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Purple Haze Carrots
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Fresh from the garden, beautiful (except for that one on the right...) purple carrots! Delicious! Nutritious! Purple!

'Purple Haze' is the variety. I didn't expect the deep color to go so far into the root itself. The purple ones that came out of the 'carnival' blend packet are skin-only. Johnny's has a variety that is called 'Deep Purple', where nearly the entirety of the edible part is supposed to turn purple. I must obtain them... their seed crop keeps failing, though... perhaps not the most stable of cultivars. 'Purple Rain' is another possibility for more purple-ness...

Very happy with the carrots, in general, this year. These were just weird. They have purple juice from the outer part, which I'm sure would stain white linens and such, but they make a darned interesting stir-fry.

I also read recently, and rejoiced in reading, that the horrific Late Blight that wiped out most of the tomato/potato/other nightshade family crops in this area will not overwinter. The freezing temps that we get up here will kill the spores that are in the soil, so our tomatoes should be safe next summer. Yay! Exception to this would be potatoes... if there are any infected tubers still in the ground, they need to be dug up and destroyed, or buried at least two feet deep... Take heed, save your gardens! Still essential to clean clean clean this fall, too.
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Mostly Empty Garden
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Gardens, fish... both met their end yesterday. RIP Tsume. Dammit. You were with me for such a short time. RIP also 4 tetras, over the course of 3 days. I don't know how to help my fish when they get sick. I wish I knew what was off about the 5 gallon tank. The water tests fine. No weird levels of nitrates, ammonia, etc. Hoping the water itself hasn't changed, with whatever the PWD does. Sigh. Eros is looking too fat for his own good at the moment, too. Bloaty. Nothing the internet has suggested has worked yet. Gah.

Took the garden apart yesterday. It was time. Woke up yesterday morning to actual, scrape-able frost on the car. Apparently it snowed big goopy flakes on Sunday night, which I missed completely. As far as I'm concerned, it hasn't snowed yet.

Yanked marigolds, cucumber plants, lettuce, and peas. Managed to munch the last couple peapods, very tasty. The lettuce might have been able to stay, but as I do not have row covers or a greenhouse, there wasn't much point... Carrots will stay till I'm ready to eat them. Cold won't hurt 'em a bit, and I did get one little purple one (tasty!) by accident when I turned the soil over.

Planted the thyme that had been living in a pot all summer; my other plant did next to nothing this year, but the lemon thyme was lovely. Dug and will split the 'Persian Market' daylily. Planted about 1/4 of the original plant, will share the rest with those that want it. Cut back chives, garlic chives, lemon balm. Pulled out a whole bunch of forget-me-not seedlings; though I love them, let's not go crazy next year, hmm? Strawberries are fine, and the 3 Saffron Crocus bulbs (that wouldn't fit in the pot, so I planted them in the corner nearest the steps) have sprouted! Probably won't bloom this year... If they make it through the winter (Zone 6?) I'll be impressed. After all that, dug and turned the soil, added about 1.5 CF of peat moss, mixed in. Compost top dressing will be added in a few weeks when I sink the peonies and lavender. Before things freeze too hard.

Still cutting back and dividing perennials at work. Dug up the beautiful white & yellow peony to make more; replanted a good chunk, still got 8 pots for retail, and one itty bitty slip that just wouldn't grow to any good size that came home with me... Going to be lovely in a few years. :) Also hoping I didn't completely murder the 'Fireball' Hibiscus. This thing was huge. Got lots of divisions, which I hope and pray will make it through the winter. They should... I hope... so paranoid about this one. There's a big chunk back in the ground, which will be fine, but things act funny when you put them in pots, sometimes...
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10-06 Garden
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Took out the tomatoes, at least, today. They're done. Have been for a while now, but I haven't been here to take care of it, and there's always that last little bit of hope that they'll still do something, because they're still green... nope. Done now.

