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It's spring. It's been crazy. I finished a scroll and a half last week (pictures next week, after it's awarded), and am fried. Wheee! First weekend off in a while. I could have gone to Carolingia's Investiture and had a fantastic time, but staying home and puttering around in the garden was a much better plan for today.

Car is fixed, I'm in debt... but, new timing belt, window all better, new rear brakes, everything else should be OK for a while (I hope). Finally got the bill for the repair of my broken arm. Ow ow ow all over again, even though we knew exactly what it was going to be and have the money set aside, still no fun.

The last couple weeks have been full of fencing and friends! Fencing at Fort Knox (SO AWESOME. And we had a STAIR PIT!), got my baby goat fix and had a lovely visit and dinner with Jehan and Kyle at Sunnywood, Sea Dogs game with [livejournal.com profile] mylisant, Northern Region Rapier Championships and Tyger and Bucket, and finally a day to myself in the garden.

Mother's Day tomorrow; work will probably be crazy, which is really a good thing. I only spent a half hour on the phone with the office today, not bad. Re-confirmed this week that some people have zero sense of self-preservation. WTFPANIC moment from work: I'm in the BIG loader, just finished dumping a bucketload of mulch into the back to this guy's truck, have it in reverse (bucket is still up), so the loader is beeping, and the guy WALKS UNDERNEATH THE BIG BUCKET ARM instead of waiting literally 3 seconds for me to back out of the way enough that he could have walked the exact same space, without danger of being clocked in the head with a major F=MA win on my end. Thank goodness I was paying attention and not actually moving backwards yet. Idiot.

Played in the garden today. Put fabric and started to do stones along the drip edge of the house so any mulch or compost I put down won't get washed away. Got rid of the burning bush and all of its horrible little children so the lilac (which is actually blooming this year!) doesn't have any more close competition. Also found a stepping-stone pathway (though I'm sure the intent was for it to be better...) that I knew was by the front porch, but not the full extent. A flat shovel did nice work uncovering it. Now I know what I have to start with and can do something nice with it all. Planted 2/3 of the seed potatoes in the other half of the raised bed, I will bring some straw home from work tomorrow and build my awesome potato tower that [livejournal.com profile] dervishspin found. Cannot wait. Decided also that the garden box should really have been built on the other side of the driveway... we'll see about moving it next year, maybe.

Lots of photos:
04-28 Jehan's Fencing at the Fort
04-28 Sunnywood
04-30 Sea Dogs
05-05 NRRC
05-05 Tyger and Bucket
Garden 2012
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What a weekend. I'm still achy, but K&Q Rapier was fantastic. So much fencing! (Possibly overdid it a bit on the arm, but it'll grow back...) So wonderful to see (and stab) so many friends! There were 4 in my round robin pool that were also in it last year... oh well. I won 4, lost 5. Should have won a few I didn't, but that will get better. Christian tried on the Tuesday before to try and fix my TourneyBrain, and I think it helped a bit.

From my checklist, I did finish the laundry, did the tweaks to the scroll, and... that's it. Armor shirt and gorget repair are put off, again. Perhaps done before Tourney O' Love next weekend. I even had an extra day; mom called Thursday night and said, "Don't come down. Your dad has the flu". OK by me not getting sick, thank you mom! Fortunately was able to finagle crash space with [livejournal.com profile] elmer42 and [livejournal.com profile] dervishspin on Saturday night. Thank you thank you thank you. After-party at Camelot was lovely too. Got puppy time with Uno. Happy.

Fenced lots, schemes were schemed, so excited and happy for [livejournal.com profile] isabel_london, my newest Silver Rapier Sister! Congrats to new King's Champion [livejournal.com profile] nomadmwe, and JP, Queen's Champion. Court was good, lots of AoAs (both in the AM and PM courts), [livejournal.com profile] lanome's Laureling was wonderful, and I still didn't sit down enough. Took a gazillion photos, though. (please feel free to share)

02-04 Rapier Champs

Silver Rapier for Isabel

02-05 Logees

I figured too, that since it was only another hour south of where I already was, I would make my (what is turning out to be annual) pilgrimage to Logee's Greenhouse. Had a coupon for basically a free plant, so why not? Was wonderful, and exactly what I needed. Warm, humid, full of good smells and flowers, and a kitty. Came home with some new treasures; 3 new hoya, a kalanchoe with little orange bellflowers, and a pink shrimp plant. New pots for them tonight!

