. They are tiny, but emerging.

We also have a screen door for the patio now! YAAAAY! I had finally had enough, and decided yesterday morning that I wanted to open the door to the roof, darnit. So I called Home Depot, the very helpful fellow assisted me in figuring out what kind of door we have, and [livejournal.com profile] kurlon arrived home yesterday evening with one lovely sliding patio screen door. Easiest installation I've ever seen, and we now have lovely, lovely airflow. Will probably have to get a plastic protector so kitty claws do not mar the bottom part, just in case... the boys are good, but who knows what happens when birdies or moths show up on the roof.

Sad things: I killed one of my phoebes yesterday. Not on purpose. But I had left the garage door open, because I was doing things... I think it must have flown in and run into the wall, or something, because I found it, neck broken, and still a little warm... poor little thing. I buried it in the front open woods, under the tiny little Serviceberry. It will have white flowers soon, and is a good resting place. I heard the mate (? another pheobe, at least) calling this morning, so all is not lost... I like to encourage the phoebe, though, because they eat bugs. Specifically flies. And my arms are kinda one big blackfly bite at the moment. Aieee!
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Rough-Legged Hawk
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Photo by S. Leavitt

I do NOT want to be on the receiving end of that look, ever. Glad I'm not a chipmunk.

Today was much improved from yesterday at work. Yesterday is Fired )

Today was a day of birds! I was in the perennial yard with one of my (wonderful) new employees, when I saw a rather large, definitely-not-a-robin, bird land in the maple tree outside the office. Very exciting! Called S, our office manager, told her "bring your camera. Yes, with the big lens", and we followed the hawk around the property for a bit. This is the best photo, though I've got to go through the rest, since they're all pretty cool... Discovered after a bit of poking around on WhatBird.com that it is most likely a migrating Rough-Legged Hawk. They come down here for the winter, non-breeding times, and live waaaay up north in Canada the rest of the year. EDIT: 4/25/2011: Actually, it's a Broad Winged Hawk. We got positive ID from the Audobon society later on Thursday afternoon... Still cool, and I'm pretty sure I saw one of these guys last fall too!

The other highlight of today, and what made yesterday not quite so awful, was the return of our flock of Bohemian Waxwings. Not very common east of the Mississippi river, but they apparently dip into New England again for winter migration. There's a colony up in Orono that eats all the crabapples off the trees in the Littlefield Garden at UMaine, and that's exactly what these were doing. At least three dozen, both days. Swooping back and forth between the crabapple and the oak and maple trees, twittering all the way. Beautiful, trilling, tweety birds. I've seen them here before, a few weeks later in the year, eating the fruits off the serviceberries. Maybe they'll stick around for a while. They are absolutely GORGING themselves on the crabapples. So distracted, I was able to get pretty close a couple times. They are such pretty birds. S. took a gazillion photos of them too, I have permission to post a few, and will once I find the perfect one. :)

Time to go dancing now, then two days off! Another fun fencing weekend!
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...then it peed on me.

Poor little thing. Absolutely terrified. No idea how long it'd been trapped inside the store at work today, but he was banging against the upper windows when I walked in this morning. Very tired. Panting. A bird, panting, is interesting to see.

Approach from the right had the desired effect, and the bird flew down to the low windowsill, where I decided I could either shoo it out, or try to catch it and release. Catching soon proved to be the easier path, as it kept getting itself trapped between the pots of houseplants we had sitting on the sill.

I could get my hands over it, but the poor dear struggled so much, I could not neatly contain it. What ended up happening, I think, was I managed to get ahold of its tail, and then quickly pinned wings to sides before it panicked too much... once held, it started shrieking like a fire alarm, but flew away with no problems once I got it outside onto the porch. I somehow managed to not bend and wing feathers or hurt its little feeties...


Jun. 7th, 2009 11:14 pm
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Green Heron
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If I were a serious birder, this would be a major milestone... I'm not a serious birder, so this is just really, really cool.

Our mystery bird from yesterday is a Green Heron. I snapped two of these photos, and we were pretty sure that the bird was facing the other way, and its tail was to the right... this is not the case, you can see (view full size... it's a neat bird). Flipping through my li'l bird book, there is nothing else it could possibly be. I knew as soon as I saw it. So neat.

Sez my Golden Field Guides 'Eastern Birds' book, it is a "small, crow-sized heron. A common and widespread summer resident of most wetland habitats, including wooded streams and ponds. Typically solitary."
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Great Blue
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A full week. Two days off, again, which was lovely. Didn't really relax, which is catching up with me now, but I will survive.

