Mar. 21st, 2012 07:10 pm
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Spring has sprung! Summer, even... it was 80 degrees today. It's going to be 84 tomorrow. I was barefoot in my driveway on Sunday, after washing my car, when it was 78 degrees. We've gotten the little grill out twice, and will probably do so again tomorrow. This is insane. The cats like it, though.

Happiness in a sunbeam... A bit ridiculous, really. Lancelot was enjoying himself waaaay too much.

Spring Peepers are out. Heard them for the first time yesterday, driving home from fencing. Out in force today at the nursery. Plants are coming in, we're opening this weekend. Still kinda disorganized, but it'll be mostly mulch that moves anyway. TIRED, though, from the warm weather and sudden 'ack! we've got to get things organized!' flurry of activity. There are things I must dooooo before spring really gets here!

Looks like most of my plants made it through the winter just fine. The Oakleaf Hydrangea in the terrace was what I was really worried about, and there are plenty of green stems, just waiting for leaves. So. Happy! Iris are coming up with new leaves, Sedum has woken up and is budding, and from the looks of what I pulled up this evening, I'll have plenty of volunteer Nasturtium from seeds dropped last fall... My potato starts should be arriving in a week and a half or so too, very excited to try them!

The bad bits: Ticks. In the backyard for all of 5 minutes on Sunday, picked 2 deer tick off of my jeans and shoes. Ick ick ick.

Washed the car! I have a RED car! Who knew? My poor, dear car... hopefully she'll make it another winter (and then another summer, since winter is the hard part)... New rear brakes yesterday, not cheap, but I certainly got my money's worth out of the original set. Almost 180,000 miles. I'd say we're doing OK. Timing belt is due soon... hnnggghhh... :\

[personal profile] kurlon has shiny new glasses now. He's amazed at the world in HD. I guess they've been a while in coming. We picked them out last Monday, and I think he's glad to be seeing things again.

[livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius and I are headed to New Jersey and MUDTHAW this Friday night. Getting there laaaaate (or earrrrrly, depending on point of view). Glad things don't really get going till 11:30. Aiming to be onsite by 11. Lots and lots of fencing, I hope! Can't wait to see everybody and play OUTSIDE!
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WINDY day before Thanksgiving. J and I have the day off. And tomorrow. When 21 people come and invade our house. It will be Wonderful. We shall feast! Fortunately also have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, to recover from said feast and probably re-clean the house.

Today will be cleaning the house, prepping foods for tomorrow, making that final shopping run, and finishing up N's shirt (finally) so he has something proper to wear this weekend. Baking buns, cutting up the butternut squash, and finding all the necessary dishes are major projects. Potatoes will go on the stove tomorrow. Two turkeys, a spiral ham, and all sorts of squash and potato and veggie dishes and pies are coming with people tomorrow.

In other news, Max and Mickel accompanied me to my 3rd straight fencing weekend (wheeeee made of AWESOME) at Duello. So much fun! Fenced for several hours straight! Saw lots of people! Ate delicious food. Didn't take a single photo (left that to Mickel...). And I did well enough in the tourney and got to be a bishop in a live (pseudo-)chess game! What a hoot... Max found a fantastic little restaurant for post-event dinner too, and Wyatt joined the three of us for an exceedingly enjoyable meal.

Weekend away from fencing this week. I think I need the break. Though I've got plenty of processing to do, and perhaps some strength-building exercises... I realize now just how heavy my swords are, after playing with one that weighed practically nothing last night at practice. Wyatt and his son came up to play, and try to fix a few dumb things I do. The Stuff mentioned a few weeks ago that I needed to think about and chew on is that Wyatt has offered to teach me, and perhaps take me on as his cadet. Which would be really cool, I think, and I think I could learn a lot from him, and maybe even start winning more bouts than I stupidly lose like I do now... Just need to get the teleporter working properly, so the travel time is cut down a bit... But we're going to try the long-distance training thing for now, before jumping into anything more formal. Try to make it to events where we can work together in between all the other stuff, maybe make it up and down to practices (winter is going to make that fun and interesting, no doubt). I hope it will work. I think it will.
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This is going to be a list... 'tis the only thing that fits with my life right now. More detail, and lots of photos, when things have calmed down, I hope.

