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Day 2 of 'Relax, Dammit' weekend is a go. Sorta. Successful relaxation was had yesterday. The afternoon brought a cuppa tea, Chocolat on DVD, and a purring Galahad in my lap through most of it (after I finished folding laundry). The cold has indeed settled in. More tea today, and zinc, and hot shower to try and minimize the damage. Blugh.

Project for the day - clean up the complete disaster that is my craft room. I know it can be organized, I know it. Also in doing so I will find the boxes for the snowmen and houses that are still out everywhere from Christmas... Time to put them away... Also, vacuuming and possibly taking stock of houseplants. Have gone through a little bit of attrition since last year, I think.

Two years ago this weekend, the house was in much more need of cleaning out, but it was OURS. Happy truck day for the Red Sox (Wednesday), happy two-year signing anniversary for us. Happy cats now in my lap that were still at the shelter two years ago, but we knew they'd be coming to join us soon.
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Eyup. My cat. Drinking out of the watering can, by dipping his paw in and licking the water off his toe-hawks. When there is a perfectly good kitty bowl by the counter. Oh, Galahad... you're so cute.
(video on iPhone by [livejournal.com profile] kurlon)
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Just enough snow out there (FINALLY) to make the landscape pretty, and to make all the people on the roads forget how to drive.

3 accidents on the way to work this morning, 2 within a half mile of the office. One lady looked like she'd parked her jeep very neatly in a ditch, and there was something big that happened right across the street at the quarry, but the number of vehicles around made it impossible to see what.

Me, no problems driving in, except for having to follow someone going 25 mph in a 50 for about 10 miles... the 6 other people in front of me in that little parade were getting pretty frustrated too, but there was no getting around this terrified person. The roads had been treated, and were nearly clear. Just wet, with a little ridge of slush up the middle where the tires weren't hitting. Sigh.

I expect about an inch, maybe two, by the time I head home. Hopefully it won't freeze into a sheet of ice before then.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon brought home the most expensive 320x320 digital camera I will ever hold in my hands on Wednesday. Borrowed the IR camera from work, to see where the cold spots are in the house, and see which ones are semi-feasible to fix. We of course had to take some pictures of the cats too.
IR Cats

I love my glowy-eyed fluorescent demon kittes. :)
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Thanksgiving 2011
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Snowy day-before-Thanksgiving. All done and over with now, supposed to be lovely tomorrow.

The view that greeted me this morning was the one I expected, so I was able to roll over and go back to sleep for a while. There was no way I was getting out of the driveway anyway, and I had prepared for this inevitability by bringing home catalogs and spreadsheets so I could work from home and get done what needs to get done. Which I did, like a good girl. Once I caught up on my sleep. Seeds and some perennial plugs and pots ordered for next year, started on the annual plugs... more on Friday, maybe. Maybe not. The kitties were happy to have me home, as I was a nice warm lap for them for most of the day.

I did venture outside and get the front walk shoveled. Arm is a little stiff... I did the lifting part with my left arm, the still-not-quite-healed-don't-tell-my-doctor-what-I-did right arm was the pivot point of the shovel. Didn't take too long, though I did do it in two sessions... Lots of little birdies at the feeder too. Juncos on the ground, Tufted Titmouse, Chickadee, and Chipping Sparrow coming to the feeder itself. Love my birdies.

Collapsed on the couch for a while post-shoveling and was quickly buried in cats.

Now to finish making the house presentable for tomorrow's Grand Thanksgiving Feast. Smaller group for the main meal this year, but it will still be fun. :)
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The cats, apparently, found a frog.


I heard an odd, inquisitive 'mrow?' from Galahad, followed by [livejournal.com profile] kurlon asking what the heck that was that the boys had found, and coming down stairs to find both cats locked on to a brown... fuzzy... thing. That hopped. Looked kinda like a moth, but no... First thought was 'Frog?' but no, that's silly. But. hopping moths? No. Got to be a frog. Covered in loose fur (I guess I should vacuum...).