Pulled the basil and parsley that had gone by, cut back the chives, chopped the seedheads off the garlic chives so maybe I won't have gazililons of them next year, chopped the lemon balm and the rest of the potted herbs, and pulled up 95% of the mint that was planted between the box and the apartment... I may have a problem next year... I found a mint runner growing up inside the box when I pulled out the Tomaccio... oh no. Hopefully I can keep up on it, and will have something besides a box of mint next year. Eep! I think I may be able to find and dig it out when I turn the soil over after it's completely emptied.

For the moment, though, I still have peas and lettuce and carrots that are perfectly happy! Delicious delicious peas... Picked 8 pods, a total of 12 'Pineapple' tomatoes at various times, a handful of an old variety of mint, one carrot, and one little round lemon cucumber.
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Autumn Leaves
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Stop doing things and creating situations that make the people I care about upset and depressed. We all have much more fun when we're happy and in a good frame of mind. Please to be stopping with the dumping of crud on my dearest friends and companions.

additional crud here: )

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One good thing, I suppose, about the slowness at work, is that I was able to grab my camera this morning and take about 140 photos in the span of 40 minutes. For perfectly legitimate, work-related purposes, honest! Need photos for the website! But it was a beautiful, perfect Maine autumn day, with blue skies and white clouds and red leaves everywhere. There were ravens playing in the gusty wind (that was ripping through the property with intent, it seemed... nothing was upright by the end of the day...), and I heard and saw the little hawk that's been hanging around for the last couple weeks. Hoping to have a gallery up in a bit... beautiful colors and some different angles than I've done in the past. I'm pleased with how they came out.

The wagon that holds our sign is finally fixed. Only 3 1/2 months without an actual, functional sign that says "hey! this business is here!" out by the road. Argh. Amusing bit, though... we could not get the thing to sit straight on its spiffy new landing pad. I figured it out, and it was a moment of "dawning realization". Apparently when the new wheels got put on (not by one of our guys), the larger wheels were supposed to go in the back, and the smaller in the front. Makes sense... the right hand side is correct... the left hand side... not so much. That would be, I think, the reason why the front corner was always so much lower than the rest of it when we were initially trying to level it... brilliant.

Beautiful weather is supposed to continue right through tomorrow, when we have our Harvest Moon event. Mostly archery, I'm running a little bitty fencing tourney in the afternoon. Should be fun. Hopefully relaxing. Tavern night happens afterward, at the Tyger and Bucket. :)
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And I need to bring my tomatoes (still greeeeennnn.......) inside. It's cold at night, and they're cracking. It's piccalilli for Max again, I think. Maybe I'll ripen one or two. I want to taste these extra special toms, darn it!
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Carnival Carrots
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The tops of a couple carrots had popped a few days ago, and I finally decided to pick 'em. Both of the big ones were white, out of the 'Carnival' seed blend I planted this spring. Tucked next to them, though, was proof that there were other colors in the packet. Purple! And not-quite-orange. It's more reddish than a normal carrot, you'd see if I had one to compare it to... Still to come out of the ground, hopefully, are (bigger) red carrots, yellow carrots, and 'Purple Haze' carrots, which should be purple not just on the outside, but starting to color into the centers of the carrots themselves. Just got to wait till they're a little bit bigger.

The purple ones are orange on the inside, and have a very nice, strong, carrot-y flavor, even though they're so tiny (about 2" long on the meaty part). The itty bitty orangey one tasted like a "normal" carrot.

The white ones are a bit different. Somewhat milder than the carrots I'm used to from the store. A pleasant change. Not surprised, either, that the two that matured quickest were white. Straight from Queen Anne's Lace, those two... The longer of the two is about 9" long before it starts to taper into nothing. I'm just really, really happy they all look like, well, carrots, and not little fat orange turnips, which is what I got last year. Need to rotate carrot planting spots in the garden more often than I have been, apparently.
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Bountiful Harvest
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The heat wave continues... hot today, hot tomorrow, hot for the rest of the week, which of course means we're having irrigation issues at work. Part of the problem (probably most of the problem) is that the pond has gotten pretty low, and I think the footvalve for the pump is sucking muck right off the bottom. Not so good. Need to clean solenoids tomorrow and dig the mud out of the control boxes. Ick. Also realized today that we can no longer really *get* to the pond... need to get down there with a machete, or something, and clear away at least some of the brush that's grown up around it. Otherwise getting the pipe out at the end of the year is going to be interesting.

