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Winter Snow
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As far as I'm concerned, this is the first snow. The first pretty one. That hasn't made me grumpy (yet). And it's officially Winter, so snow is OK. We might even have a white Christmas, if it stays as cold as the weather folks say it's going to over the weekend.

The gifts are wrapped, all that's left now is to get through one last afternoon, go to the bank, pick a few things up at the store, and head home. And wash the dishes before we load the cars and head south. I should probably do a quick shovel of the walkway too, before it freezes solid and remains such until spring...

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon took the garland down today... it has proven just too tempting for Lancelot, who doesn't seem to connect the misery he feels after horking up soggy plastic pine needles with eating said plastic pine needles. Sigh. Was pretty while it lasted. Just have to put it up in a different place next year, where he can't reach it.

4:30 PM (or a little before... boss is away today, and I think I can get alll my work done before then) marks the beginning of a week off where I can actually get stuff accomplished (or not! ha!) around the house. Yay for having 2 fully functional arms. Couple scrolls to play with. Drawers to finish. Might even get the front hallway painted. Maybe.

To New Hampshire we go, dashing through the snow. Will most likely be joining [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider at midnight mass at St. A's on Saturday. Seems like a good thing to do this year...

Merry Christmas, all. A joyous holiday season to you and yours.

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Happy Winter Solstice! It's 50 degrees out! We might get 3" of snow tomorrow! Wheeee!

Happy birthday yesterday to my dad. Love you!

Weekend at the in-laws was nice. Frank even let us sleep in both days. A kind and generous man is he.

Headed south tomorrow evening for a few days with my parents and semi-extended family, which will be lovely.

All the presents are wrapped and ready to go, as long as the suspicious noises I heard this morning weren't the cats trying to get into them...

Only one more day of work, then we're closed for the next week, which will be nice... Not as fun as it could have been, since [livejournal.com profile] kurlon had this past week off, but maybe I'll actually be able to get my craft room organized again...
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Christmas, part 1
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For the first time in a couple years, I'm actually in a 'decorate the house for the holidays' mood. This is the 4th year we haven't done Christmas at work, which I think is a big part of it. No holiday mess being shoved down my throat a month before I'm ready, no more black, sticky, and cracked fingers from messing with balsam all day, no pinches from ribbon wire... There were definitely parts of it I enjoyed, but I don't miss it.

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon was distracted all day playing Minecraft, so I was able to sneak in a little more holiday than originally planned (his birthday is this month; growing up, there was a rule in his house: no Christmas till after birthday. I'm getting around that... but it is darn well going to be December before I do anything except put the little white lights on Sam the Tangerine.). There are candles in the windows, garland and twinkling white lights wrapped around the railing going upstairs (wrapped so hopefully Lancelot the Cat Who Eats Plastic won't get to it. Again.), and my little lighted houses are finally out of boxes again. So far the plastic baubles I've hung in the railings have not become cat toys, so I will be picking up a few more tomorrow to complete the look.(Will have to settle for something similar, since the 6 I have were a free gift from Bath & Body works the one year a friend and I went out to the mall on Black Friday. Agh! Insane...) Tough to decide between blue & silver, or purple & gold, but I think it's going to be a purple Christmas this year. Debating on getting a wreath for the front door... I dunno. Will decorate Sam next week, I think.

For now, I sit here, with my perfect cup of tea (PG tips with wild native honey. mmmm.), and lovely music, among the twinkling lights. I am content.

Tomorrow, an update on the safecracking expedition from last Sunday. It was indeed successful, and there were some cool things inside. Pictures to be sorted, and presented for your enjoyment.
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Enjoy the music on this beautiful Christmas Day.

What a week... I never feel rested after these vacations, for some reason... Home on Monday afternoon, relaxed and napped a bit there. Saw the last glimmers of the Solstice Moon slip away in the eclipse, before clouds came and took the rest. Happy Birthday to dad on Tuesday, and Christmas and Christmas Dinner (prime rib... mmmmm), part 1, that night (says my brother... "it's kindof like Hanukkah this year... we're having several.). Small gifts for people, one big one for Josh. Thank you all who pitched in for the popcorn maker. He can stop complaining now, since the microwave is still toast. :)

Headed North on Thursday, Christmas and Christmas Dinner (turkey! And fabulous beef tenderloin) part 2. Time with family. Relaxing with the kitties. Happy to be home last night. Finally in the mood to watch some Christmas specials (Mr. Magoo, Mickey, Peanuts, the Grinch).