Emotional weekend. Said goodbye to Xavier, will be too long till we meet again in person. Still not quite real. Won't be, I don't think, until I go up to Montreal in March, and am staying with other friends... Much longer drive to fence with him now. So glad we had some good, good fights on Saturday. Sigh.
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I awoke this morning (rather forcibly, really, but it was a good thing...) to one kitty (Lancelot) on my legs, and one kitty (Galahad) miaouing (loudly) in my ear, waking me up, and then deciding to land directly on my chest, so he could stare at my face, and fall asleep. He would stir occasionally, and I found his paws stretched out, on my shoulders, "hugging" me. Would that I could have stayed in bed all day, just like that... (no such luck, had to go to work.)

What a fantastic weekend, though. House and car full of friends from Friday evening onward, fantastic times at Bare Blade (even though I could not fence), and the knowledge that my gray cloud is fairly quickly lifting away. Lots of fun photos from the day are here:

11-19 Bare Blade

Xavier arrived Friday night, Mickel, Max, and Ninian all came over for dinner (sweet & sour chicken... mmm...), plans for the next day were discussed, garb and gear was located, and we prepared ourselves for the journey north. Wyatt, the silly man, had forgotten a rather important 21st birthday party this weekend, so he would not be joining us... pppttttthhhhbbbbbtttt!

Uneventful drive to the site for Ninian, Xavier and me. Stopped for coffee. Saw Max & Mickel on the way to get their own coffee. Stopped for gas. Were passed by Max & Mickel on the highway. Followed them for a while, passed them, and our GPSes took us different ways and we actually made it to the site before they did... amusing to ourselves, at least.

There was much fencing and treachery at the Tavern! It was strange not fencing... Jehan, I think, seemed to feel worse about me not fencing than I did... sigh... Took lots of pictures, talked to lots of folks, was wonderful to see so many people from further away than usually come up! Highlights included Sir Ivan's Roving Res Point, Sir Ivan's flailing firey death (winning Best Death), the First Bank of Neville (winning him the coveted Most Treacherous Swine), and masterful manipulation and cunning by the lovely Marguerite, Countess of Bad Ideas, resulting in the Crown of the East ending up with the Deed to the Bare Blade Tavern at the end of it all. They'll have to come up next year, make it an RP. :)

We were exhausted, so did not stay to party... perhaps another time. Post event dinner at Olive Garden was delicious, arriving back at Freegate with plenty of time to dissolve in the hot tub was fantastic...

Most of my house slept till noon on Sunday. Nice lazy day, even though we missed waffles... Xavier hung around long enough for Max to bring tools over so we could start cracking into the safe we found in the basement when we bought the house. Seems like there's some things of interest within, after drilling a few holes and poking around inside with a borescope. More on that when we open 'er up fully!

I fell asleep last night to the sound of my friends laughing and having a wonderful time gaming in the dining room. This week, I look forward to a house full (though slightly fewer than last year) of friends and family for Thanksgiving. Life is good, again.
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Fort Knox 2011
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Photo by Ed duMont
It is going to be a perfect day! 2 ladies, vrooming off on bright red Ducatis, under a brilliant blue sky. My fingernails are painted appropriately, and I just have to swing by the gas station and the bank, and will be ready to go! It will be a lovely ride through the mountains. [livejournal.com profile] kragore, you need to get your bike up and working, so we can be 3 Awesome Chicks on Red Bikes! :)

I have been too tired to do actual, timely posting, so this is a bit of catch-up.

This is three Fridays in a row that have been just fantastic... last week [livejournal.com profile] xaviersinister came visiting, we got up late, went out to lunch, wandered around a bog for a few hours, came back here, baked a couple pies, hung out with friends, and then prepared to get up waaaaaay too early Saturday morning so we could go to Fort Knox.