Picked a bountiful harvest from my garden... 10 little cherry tomatoes, a single white (yellow... I may have let it ripen too long) cucumber, and a sprig of white sage. It's a start, anyway. The cucumbers are still not doing much of anything. :( Tomatoes are growing and fruiting, though. Lettuce round 2 is starting to look like lettuce. Peas round 2 are up and growing, need to get a trellis for them. My 'Pineapple' tomato has 4 or 5 little green fruits on it; we'll see if they do anything before October...

Took the GS to putt around in the parking lot of Moto Milano tonight after work. It's definitely heavier and sits differently than the 125. I need to get out and use it so I don't forget everything I learned this weekend. Wore full leather gear this time. Not taking chances. Started out ok, ease into rolling, do a few big turns around the lot, looking up and at a target, just like I was taught. Played around with a few lines of cones that [livejournal.com profile] kurlon put out for me. Didn't get much speed, which may have been part of my problems. if you're reading this, mom, you might want to skip this bit... ) I don't expect to be perfect on a bike I've sat on for not even a half hour. It took a full 10+ hours over two days to be OK with a much smaller machine. We'll get there, Suzi and I...
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'Bela Lugosi' Daylily
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I headed out the door to go to work yesterday, and nearly walked right by and ignored my gorgeous dark purple daylily again. Went back inside, grabbed my camera, and shot it. So. Pretty. Been waiting a year to see it bloom, and 'Bela Lugosi' does not disappoint. There is another deep velvety purple one at work, 'Strutter's Ball' that may even be a little bit more purple than Bela... hard to say... the center style is purple rather than yellow on 'Strutter's Ball', and the flower itself may be slightly larger, but I think I'm just being picky now... no reason I can't have both, down the road. :)

A float down the river with [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max today didn't happen, but that's OK. I puttered around the house, repotted a few plants, cleaned up the garden, and generally did what one is supposed to do on one's day off. Relaxed. What an odd thing. I think I like it, and will have to do more.

More motorcycle-sitting last night, at the Ducati shop. Mmm... expensive Italian bikes... Monsters are comfy, and the new ones come in purple. Or teal, or 9 other colors. Hee! Also sat on and liked the Streetfighter, which I really didn't want to be so comfortable... it's a really silly looking bike... agh. Am filing this information away for future purchase possibilities. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon is working on converting the race GS 500 back to street use, and as I was comfy on the one I sat on at Reynolds, I'm good with learning to ride on something we've already got. Now I just need to hear back from the place where I'll be taking the course so I can send them money and be all official n' stuff...
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J is racing in NH this weekend, again, so it's just me and the apartment.

Yesterday was brilliantly sunny, and quite warm. The little American Lady butterfly spent a while posing for me in the garden, which was nice. Photos of how the garden is coming along are here, of course. 'Persian Market' Daylily is finally blooming, beautifully. I think I am going to have to divide that this fall. It's just getting enormous. Still waiting patiently for 'Bela Lugosi' to blossom. A few more shots of the butterfly, though it was darn difficult to get it with its wings open... silly little brushfoots, resting closed.

Saw Harry Potter 6 last night with Abbey. Definitely a Good Plan, was definitely also a Good Plan to not read the book right before watching the movie, which was excellent. It's really neat, having the same actors/actresses for all the kids, watching them grow up. :)

