Nov. 15th, 2009 09:47 pm
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A fantastic weekend (more on that later), ending with crappy news...

The fun, exciting thing that I hoped to tell you all about was that we'd finally found a house worth buying. Somebody else will be living there, however. Our offer was rejected, somebody else's accepted. Back to square one.

Edit, 10:24 PM: Oh, and Eros, my pretty pretty crowntail Betta died (been not well for a couple weeks, now anyway)... at least he did it before I left for Saturday's event, and not while I was gone, as usually happens. Poor [livejournal.com profile] kurlon, left to clean out the fishtanks...
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Mostly Empty Garden
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Gardens, fish... both met their end yesterday. RIP Tsume. Dammit. You were with me for such a short time. RIP also 4 tetras, over the course of 3 days. I don't know how to help my fish when they get sick. I wish I knew what was off about the 5 gallon tank. The water tests fine. No weird levels of nitrates, ammonia, etc. Hoping the water itself hasn't changed, with whatever the PWD does. Sigh. Eros is looking too fat for his own good at the moment, too. Bloaty. Nothing the internet has suggested has worked yet. Gah.

Took the garden apart yesterday. It was time. Woke up yesterday morning to actual, scrape-able frost on the car. Apparently it snowed big goopy flakes on Sunday night, which I missed completely. As far as I'm concerned, it hasn't snowed yet.

Yanked marigolds, cucumber plants, lettuce, and peas. Managed to munch the last couple peapods, very tasty. The lettuce might have been able to stay, but as I do not have row covers or a greenhouse, there wasn't much point... Carrots will stay till I'm ready to eat them. Cold won't hurt 'em a bit, and I did get one little purple one (tasty!) by accident when I turned the soil over.

Planted the thyme that had been living in a pot all summer; my other plant did next to nothing this year, but the lemon thyme was lovely. Dug and will split the 'Persian Market' daylily. Planted about 1/4 of the original plant, will share the rest with those that want it. Cut back chives, garlic chives, lemon balm. Pulled out a whole bunch of forget-me-not seedlings; though I love them, let's not go crazy next year, hmm? Strawberries are fine, and the 3 Saffron Crocus bulbs (that wouldn't fit in the pot, so I planted them in the corner nearest the steps) have sprouted! Probably won't bloom this year... If they make it through the winter (Zone 6?) I'll be impressed. After all that, dug and turned the soil, added about 1.5 CF of peat moss, mixed in. Compost top dressing will be added in a few weeks when I sink the peonies and lavender. Before things freeze too hard.

Still cutting back and dividing perennials at work. Dug up the beautiful white & yellow peony to make more; replanted a good chunk, still got 8 pots for retail, and one itty bitty slip that just wouldn't grow to any good size that came home with me... Going to be lovely in a few years. :) Also hoping I didn't completely murder the 'Fireball' Hibiscus. This thing was huge. Got lots of divisions, which I hope and pray will make it through the winter. They should... I hope... so paranoid about this one. There's a big chunk back in the ground, which will be fine, but things act funny when you put them in pots, sometimes...
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So... I spent $10 on a fish yesterday... gah. (actually, only $8, maybe, since I had a store credit... anyway...)

He was so worth it.

I couldn't just leave him there, languishing in this little cup. Too beautiful to leave alone, and I am rebuilding the community tank (again... I think I've got the pH troubles sorted out now. Things work better when the water pump flows correctly.) in the bedroom, and he's fitting in just fine with the neons 1-6 for the moment.

He looks kindof purple here, but he's really pewter-colored, or Gunmetal gray. With a darker head, and pale streaks in his tail. His fins and tail have dark speckles and iridescent copper highlights. Amazing. He had me at 'blorp', and away from the fish store he came, with new tetra buddies. He's supposedly a 'super fighter', which is why he was twice the cost of the normal bettas and crowntails, but I have yet to see much of the fighting spirit... he's kinda drifted nonchalantly around the tank so far, flaring at the neons once or twice, but mostly ignoring them. Still figuring out the current in the tank, maybe. He'll already come right over to the front when somebody comes in the room, too. :)

Tsume is the gray wolf from the anime series 'Wolf's Rain'. The name fits him, so far.