The tiny little guy had gotten himself quite coated in cat fuzz, and was really not having a good time of being poked and prodded by the original producer of said fuzz, so I scooped him up, cleaned and washed him off the best I could (so much fuzz! He was a live furball!), proceeded to re-catch him several times (those itty bitty legs pack a lot of jumping power!) and keep him from getting lost forever in the gap between the stove and counter (deep dark gap, perfectly tiny-frog sized), and return him to the great wide world (undoubtedly by morning to be eaten by some bird... but I hope not), by way of Sam the Tangerine's pot.

Such a teeny little guy! Only about 1 cm long, not including his little legs. Wicked cute. No idea what species he is... (or, for that matter, if it's even a 'he'.) Little bit of excitement for tonight, at least.

EDIT: Apparently, the little fellow is a Spring Peeper! How on earth can something so TINY make such a RACKET??

Week Recap

May. 12th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Good things, mostly, this week.

+ 4 out of 5 days got to ride the bike! Could have, maybe, on Tuesday, but would have been COLD. And Wet. Even with rain gear. So it worked out OK.
+ Good fencing day on Tuesday!
+ Finally bought 'Sigh No More' by Mumford and Sons. For $5. mp3 Album from Amazon.com. LOVE.
+ Sunshine today, finally.
+ FRIDAY. Kinda. For me. First Friday of the week!
+ Lovely dinner at Blast from the Past with [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max tonight.
+ Rode home under a beautiful moon and indigo skies.

- Not going to be able to play in the garden much this weekend...

+ ...because I'm prepping stuff for Spring's Inspirations on Saturday! Paint and gold and friends and general SCA loveliness.

- Not sure if I'll have any sort of veggie/edibles garden this year... I gotta do something, I'll go nuts...

+ ...but I'm going to help S get a container garden going behind the restaurant where she works! Next weekend, we plant beets and radishes and STUFF!

- ...because she's still hurting from a rough break-up. I'm gonna kick K next time I see him... but not too hard... life will indeed go on. Gardens heal souls. /sigh.

+ Started some herb seeds in a little egg carton greenhouse. Hopefully will have some thyme, and basil, and borage, and other stuff coming up soon. Green. Need. Green.

+ Kitties happy. Got most of the mats (not too bad, but bad enough) out of Galahad's underside out. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon has to pay attention to the front half, while I work on the back half, and it's quite a feat of acrobatics when we get fuzzbutt up on his haunches so I can get the underside, but he's such a patient, calm kitty... thank goodness. No protesting, even when I know it pulls a little bit...

+/- We really need a garage door. There are birds nesting in the third garage. I think it's a Phoebe. Working on replacing, maybe, the one we lost last weekend...

Time to get off the computer now. Things to do! Busy weekend!
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
I am ignoring the white stuff falling down outside. It will be gone soon.

This is a shameless kitty post.

We had the front door open yesterday, and the cats approved of the perfectly warmed front hallway. Gratuitous floof photos lay beyond here... Don't say I didn't warn you.
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Phase 1 of our tax return hit the bank account today! Woo! State of Maine is QUICK this year, 3 days (Monday night to Thursday morning) from filing to money back.

I am going to buy a vacuum.

I am inordinately excited about this vacuum.

For one, it's PURPLE. :D For two, it is a Dyson DC25 Animal Cyclonic Vacuum with Ball. Super maneuverable. So I can go zooming around the house making vroom vroom noises (if the vacuum isn't on...). And I'm not paying full retail for it, thanks very much, refurbished will be fine, and save nearly $200.00. I've wanted a Dyson for a while... Finally have both justification and means to get one.

Then I have to actually use it more than once a month to keep on top of the kitty tumbleweed issues, but we'll work on that. Maybe I can vacuum the cats! hm... they may not have much fur left, if the commercials are to be believed... I'll just work on the floors.
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So, the snow appears to be done... 8-10" or so out there on the ground. I'm... almost disappointed. But not really. Light, very fine snow is still falling, but it's not going to amount to anything. Time to go clear off the walkway and driveway, I suppose.

Lancelot had taken up his usual spot on the back of the couch, looking out the window, watching the snow for a while, but both boys are currently curled up on the loveseat.

I'm gonna go get a baking pan, fill it with snow, bring it inside, and see what the cats think of it. :D

...is it sad that I'm looking forward to doing this, and finishing up what I can do on our taxes to avoid washing dishes and doing laundry? sigh...
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Wintry Woods
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Dude... I totally just drifted into my driveway. :D

Left work early, again. The ride home was interesting. Perfectly powdery snow makes roads very slippery. Made it up the hill (once the person in front of me who was determined to go no faster than 15mph turned... oh, little black car, if you do not go at least a little quicker, neither of us is going to make it up this steep slippery hill...), made it into the road, and slid sideways into the driveway. Wheeeee!