Rainy and misty this morning. Just returned from the Farmer's Market. The spoils: One Attar of Rose scented geranium and a teeny tiny pot of White Sage, from the same fellow I got my cukes and tomato from. I enjoy talking with him. I need to get some more potting soil, too... got to repot some chives for mom, use that empty pot for the white sage, I think, and find someplace for the mint from the "old country" that was a gift from a customer. Which "old country", I'm not sure, but it smells lovely. Pulled the peas out today too; they were done. All yellowy. This gives room for the cucumbers to climb up the trellis, if we ever get some sun and heat for any extended period. I have a few little baby cukes growing, I think on my White Pickle cuke plants. Tomaccio has some little green fruits, still waiting patiently for them to ripen. The 'Pineapple' tomato had a few beautiful flowers, but I think the rain mushed them before they had a chance to do anything at all... Kohlrabi here is about done, gettng somewhat woody, but the stuff at work is just coming along. Delicious. :)
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In the last 32 days, we have had 27 days with some sort of precipitation. I think the other 5 were actually nice and sunny, and not cloudy at all, but MY GOD, CAN WE GET A BREAK ALREADY?? Seattle is drying up, because we have all the west coast's rain. This is not doing terribly wonderful things to my plants... there is not much mush, but nothing is growing much, and more and more I am grateful for the wonderfulness that is raised bed gardening. It drains and sheds water, even when the rest of the ground is completely saturated. I'm hoping my jade plant doesn't just rot and fall over, but I'm leaving it outside anyway, because at least there's a chance of higher temperatures and sunshine to dry things out a bit... Sam the tangerine is happier than I've seen him (her? dunno, never flowered, and I think citrus blossoms are hermaphroditic anyway) in a long while, all sorts of new growth. Just need some dang sunlight sometime in the next month!

Have been eating fresh peas nearly every day. They don't mind the rain. They are delicious. Once we do get some sun, everything will go nuts (hrm, I note I said exactly the same thing a week ago, still no sun), and I will have more leafy goodness than I will know what to do with, which is just fine by me. Things are getting bigger, just slooooowly. Will have Kohlrabi to harvest just in time for GNEW. Have the wild and crazy thought of putting in a few potato plants once that spot is empty, as I can't see just leaving it fallow. And I like potatoes. Maybe blue ones. I may end up growing whatever I can still find for seed potatoes, though. Not many left at this point, I don't think. Any sources, anybody? There are over 2 dozen scapes on my 'Persian Market' daylily. None on 'Bela Lugosi', but he wasn't looking real well at the end of last summer... a year of growth, then beautiful velvety wine purple blossoms next year, perhaps.

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon is a bit lighter in the dental department... had 2 wisdom teeth and the roots of a third tooth extracted on Friday morning. I got some shopping done, did some reading, drove around a bit, and then he socked out on the couch with Abbey's cat while [livejournal.com profile] glassbeetle and I worked on her spiffy new doublet. Will be done by GNEW! Nearly there, thanks to the work we did tonight. Is to be fabulous.

Have done 5 scrolls worth of gold leaf for this round of awards. I love gold! Shiny shiny shiny! Though when we are out of the old style permacoll, adjusting to something else will be interesting. The new stuff is wretched. Stays sticky for nearly 2 weeks, everything sticks to it (including tissue paper, which is not good when the gold leaf has a tissue backing), and it doesn't take embossing at all. Argh. Am painting just one AOA for GNEW, very light and swirly, and am loving it. 'Geranium' red gouache is proving to be somewhat transluscent, though, which irritates me a bit.

So ready for vacation. 3 more days of work this week, 2 days (which include training a new guy...) next week, and then 7 glorious days of not work. So looking forward to GNEW. So hoping it stops raining sometime before then, and that my foot will be fine, and that there will be much dancing and fencing. Foot is better. One more week of not stressing it out, then we test... I think dancing on Friday night will be the tell. If I can dance, I can fence. At least I won't be all ramped up and ready to go Saturday morning, get 3 bouts into the tourney, and then have to call it quits. That would upset me some. Not even gonna consider that, though. All will be well.
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My foot is not happy with me. I think 11 hours walking with very few breaks (though we weren't all that busy today) is a bit much. Ice and ibuprofen, as per usual... I can definitely isolate the sore spot now... argh.

Once the rain finally stops and we get an actual sunny day (Saturday doesn't really count. Was pretty cloudy all day.), things are going to EXPLODE. SO much water combined with heat will make everything just shoot for the sky. Things need to dry out a bit. The peas and beans (and possibly cantaloupe) at work are kinda drowning. Need to build that bed up a bit next year, or not plant anything that can't take being constantly soggy.