- We've moved in! Kinda. Cats are here. Starting to explore things. Moved out of their room and into the rest of the house in the last week. Discovered bathroom cabinets. Discovered kitchen cabinets. Lancelot spent last night under the kitchen sink, since he opened the corner cabinet, squeezed in, and then couldn't figure out how to get out again. Silly kitty. Kitties are both still slinky and sneaky a lot of the time, but have both been lap cats, Galahad has talked a few times, and they're starting to figure out how to act like cats again.

- Phone, cable, and internet at the new house. My computer is there now. YAY.

- BIG MOVING WEEKEND coming up. Hopefully apartment will be empty, or mostly empty, and all I'll have to do is vacuum and wash windows next week. 9:00 AM Saturday is when it all starts. Call for details if you wanna help.

- Starting work on molding. Sanding, then staining, then install hopefully next week. Maybe. Looks beautiful.

- Can't wait to get out into the yard at the house. Bringing home some free plants tonight, that will live in their pots for a while, till I get myself organized.

- Uncovered and stood up alllll the plants at work. Spring is coming, or at least we hope so. Starting to clean up around the office now.

- Max, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, and I went to Montreal last weekend! I love Canada. And dancing. I want to put on my pretty dress and shoes again and go swing dancing with Xavier tomorrow night... sigh.

- Max, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, and I went to Montreal last weekend! I love Canada. So much fun fencing. Awesome little tourney, tasty (if a bit drawn out) feast, and I won the populace A&S display. Again. Cool. Whee!

- Max, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, and I went to Montreal last weekend! I love Canada. And Crepes. Chez Lulu B is a lovely little restau right down the road, and most delicious for breakfasts. The Grand Plan: I will quit my job, open a creperie. Syd can be the waitress, Max will be the barista. It will be Good. hm. ;)

- My garb and a few scrolls went down to K&Q A&S last weekend. Lots of compliments, some good commentary. Congrats to [livejournal.com profile] valkyrie1972 on her Silver Crescent.

I know there's more. But that's a good start... I'm still alive, really!
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First, thank you to everybody who has offered moving help. Once we get ourselves organized, we will take you up on your offers!!

Aaaaaahhhh! Too many things to think about! I really don't have time to write this, but I fear my little brain may explode, and I like making lists, and I think I need to make some lists, so I don't forget to do things in the next three weeks...

Things I Need To Do:
Documentation for K&Q A&S: (yes, yes... should have been done whilst creating said garments/things, but there wasn't time... and I really hadn't planned on doing anything with this stuff except wearing it, but there you go...)
- Astrid's apron dress
- My later-period Flemish gown and Battle-Ready Hennin (tm)
- Justin's spiffy new Elizabethan Doublet, Venetians, and flat cap (not done yet... not started yet... aiee)
- Scroll Portfolio - need to get sources noted and wordsmiths acknowledged
Pack up the apartment!
- We're signing the house paperwork tomorrow!
- Time to go through my clothes, get rid of stuff I never wear, so I don't just move it to a new place, and have it languish in the same drawers.
Clean the new house
- There are several lists already made of Things We Need, Things We Need to Do, Things We Need to Buy, and Things That Can Be Done Later. Now to just work our way through them...
- Parents, Inlaws, and friends are coming over on Saturday to help clean out the new house. We will be the proud owners of at least 18+ bags of other peoples' stuff that they don't want anymore. Most of it is trash. We are ripping out carpeting. Clothes will go to Goodwill. Dishes/silverware will come with me to the office, so we have more than one fork and one plate... Anything else that's relatively nice will be put someplace, and be up for grabs...
- I bought kitty stuff today! We have a carrier, litter boxes & scoops & mats, a brush, scratching pad, food/water bowls, litter... just need the kitties now. And kitty food. And a place to put the kitties. (eeeee tomorrow! Going to see the boys before heading to Biddeford to sign papers... eeee! kittykittykittykittykitty)
Not go completely insane...
- yeah... working on this one...

I think there's more... there seems like there should be more... but maybe that's enough, since they're not exactly simple things that I have on this list, and some of them need to be done before we get too far into March... eep. I think I need to get off the computer now, and put some stuff in some boxes...
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January Snow
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Started as rain yesterday, leaving New Hampshire. Changed to snow around the Wells exit on 95, and hasn't stopped since. We've got about 8-12" of the fluffy white stuff on the ground, and it's still coming down... Don't have to go anywhere tonight, though. Can stay home and putter/sew/relax.