Hour 5 of Snowpocalypse February 2011 commences now. Started right about 9:00. Not supposed to stop for any appreciable amount of time till mid-morning Thursday, which is the next time I plan on leaving my house. I don't think I could get out of the driveway/road anyhow. Expecting 20-24" of the white stuff, at least.

I now have a purring Galahad in my lap, a cup of tea on my desk, leftover chinese food warming in the oven, and a wee little scroll to play with. And laundry, and dishes, and a floor that needs washing... but I'll get to them later...

Today is also a special day. One year ago, I decided to poke around on the website for the local kitty rescue, and at the bottom of page four, two very special boys caught my eye... Here they were at the shelter last year, and here they are now (well, in July). Such a difference from two little scared, skinny kitties, to two fuzzy fluffy boys that DEMAND attention and snuggles when we walk in the door. Luvs mah kittehs... <3
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- My cats really are perfect gentlemen... they (usually) wait for permission before jumping into a lap, don't play in the garbage, don't beg at the table, don't eat my plants (though Galahad will go after fallen leaves on occasion...). Now if we can just get him to stop his newest trick (horking on cue in the hallway if he thinks he's not getting enough attention RightThisMinute), everything will be good.

- Miso soup mix is amazing. Little packet of powder, funny little white things, and little specks of green. Add boiling water, and I get delicious broth, with big beany-things, and big pieces of seaweed floating in it! Hooray!

- Disappointed that Tazo Tea no longer appears to make 'Om'. Delicious. Green tea, little bit fruity... 'Zen' just isn't the same... I only have a few teabags left.

- Also, cannot seem to find International Coffees 'Mayan Chocolate' drink mix in the local grocery... will try some other stores this week. May have to order online, thank goodness for Amazon and free shipping.

- Recipe for delicious dinner. Take: 1 crockpot. Add: enough potatoes (cut or whole, depending on size of pot, and number of eaters) to cover the bottom, and 1 duck (stuffed with as many apples and onions as you can cram in). Surround duck with more apples and onions, if there's room, and some garlic. Put lid on, set to 'low'. Cook for at least 8 hours. Come home, roast some asparagus, have some friends over, and eat a delicious meal. Then make soup out of the carcass, save some delicious delicious duck fat for roasting potatoes later, and sigh, contented.

- Slowly but surely, the house is getting Christmassed. Candle lights in the windows, little lights on Sam the tangerine tree (our Christmas tree. It's apparently tradition now. And I'm good with it. No needles to deal with!), the skirt went around the pot this afternoon... ornaments will get put up on Monday. Still need to find an outdoor extension cord and figure out if my other sets of lights are outdoor or not so I can decorate the little trees along the driveway. Holding off (mostly), even though I've got permission this year, till after [livejournal.com profile] kurlon's birthday, because I can... I'm strong... the Christmas music has come out, though. I couldn't wait any longer for Mannheim Steamroller or TransSiberian Orchestra (who, I note, is not coming anywhere NEAR Maine this year... Boston's too far for a weeknight, and Rhode Island not so much fun either. BAH.).

- Tonight is both the first and last chance to see the Geminid meteor shower... supposed to be cloudy/rainy/snowy for the next several days, so this evening promises to involve a hot tub and some snacks and delicious beverages.

- Winter is coming too, in fits and starts. No accumulation yet, but we awoke this morning to snow-covered ground. Gone now, since it warmed up to 40 degrees this afternoon, but more is coming...

- And I am upset with this USPS. Specifically, our mail carrier. Who did not even make an attempt to venture past the top of the street this morning to deliver the long-awaited package containing the top to my soon-to-be-created Wardian Case. Simply left a 'attempted to deliver' note in the mailbox, and moved on. This ticks me off. We know for a fact that no attempt was made, thanks to the light coating of snow on the road, beautifully smooth and unmarred by any sort of tire tracks, save for right by the mailbox. I will have words (polite ones, not getting upset and cranky at the poor postal worker behind the counter who had nothing to do with the delivery...) when I go in to get the package. Mail carrier needs to do his/her job, thank you very much. I am far more irritated than I possibly should be by this, but what if the package had contained something *important*?? Now I can't pick it up till Friday, thanks to needing to sign for it... BAH, I say.
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Cats in the Sun
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Warning: The following post contains some stuff about my poor puking kittycats... No gory details, but... ew.