On the tank... I finally got smart and put up a shade a month or so ago to keep the afternoon sun out of it. I think that's been most of the problem, because sun=algae=clogged pumps=dead fishies. Oops. So sorry to all the li'l fishies I've killed before I figured things out... it will be better now. Hoping to get some better photos soon, of both Tsume and Neons 1-6.. Very difficult to capture his true color in a photo, but I'll get the lighting right sooner or later.
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...I knew I had to create a basic website from scratch today for our little Independent Garden Center Group. Finished that early evening, will be some tweaking once everybody else gets a look at it, which is fine. I got $25/hour to do so. Good money, cash, I'll take it, for what my limited webby skills could bring to this little endeavour. What I hadn't planned on was a panicky phone call from my boss at 11:00 this morning that threw off the rhythm of my entire day, made me really, really grumpy, and necessitated my going into work for a half hour. Something about the logo not showing up right on the commercial... )

In other news... I've filled out my tetra school(s) now, all fishies are accounted for and happy. Had to bring one of the neons back that I bought today; the poor li'l guy did nothing but gasp for air when I put him in the tank with the others, while his purchasemate was fine... he's been replaced, the pet store probably put him out of his misery rather than try to save him, but I have two more healthy fishies now. 4 neon tetras and 3 black, with the 2 catfish makes a happy tank. Hopefully the littler of my two original neons won't be picked on quite as much with the additional two new fish to chase around.

Garden is slowly coming along; I have 18 little seed plugs of basil growing indoors; most of the seeds I planted came up, which is just wonderful. I love basil... delicious tomato-basil-mozzarella sandwiches are in my future. Planted lettuce seeds, and several rows of both 'Purple Haze' and 'Carnival Blend' carrots. Hopefully I have better luck with both this year. Had not much of either one come up last year. Filled in the spots where the peas did not germinate, and promptly grabbed a handful of the soil where the lettuce seeds were sprinkled to fill in the holes... whoops. I guess I'll have lettuce all over the garden this year. Planted just half the packets of all my seeds, in case we somehow find a new place before garden season is all over, and I can start over... Put in the 'Jewel Mix' nasturtium seeds along the border too; I didn't have any volunteers this year, which is unusual. A few pansies, and a tomato (which I pulled out... the Tomaccio have come in!Tomaccio! )), but that's about it. Carol (our awesome veggie grower) dropped off some cold crops and herbs today, so I can start the Haus Wanderstamm Mobile Herb Garden tomorrow afternoon! Also: will have Kohlrabi. So excited. :)
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More Pink Tulips
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Day 3 1/2 of gray, drizzly, rain. It lightened up a bit today, but not for very long, or very brightly... tomorrow is supposed to be better. Not many chances for photography; there are interesting fogs, and there are March fogs, which are leaden, gray, and just kinda sit there. I give you two shades of pretty pink tulips, from a few weeks ago instead.

Came away from lunch and shopping on Friday with a buncha good books, a new basket, and a parking ticket. Whoops. Stayed too long in the same spot. $7 to the town of Exeter... Plenty of inspiration for good scrolls, though, in my purchases.

Saturday [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre, [livejournal.com profile] evensongs_fall, and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, and I, along with another friend of ours, played for a "medieval feast" put on by the Franco-American group in Lewiston. Was a lot of fun. The FA center is in a former cathedral, so the acoustics were phenomenal, and once the assembled masses moved off the stage and quit staring at us like we were goldfish (bettas?) in a bowl, everything went just fine. Delicious dinner afterward, with a bit of a floor show. I imagine it was much like going to the 'Medieval Times' restaurant, but a bit more fun and relaxing. :)

Working on a scroll now, much less AIEEE than [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel's Silver Crescent, but still pretty, and has gold. Gotten the new permacoll to behave for me, mostly. Still some tweaking to do. I find I may need to build up 3 thin layers with this stuff, rather than just one down and golden with the old. Takes more patience. WAAA! I'm impatient! But it's pretty and shiny anyway.