Some good things; the office wasn't plowed out right away this morning, so I got a little bit of extra sleep. It's still snowing, so the guys are out plowing, and I get the office to myself. No boss to bug me. And I have new jeans that fit me perfectly. Hooray for Tractor Supply Company in NH, boo that they only had one pair. I'll try the one up here sometime.

Lego Rock Band is also made of Awesome. So cute. Good music, and silly silly challenges that give alternating band members a rest and chance to see what's going on in the background animations.

The search for good sizing for gold leaf continues. [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre was having issues with what we'd thought we'd found for a good replacement, which I had found and used and got to work, but not well last night. Frustrating. This looks like a promising substitute, assuming it's usable on paper. Gah, gold leaf sticks to everything except what we want it to, and the sizing we have, everything sticks to, including the tissue paper backing on the gold leaf. Causes issues when I want to put gold on that spot... We'll figure it out, hopefully before the last of the good stuff has been used up.
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I have a grand sense of accomplishment today, which is wonderful. Got lots of stuff done! Which is good, because my cold seems to have relapsed, so I may not get much done tomorrow... sleep. More tea. Hm.

Today I:
- Made up a bunch of Queen's Favor kits. Started one, just to make sure I was putting enough thread in. Hopefully I've got the right color cloth... Will be able to double check next week at 12th night, at the very latest.
- Found my feast gear, still in the same place from when we went to Ruantallan a few months ago.
- Shopped. Got stuff I needed. Like kleenex. Ugh.
- Bought 3 yards of beautiful soft purple wool for Astrid's spiffy fancy apron dress (to be done by Birka! No worries! At least, not till I get to the wolf...). Also some golden yellow for the wolf, and deep red, for details. Oxford Mill End Store is a wonderful, wonderful place, and I could get in a lot of trouble there, had I an unlimited budget.
- Finished my gown, in time for Feast! 3 weeks early! There is still some tweaking to do, but nothing major...
- Organized my music, finally. It had been in a state of semi-organized for some months now.

Winter Feast! Did not take any photos... hopefully there are some good ones out there. Max? :) Food was delicious, company was excellent, entertainment was entertaining, and I didn't skewer anybody with my hennin (I don't think so, anyway). The hat stayed on my head, once I got the clips and hair where they needed to be, and I still fit through doorways without having to duck. The new gown is incredibly comfortable, not too warm either. I win.

And apparently even though I cannot talk very well (my turn, now, to have Deep Sexy Announcer Voice), I can still sing. I expected to be joining the basses, but [livejournal.com profile] evensongs_fall and I held down the soprano end of things quite well, I think.

Sleep now, recover from busy busy day, hopefully will have a voice in the morning, we will see.
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This year, I accomplished stuff, I am still happily (usually) employed, everybody I care about is alive and (mostly) well, we're (hopefully, once we get the roof figured out) buying a house at last, my car is still running and happy (now that I have a new battery cable), and I'm still painting and fencing and having a wonderful SCA life, got to travel and hang out with all sorts of friends I don't see nearly often enough, and 2010 looks to continue the trend. Yeah, 2009's been pretty good, actually.

Groceries and vacuuming are a priority today, though not nearly as desperate. Weather is coming this weekend, could be lots of snow, so [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider and M are not coming up for the party tonight. :( Sad, but I would much rather they be safe than try to drive home through a blizzard. Maybe can finish some garb before the party.

Happy new Year to all, be well, and I'll see you next year! :)

Year in Review Meme... )
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Glass Butterfly
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The morning light was perfect yesterday. I ran around with the camera, taking photos of my plants, lovely blossoms on the Zygocactus and Goldfish plants, and of the various glass creatures and shapes I have hanging in the windows that catch the light in different ways. The butterfly is an ornament, but I don't think I've ever put him on the Christmas tree... too pretty to only take out once a year.

I just took apart two of the most gorgeous pomegranates I've ever seen in my life. Every pip was a perfect, ruby red sparkling jewel. Sweet and tart all at the same time. Beautiful. And they freeze. I can have pomegranate in the middle of summer now, if I want. This makes me happy.