The Fort, even though it rained for most of the day, was WONDERFUL. (I tried to do my part to keep the rain away... brought an umbrella, and left my camera at home... it didn't really work...) It was relatively pleasant out for the morning, and we all were allowed to fence and fight in the courtyard area. I warmed up with Jehan, discovered that it was going to be a Good Fencing Day, and away we went. He is so much fun. So much fencing happened. I did my usual meh in the tourney, but there was fantastic dayboard, and lots of people from far away including [livejournal.com profile] nomadmwe, [livejournal.com profile] _kria_, and a couple more folks from Carolingia/Bergental. Fun fun fun fun fun!

Dinner Saturday evening was again at Sunnywood. We've decided it's tradition, now, since we've done this two years in a row, so next year I shall again return, and play with the baby goats and sheep, and sit surrounded by big fluffy dogs and friends inside beautiful, golden, glowing wood. It was so nice to sit with Jehan and Kyle and talk and catch up on everything that's happened to both of us in the last year. I got to snuggle with baby goats! I am convinced that 2-week old dwarf Nigerian goats actually have squeeky toy-squeekers inside them, as they cannot bleat yet. So. Cute. And. Snuggly. Anybody want a little black goat with brown spots?? They have an extra boy... the boys aren't very good milkers... His name is Spider. So. Cute. That's the only type of spider I'll get anywhere close to, thanks very much (except for [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider, but he's family...).

Three weeks ago, [livejournal.com profile] xaviersinister came visiting, we fenced lots on Saturday at the Northern Region Rapier Championship. More good food for lunch, I got to not completely mangle some calligraphy on the champions' scrolls (agh, I guess I should learn the basics... too bad I skipped class last night, but I had to get home...), and we had a lovely dinner out with Bryn, Jordan, and Ben.

All in all, wonderful, wonderful weekends. I rather like this. Now, just to get the weather to stop raining on us...

Tomorrow... an evening at the Tyger and Bucket!
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Y hullo thar, 2011. Seems you and I are getting along OK so far... (2010 and I were pretty OK too. Don't mean to disparage something so soon departed... I'll do a 'year end recap sometime. Maybe. #1 Awesome thing: Our House. All of it. Even the bad parts. Because they're still the House.)

Party hopped last night, first to Portland, then to Saco. Rang in the New Year at the emptying of the Hourglass with Max, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, [livejournal.com profile] evensongs_fall, [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider, and Megan. And GrayC and Hoodlum. Delightful. Delightful sleep came soon after. So glad we are so close now.

Breakfast (lunch... brunch... at noon) for 11 this morning. Crepes. Bacon. Sausage. Hashbrowns cooked in the bacon leavings. Wonderful. Max, Mickel, Ninian, Alec, Veronica, Twig, Nate, Megan, Murin, Alianor, and Me.

Lazy afternoon. Rose Parade (recorded) on HGTV. Doctor Who marathon on BBC America. Naps. Running the kitties up and down the hallway with the laser pointer. Lovely dinner. More Doctor Who, and an early night for some.

Now, sleep for me. Tomorrow is [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius's birthday. We are hosting a Movie Marathon. Breakfast is at 9. Pancakes with the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Going to be a good day.
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Panteria Afternoon
Originally uploaded by gshower7
This is the only photo I took at Panteria. At least it's pretty. The clouds were beautiful on Friday evening when I got to the site... So happy to have gone. A truly wonderful weekend, if cut rather short.

Arrived onsite on Friday evening, after stopping at the King Arthur Flour baker's store in Norwich, VT. Oh. My. Goodness. So much wonderful wonderful stuff. Everything you could ever hope for in a kitchen. Bought a couple scone mixes, jam, honey, and Fiori di Sicilia, an apparently absolutely delectable flavoring. Can't wait to try it. :) I think Pizzelle are in order, soonish.

Max and Mickel had arrived much earlier, and the Taj was mostly set up. Unloaded stuff, set about to doing some serious relaxing. Did a quick store run with Mickel, came back, had dinner, and relaxed around a wonderful fire, after setting up two more pavilions. Roasted giant marshmallows. Was fantastic.