Figured out what was/is wrong with the fish... both tanks, same water change, had a major pH crash. Hasn't come back up yet. Need to do a vacuum and water change either every day or every other day, I think. Until then, Eros is the proud resident of a studio apartment while his country home is being fumigated... (translation: he's moved into a tiny 1/2 gallon bowl on the counter, while I clean up the 3-gallon aquarium.) The fungus has cleared, thank goodness, but the day after I changed the water, he was lying listless at the bottom of the tank again... not good. Finally did a pH test, and it was off the charts, in the low range. Not good. Clear water tests fine, neutral, so into a bowl he went. The moment I moved him into clean water, he perked up. Still perky. Don't know what happened last week, but I don't want it to happen again.

Chicken noodle casserole for dinner... I think... just kinda dumped a bunch of noodles and peas and chicken into a dish with some cream of celery/chicken soup, and threw it in the oven. I'm hungry, I think I'll eat it anyway. :)

Gray Day

Mar. 27th, 2009 09:39 am
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It rained last night, for a while. Supposed to do more on Sunday and Monday, which should take care of most of the rest of the snow. Not at all sorry to see it go. Still gray and cloudy this morning, rather cool.

Poked around a bit at the garden yesterday. The top 6" or so of soil is thawed and loose, but still very, very cold. I so want to plant peas... not yet, though. Not time. Still too cold. I don't know if any of the strawberry starts I buried last month have taken, but we'll see in a few weeks. The rain last night will have helped, as the top soil layer was quite dry.

Eros is on at least his third life, if he pulls out of his latest bout with fungus... I am more and more convinced there was something wrong with the water when I changed it a week ago. A second water change perked him back up, but he started having problems again a day later. Yesterday morning, I looked over, and he was covered in what looked like white fuzzy cotton balls (little fish sized...). Fungus. Great. I have stuff to treat it, and it seems to be working so far. One more day in the dark, and hopefully he'll be OK.

Headed out shortly to meet [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max for lunch, then a trip to a bookshop in Exeter. I will not escape empty handed, but that's OK. :) No gold leaf arrival yesterday; should come today. It's delivery-confirmed, so if I make it back here by 4:30 or so, and they've been by, I can make it to the post office before it closes and pick up my little package.
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Love-ly Plant
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The good: Tomorrow is my Friday! )

The Bad: Random Fishdeath. )

The Ugly: I watch the Watchmen )

On a sunny morning last week, the light just happened to catch this leaf of my (what I believe to be a) Crassula rodgersii. Awwww... my plant loves me.

EDIT: One final Watchmen thought... Rorschach's Journal, October 12, 1985. I'm Batman. hee hee hee hee hee...
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Eros, in full display
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Day 2 with leetle feeshy... still swimmy and happy. Still cute. (I promise, this journal is not going to turn into 'here's 9 zillion photos of my fish! yay!') He's somewhat obsessed with his own reflection on the flat back of the aquarium, which I think I made worse or more mirrored with the addition of a dark background... opposite of intended effect... whoops. He is a beautiful little guy when he's in full display, though. The novelty of his reflection will wear off soon, I think. At least when the lights go out.

Body color is much more white in person; I think the flash probably illuminates his insides a little bit, and does weird reflective things anyway.

Completely unrelated, tonight's dinnertime experiment appears to be going well. J's mom got us a '10 and 12-hour Crockpot Cooking' book for Christmas, and J said to me a few nights ago "let's start with this one". Steak Roulade. Put it together this afternoon when I came home for lunch. Fairly simple; finely chopped celery, onion, and bacon, all rolled up inside thin beef rounds (flank steak was recommended online, but I'd already gone shopping and gotten itty bitty top round slices...), tied, and stuck to cook in a little bit of beef broth in the pot. Much smaller rolls, so I don't think it will take the full 10 hours... 8 should be plenty. Smells done now, which is making me hungry, but taste testing will be after I get back from the Province meeting, and he gets back from motorcycle pickup...