Yesterday's snow melted just enough on the trees and fallen leaves, and then re-froze in a clean, sparkling layer. Everywhere beauty.

Congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] moonandtree. Your life will never be the same, but it's OK. :)
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Autumn Leaves
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Stop doing things and creating situations that make the people I care about upset and depressed. We all have much more fun when we're happy and in a good frame of mind. Please to be stopping with the dumping of crud on my dearest friends and companions.

additional crud here: )

on to happier things )

One good thing, I suppose, about the slowness at work, is that I was able to grab my camera this morning and take about 140 photos in the span of 40 minutes. For perfectly legitimate, work-related purposes, honest! Need photos for the website! But it was a beautiful, perfect Maine autumn day, with blue skies and white clouds and red leaves everywhere. There were ravens playing in the gusty wind (that was ripping through the property with intent, it seemed... nothing was upright by the end of the day...), and I heard and saw the little hawk that's been hanging around for the last couple weeks. Hoping to have a gallery up in a bit... beautiful colors and some different angles than I've done in the past. I'm pleased with how they came out.

The wagon that holds our sign is finally fixed. Only 3 1/2 months without an actual, functional sign that says "hey! this business is here!" out by the road. Argh. Amusing bit, though... we could not get the thing to sit straight on its spiffy new landing pad. I figured it out, and it was a moment of "dawning realization". Apparently when the new wheels got put on (not by one of our guys), the larger wheels were supposed to go in the back, and the smaller in the front. Makes sense... the right hand side is correct... the left hand side... not so much. That would be, I think, the reason why the front corner was always so much lower than the rest of it when we were initially trying to level it... brilliant.

Beautiful weather is supposed to continue right through tomorrow, when we have our Harvest Moon event. Mostly archery, I'm running a little bitty fencing tourney in the afternoon. Should be fun. Hopefully relaxing. Tavern night happens afterward, at the Tyger and Bucket. :)
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Summer Sunset
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Summer Sunset (enhanced)
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Sunset tonight was beautiful... Finally. Took the top photo with just normal photo settings, changed shutter speed a bit to get the colors right. Beautiful. Soft oranges and pinks mixed with blues...

My camera, however, took the bottom one on the pre-programmed 'sunset' setting. WOW. Nothing like how the sky actually looked, but darned impressive.

I missed my Bela Lugosi daylily blooming... gah. Came home too tired, didn't even hardly glance at the garden. When the sky turned orange tonight and I went outside, I noticed it. Beautiful, deep, velvety purple, too late to get a photo. I think Wednesday or Thursday will be my next chance, assuming nothing eats it.

Food strangeness last night was Coffee Jello. Really quite good. Just coffee, but... jiggly. Very silly. Everybody also seems to really like the Kohlrabi, which is good, 'cause we've still got quite a bit of it. Finally convinced my boss to try a bit at lunch today, and he said it didn't taste like anything... meh. Too bad, more for me! Vegetables that look like Sputnik are fun and delicious! Rainier cherries are also delicious... I think I still like Bings better...

Somebody broke into the store last night at work... didn't take anything, didn't break anything, don't know if they even entered the building, but the door had very obviously been forced open when R got to work this morning. Scary. Door has been fixed, and bolted solid now at closing, we hope. This is why it's not a good idea to keep cash in the registers overnight. The computer and registers themselves were still there, perhaps because they would look a bit too suspicious being carried down 302 at 2AM. Agh. Don't want that to happen again.

Co-worker A blamed it on the chipmunk that's been hanging out down there... we had a bumper crop of the critters this year, and there was one little guy that simply would not run away if approached. Too close, and he would hide, but he became used to humans very very quickly. I don't think rabid, but definitely non-fearful. I suspect s/he is the one that appears to have taken up residence inside the closet. /sigh. Little critter... you're very cute, but you simply cannot stay. S/he fits under the door to the closet, but can't under the main door, and after spending some quality time together on Friday (rainy day, down there all by myself... I named it Squeeky-Boo.), I finally managed to get it on the outside of the building, and running (hopefully) away to a new home, not in the closet...