Today, the bread dough is rising in the kitchen, got some stuff to clean up around the house, then Christmas Dinner part 3, with friends.
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Arboretum Christmas Tree
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Day 2 of 10 that I don't have to go to work. By tomorrow or Monday, I may even have stopped thinking about it...

I was a lazy lump for most of today, and it was wonderful.

Slept in late. Had my second-favorite breakfast as of late, Marmite on toast. Lovely. Got some sewing done, made dinner (crockpot, beef and celery and potatoes (forgot the onion) ), puttered on the computer on and off, and spent several hours snuggled up with [livejournal.com profile] kurlon and both kitties on the couch, watching Cartoon Network, Food Network, and probably some other channel that had 'Network' in the name, but I don't remember or really care...

Tomorrow will be more productive. Baking cookies!

Friday was puttering, and finally got the Sam the Tangerine tree decorated for Christmas. This is year 3, I guess it's really tradition now. Went natural (at least theme, if not materials) this year, birds and butterflies. Might still add the silver orbs, but I kinda like him the way he is. As long as the mealybug problem stays mostly cleared up, I think I'll leave the lights on even after Christmas is over.

Also: Go. See. TRON: Legacy. In IMAX 3D if you can. FANTASTIC. I don't often see movies on opening day/night, but this one was worth standing in line outside the theater for an hour (had tickets, wanted good seats. Got perfect ones).
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- My cats really are perfect gentlemen... they (usually) wait for permission before jumping into a lap, don't play in the garbage, don't beg at the table, don't eat my plants (though Galahad will go after fallen leaves on occasion...). Now if we can just get him to stop his newest trick (horking on cue in the hallway if he thinks he's not getting enough attention RightThisMinute), everything will be good.

- Miso soup mix is amazing. Little packet of powder, funny little white things, and little specks of green. Add boiling water, and I get delicious broth, with big beany-things, and big pieces of seaweed floating in it! Hooray!

- Disappointed that Tazo Tea no longer appears to make 'Om'. Delicious. Green tea, little bit fruity... 'Zen' just isn't the same... I only have a few teabags left.

- Also, cannot seem to find International Coffees 'Mayan Chocolate' drink mix in the local grocery... will try some other stores this week. May have to order online, thank goodness for Amazon and free shipping.

- Recipe for delicious dinner. Take: 1 crockpot. Add: enough potatoes (cut or whole, depending on size of pot, and number of eaters) to cover the bottom, and 1 duck (stuffed with as many apples and onions as you can cram in). Surround duck with more apples and onions, if there's room, and some garlic. Put lid on, set to 'low'. Cook for at least 8 hours. Come home, roast some asparagus, have some friends over, and eat a delicious meal. Then make soup out of the carcass, save some delicious delicious duck fat for roasting potatoes later, and sigh, contented.

- Slowly but surely, the house is getting Christmassed. Candle lights in the windows, little lights on Sam the tangerine tree (our Christmas tree. It's apparently tradition now. And I'm good with it. No needles to deal with!), the skirt went around the pot this afternoon... ornaments will get put up on Monday. Still need to find an outdoor extension cord and figure out if my other sets of lights are outdoor or not so I can decorate the little trees along the driveway. Holding off (mostly), even though I've got permission this year, till after [livejournal.com profile] kurlon's birthday, because I can... I'm strong... the Christmas music has come out, though. I couldn't wait any longer for Mannheim Steamroller or TransSiberian Orchestra (who, I note, is not coming anywhere NEAR Maine this year... Boston's too far for a weeknight, and Rhode Island not so much fun either. BAH.).

- Tonight is both the first and last chance to see the Geminid meteor shower... supposed to be cloudy/rainy/snowy for the next several days, so this evening promises to involve a hot tub and some snacks and delicious beverages.