ETA: Post dinner- Was pretty tasty... OK flavor, a bit dry. Will try it again, maybe, with a proper cut of meat. I think it overcooked a bit in the crock pot because they were so small.
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Eros, fishy of luv
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Play on, Play on. Jaerv, or Djärv, is on my playlist right at the moment. New wonderful group, and as far as I can tell, not available on Amazon, so folks will have to find them somewhere else... [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel wrote about them here, and delivered me the CD last night, and I adore them. She's right; kindof a mellower, swede-ified version of Great Big Sea. Beautiful.

I did find a new finny friend... went to WalMart and two different pet stores before I found one (freezing cold winter weather must cause shipping delays, for good reason...), but he is home now. Eros is a crowntail betta, like Louie, but white with red fins, with just a hint of blue in them. Cute. Small. I forget how tiny they are when they first come home with me (Levi was an older fish when I bought him, I am sure of it). There were only five in the store, and he was the perkiest, and brightest. The other four were varying shades of red; his immediate neighbor looks like he'd have been more colorful once he was home somewhere and happy, with light blues and greens in the body. His eyes were also multi-colored; blue on the bottom, red on the top. Hopefully he will not stay there too long.

Quite happy; I had hoped to find another crowntail, and did not really want to go to the shop in South Portland, where I know the usually have some.

ETA: There is also a beautiful, INCREDIBLY friendly, chirpy, lovey, shorthair gray and white, 4 year old, female kitty at the PetQuarters in Windham... her name is Lyla, and she would be in my lap right this moment, I think, if not for that pesky no-pets clause in our lease... so if there's anybody out there looking for a darling cat, I've got a good feeling about that one... needs to be an only-cat, however...

RIP Levi...

Feb. 3rd, 2009 05:02 pm
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So, after only 5 1/2 months, my poor little Levi has gone to the big fishpond in the sky... Swim on, my little denim-blue finny fish. You were a fine kitchen companion while you were here.

gah. I just don't know what to do with fish when they get sick. Medicines don't really seem to work, or I'm not doing something right.

For a while, I figured he was just a fat fish, but over the last several weeks, fat turned into not so healthy... I suspect the cold cold water back in December when we lost power was the beginning of the end. I found him at the bottom of the fishtank this morning. Now to do another water and filter change, to get rid of any lingering ickiness that may still be hanging around. I will pick up a new fishie sometime this week.

In other news... it is snowing, and I don't have to go out. :) It is fencing night, so I will putt my way into Portland for that, but then I get to come home, and enjoy a full night's sleep, and not shoveling.
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Soon, soon! Time still to do all the packing and organizing that I slacked off on doing yesterday ('cuz I was a zombie) and last night ('cuz I had a date with [livejournal.com profile] kr4sh and [livejournal.com profile] mylisant's hot tub), and have a bit of dinner, and then Sydney and I will head south to my parents, and to Birka in the morning. Yay!

To do:
Print off proof of SCA membership... new cards have not come yet. pooey.ok, that's done...
Decide what I want to wear and find said garb, and all accessories.
Collect all fencing gear and garb
Clean and polish weaponry, re-tape tips
Pack snackfoods and water
Pack car with all of the above
Don't forget the scroll and associated regalia. This would be bad.
Double-check everything
Clean fishtanks (Levi is not happy... he's quite ill, I think. Bloated. Haven't fed him for a while, and the magical pea trick is not working... dunno what happened... hopefully clean clean water and some more epsom salts will help.)

To do tomorrow:
Buy band-aids to protect my bony fingers... maybe new gloves will help, but I'd rather have extra padding just in case.
Buy Lunchfoods (to keep away from the expensive prices at the hotel)
Buy new gloves once I get to Birka, so I can fence...
PLAY! FENCE! SHOP! Sit through (*sings) A Three-Hour Court...(/sing) DANCE! YAAAAY!
Revel in the fact that though it may be snowing, just a little bit, I don't have to worry about it ANY MORE.