Incredibly cute and intelligent, chipmunks... apparently they're pretty popular as pets in England/Europe. Have to hand-raise them from kits, and even then, they're still pretty crazy...
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One good thing about all the rain we've had lately; the weeds pop out of the ground like nobody's business. They're also growing like mad, which means there are a lot more to pull, but the soft mush of earth doesn't hold the roots very well.

This may become an article sometime... perhaps next week... but right now, it's just a rambly brain dump. )

That being said, I really would like to see the sun sometime soon...
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In the last 32 days, we have had 27 days with some sort of precipitation. I think the other 5 were actually nice and sunny, and not cloudy at all, but MY GOD, CAN WE GET A BREAK ALREADY?? Seattle is drying up, because we have all the west coast's rain. This is not doing terribly wonderful things to my plants... there is not much mush, but nothing is growing much, and more and more I am grateful for the wonderfulness that is raised bed gardening. It drains and sheds water, even when the rest of the ground is completely saturated. I'm hoping my jade plant doesn't just rot and fall over, but I'm leaving it outside anyway, because at least there's a chance of higher temperatures and sunshine to dry things out a bit... Sam the tangerine is happier than I've seen him (her? dunno, never flowered, and I think citrus blossoms are hermaphroditic anyway) in a long while, all sorts of new growth. Just need some dang sunlight sometime in the next month!

Have been eating fresh peas nearly every day. They don't mind the rain. They are delicious. Once we do get some sun, everything will go nuts (hrm, I note I said exactly the same thing a week ago, still no sun), and I will have more leafy goodness than I will know what to do with, which is just fine by me. Things are getting bigger, just slooooowly. Will have Kohlrabi to harvest just in time for GNEW. Have the wild and crazy thought of putting in a few potato plants once that spot is empty, as I can't see just leaving it fallow. And I like potatoes. Maybe blue ones. I may end up growing whatever I can still find for seed potatoes, though. Not many left at this point, I don't think. Any sources, anybody? There are over 2 dozen scapes on my 'Persian Market' daylily. None on 'Bela Lugosi', but he wasn't looking real well at the end of last summer... a year of growth, then beautiful velvety wine purple blossoms next year, perhaps.

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon is a bit lighter in the dental department... had 2 wisdom teeth and the roots of a third tooth extracted on Friday morning. I got some shopping done, did some reading, drove around a bit, and then he socked out on the couch with Abbey's cat while [livejournal.com profile] glassbeetle and I worked on her spiffy new doublet. Will be done by GNEW! Nearly there, thanks to the work we did tonight. Is to be fabulous.

Have done 5 scrolls worth of gold leaf for this round of awards. I love gold! Shiny shiny shiny! Though when we are out of the old style permacoll, adjusting to something else will be interesting. The new stuff is wretched. Stays sticky for nearly 2 weeks, everything sticks to it (including tissue paper, which is not good when the gold leaf has a tissue backing), and it doesn't take embossing at all. Argh. Am painting just one AOA for GNEW, very light and swirly, and am loving it. 'Geranium' red gouache is proving to be somewhat transluscent, though, which irritates me a bit.

So ready for vacation. 3 more days of work this week, 2 days (which include training a new guy...) next week, and then 7 glorious days of not work. So looking forward to GNEW. So hoping it stops raining sometime before then, and that my foot will be fine, and that there will be much dancing and fencing. Foot is better. One more week of not stressing it out, then we test... I think dancing on Friday night will be the tell. If I can dance, I can fence. At least I won't be all ramped up and ready to go Saturday morning, get 3 bouts into the tourney, and then have to call it quits. That would upset me some. Not even gonna consider that, though. All will be well.

Rainy Rain

May. 29th, 2009 12:00 pm
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It may be pouring rain (still... day 3...), but I get two days off. In the same week. In a row. I might have my brain back, once the antibiotics quit messing with it. I have lost any ability to multi-task these last couple days, and am hoping the next 6 days are not like the last 3. Makes playing RockBand all that more authentic, though! The pharmaceutical haze really adds... something... ok, not really. Can't hit the right buttons to save my life sometimes.