- Winter is coming too, in fits and starts. No accumulation yet, but we awoke this morning to snow-covered ground. Gone now, since it warmed up to 40 degrees this afternoon, but more is coming...

- And I am upset with this USPS. Specifically, our mail carrier. Who did not even make an attempt to venture past the top of the street this morning to deliver the long-awaited package containing the top to my soon-to-be-created Wardian Case. Simply left a 'attempted to deliver' note in the mailbox, and moved on. This ticks me off. We know for a fact that no attempt was made, thanks to the light coating of snow on the road, beautifully smooth and unmarred by any sort of tire tracks, save for right by the mailbox. I will have words (polite ones, not getting upset and cranky at the poor postal worker behind the counter who had nothing to do with the delivery...) when I go in to get the package. Mail carrier needs to do his/her job, thank you very much. I am far more irritated than I possibly should be by this, but what if the package had contained something *important*?? Now I can't pick it up till Friday, thanks to needing to sign for it... BAH, I say.
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So, I go to Home Despot this evening, to pick up a few switchplates, other odds and ends we need to finish the bedroom (soooooon!), and what do I see the moment I walk in the door?


Christmas has exploded all over the front of the store. It's OCTOBER 6TH. And I know the display hasn't just been up for a day or two... it probably went up over the weekend. Ornaments. Garland. Little houses for the light up villages (I will admit to owning a half a dozen of these, all different greenhouses/floral shops...), and trees. Oh god, the trees. Plain or pre-lit, white, colored, twinkly, blinking, different colored needles, you name it, it was probably there... Too much.

I guess I hadn't quite recovered when the lovely lady in the purple shirt asked "how are you today, can I help you find anything?" and all I could do was gape and point and sputter incoherently at her... It would have been rather embarrassing, I suppose, but she laughed and understood, and we shared some "ARGH" together.

C'mon, people... the lady was right, she said "we wouldn't put it out if people weren't buying it already!" It. Is. October. OCTOBER. The first week of October. We've not even made it to Columbus Day yet! Let it go, for just a few more weeks?

I will decorate Sam the Tangerine again this year, I think... According to [livejournal.com profile] kurlon, it's tradition now... done it for 2 years in a row. I'm good with that.

But not before December 13.
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Overall, a very good weekend.

We arrived in NH earlier than expected on Thursday.. Decided not to stop at the bank and try to get loan paperwork (mk. 3) squared away, as they said there was really no rush. Home by 2:30. Woo! Relaxing afternoon, visiting, futzing around on the computer, etc. Saw [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider for all of 15 minutes before he went off to parties and a musical gig. Actually went to church that evening with mom & dad, mainly to hear [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider play trumpet, but I basically just wanted to sing Christmas songs. And I did. Enjoyed myself. Rode home with N, was nice sibling bonding time, and he's glad to have his MINI back too. Poor thing decided it was going to throw a transmission linkage cable, or something, last Monday. Did not want to move at all, but it's fixed now.

Slept in on Christmas. Lovely. Gifts were opened, food was eaten, relaxation was had. I have stuffed chocobos now. They are ridiculously cute. Also, mom and dad are buying us our stove, once we can legally put it inside the new house... eep. Had delicious beef roast for dinner. Saw Sherlock Holmes Christmas evening. Good movie. Most enjoyable.

Saturday was more doing nothing much at all, then M came over, did more gifts, we played cards, she stayed for dinner and a bit of RockBand afterward, then left before the weather got too awful. Snow/rain/freezing on the roads not so fun.

Sunday we headed back north. Decided to look in on the house )

Time now to try and unpack from this weekend, get the living room straightened up for Thursday when N and M come up for New Year's, and maybe, actually, possibly, get somewhere on my dang garb... I'll hopefully not be finishing it on the way to the event... though it wouldn't be the first time.

And now...

Dec. 24th, 2009 12:04 pm
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We are headed home for the holidays. Quick stop at the bank to get the loan paperwork straightened out, and away we go.