Picked and am currently pickling the first Kohlrabi this evening. Snacked on one little piece before they all went into the vinegar, and it's every bit as good as I remember. Mmmm... I have peas, finally, several pods are nearly ready. Carrots (at least the tops) are all getting nice and big. Don't know if it's mostly because of the rain, or if the coffee grounds gave a mega-boost. Hopefully I have some happy (or at least caffeinated) worms. Tomato plants are getting nice and big; still no flowers on the 'Pineapple', but it's still early... Still waiting for my first strawberry, though. I've waited "just one more day" a couple times, and have come out to find the one that was juuuuust about ripe quite gone. I'm blaming the resident chipmunk.

The houseplants are all nicely caffeinated; made a weak brew with the espresso grounds and gave them their weekly drink. Hopefully I didn't overdo it; it's a bit of a jungle in here anyway. :)
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Bartzella II
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I has mouse. New computer mouse. After 10 years, my trusty little $9.99 Logitech finally failed... The laser was not quite picking up movement anymore, and cleaning the lens did no good. $15.99 gets me the same mouse, in black. No frills, just buttons and a scroll wheel. I'll have a nice burial for the old one.

The garden smells like coffee, it's wonderful. [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel are saving their coffee grounds for me to mulch the garden with. Apparently it's a good thing. Keeps ants away, the worms love it (could be the caffeine), makes the plants happy (I don't think it's the caffeine), and keeps weeds down, a bit. Need to do more research on exactly why it's so good (not very high in nitrogen, and it's somewhat acidic), but it does good things to my plants, and that's what matters right now. If I ever get a worm bin going, coffee grounds are like candy for the li'l guys. Happy worms=happy soil.

Tomaccio and peas are finally growing, everything else has gone crazy in the last week or so. Cukes are starting to reach for the trellis, lettuce is nearly large enough to start nibbling, and the carrots are more than just insubstantial little whispy things. Strawberries are coming (I think I lost the very first one to the birds...), got a pot of kohlrabi planted, should be big enough to bring to GNEW with the rest of the herbs.

Plants at work are gorgeous. Everything's taking off, and all the seeds are up. The beans may be drowning, thanks to the landscapers being unobservant where they dumped out the pond water, but hopefully the newly-created lake will drain... gah. Even the radish and cucumber that got stepped on are perky and upright again, so it's overall a Good Thing. Hopefully the weather will hold for the big 10-year celebration and barbecue tomorrow.
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Pineapple Tomato
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Wow, the rest of the world sure is lucky... you all get this every week?? Two days off, in a row?? To relax, or do stuff around the house, or go shopping, if you want? WOW.

I am having a wonderful weekend. All sorts of good things are happening. I think my brain is back. I finally (after 2 years) made it to the Farmer's Market in town this morning, and came home with three different varieties of cucumber (an heirloom mini white pickling, some other sort of novelty pickling, and a modern Marketmore 76 for slicing), and a 'Pineapple' tomato plant. Also an heirloom variety, it's a yellow/red bicolor, supposedly attributed to the Amish. The grower who sold it to me grows about 95 different varieties, and he says this one is his favorite. It's a beautiful little plant... a softer and nicer looking green than many of the others. Excited, I am! I think the garden is pretty much planted, now all it needs to do is GROW. The peas are starting to come into it a bit, after three days of rain...

Finished pseudo-sleeves on three dresses for the local dance troupe's upcoming performance and visited rehearsal to see if they actually fit the ladies who are supposed to be wearing them. They do! With a few minor tweaks. Not bad, for being my first time working off measurements only, on people I've never seen before in my life...

Went off to the mall to find some hairsticks, and do a little bit of retail therapy... I did find hairsticks, and a jacket that is quite simply made of Awesome. At H&M, a store I have never heard of and probably never would have gone into had I not seen a mildly interesting dress in the front window... Then I saw The Jacket. Black (also in khaki, but not anywhere near as fantastic), big brushed brass buttons up the front, on the sleeves, and on the band in the back, with asymmetrical closure and pockets that are actually functional. It didn't take much to talk myself into it. Eee! Jacket Love! (H&M is apparently a European chain, which explains why things actually fit me, and the styles were different than things I've seen recently.)