The garden is pretty much in... Planted the Tomaccio and marigolds on tuesday night before the rain started, got the trellis in (after much pounding and a bit of splintering... stupid thing) for the pathetic peas. I may just go ahead and plant the cucumbers and have them grow up with the peas, at this rate. Have a gap in the middle. I don't think I'm doing beans this year, I will probably put in a second tomato, a full size, so I can have sandwich size, and be able to make the usual piccalilli jars for Max. Probably my usual Husky Gold... I like them. Was tempted, as I have the hook set up anyway, to try one of the funky upside-down tomato planters. Can make my own from a 3-gallon bucket... Still deciding. Photos today of the new garden after it stops pouring.

Went to make beef stew for dinner last night, realized I didn't have any stew mix packets, and after only a few minutes of mild despair and 'dangit, should have gotten the chicken out instead', realized that people made beef stew for centuries without the help of McCormick Beef Stew Seasoning, and I had herbs in the garden, and corn starch, so by golly, there would be stew. Pretty tasty. My own parsley, rosemary, and thyme made it delicious. Leftovers for lunch today.

Made honey wheat bread this morning, using the last of the Buckwheat honey purchased on the way to Pennsic... sigh... http://www.honeybees-r-us.com, and I can get more (go there. see the store. they have WONDERFUL things.). The bread is rising at the moment. Smells delightful.

For future reference, when I win the lottery... REAL SILK VELVET. AIEE AIEE AIEE. WANT.
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Lots to catch up on, I s'pose. Saw the sun for a little bit today... rain rain rain and cloudy and foggy when it's not rainy... getting a little bit tired of this.

The house on Thursday: HA! No way, no thankyou. Foundation collapsing, roof collapsing, but there was a lovely in-ground basement swimming pool... no.

Saturday night: Made Pizzelles with Abbey - rosewater and lavender - as test for Spring's Inspirations. Delicious. Slight recipe modifications are necessary, but overall a success.

Sunday: A perfectly relaxing day by myself in the greenhouse (a nice day, even!) was ruined by the appearance of my boss and his wife, arrived to "help" for about 3 hours... gah... threw off my whole groove and made me really cranky.

Sunday night: Kitty time, steak, and sewing (or at least the preparation for sewing) chez [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max. Plans made and paint tested for my faux ivory inlay project. Success! Phone call from [livejournal.com profile] kurlon around 8:30... was a good night for me to skip racing... Not quite a year later, accident #2. Thank god for helmets and good leathers. One severely sprained wrist (which is turning quite lovely shades of blue), possibly broken bike, but husband in one piece. That's the important thing... sigh...

Monday: Gray and rainy again, at least in the afternoon... got the plants uncovered at work, everything looks good.

Today: Fencing tonight, can't wait! Soon we will be able to play outside, too, when it finally stops raining so our field can dry out...

Gray Day

Mar. 27th, 2009 09:39 am
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It rained last night, for a while. Supposed to do more on Sunday and Monday, which should take care of most of the rest of the snow. Not at all sorry to see it go. Still gray and cloudy this morning, rather cool.

Poked around a bit at the garden yesterday. The top 6" or so of soil is thawed and loose, but still very, very cold. I so want to plant peas... not yet, though. Not time. Still too cold. I don't know if any of the strawberry starts I buried last month have taken, but we'll see in a few weeks. The rain last night will have helped, as the top soil layer was quite dry.

Eros is on at least his third life, if he pulls out of his latest bout with fungus... I am more and more convinced there was something wrong with the water when I changed it a week ago. A second water change perked him back up, but he started having problems again a day later. Yesterday morning, I looked over, and he was covered in what looked like white fuzzy cotton balls (little fish sized...). Fungus. Great. I have stuff to treat it, and it seems to be working so far. One more day in the dark, and hopefully he'll be OK.

Headed out shortly to meet [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max for lunch, then a trip to a bookshop in Exeter. I will not escape empty handed, but that's OK. :) No gold leaf arrival yesterday; should come today. It's delivery-confirmed, so if I make it back here by 4:30 or so, and they've been by, I can make it to the post office before it closes and pick up my little package.

Link Time!

Feb. 27th, 2009 05:55 pm
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So much happening... brainz is fuzzified, somewhat. This has been a Long Month. But! It was 50 degrees out today, and icicles falling off the roof at work kept me awake at the computer, and I really, really, REALLY want Spring to hurry up and get here. Not to be, however... snow on Sunday (which I may have to go out for, as I'm a rotten liar, and couldn't say 'oop! I'm going out of town! sorry!'. Adam busted (bruised?) his ribs snowboarding, so it might back to the shovel for me... I have made it quite clear to my boss that I am Not Pleased. Not that it matters, really...).