Saturday centered around Not Doing Much. Wonderful, and mostly successful at it. Max and I carried the writing box to the A&S competition, I sat in a rocking chair and relaxed on the front porch for a while, wandered down to the fencing field to see what was going on there, wandered back to camp, relaxed some more... Went off with Mickel to assist in teaching a dance class, and we eventually did get enough folks to dance. Even managed to drag [livejournal.com profile] lanome in for a few dances. :) Fencing tourney was fun. Court was a delight. Post-court was dragging a bunch of my stuff to my car so I could flee the ball and not have to pack absolutely everything when I wasn't awake... Hung out in Canada, down by the lake, for a while after dinner and before the ball. Had a wonderful wander in the woods.

Arriving back at the feast hall when I thought would be late for the ball, turned out to be early. I was tossed a baldric, and told Max and I had won the A&S competition. Eh? Oh... ok... umm... eep. Played music on the deck while feast was finishing, until it started raining. The ball was a delight, once we finally got going. Had about 20 dancers, all who were happy and smiling.

Left much later than I'd planned on... didn't plan on getting home at 3:30 AM, but wouldn't have traded the extra hour I stayed for anything in the world. The clouds and rain had cleared off, the fire was warm, and I was sitting around it with several of my most favorite people in the whole wide world. Life is good.

And now the really awful part of the weekend )
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Where the heck did the time go?? Three weeks, I'll be playing in the greenhouses with the baby plants already! Aaaaahhhh!

Not that I haven't been busy... Weekend Stuff )

The kitties are settling in. Last night, Galahad jumped into my lap, of his own volition, and did his best to drive his head through my elbow. I has a happy snuggle kitty. :) Lancelot is still not sure about the lap thing, but will quite happily lie next to you. Both of them also do not mind being brushed in the slightest, which makes my job with Galahad a whole lot easier. Kinda. He really, really likes the brush, and doesn't really hold still much so I can brush everything... we'll get there. :)

The boys still don't like noises coming from the other side of the door, and though Lancelot's curiosity on what is Out There will eventually get the better of him before Galahad's does, they are content to stay in the room with the green carpet. Still go into slinky kitty mode when we come in and catch them out of their safe spot in the carrier, though. They hide, and it takes a bit of coaxing to get them out again... But out they come. Lancelot will start purring (and he's LOUD) if you so much as glance at him... Galahad takes a bit longer, and his purr is quieter, but definitely there.
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We may have crushing debt, but [livejournal.com profile] kurlon and I are truly rich.

Family and friends dove into cleaning and hauling and sweeping and scrubbing and vacuuming with great gusto this afternoon, and our new home is nearly cleaned out. Completely. Everybody hauled big contractor bags of junk down to the basement. Dad tore out rugs and padding from what will be the master bedroom and the sewing room, and they are both ready to have new floors put in. Mom and dad-in-law vacuumed, washed the kitchen floor, shampooed the living room rug... [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max finished the upstairs, even vacuumed and washed the top of the coat closet wall (that was interesting, two of us on a stepladder, me holding the vacuum...). [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre and [livejournal.com profile] evensongsfall threw themselves on the potential grenade that was the screenroom, and it's empty now... The guys did one dump run in the afternoon, the garage was empty when I left to pick up the rug shampooer, and full again when I returned. Max, Mickel, and Murin did a fine job on the basement. [livejournal.com profile] kr4sh and [livejournal.com profile] mylisant showed up for a bit too, surprised us, and gave us the equipment we'll need to paint the walls this week. :) Thank you, all, so, so much. We are astonished at what we all accomplished today, and truly could not have done it without you all...

Completely exhausted, but stopped at Home Depot tonight, to spend J's gift card. Bought switchplate and outlet covers, lightbulbs, and a couple new light fixtures to replace some not-so-pretty ones. Still need to get some new door locks... can't remember what color the hinges are... want to match them... Grabbed a ton of paint samples. Bedroom will be green, sewing room lavender. It's my room. It's gonna be purple, darnit.

We're headed to look at flooring tomorrow morning. After we buy new locks. Then back to the house, and the dump, maybe the garage will be emptied and stay empty this time.

Saw the kitties this morning; we can definitely bring them home next Sunday, if everything goes well this week... Dads are in theory coming down to put floors in next weekend... painting will happen... sometime. Priority, I guess, is the bedroom. Sewing room can wait a bit.

Tired now, time for a shower and sleeeeeeeeep...


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