Nov. 8th, 2009 10:06 am
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Yesterday was spent in the company of friends, some of whom I do not see nearly enough, playing our fingers off on plastic instruments, and having one heck of a time. I likey my new guitar. I even managed to let go of it a few times and let other people play... :) Beatles came out after most people left, we finished the story, and then I sang Beatles songs till I couldn't anymore at 11:30 last night. And it was GOOD. The harmony bit on Beatles RockBand is really, really cool ([ profile] peaseblossom03, you and your Mr. will definitely have to come over sometime, bring a USB microphone, if you have one. ;) I share the happy.), but again proves I cannot sing harmony on the fly. At least not very well. Unless I do it while I'm singing along anyway. Gah. :)

Today is yet another gift from November, and I finally will wash and wax my car before winter sets in. May also make the appointment to get my headlights repolished (only to have them sandblasted away in winter again...). We will see.
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Happy anniversary to [ profile] nomadmwe and [ profile] siriel!

Happy birthday to my Grandma Corner!

It was a good mail day, too... big box o' earplugs came (oh goody...), so we won't go deaf riding motorcycles anymore. My Awesome 1960s trenchcoat of Wonderfulness that I won on ebay showed up, and even fits. Now I need a wide brimmed fedora and a spiffy pair of MovieStar Sunglasses (tm). The Beatles RockBand is here, and has been played a bit (before unpacking and laundry... I am weak in the face of 'Can't Buy Me Love'), and makes me very, very happy. I must go to Best Buy and get my new guitar soon.

Now just waiting for Motorcycle Jacket #2 to arrive... the one I ordered came last week, and fit beautifully, but as soon as I took it off the hanger and started taking the thermal liner out, one of the snaps broke right off... ACK! Flawed construction. A minor thing, really, one I *probably* could have just dealt with (they did send extra snaps... but I don't really have anything good to use to put them together), but I decided that as I just spent upwards of $200 on a coat, it darn well is going to work right and be complete till after it's been in my hot little hands for more than 30 seconds! Can't say enough good things about's return policy or their helpful customer service folks. Sent a FedEx label for the old coat, so I don't have to pay return shipping.


Sep. 14th, 2009 12:32 pm
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8 years, it's been, I think, since I've been stung by something or other. And never in a terribly painful spot. Back of the knee was worst, I think. So what happens this morning? I grab a branch, release VERY quickly, and pull back flailing with an incredible pain in the palm of my hand. There were some curse words spoken. OW. Sonofa... why there? Why on the day I need to actually USE that hand? No stinger, so it was some sort of wasp, I suppose, but neither coworker Matt or I saw anything. Owowow. Been about an hour, and there's tinglyness happening in my left hand, but the swelling has gone down, and the spot is gone. All will be forgotten by the end of the day, probably. Not allergic, but still, OW.

Demo was awesome. Full report with photos to come later, after I get everything unpacked...

The Beatles should be waiting for me in the mailbox... I hope so, anyway... I'm going to try and be good and toss some stuff in the laundry and get the apartment cleaned up before I play silly games, but who knows, really. :)
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Soggy afternoon. Soggy brains. Depressing meetings. [ profile] sprirtwolf, I think the Texas rain has moved up here since last night... you can have it back, if you'd like, really...

work rant )

In other news, BEATLES ROCK BAND SQUEEEEEEE! Singing in harmony, and they've added 'And Your Bird Can Sing' to the confirmed track listing (I really want to see a full list, k plz thxLook at the sidebar stuff, and I get some of the track list. It is made of win.), and it is going to rock. I hope. The hype is certainly a good thing at the moment. Only a few more months... Eeeeee!

Off to fencing now, in the gym. At least I haven't missed much outside practice time thanks to the foot (which is fine! yay! but still going to be careful, just in case...), but still... enough of the rain, already.
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And Ivan's. He helped.

Though I almost decided to say "nope, too tired, got to go home," we made it through 'Green Grass and High Tides' last night, on Hard. WOO! The vocals are the easy bit, but they give the musicians a much needed star power boost right at their end.

Ahhh... simulated rock stardom does have it's satisfying moments. :)
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Though an octopus's garden would be rather soggy, I imagine... but that doesn't matter.