I went to work of my own volition on Friday (my day off), because I got to PLAY. I actually used my little iPod for its intended purpose. Loaded it up with good guitar/RockBand songs, headed to work, plugged in, and ignored just about anybody who tried to talk to me while I put in a big kitchen/vegetable garden. PLAY! Play at work! FUN! I'm crazy, I'm pretty sure... But the garden is wonderful. Scratches an itch for me, and there's hope that people will actually use what's out there. The landscapers seem excited, at least. They've been working on walls and patios for the last month, and the end is finally near... we're planting all kinds of perennial gardens around the patios/office. Should be just beautiful. And I don't need to buy lettuce for a while, because I can take it right off the plants in front of the office. This makes me happier than it should, I think.

Friday night saw 'Dance of War: Legends of King Arthur" put on by the local dance company... was good... though I think I just don't "get" dance... ah well. Had a free ticket, enjoyed myself. That's what counts.

Saturday was spent on the Piscassic River in Newmarket/Durham, NH with [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max. Hit a yard sale on the way, several coffee shops... Remembered sunscreen on arms, face, and neck, then promptly rolled up my jeans so I wouldn't soak them getting into the canoe, settled in for 4 hours of wonderful river cruising, and discovered later that I had fried my shins, because I never either rolled the cuffs back down, nor put sunscreen on my pasty white legs. Owowowowow... stupid... burn has gone down some, but still hurts.

A perfect day on the river. Saw all kinds of wildlife, snuck up on a couple Great Blue herons, found I got a pretty good accidental photograph of an as-of-yet unidentified bird, saw (heard first) a couple fox kits playing (missed a prizewinning photograph of mom fox by seconds... stupid lens cap), observed bunches of leaves swimming upriver, determined they were pulled by muskrats. OMG SO CUTE. Also discovered a wild native geranium (Geranium maculatum) and some other as-of-yet unidentified Little Pink Flower (I suspect some sort of Centaurea, very delicate, growing in the shade) at the tiny portage where we ate our lunch.

All in all a perfect day. Picked up a few neat books in Dover, had fabulous dinner 10 minutes from the house, and returned to kitteh snuggling, fire, and marshmallows. Exhausted and happy.
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Perfect Pose
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<--iz ded.

Was crazy busy at work, hopefully (?!) tomorrow will be more of the same, and Monday. At least Joe took pity and let me go home early today. Thank goodness. Got home, read comics, passed out asleep on the couch for an hour and a half or so.

I apparently came down with something viral (the doctors think, once I finally dragged my butt in to the clinic yesterday. It is definitely NOT strep, which I was a bit afraid of, based on the appearance of my tonsils... ew.) on Monday, which has resulted in a pretty awful week. Allergies not helping. Pesticide treatment of greenhouses on Tuesday probably didn't help either, PPE or not. Tonsils feel like they're golf-ball sized, and are definitely not happy looking. Ew. Ibuprofen has helped some, but I still can't eat anything but chicken soup and soft mushy (non-tomato based. Acid=BAD) things. teh pain, it burns us... *whine* Sent J to the store to get me ice pops whilst he was out for pizza. Hopefully that will help. Gargling with saltwater is one of the three worst torture methods in the world, I am certain of it. UGH.

Little hummingbird lady ate right out of my hand yesterday, which was just awesome. Took the feeder in for cleaning/fresh syrup, and saw a very distressed birdie zooming back and forth where her favorite snackfood was supposed to be. Put feeder back together, walked out the back door, and after a bit of inspection by the lady, was determined to be either safe, or hunger won out, and she sipped from the feeder held in my hand. So cool. Got to try to do it again. I think one of the girls is definitely braver than the other. I've been inspected a few times whilst out in the garden box, pretty closely. She even let me lean on the motorcycle and watch, a mere 2' away, while she ate. And no, [livejournal.com profile] sprirtwolf, still no photos. Don't know if I would be able to get any anyway. But it did happen. :)

Picked up my marigolds today, finally, will hopefully get the tomato in the ground sometime this week. Cucumbers soon. Can't quite figure out why my peas are doing so lousy... they're still not barely 8" tall. Anybody else having better luck out there?
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Dramatic Hummingbird
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I swear this li'l lady was posing for me... I got several nice shots of her in flight, as well as just about every conceivable seated position. So nice to have the little birdies back, they're so cute. I've got at least two females and one male that I'm certain of, and I'm sure there are others in the area.