Merry Christmas to all, I hope everybody gets what you want, or at least what you need. :)
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{sniff} eyup... Christmas cold strikes again. All things considered, though, a good day. My red nose makes me festive, right? :)

Arrived safely last night, slept well, had eggs benedict (minus the eggs...) for breakfast, and demolished a small pile of presents. A Muppet-filled Christmas for me, hooray!

We got my dad pretty good... surprised him with a new computer monitor, which just happened to be packed and wrapped in the same size box as a gift for my brother. Brother's gift (which he wrapped), was hidden, and the monitor brought out last. Much confusion when he was told "no, this is your gift". Hee.

Yummy food has been eaten, and we are all relaxing. It is good to be home.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.
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Maybe even Christmas Eve... J is working from home today, so once we get the car cleaned out, we can re-load it with gifts, and clothes for the weekend, and us, and away we go to New Hampshire. Going to call the boss as a courtesy before we go, probably against my better judgment, but better than him calling an empty house and me coming back to no job.

Lunch and catchup with Hoobiewan was wonderful yesterday. We must, my friend, try to do this again before next Christmas. A year between visits is far too long. :) Driving was not bad, weather-wise, but traffic was awful. I think I may have spent equal time in parking lot and in-town Portland as I did on the highway. My own fault, that last bit, for trying to save a few bucks in tolls... agh.

The little tickle in my throat has turned into a Christmas cold, as per my usual. Advil Cold & Sinus, do your stuff... please...

J and I had Christmas here last night, after watching The World's Fastest Indian. Good film. Lots of lovely gifts, including a TomTom GPS from his parents... oi. Wow. No more getting lost for J now. :)

Merry Christmas to all, and a (slightly belated, but I still have 6 more days... ;) ) Happy Hanukkah to [livejournal.com profile] sprirtwolf. :)
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Christmas Tangerine
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The Christmas Tree is all decorated and surrounded with presents! Sam the Tangerine has never looked more festive. And I think the extra light is helping... A tree on wheels, in its own pot, is the most brilliant idea I've had yet... :)

Ok, so... ice storm last Thursday/Friday. Thawing Saturday and Sunday. Nearly 60 degrees again yesterday (was still 54 at 9:30, returning from the mall). This morning was still warm, mid to high 40's, and then the temperature did nothing but drop. Supposed to start snowing around 3 AM, so I expect my phone will ring around 5:30 or 6, and it's shovel time. This will be all powder, though, so MUCH easier than last week. Then look forward to another storm on Friday (Just in time, I'm sure, to miss the Holiday Burlesque. ARGH.), and again on Sunday (when I was hoping to get together with Hoobiewan, back in the States for a week or two.). Winter is displeasing me some, and it's not even winter yet.

Winter, though, still in New Hampshire. My parents still do not have power, but the generator is running quite happily and keeping the heat on and water running. My dad was able to upload some photos of the carnage from his office: )
More pictures are here, at my dad's Picasa page. Hopefully their power will be back soon...
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We did well this year... tree is decorated, Christmas shopping is 99% done, and there is still money in the bank account. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon and I braved the mall this evening. Going with a list and very specific things in mind (for the most part) is a big help. There are gifts to wrap, and maybe we'll even send cards this year... done a week earlier than we usually are. Why the heck not? :)

Birthday XBox360 was acquired, after much deliberation. There may be RockBand (just guitar...) in my future... I wish the Wii rock band guitars would work with GuitarHero, but as of yet, no dice. Perhaps when RockBand II comes out in January, then I get my kickass guitar, and can give [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider a run for his money... :)
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I have been dragged into the 21st century. I have a cell phone. Emergency use only, until I need to use up the minutes I paid for, dangit. I guess it's a good thing, based on the 3 cars I saw slid into ditches on the way home. There's an answer, I guess, from the meme yesterday... "What was your least favorite Christmas Present?" One I bought myself... sigh. Seems like an awful waste, but it's better than being frozen in a ditch out in the middle of nowhere, I suppose.