So, a month or so ago, I lamented about the lack of availability of catfood-my-cats-won't-throw-up (as much), and what on earth were we going to do about it?

So we switched food, to Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. Dumb name. Pretty good food, it seems.

We mixed what was left of the Iams with a bag of Purina that I decided to try before the Chicken Soup. They ate it. Still threw up. On the carpeting. Mixed the mixture with the Chicken Soup food. They ate it. Threw up less. But still, 3:30 AM wakeup to a horking cat is not what I want. So tried an experiment. Filled one bowl with Purina (awful, awful stuff, really...) and one with Chicken Soup. Not sure which disappeared faster, but the only shapes that appeared in the next episode (on the &^$%! carpet, again!) were little dots, and squares, and triangles. Purina tossed. There wasn't much left in the bag, and I will not be feeding the boys stuff that they're just going to puke back up again.

We've been on straight Chicken Soup for the last week and a half or so. So far, I have found only one incident (sigh... on the dining room rug...), and it appears to have been just a mouthful that didn't sit quite right. I pin that one on Galahad. Lancelot, our little striped Problem Child, has had trouble-free nights, and I have not been unpleasantly awakened at 3:30 AM in nearly two weeks.

Amazing what some real food will do. Don't feed your cats junkfood! The link, again, for those that may want it: http://www.petfoodratings.net/cattable.html. There's a section on there for dog foods too. A lot of the dogs I know are pickier and have more issues with their foods than the cats!
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Sent this link to our Haushold mailing list, but figured it might be a good thing to get out to you other folks that have kitties.

Right, so... after our kittyboys have finally gotten used to their cat food and stopped doing what cats do all over the carpets (why just the carpets?? we have hardwood! so much easier to clean up!) quite so often, Iams has issues with contamination and production facilities being shut down... I haven't been able to find any of the right kind of food for weeks, and we were running really low this past week. J's mom has always fed Purina brand to their cats, so I grabbed a small bag of that, to mix with what was left of the Iams... the boys don't really like it. I don't really like it (looks and feel, not taste! haven't taste-tested it, thanks...). So in looking for something different, I found this spiffy site:


All kinds of info... it's amazing and a little scary what we'll feed those little furry beasties... (read with caution... you many not want to know some of this... but there it is.) We're going to try the 'Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul' brand, cheezy name and all, but it's about the same cost as Iams, has a much better ingredient list, and the gal at the pet store was very positive and seemed informed about it. We'll see if Sr. Fluffytoes and Mr. Stripeybutt approve.

Figured I'd pass the link along, in case anybody else is having Iams issues (I can't remember/don't keep track of what y'all feed your cats... :) ).

And now...

Jul. 2nd, 2010 10:00 am
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I present to you, as one of the steps in becoming a Crazy Kat Lady, a gallery of the kitties and their live squeeky toy. 8,000 photos of my cats to follow, thank you.

Cats and Mouse
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Lancelot, helping
Originally uploaded by gshower7
BOTH kitties came upstairs to the loft area tonight, and decided to "help" with my emails. Lancelot was the more enthusiastic of the two, moving from my lap to the desk and back, but Galahad offered encouragement and advice from the floor, winding his way around the chair and my feet. Galahad jumped up into my lap on his own, which hasn't happened before. Happy Camille. :)

They're such good boys. Snuggly, and getting braver and less skittish every day. There was even the threat of playing tonight, as Galahad decided to see if Lancelot's tail really was attached to his butt...


Feb. 6th, 2010 04:08 pm
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KITTIES!! We can has!! We have an official closing date of February 25th on our new house (EEEEeeeeEEEE!), and true to form, I jumped ahead a few months and decided to check the HART website last Monday night, "just to see who was there", and on page four, out jumped Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad. I thought they were very pretty, so I sent the link along to [livejournal.com profile] kurlon. He liked them too. Aw. Cool.