Had an opportunity to get a photo of two of the girls on the feeder together this morning, and missed it. My camera was downstairs, and by the time I got back up with it, #2 was gone... Before I ran off, though, I got to watch her a bit. She had a devil of a time trying to figure out how to drink and still hold onto the bit of fluff she had in her beak. Eventually she decided that the fluff had to go if the sweet, sweet sugar water was to be had.
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Yellow African Daisy
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The starlings are back... oily little greasy looking birds that sound like rusty door hinges... ARGH. The cacophony of sound that greeted me the moment I stepped out of the office this morning was amazing. There were a few robins and chickadees there, but their twitters were quite drowned out by the rest of the rabble. Spring is here.

Spring is here, for real now, because the Turkey Vultures are back. I don't count robins as the harbingers of spring; they hang out in the backyard eating the sumac berries all winter. The real way to tell is when the turkey vultures return, because that means it's warm enough during the day that the winter's roadkill has thawed, and is starting to... become more appealing to certain creatures...

Finally saw the sun for more than 5 minutes today, it's nice. Blue sky, warmish air... and now it's going to rain and be gray again for the next several days.

My garden is clear, and thawed, and still cold. But the chives are 3 inches tall, and the few forget-me-nots that made it through the winter and strawberries are greening up! No little pansies this year, but the thyme along the building is growing, as is the chocolate mint and my volunteer columbine that appeared under the stairs has got all kinds of leaves popping out. I so want to plant seeds... Got my purple and multi-colored carrots yesterday! So excited! I brought home some used plug trays from work, and I think I'm going to start some of my basil, and more forget-me-nots, and maybe morning glories...

...of course, this will all be null and void if we find a house... So difficult to know what to do, because as excited as the guys in #6 are about having a garden next door, they may not be as excited if they have to take care of it if I leave... I don't want to plant things that I'll have to leave (because let's face it... I doubt the people that move in here are going to want some random person poking around their back yard, and I'm just not going to want to, if I've got my own space...), but I don't want to NOT have a garden, in case we stay... some things just don't grow well in containers, and don't transport terribly well if they do. Aiees... we'll see what happens with the place in Gorham we're looking at tomorrow...
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Max and I spent nearly 6 hours in the Halcyon yesterday, paddling the Lamprey River in Newmarket, NH. A glorious day, perfect weather (we only got sprinkled on a little bit at lunchtime), water like glass, sunshine in the afternoon, wildlife, and wonderful, wonderful conversation. I felt a little guilty when, upon putting on the lifejacket and climbing into the kayak, I realized the footpegs and straps were still adjusted for me... which means... oh no... I'm the only one who's been in this seat all year, aren't I? Mickel hasn't gotten to paddle at all..? aw.. :\ That will hopefully be fixed today or tomorrow. There is good weather to use and foliage to look at!

We did not, in fact, dump the kayak at the place that he and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel did their canoe earlier this summer. No swimming was good, as the water was rather chill. We did not, in fact, get buried when the train came across the ancient rusty railroad trestle. It did not collapse on top of us, never to be seen or heard from again. ;) A good thing, too, as we still had birds to see and river to paddle! We saw dozens of scaredy-ducks, who showed no interest in the bread we had brought to fend off the swans (who had flown for the winter, apparently), a few kingfishers, an osprey, lots of circling turkey vultures, and a beautiful great blue heron. Herons look really silly sitting in trees...

Returning to Freegate, the three of us went out for dinner (I had a strawberry milkshake... I haven't had a milkshake in ages... mmmm...), and proceeded to boil ourselves in the hot tub for a few hours. Was lovely. Took about 200 photos over the course of the day, some blurry, some much better than others. The best will be in a gallery shortly.

Going to a friends' wedding this evening, should be a good time. I might even get to dance, a little bit. Just need to wrap the gifts and figure out what the heck we're going to wear... :)

Life is pretty good, at the moment.
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4 Speckled Eggs
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4 little tiny speckled eggs, smaller than Cadbury Mini-eggs, in a perfect little nest made mostly of dry grass. They belonged to a Mama and Poppa American Tree Sparrow (often confused with the slightly less common Chipping Sparrow), and were nestled quite comfortably in a potted Dwarf Alberta Spruce at work.

Gusty Winds May Exist.