If there's anyone still out there reading that hasn't left yet, safe travels, I will see you tomorrow!!
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Doubtful. LJ has laid off/fired a bunch most of its employees. Not good, especially for them. For me, it took me several years to start this thing, and I'm pretty pleased with how I've kept up with it, occasional ranty ramblings and all.

That being said, ljarchive has nicely and neatly backed up all my entries, with comments, and photos (but no user icons on comments). I can migrate to wordpress.com and join my brother, backed up blog and all. Options are good. Lack of "friends page" over there, though, saddens me. I'm lazy. I want you all in one place. :) I guess that's what RSS feeds are for.

Levi is back to being a happy swimmy fish. One eye is a little cloudy still, but no longer all swollen. Thank goodness.

Need to get off my butt and go to fencing tonight. Haven't played in a few weeks. Feeling flail-y. Not a good thing. We'll see how it goes.

Co-worker Ben brought his Aussie, Harvey, with him to work for the hour or so it took to repair a fan in the greenhouse. Such a silly doggie. Red merle coloring, very fuzzy and SOFT. Not too hyper, as far as Aussies go, happy to sit and be scritched for a while, then went back to chewing on a random chunk of wood he found... A most entertaining and good part of the day.

Snow tomorrow, and not ending till Thursday afternoon sometime (so sez the weatherguyz). More "wintry mix" than snow, I think. Need to repair coat, wash the salt dust out of my gloves so my fingers don't shrivel into nothing by the end of the day, and prepare a good food supply. At least I get to sleep past 7:30, because I have a feeling I will be waking up far earlier than I want to be once the snow is done and needs clearing so people can get to work the next morning...

I feel like I haven't *been* anywhere in weeks, though just had vacation (of sorts) over Christmas. Never really left the house then, didn't use the camera at all. Haven't taken any trips locally where I can take pretty pictures. Should try to make it to Fort Williams/Portland Head sometime (and maybe visit [livejournal.com profile] frothgar and [livejournal.com profile] evensongs_fall and meet their new kitties at the same time!). The parking lot of LL Bean's offices is only so interesting for so long... and it's getting to that point... Birka will be wonderful, assuming I can go... stupid snow.
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In which I am called out to shovel LESS than a quarter inch of snow. Didn't even get a nice sunrise or cloud color this morning... the sky kinda turned from dark gray to light gray.

Oh well... it's an easy three hours worth of work... I just wish it didn't happen in the middle of my last REM cycle. Blugghhh.

Got a little bit of sleep catch up in the lobby of Windham Automotive... I have been there way too often lately. But my car is fixed (again). Thermostat this time. Noticed that even though I'd been driving it for long periods the last couple days, and the ambient temperature was up a bit, she still wasn't quite warming up to where she should be. New parts and fluids now. Maybe this will fix my gas mileage.

I think the winter holidays and weird being-home-times caused my aquariums to go without a water change for a bit long... Fish are all still alive, but Levi has a slight case of pop-eye. Scared me a bit. Poor li'l guy. Epsom salts are clearing it up nicely, and he'll be OK in just a few more days, hopefully.

Shower now, then back to work to get the rest of my day in...
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Icy Branches
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RIP one minnow... just got too cold, I think. No power for about 12 hours, it's back now.

Amazing what one can do on just 20 minutes of sleep. Knew the phone was going to ring last night, just didn't expect it to ring so early... dropped off to dreamland around 12:45, phone rang at 1:05. Oh boy, time to shovel. hnrrrgghhh... took about an hour to get dressed, clean off the car (yay ice!), slide down to the shop, warm up the truck and get IT loaded with all the STUFF we needed, and slide out of the driveway to go pick up Jess. 4-wheel drive is a Good Thing.

It poured down rain most of the night. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you, mom and dad, for my rain gear. I was dry for most of the night, till the water started dripping down inside my gloves, soaking the waterproof liner... ick. Didn't work all that well afterwards... On that same train of thought, an inch and a half of slush combined with at least as much rain, which is still falling, is made of SUCK. With suck garnish. and a side of suck.