So he went to see them Tuesday. Without me. Sigh. But in meeting the boys, learned that they'd come from a neglectful home, had to have some dental work done, both still very skinny, but absolutely sweet and loving. Neither one has so much as hissed at anybody.

We both went to see them today. Love at first sight, really... Snuggled and petted and paid attention to them for nearly two hours, which went by VERY quickly. Galahad is still jumpy at noises and when people come into the room... The folks at the shelter will be moving them to a more private, quiet space, because now they are ours, for real, as soon as we can take them. Not sure if we'll keep the names... they work for the moment; they are both true gentlemen. Couple more photos here.

Lancelot - he has the biggest greeny yellow eyes, purrs nonstop, and soft as a bunny...

Galahad - shyer and more cautious for the moment, and once he fills out a bit, he'll be absolutely gorgeous.
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Hoodlum's Golden Eyes
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Weekends were I don't *have* to do anything or keep any sort of time schedule are just simply wonderful. I enjoy events and heading home, but both usually involve a lot of driving, or keeping to at least an arrival time, or both.

Spent lots of time this weekend in the hot tub with Max and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, where we solved the world's problems (and possibly caused some more), and tried to soak winter away. Nearly succeeded. Got rid of most of a cold that had threatened to make me miserable on Friday, anyway. Reduced to mere sniffles. HA!

Hoodlum was being wonderfully cooperative yesterday morning, and I shot him. Many times. With my camera. What a beautiful kitteh.

We never made it to Von Huene in Boston yesterday, got a late start. This was kinda OK, though, because I forgot my recorder at home, and most of the group that was musically-oriented was home with the plague (in form of a nasty head cold).

Instead, the doodlebug took us through the winding streets of Boston to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. None of us had been there before, and what a treat. Got there in time for the 'chat with the gardener', and I got to talk to her about all the wonderful, wonderful plants growing inside the huge indoor courtyard. Amazing. I know what I'm looking for in a home, now... :) All the medieval artifacts and paintings and furniture were pretty cool, though the lack of identifying labels on most of it and overly-twitchy museum guards got a bit wearing by the end.

All in all, a wonderful trip. I am still kicking myself for not even *asking* the head gardener if I could sneak a photo of some of the lady slippers they had blooming, but the signs everywhere saying 'NO PHOTOS OF THE ARTIFACTS OR COURTYARD (which has artifacts in it...). WE WILL SHOOT YOU FOR REAL" kinda made me think why bother... gah. They were beautiful. And about to be stuffed back in the greenhouse, where nobody could appreciate them... so why not let me have a photo? (because if they let me, everybody'll want one, bla bla bla...) Oh well.

Headed out shortly to make my yearly appearance at Maine Indoor Karting, for a mini-motard practice. Hopefully [livejournal.com profile] kurlon will come home in one piece...
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Zyrtec (or its generic equivalent) is a Wonder Drug. I spent a full day and night at J's parents, with three very loving snuggly kitties, and was hardly congested by the time we had to leave. We can has kitteh! (once we're in a proper place, of course...) The stuff takes a bit to kick in, so I just have to remember to take it an hour or so (just to be sure) before being exposed to long-term kittehness.

Abigail is a dear little thing, belonging to his sister. Not one to be held or snuggle in a lap, she will talk to you, play chase, play chew-on-your-hands or attack-your-ankles-when-walking-by, but was never rough... Aimee (who was sorely missed...) was much, much more nibbly. It took till I saw Abbi in the sunlight to realize that she had one green eye, one blue. Precious. :) The little gray curls on the top of her head are delightful...

We still have the Subaru, for the moment... Gas mileage appears to be creeping southward, but we made it in time for Saturday dinner. Delivered Christmas gifts, saw Grandpa C on Sunday; he was very happy for the visit. Good to see him and Grandma.

J's parents collect glass. Specifically Portland glass (made right heyah, in Maine, in the early 1900s), and Depression Glass, green and pink flavors. They've got a LOT. Complete sets of some. And they USE it. Fantastic. That's what it was made for, not to sit in a cabinet! I had a minor crisis searching for a cereal bowl on Sunday morning, and all I was finding was this beautiful green glass in the cabinets... that's what it's for. I had Special K circa 1929. Delicious. :)


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