Today was a day of freakish wind gusts, one of which blew over the aforementioned little tree. Three of the eggs had fallen into the branches, and fell and cracked when I gently righted it, one stayed in the nest. We slid the other eggs onto a leaf, and placed them back in the nest, in the hopes that maybe they weren't a total loss... A stone wall was laid around the tree, and others that would potentially fall and knock into it again were moved. Observations made showed that mom and dad were returning to the nest, and examination later in the day revealed nothing left inside. Moved, I suppose, somehow, to another nest? Or a place for safekeeping until another nest could be built? How on earth do birds MOVE eggs, anyway?? With their itty bitty feets?? Another mystery, again egg-related...

The sparrows were spotted with beakfuls of dried grasses today, flying off to some other tree, hopefully a stable one. May the one remaining undamaged egg (and maybe some of its siblings) have a fighting chance.

I almost moved the tree when I first found the nest, but didn't want to scare the parents away from the nest... maybe I should have after all.
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An empty nest greeted me this morning when I came into work... The baby birdies are all grown up and gone. I suspect I'll see them hopping around here for a few days, maybe, but haven't yet.

Seeing the empty nest begs the question of where the eggshells went. Did they eat them? Toss them out? Crunch them into powder? There were no shells around the nest/on the table after hatching, and none in the bottom of the now empty nest, so where did they go? One of life's great mysteries, I suppose (as at the moment I'm too lazy to do any research...).

I miss my little birdies already... Empty Nest Syndrome, of a sort? :)
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Speckled Birds
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The subject line says it all... There are not many days left to get a LOT of stuff done... let's see here... )

The robin babies are getting so big... they're moving all over in the nest, I'm afraid they'll fall out. At least it's a short drop to the tabletop... They're all speckled on their chests, and still have the funny little head tufts, but they're just about ready. They always look ever so slightly grumpy or disgruntled, too. Maybe it's that their beaks seem too big for their heads, still. Mom (and dad! saw them both today!) are still busy busy busy taking beakfulls of worms and who knows what else back and forth to the nest constantly... got to keep the growing babies growing!

Day 11

Jun. 30th, 2008 11:37 pm
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Day 11
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Birdies are bigger, feathers are bigger and less downy, appetites are huge, but the nest is still the same size... Poor little robin on the right is being sat upon by its more enthusiastic sibling. I catch them wriggling and shifting around more and more these days. They may even be used to me sticking my head and camera lens right into the rosebush, I wonder what will happen when they grow up. Will they know me? Would I be able to tell if they do or not? A curiosity... :)

Scroll is back in my possession after a brief visit for portraits. Faces are something I'm just not ready to tackle yet. Almost done. Maybe 5 more hours of work, and the masterpiece will be complete. A bit of ink, a bit of paint... Aieeeees...

Finally some sunshine for most of the day today, though our 3:00 thunderstorm was about a half hour late. I'm just amazed at the amount of rain we've been getting... half an inch in a half hour storm today. This is a bit silly. Need some more sun, though. My garden is happy, but everything is starting to be a bit stretchy and spindly due to lack of light, and beans really don't like having wet leaves. They're the only (edible) thing that's actually doing well so far this year, except for the lettuce. Tomato is growing, cukes are alive and nearly ready for trellis (we shall not speak of the peas again...), and only one row of carrots sprouted. Going to plant another row tomorrow morning or this weekend, maybe. They'll be late carrots...

In just a few more days, get ready for Birdiewatch: The Sequel, and experience the Thrills and Excitement of seeing if I manage to keep my job through all the random bird photography! ;)


Jun. 29th, 2008 05:37 pm
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Day 10
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Real feathers, almost! They've grown and changed even from this morning (but the other photos were blurry, and my camera batteries are dead...); almost no more downy feathers showing anymore. I do think the little guy on the left hand side of the nest might be the Solstice birdie, as he doesn't appear to have quite as many well-formed feathers as the other two, but it's hard to tell.

Stay tuned to this channel for more exciting news! This just in: Birdiewatch, The Sequel: American Tree Sparrows. Coming soon to a blog near you...
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Day 9
Originally uploaded by gshower7
So... something different today, a garden visit. :) Finally made it up to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, and it was wonderful. [livejournal.com profile] frothgar, mom, and I met E and her mother there, had some lunch, and then spent the next 2 1/2 hours walking through garden after garden on the coast of Maine. A cloudy, misty day, so not too busy, or too hot, or too buggy. Actually perfect for garden viewing, as too bright sunlight will wash out some colors in photographs, but it was bright enough not to need a flash and still hold the camera steady. Many, many photographs were taken, and will be shown once I get them organized. Truly a treasure, wonderful to see it in its infancy, and I cannot wait to see it grow and change through the years. There are so many gardens and plantings planned...