Saw the new day lighten on glittering tree branches. Branches that were down everywhere. If a little red pickup truck on the side of the road had parked a foot further back, it would have had a rather large tree limb in the bed... Was never really tired, as long as I kept moving. Sore and physically tired, but didn't have fears of falling asleep until we were really, really all done, and I headed back to the office. Returned home at 8:30 to no power, didn't care much. Collapsed into bed, did not move till 2 PM.

Talked to my family, they got it much worse than we did here... Still no power as of the last time we spoke, and the backyard and neighborhood have changed quite a bit. Two BIG oak trees (that have been leaning for years...) came clean out of the ground. Nothing hit their house, but the neighbors have a tree in their kitchen window, and around the block, dad and [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider watched a dozen or so trees just collapse on top of each other. What a mess.

Not quite as bad as the Ice Storm of '98 for number of homes without power, but close. Power will be back on for everybody much quicker than it was then, I think.

We have a hurricane lamp and a gazillion candles for light, but we need to remember to keep our emergency batteries charged and ready to run the weather radio. There are bottles of propane for the Coleman camp stove/burner thingy, so if we needed to, we could boil water and make soup. But no real backup heat source. That's the only thing that really makes me nervous. Tons of blankets and quilts to huddle under, but that doesn't keep my fish and plants alive (which in the grand scheme of things, is really the last thing to worry about, but they are mine, and living things, that require my care... I promised them I would take care of them...).

Tomorrow brings an oil change, and then fencing (hopefully) at Dartmouth College. Anssem... if you see this... email me? Is it still happening? Where is it, exactly, on campus? Garb/no garb? What's going on?!? Where am I? Who are you people, anyway?
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good heavens... is it Saturday already? Gah. That week went fast... back to work on Monday...

Got stuff done, made (and ate) lots of tasty foods, cleaned (some of) the apartment... took care of the pile of sewing repairs that has been piling up over the last year and a half. Literally 15 minutes worth of fixing. Gah. Cleaned out the closet, pulled together another big bag o' stuff to go to Goodwill. Ordered another aquarium pump setup for Levi; I think the power outage fried the one in my 3 gallon. Fortunately did not also fry the fishies.

Found that, if left to my own devices, no matter what time I get to bed (though midnight/1 AM was about average), I will wake up on my own around 10:30. Perfect. Now just need to find a job that I don't need to show up to until noon (and can leave by 5:30!), and I'm all set. Hmm... perhaps I am still dreaming... I don't think those exist...

My fish are weird. I am down to five blue danios, now, and they all get along pretty well. No fighting, the pecking order has been established. There is one that is really, really tiny compared to the others (the omega... at least he's part of the school now. For a while, he was just kinda hanging out with the catfish. Who are pretty much cool with anything, really.). I know he's eating, otherwise he wouldn't still be alive after a month, but every time I feed them, I have not yet seen him take a bite of food. He'll swim up to the surface with the others, like he knows that he's supposed to be doing *something* up there, but just kinda swims around and looks at all the little pink flakes that are swirling around... fish are weird.
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
No, not the fish... They are still quite alive and happy, swimming around in the upstairs aquarium. All of my school of 6 are in the photo; they're fast little guys (and gals... I think...)! There is definitely a pecking order being established; the largest (a female, I think... they have rounder bellies.) tends to chase the others around the tank quite a bit, and there's one little guy that I don't think gets quite as much to eat as the others. I will watch him...

Culinary success came in the form of Zuppa Toscana, made fresh in my kitchen. It's [livejournal.com profile] kurlon's favorite soup from the olive garden, and I have re-created it, thanks to the wunderful interwebs and its databases of 'copycat' recipes. Last year's attempt was a bit of a disaster; did not cook the sausage long enough in the oven beforehand, so the cream-based soup was rather red, and I either picked too-spicy sausage, or added waaaaay too many red pepper flakes. Cleared his sinuses, I suppose, but I couldn't eat it... This year's was better. Right color, got the kale added at the right time, and was very tasty. We may have it another night soon, as I've got a lot of kale to use up... anybody have any suggestions on what I can use a pound and a half of kale for..?