In kitchen news, the honey wheat bread is excellent, the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I made last night are delicious, and the strawberry rhubarb jam that will shortly be bubbling on the stove is sure to be tasty as well... Amazingly enough, I think the kitchen is actually cleaner and more organized now than it was when I started all these projects yesterday. Hrm...

Edit: Almost forgot... lunchtime Good Thing: I got an extra piece of salmon with my sushi order. And the sun came out halfway through lunch. Made my day, seriously. Doesn't take much at the moment. :)

Rainy Rain

May. 29th, 2009 12:00 pm
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It may be pouring rain (still... day 3...), but I get two days off. In the same week. In a row. I might have my brain back, once the antibiotics quit messing with it. I have lost any ability to multi-task these last couple days, and am hoping the next 6 days are not like the last 3. Makes playing RockBand all that more authentic, though! The pharmaceutical haze really adds... something... ok, not really. Can't hit the right buttons to save my life sometimes.

The garden is pretty much in... Planted the Tomaccio and marigolds on tuesday night before the rain started, got the trellis in (after much pounding and a bit of splintering... stupid thing) for the pathetic peas. I may just go ahead and plant the cucumbers and have them grow up with the peas, at this rate. Have a gap in the middle. I don't think I'm doing beans this year, I will probably put in a second tomato, a full size, so I can have sandwich size, and be able to make the usual piccalilli jars for Max. Probably my usual Husky Gold... I like them. Was tempted, as I have the hook set up anyway, to try one of the funky upside-down tomato planters. Can make my own from a 3-gallon bucket... Still deciding. Photos today of the new garden after it stops pouring.

Went to make beef stew for dinner last night, realized I didn't have any stew mix packets, and after only a few minutes of mild despair and 'dangit, should have gotten the chicken out instead', realized that people made beef stew for centuries without the help of McCormick Beef Stew Seasoning, and I had herbs in the garden, and corn starch, so by golly, there would be stew. Pretty tasty. My own parsley, rosemary, and thyme made it delicious. Leftovers for lunch today.

Made honey wheat bread this morning, using the last of the Buckwheat honey purchased on the way to Pennsic... sigh... http://www.honeybees-r-us.com, and I can get more (go there. see the store. they have WONDERFUL things.). The bread is rising at the moment. Smells delightful.

For future reference, when I win the lottery... REAL SILK VELVET. AIEE AIEE AIEE. WANT.
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Garden May 09
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Anybody who's got a veggie garden or any annual planters outside, get 'em inside or at least covered. Middle of May, and we're getting down to 34 degrees tonight... The last two days have felt a lot more like March or April. Freezing, for me. Hands aren't working right, can't grip things. Ick. Brought allll the annuals, veggies and tender plants inside at work, covered the perennials, and am hoping for the best with the pansies. Aiee. Hopefully the three hummingbirds that were buzzing around the greenhouse roof this afternoon either found their way out and are hunkered down somewhere insulated, or they decided to stay the night inside. It'll be warmer than outside, and it's not like they'd starve. Plenty of flowers and li'l bugs to eat.

I should get boxes, or something, over the strawberries tonight, and bring in the herbs, probably, and bring in the hummingbird feeder so it doesn't freeze solid. Got my big planters inside so I don't lose my awesome geranium (or anything else), the peony will be fine, I think. It's never seen the inside of a greenhouse in its life. Can't help but be paranoid, though. I've got 6 potential flowers, and I don't want to lose a single one... Maybe a big bag, just to keep the dew off... put some bottles of water in the pot, to keep it from freezing... poor cold babies.