Gameplay Trailer
Intro Video, XBox 360

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Long night of RockBand last night after singing practice... it did well and truly rock. Traded instruments throughout the night. I still cannot play drums. I hate my foot. Getting a little bit better. Not flailing wildly any time a pedal hit comes across the screen like I did when I noodled around on my brother's set. Songs that are different than my CDs make life difficult (I'm looking at you, Sea and Sand... where did those extra words at the end come from???).

[ profile] bobbyvector has a very, very good point, in that 'Testify' is much better done in the style of a cheerleader. :) Worth several laughs.

In other, very exciting news, I am off to Staples to run off a few prints. Woo... thrilling. I know you all cared. But first, a grilled cheese sandwich.

And almost forgot... the US Fish & Wildlife dept got my 'want my foxfur, dammit' letter on Tuesday. Yay for delivery confirmation. Now... I wait.
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We did well this year... tree is decorated, Christmas shopping is 99% done, and there is still money in the bank account. [ profile] kurlon and I braved the mall this evening. Going with a list and very specific things in mind (for the most part) is a big help. There are gifts to wrap, and maybe we'll even send cards this year... done a week earlier than we usually are. Why the heck not? :)

Birthday XBox360 was acquired, after much deliberation. There may be RockBand (just guitar...) in my future... I wish the Wii rock band guitars would work with GuitarHero, but as of yet, no dice. Perhaps when RockBand II comes out in January, then I get my kickass guitar, and can give [ profile] pet_spider a run for his money... :)
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RockBand Rocks. :) We got as close as we're going to get to a 'chick band' last night, unless [ profile] ninian_vesalius starts picking up drums.

Hooray for [ profile] alexsaintpierre's XBox not exploding, and restarting ok when the partial Red Ring of Deathy Doom appeared at the beginning of the evening. Hooray for [ profile] alexsaintpierre's awesome drumming of awesomeness, and [ profile] valkyrie1972's singing, even when she didn't know the words, and for [ profile] anna_mickel's groovy bass playing. Rawk.

Played some more songs on Expert, and did not fail. Found I still have issues with the movements that I have had issues with all along. I just cannot figure out fast 1 to 1-3 switches... argh. Got my first 100% on a song on hard difficulty (that I probably could have done on expert...), and made it through the entirety of 'Behind Blue Eyes' on hard. I have never made it past the beginning, stupid finger-pick acoustic section. HA! Thwarted! I am teh winnar! My [ profile] pet_spider was there with me in spirit, if not in person. ;)

Click here for non-RockBand ramblings, and to find out how my morning has gone so far )

My Tribe

Nov. 24th, 2008 12:13 pm
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Must... get stuff... done.... but, but, but, my little people! They NEED me! They are sad when I go! I can't just LEAVE them!!

Ok... so... I have discovered a time-sucker. From the same people that brought me Fizzball (horribly addicting 'Breakout' type game, kinda... you have to catch animals and protect them from aliens!) My Tribe, a SIMS clone... I'd always wanted to try the SIMS, more for curiosity's sake than the chance to play God, but couldn't justify paying $50, or whatever it cost... This was less. It's cute. I get to collect Stardust and Moondust and build little houses and catch fish and plant flowers and make farms and do scientific research and eventually build a boat and go visit other islands and and and and and

Fortunately there's only so long I really can sit in front of it, because the little computer people do take time to do all these things (unless I dump moondust on the project, and then it's done in *poof!*. But they work when I'm away from the computer too... so I can go to the store...

...I wonder if they've got those little huts done yet...
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Not too late to singing practice. Got there just in time for dinner, discovered it could now happen, as a soprano had arrived, and the panic commenced. Not really. Even without our Fearless Leader [ profile] anna_mickel, there was music made in Saco tonight. I did OK. Getting better. I can sing Gaudete, and do it pretty well. This makes me happy.

RockBand is more fun when we have 4 people in the band. We just played tonight, in 'no fail' mode, so no worries about doing things on hard or even expert difficulty (though I mostly stayed on hard...). I have gotten better. I like this. I rawk at teh plastic guitar, go me. :)

House hunting update to follow later today. For now, I am going to bed. The 7 AM alarm will come far too quickly.
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Eureka! I have found it!