Tomorrow will bring bread and rolls. Had grand plans today that got sidelined by having to go into work for 45 minutes... could have set the dough to rise during the hour I was gone, but got talking with my mechanic (Rosie is going up on the lift tomorrow to get the strange new whirring noise looked at, and to see if we've finally figured out what the clunking is...), and came home to a sinkful of dirty dishes and not enough time to get the bread started. hrm.

In other news, I have decided what I am going to do with my pumpkins. Muahahaha. Tee hee. Also, Guitar Hero: World Tour is coming my way. I intend to find a copy sometime this week. Haven't decided if I'm going to get the drums or not... probably not.
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Look at Wednesday's weather, and you will see why. Mixed snow/rain/crap precipitation does not make me happy. I took the screenshot when I turned my computer on at 10:00 this morning (YAY for being able to actually sleep in for the first time in 3 weeks. I feel wonderful.), and the forecast has not changed yet. nrrggghhh... Too cold too soon for me.

On the upside, I have four happy swimmy little Longfin Blue Danios (Brachydanio kerri) keeping the 2 new catfish company in the upstairs fishtank previously occupied by Eric, Steve, et al. They are pretty, and apparently very hungry. Usually it takes a few hours after being dumped into a new home for any of my fish to even think about food, but these guys gobbled up the flakes as soon as they hit the top of the water. Now they are blue with little pink bellies. :) Photos at some point, hopefully. They are FAST.

Got a real freeze here at the apartment last night too. Got COLD. Dunno how cold, but the nasturtiums have finally wilted and decided they've had enough. I'll pull 'em out later today, and bring in the cannas. Buried the peony pot in the empty veggie garden box yesterday. I need to get some compost from work and spread it over the top of the whole thing. Maybe later today...
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I returned home from work yesterday to a very unhappy fishtank... Eric, Steve, Carlos, Satch, and Lefty have all gone to the big fishbowl in the sky... I tried to save them, but the water treatments and medication did nothing. Spot left us a few weeks ago, from a (hopefully) unrelated illness... Time to scrub and sterilze the tank (and everything else, including the gravel vac. I do NOT want to lose Levi.) and start over, I suppose. :(
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My new fish... got him on Friday, survived the weekend, and he's built a bubble nest around the back side of the filter outlet, so I think he's happy. The catfish are again being harassed, so all is well in the little tank in the kitchen.

He's a beautiful denim blue, but just a regular veil-tail this time. I had seen fish this color several months ago, and hoped there would be some when the time came. He was the only one, so had to come home with me. :)

Couldn't figure out what to name him till I went visiting to Freegate that evening, and mentioned "yeah, he's kinda denim-colored..." and [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius said "Levi!" And so it was. He's even got the little red tabs... ;)

well... there's the excitement in my life at the moment... anybody else?

ETA: So I've discovered the "technical" name for the color is 'steel blue'... what the heck would I have named him then? Pittsburgh? I don't think so...
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We interrupt the Pennsic recap to mourn the passing of my little finny friend... Last Thursday, while I was at Pennsic, my little Louie went on from his tank on the kitchen counter to the big fishbowl in the sky.

Just a little over two years old, he was perky to the end, swimming up to take food when [livejournal.com profile] kurlon fed him that morning. Found resting on the floor of the aquarium that evening, no longer perky... The catfish appear either lost without their tankmate or happy to not be getting chased around quite so much.

I rescued Louie from the tanks at Wal-Mart two Septembers ago. The last crowntail betta they had. The clerk laughed at me when I gave a serious answer to "what's his name?", but Louie he was. My kitchen companion. Not the brightest li'l guy I've ever owned, but cute. He'd survived a bout with swim bladder problems this past winter, which caused him to list slightly portside, but recovered well. Poor li'l guy wasn't quite himself for the last month or so, and I didn't really expect to see him when I got back from vacation... There will be another soon; the tank can't stay empty for long. (and really, he was just a fish... a good fish, but a fish nonetheless)


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