So... we'll start out with one of my favorite comics... Little Dee, done by a guy in Seattle, this particular comic was written when he heard of our latest dumping of white stuff. Last night, it snowed in Seattle. Ha ha ha, joke's on him. It does, however, express my feelings on the subject of snow. Vachel speaks the truth. (I also particularly like the weeks he did the sea shanty, We Rogues of Wool.)

Next, the joy that comes from ART! All three prints I ordered from GoldenWolf Art and WindWolf Studios came this afternoon, a week before I expected them. Decided that I would splurge and pay the extra $5 each for mats, and it was worth it. Matching mats make me happy... I can safely blame [livejournal.com profile] aiennanakiir and her hubby for this one... I fell in love with Heartsong shortly after Pennsic, after seeing other prints by the same artist there. Got the perfect spot picked out in the sewing room... Guardian of the Moon and Guardian of the Sun speak to both halves of my person. I do not yet know where these will hang, but they will be together.

Hee... and just now, this very moment, from [livejournal.com profile] gryphonsinistre, a video of a doggie running around in 54" of light fluffy snow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sUL0KCIc48 (turn mute on... it's Harry Connick Jr singing 'Rudolph') Reminds me of Bugs Bunny cartoons...

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon and I are going out tomorrow to check out a couple houses... we'll see what happens there...
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It is so nice to be rested... I have so missed my brain. I accomplished things today! Go me! Cleaned the fishtanks, cleaned (kinda) the bedroom, re-organized and chopped back a few plants, so there is more room (for more!) on the windowsills and they are not crawling across the floor, threatening to consume all in their path... Still a bit of work to do on that end.

Last night's Tree Burn chez [livejournal.com profile] mylisant and [livejournal.com profile] kr4sh was delightful. Nice and warm, bright burning fire, met some lovely people, had a few marshmallows, and there was good company all around. A good reminder... water those trees while they're inside, folks!

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon and I are headed north tonight to see his parents and (a month late) deliver their Christmas gifts, while father-in-law's is still relevant... not a whole lot of use for an insulated Carhartt suit in the summertime, I don't think. Have stocked up on Zyrtec, so the kitties will not make me die... There are only three of them now, though, so maybe allergies won't be so severe.

WHAT we use to head north in, I am not sure... J's new car itch has finally come to critical levels, and I think that before the day is out, we will have some color of either '06 or '07 Toyota Highlander Hybrid... The Subaru, for as reliable as it's been (still running...), has developed new squeaks and rattles that are driving J nuts, and the door is broken, and the breaks aren't wearing right, and and and........... Upside is, that it gets around 30 miles to the gallon, I think, which is better than both of our cars at the moment.
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Frozen falls
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I don't mind winter, really... I've just spent much more time out in it than I usually do, and have muscles that are terribly unhappy with me... I'd be fine with hibernating through the coldest months of the year, or just stockpiling food and staying warm inside my little den when the temperatures dip to sub-zero. I will take care of my plants and sew and watch good movies, and be happy...

Took the photo of frozen waterfall on the (long) way home from a look at a house for sale in Buxton on Saturday. Was a cute little place, in the realm of what we could actually afford, and was livable right out of the box. Needed a bit of work that would probably have been a deal-breaker for the bank (new roof... that's the big one), and a bit of elbow grease (and new paint. bright, have-a-nice-day-yellow kitchen. gah.), but a nice house. I could see us living there, but did not let myself get too involved, based on past disappointments... Two other couples had seen it that morning, and one of them had put a bid by the evening, so it was definitely a no-go, but it's nice to know that there's some homes in our price range that aren't total write-offs.

I made [livejournal.com profile] kurlon turn around so I could run across the road and up the bridge to take lots of pictures of ice and frozen waterfall. So cool. There were a couple disgruntled seagulls sitting in the middle of the frozen Saco River as well (sad seagulls in snow?). We pulled off in the middle of the bridge, which is exactly where Max & Mickel & I launch canoes from in the middle of summer. Very different seeing it all covered in snow. At some point, I'll have a set of winter pictures up...