In other news, my brother found this somewhere... (where, and how, I don't know... random internet search?) Anybody got about 1.6 million they'd like to lend? http://www.weichert.com/18046722/?cityid=31826&ldview=ldsummary Or there's a smaller portion, only 40 acres, for just under $500K. http://www.weichert.com/18035346/?cityid=31826 Could get back to my roots, for real. I don't think the original house is still there, but it's the old homestead... the farm where my dad spent the first 13 or so years of his life. Was a dairy farm, I think, but looks like it's gone over to horses now... It's beautiful... but I'm really not a farmer... Never a morning person, don't like eggs, and can't drink "real" milk. And pigs just don't appeal to me at all... Goats, on the other hand...

There are apparently 5 Cashmere goat kids just up the road. I should go visit. There's fiber, and already-made yarn, and all sorts of good things. Not even 10 minutes from home. mmm... fiber. And baby goats! Eee! Nothing cuter than a baby goat.

Edit, 10:45 PM: Covered the more delicate herbs with a plastic tub, brought the strawberry pot & peony in... it's COLD out there. Couldn't bear the thought of losing them. A lot of the leaves and a few buds on the Bartzella have turned half red. Hopefully they'll be OK.
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And I didn't sleep past 8:00 this morning. Couldn't. Woke up, was wiiiiiide awake and ready to go even before [livejournal.com profile] kurlon's alarm went off. Gah. Oh well. I've had a productive day.

Long post is Long... )

I had most of today off... Went up the road a bit for about an hour to do a plant ID walk/care instruction talk with an older gentleman that stopped into the nursery earlier last week. Had a nice time (even though after pulling my hand away from the first plant I touched, I had to flick a deer tick off... AAAGGGHHH! MAJOR TICK CHECK DONE WHEN I GOT HOME! *twitchtwitch*), didn't mind the break, since I make better money doing the consultations. I think I've been adopted by him... I left with a bunch of fresh rhubarb and two bags of frozen, with promises to bring more by the nursery if I wanted it. Er... ok... far be it from me to refuse rhubarb. Seemed so strange... I'm just not used to (still!) people being nice without an ulterior motive. Agh. When did I get so paranoid? Oh well. There will be rhubarb pie soon! Perhaps next Wednesday evening...
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Kohlrabi Seedlings
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...but I'm not. Will be shortly, and then blissful sleep shall happen. At least we've finally switched over to summer hours, and I don't have to be in till 11:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday... of course, I don't know when my next actual day off will be, and I'm probably going to miss the demo in Waterboro on Saturday, but it's spring... I have vacation (comp) time building up, and maybe my brain will stop leaking out my ears soon.

Had one of our cashiers quit first thing Monday morning, which was just awesome... yay for being shortstaffed three days a week, now. Wasn't entirely unexpected, though. Didn't really seem like she was up to what it really takes to work at a small garden center. We do work, in all weather. It's not just playing with flowers and pushing some buttons on a register, dangit. We haul heavy hoses around and have to work outside in the pouring rain. Not for wimps. Agh.

Haven't had time to think lately. No new photos of the garden. Herbs are all growing nicely. Basil indoors is working on its first set of true leaves. Not nearly big enough to transplant yet, but if I can manage to get it outside tomorrow, I'll be well on the way... The kohlrabi is bigger now, and I did manage to get the ring on my peony (which has 6 good buds, I think! eee!) last Friday. There are multiple carrots and lots of little lettuces coming up from my seeds, will have to remember to water the box before I leave in the morning. All that rain we got last week has been used up... my peas are still not growing very well. Don't know what's up with that. I think (knock on wood) that we are past the threat of frost, so I am going to put together my big planters (whenever I'll have time for THAT). The one out in the back will be deep burgundy and white this year. Going to be so pretty. I have a regal geranium that is nearly black. Gorgeous. Photos to come later.
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Potted Herbs
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And Star Wars Day... May the Fourth be with you!

So nice to have a day off. The garden is gardeny! Stopped into work to buy some fabulous pottery and soil that I neglected to pick up yesterday, as I was exhausted... The Haus Wanderstamm Traveling Herb Garden is in full swing! From left to right, back to front, we have Oregano, Thyme/Parsley, Chives, Lavender, Chocolate Mint, Sage, and Rosemary. Still need to add Basil (started and growing in itty bitty pots!), and perhaps some potted lettuce. Was awfully nice having fresh lettuce for sandwiches last year (gad, we're spoiled). Discovered also that Kohlrabi was known in Europe in the 1500's, so we may have a new side dish for GNEW this year. We'll see how my timing on the plants is.