(One of) My most favoritest Warner Brothers cartoons EVAR. 'High Note', 1960, directed by Chuck Jones. A beautiful thing.

In other news, went to singing practice last night, and tested out semi-rusty vocal cords. Did not suck too horribly. Need to practice. More. Have music now. Played Rock Band afterwards, Scott and Ivan were guest vocalists, which was great fun! Nice to have 4 people in the band every now and then. I am getting much better at hitting the accursed orange button on 'hard' difficulty, and can play through the easiest song in the game on 'expert', so it's coming along....... yeah... Hi, my name is PurpleCat, and I play plastic guitar...

Did the large altar arrangements (2), unity candle arrangement, and 5 bouquets for the wedding on Saturday (the LAST floral commitment I will have in my current job. Boss promised. I'm going to hold him to that.) today. Tomorrow is another day holed up in the upstairs of the office, listening to the hum of the floral cooler, as I make 2 dozen various boutonnieres, corsages, and cake decorations... It's fun; I would enjoy floral work, I think, but not as a primary job. It's nice to know I can do it.
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Pink Lady's Slippers
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Spent a glorious weekend. Two days off in a row! What a rarity...

As this was computer delivery weekend for a friend of mine, my brother came up on Thursday night. There was much co-op Guitar Hero. Joy! Friday morning after some serious slow waking up and a lazy morning, we piled us and our stuff into his awesomely cute li'l turquoise MINI, and headed north. Met E at her apartment, dropped off the computer, and headed to Olive Garden for our usual lunch. Much socialness and silliness happened, and we all ate way too much wonderful, wonderful food.

E had the presence of mind to realize that the Bangor City Forest would be an excellent post-stuff-ourselves-lunch walk. Bangor City Forest? What Bangor City Forest? Why, this one! So beautiful... Spring flowers were blooming everywhere, plants I'd never seen in the wild before, plants that I'd never seen before, period! Painted Trillium, Blue Bead Lilies, Rhodora, and cute, cute, cute little Fringed Polygala. There were literally dozens, possibly hundreds, of Lady Slippers blooming... I'd never seen so many in one place before White and Pink, and one slightly off-pink/yellow one, that I think may have just been a newly-bloomed pink, and not a true (extremely rare) yellow.

Four years I was in Orono, in a horticulture program, even, and nobody thought to mention the 640+ acres of beautiful Maine woods and peat bog, stuffed with all manner of plant (and animal) life. Four years. I could have spent so many happy hours wandering around getting lost in the woods... We spent a good three hours wandering around, not quite getting lost in the woods, but attracting more and more mosquitoes every time I stopped to take a photograph...

Saturday brought blessed, blessed rain... it's been far too long without. Now lawns will be green again, and gardens won't be quite so stressed... Hung out at E's apartment for a while, had lunch at Tim Horton's, headed south again around 3:30, stopped at her parents' house to visit and see her mom's gardens... a lovely time. Her parents have two English Mastiffs, Jack and Stella, who are lovely, very sweet, fortunately very well behaved, but oh my goodness what huge doggies...

The evening saw some marathon Rock Band. We got the band back together, with a special guest lead guitarist. He's now acquired the nickname of Spider (for an explanation of why, please see here). So amusing, and so true...

Flowers are blooming all over the nursery, it's a beautiful time of year. And now, there are chocolate chip eggo waffles and insta-bacon for dinner. Life is good.
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When the cat's away, the nursery managers play... (technically, I suppose, the cat is here, playing, while the boss is away.) Between my spreadsheets and computer updates, I have found joy.

When the universe explodes, it shall be neither with a bang nor a whisper, but with a fzzzt, much like a fizzing soda can, and multicolored gems will come out of it. :) Planet Crunchers is a very entertaining little flash game that involves collecting groups of bouncing Suns, Earths, and Saturns, and catching the crystals that bloom out of them. Wheee! Really more entertaining than it sounds... With all the mind-numbing free games out there, I don't think I ever need to buy another computer game. I don't often stick with the ones I do buy long enough to finish them or make it a worthwhile purchase.


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