Spending time outside, not speaking much, I find I always have music in my head. I am never bored or alone. I welcome the earworms I've had as of late, because they're all good music, and they change. I have my own radio station playing for me all the time. A friend gave me an iPod, but I've only used it once... having the little earbuds in shuts me off from the rest of the world too much. I don't think I'd like it, even in the middle of nowhere. I need to know what's going on around me, even if it's nothing.
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Worked a half day this morning, had a nice lunch, cleaned the fishtanks, ran some errands... Picked up fishfood and tank filters, attempted to buy a few pairs of jeans, and found that the only ones in my size were of the "pre-distressed" variety. I ask, what the heck is the point? Wear them for a little while, they'll look the same. A trip to LL Bean (the store, or one of the outlets) it is. If I'm spending $30 for a pair of jeans, they are darn well going to fit, and last, and look good.

Stopped in a little shop I'd never noticed before (the lady who owns it said she's been there about 3 months), that carries all secondhand, but nice, woman's clothing, mostly vintage. Ho boy. I may be in trouble, once I'm more awake, and can do some serious looking/shopping in there... I did leave with a beautiful deep green wool, rabbit fur trimmed 3/4 length cloak, Victorian-esque styling. Very warm and comfy. Too nice and too good of a price to pass up.

Picked up the truck at work, prepping for tonight. Rinsed the salt out of my shoelaces/off my boots/out of my gloves, so I will at least be able to put them on without shriveling my hands.

Good news, kinda, on the shovel front as well. Survivor: Maine may be a shorter season than originally planned. Jess has gone back to school, doing a bit of a career change, as she doesn't think her back will be up to garden center work in the spring, and I tend to agree with her. Her at school full time means nobody in the office when it snows. Not exactly conducive to getting work done, so bossman had me put an ad up on the web. Wanted: Snowblower Operator/Snow Shoveler. Position available immediately. We've gotten a few responses already, which makes me happy. By Monday, he's supposed to make a decision. After which, I will return to my cushy job as a desk monkey, catch up on my sleep, and be able to go to Birka without worries. I hope.

For now... naptime... 8 AM was far too early this morning, and 1 AM will be far, far too early next.
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Doubtful. LJ has laid off/fired a bunch most of its employees. Not good, especially for them. For me, it took me several years to start this thing, and I'm pretty pleased with how I've kept up with it, occasional ranty ramblings and all.

That being said, ljarchive has nicely and neatly backed up all my entries, with comments, and photos (but no user icons on comments). I can migrate to wordpress.com and join my brother, backed up blog and all. Options are good. Lack of "friends page" over there, though, saddens me. I'm lazy. I want you all in one place. :) I guess that's what RSS feeds are for.

Levi is back to being a happy swimmy fish. One eye is a little cloudy still, but no longer all swollen. Thank goodness.

Need to get off my butt and go to fencing tonight. Haven't played in a few weeks. Feeling flail-y. Not a good thing. We'll see how it goes.

Co-worker Ben brought his Aussie, Harvey, with him to work for the hour or so it took to repair a fan in the greenhouse. Such a silly doggie. Red merle coloring, very fuzzy and SOFT. Not too hyper, as far as Aussies go, happy to sit and be scritched for a while, then went back to chewing on a random chunk of wood he found... A most entertaining and good part of the day.

Snow tomorrow, and not ending till Thursday afternoon sometime (so sez the weatherguyz). More "wintry mix" than snow, I think. Need to repair coat, wash the salt dust out of my gloves so my fingers don't shrivel into nothing by the end of the day, and prepare a good food supply. At least I get to sleep past 7:30, because I have a feeling I will be waking up far earlier than I want to be once the snow is done and needs clearing so people can get to work the next morning...

I feel like I haven't *been* anywhere in weeks, though just had vacation (of sorts) over Christmas. Never really left the house then, didn't use the camera at all. Haven't taken any trips locally where I can take pretty pictures. Should try to make it to Fort Williams/Portland Head sometime (and maybe visit [livejournal.com profile] frothgar and [livejournal.com profile] evensongs_fall and meet their new kitties at the same time!). The parking lot of LL Bean's offices is only so interesting for so long... and it's getting to that point... Birka will be wonderful, assuming I can go... stupid snow.


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