The baby birds are looking like real birds now... all feathery and not much poof left. I do like the mohawk stylin' of the little fellow in the middle, though. Just a few more days, 4 or 5 at the most, and they'll be ready to fly... or at least be booted out of the nest.

In other news, the Great Big Sea album is also most excellent. Listened to it (kinda) on the way up to the garden this morning, and again tonight, and is good. Lots of music, and 'Walk on the Moon,' the one song from this album that they sang at the LL Bean concert last year is just as good as I remember it. Highly recommended. :)
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Day 8
Originally uploaded by gshower7
I suppose they're still babies at this point... can't fend for themselves... they'll be teenagers when mom kicks them out of the nest.

2 of the 3 were awake and hungry on a quick stop into work this morning (have to check on my babies! Can't just let them go!). Still amazed at how much the feathers have grown in even since yesterday.

Now for a frenzy of cleaning and vacuuming... I have an hour, then family arrives. Fortunately I was smart and took care of the recyclables earlier this week, so they are no longer threatening to eat my kitchen. Found the floor of the sewing room earlier too, got some photographs (real ones! on paper!) organized and framed, now just need to find a spot to set up the ironing board so I will at least have smooth linen for a little while.

And! And! Ooh! Great Big Sea's new album is out! Has been since Tuesday! Haven't picked it up yet... I'm a Bad Fan. But I will soon! Yay! So excited!
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One Week
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Little birdies are one week old today! The first two cracked their way out of their little blue eggs last Thursday, and the change is just amazing... Little speckled feathers, big wide beaks, and little black beady eyes. Their eyes are still more often closed than open, but every now and then they decide to take a look at this big world they're in now... In another week, they'll all be grown and mom will have kicked them out of the nest. Pretty amazing.

In other news, I'm getting the proper jaw-drop reaction from folks on a nearly-finished scroll... danged proud of this one, I am. Eeee scroll! After GNEW, there will be photos. Don't want to risk the wrong people finding out ahead of time... ;) I also have much much fabric to wash and chop into bits and make the bits into garb before Pennsic. This will be fun... aieeees!

Mom and brother are coming up tomorrow afternoon, and then at least mom and I are headed to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens on Saturday with E and her mom. Should be fun, even if it does rain on us a little bit (which it will... it's been raining all week, why should it stop now?).
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Day 6
Originally uploaded by gshower7
An update a day late, as 65 yards of linen arrived yesterday afternoon, and I did not turn my computer on after work. :) Linen was delivered post haste to Creativity Night, there was much creativity happening, so I didn't really get anything done. We sure can cram a heck of a lot of people into Alex & Ninian's home, though! Wow... Much Rocking happened later, after everyone left. Was good. I discovered I have the same vocal range as Blondie (Call Me), which was pretty cool... stayed up a bit too late, though... going to be an interesting day at work.

Baby birdies! Hungry and awake for most of yesterday, 6 (and 5) days old. I saw mom robin flying back and forth quite a bit with beakfuls of all manner of worms... At least two of the babies have open eyes; I can't tell them apart, and never saw all three with eyeballs visible at the same time, so I'm not sure if they're all at the same state... Feathers are growing as well, little speckled pinfeathers. Our babies are getting more and more robin-like every day.
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Day 5
Originally uploaded by gshower7
And rolls, and rolls, around and around the lake. Beautiful morning, beautiful afternoon, schizophrenic skies from about 3:00 onward. I am sitting here, at work, punched out, because I can't see more than 5 feet past the back glass doors of the office. I'm not leaving till it slows down a bit. Today, of all days, I forgot my raincoat at home, and didn't bother going back to get it at lunch. At least we don't have to water things, and the irrigation pond is refilling as I type... Love the thunder and lightning, though, when I can watch it from safe inside.

The baby birdies were awake more today, and begging for food at every opportunity. I am amazed at how huge they've gotten since Friday! Hopefully mama is sitting over them now, wings spread and streaming water away from her poor downy-feathered babies. Their eyes aren't open yet, but I can see the beginnings of real feathers starting to grow...

Edit, 6:38 PM: Oh, and now there's hail. That's just fantastic... /sarcasm


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