Had the day "off". Boss called at some point last night, "don't come in tomorrow till I call you. Snow's supposed to be pretty messy later". 'Kay. Nothing but rain all day, which pretty much froze the moment it touched ground, but the roads weren't that bad. Got some shopping done, successfully forgot to get the same items at three different stores (have to take care of that some other time. I'm done for now.), found the AT&T store (on the "wrong" end of the street... map reading skillz fail.), and am now the owner of the most budget-conscious cell phone I could find. And upfront cost was still nearly two months' worth of landline bills. Gah.

Am still waiting for the phone call. It will come at 2 AM, I am sure. Not sure how the "lost" day is going to be made up. I really wasn't planning on using my last day of vacation to account for it... In a perfect world, since I was "on call" and waiting to be told to come into work, I'd get some sort of compensation, yes?

Decided last night, too, that I'm not going to have a Christmas Tree, at least not a traditional one. We're going to my parents for Christmas, and I don't want to come home to a carpet full of needles because nobody was around to water the tree for a bit. Also don't want to put it up and take it down on Christmas Eve, because that's really depressing.

So Sam, my lovely Tangerine, will be a fill-in. A Southern Christmas tree, of sorts... I think one string of lights will do nicely, and the lighter ornaments won't be too much for the little branches. Also, being in a pot, there's much more room for presents!! Yaaaay!
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O Christmas Meme, O Christmas Meme... )

Still Alive

Jan. 5th, 2008 11:44 pm
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Still Alive
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I had one happy Christmas Tree this year.

It was fresh, anyway. Those two little light green dots? Those are two of many buds that decided to break and start growing little balsam needles. I now know for certain that the amount of refilling (3 times a day) I had to do to keep this tree watered is because it was a fresh tree, not because the water was evaporating at an extreme rate. It was still drinking nearly a half gallon of water every single day, from December 14 till now. I left it up a few days longer than usual, simply because I haven't had any time to take it down. Amazing... ;)

My family had another incredibly fresh tree several years ago... that one actually grew a branch about 6" long about 2/3 up the tree, right near the trunk. Pretty crazy, considering that one had probably come from Canada, and had been cut for weeks before we'd even thought about Christmas.

Tree is now stuffed in a snowbank off the back patio for the little birdies to hide in, and is most definitely not going to grow anymore.
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NORAD Tracks Santa

He's off! Bringing presents to all the good girls and boys... :) First sighting of the year, here.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to [livejournal.com profile] maid_veyatie. Hope all is well in the Windy City.

The rolls and pie have been baked, the gifts are wrapped, the apartment is clean enough for inspection by the family, and I have the next 8 days off from work. It's all good.

Merry Christmas to all, a Blessed Solstice, Happy Yule, Happy Kwanzaa, a belated Happy Hannukah, and to the atheists, Have a Nice Day. :)
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Tree 07
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
Tree is up, alll decorated. :) Is pretty, not as nicely shaped a tree as last year's, but definitely fresher. I'm tempted to get up at 4 AM because I may have to refill the stand... it's drinking water like crazy. Nice and green and healthy (er... as healthy as a cut, dying tree can be, I suppose). My twinkly lights are a bit spastic this year; some of them aren't working quite as well, but I haven't heard of any recalls or Bad Things that Happened when Twinkly Lights Went Blinky, so I don't think we'll burst into flames just yet.


Dec. 13th, 2007 03:57 pm
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Snowing again... we're in the middle of a HUGE white blotch on the radar, but it's moving quick. "They" say anywhere from 2-5 inches, which will be about right (more towards 5) if it keeps up at the current rate of fall. It's pretty, because I don't have to go anywhere tonight. Illumination class is canceled due to crappy roads, which is good, but there will also be no hot tub for me, which is not good. :( Also no Geminids (at least what we'll see... they'll still shoot all over the sky, far above the clouds), which makes me sad. Saw a few the other night, was hoping for more.

Grocery shopping is done, lunch has been had with my sweetie (happy birfday old man... you is 30 nao. ;) ), and now it is time to cut the bottom off the Christmas tree (before it's completely buried in snow) and stick it in a bucket of water to drink for a few hours before decorating. I have twinkly white lights. :) Yay!


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