The rosemary pot is wonderful, as is the one I picked up for the lavender. Not period, that one, but gorgeous. I have another HEAVY green glazed one that I need to put something wonderful in, but not sure what yet... perhaps the Basil. Lots of Basil. I realized I had not reserved a pot for that when I had to go digging through my stash in the basement to find one for the Chocolate Mint. Picked up a few annuals earlier, too, for my front porch pot, but will need more soil before I can plant them... So tempting to put the tomatoes out too, since it hasn't been below 40 at night in a while...

RosieCar is washed and waxed in preparation for the pouring rain tomorrow... Looks so much nicer, and I swear she runs better when she's clean. Neighbor Rob helped buff out the wax, as it looked like it may start raining before I would finish. Good neighbors, he and Gary, if a bit loud during sports games (for which he apologized, completely out of the blue)... I told him, as long as they shut up by 11:30 or so so I can sleep, we've got no problems. :)
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Forget Me Not
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The first perfect little blue flower on my one surviving forget-me-not plant. I love these little guys... They're here for such a short time in spring, but so welcome when they are. It's said that one should keep a forget-me-not in one's locket for True Love. Several other mushy and romantic (but tragic) stories are associated with this delicate little blue blossom; Love on the banks of the Danube ) Ah, l'amour... la trag├ędie...

This particular plant is half-buried in my chives, and I'd be concerned for it if it weren't a biennial and going to be gone at the end of the year. Hopefully it will have lots of little children that decide to sprinkle themselves around on the ground. (oh, dear lord... there's a TV show in England called Fifi and the Flowertots, where Fifi is an anthropomorphic forget-me-not, voiced by Jane Horrocks... I'm not quite sure how I feel about this...)

Planted 2 6-pks of Kohlrabi yesterday, and got a good jump on this year's Haus Wanderstamm Traveling Herb Garden. Planted new strawberries in their new pot, dug a clump of chives out of the lawn and potted them up, and then ran out of potting soil... I'll get some tomorrow (I get a day off! for reals, this time!) and pot up the sage, rosemary, parsley, and hopefully will find a clump of thyme somewhere that needs a home. Got a wonderful new pot for the rosemary this year; nice heavy terra cotta with olive leaves ringing it. Simply fabulous.
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Got the first potheads of the season into the shop on Thursday... Suspected, anyway. Couple guys, looking for something to get rid of spider mites. Took a bit for my brain to click into gear and realize that 'hangon, it's April... spider mites aren't out yet...', and realize that he wasn't talking gallons of the stuff (as I was explaining how to mix the concentrate), just a "small spray bottle full". I suspect they had some special plants in a closet somewhere...

I've become more jaded, I suppose, from when I left college and started work there 6 years ago (good lord, 6 years...). The other notable pot people were the guys a few years ago who bought several hundred dollars worth of soil in the middle of winter, because they were growing "tomatoes" in their basement. Naive little me believed them, and thought "how cool!", and after they left, was informed by co-worker that no, it probably wasn't tomatoes they were growing... heh.

In home garden news, I couldn't wait any longer, and planted my peas yesterday. It said on the package, "plant as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring". The benefit of a raised garden is that it warms much earlier than the ground. My garden is warm all the way through, and FULL of worms. :) Dug out the peony and lavender pots that I'd buried last fall, transplanted the lemon thyme to the other side of the french, and generally cleaned up the garden box. Chives and garlic chives are growing nicely, thymes are both alive, strawberries are happy, both daylilies are coming up, and the lemon balm is awake, and starting to take over... I suspect I'll need to split that soon... Also need to plan where things are going. I've dug up some bulbs a few years in a row, now, hopefully didn't hurt them, and have popped them back in the soil...

I've decided I'm going ahead with the garden this year. I'll figure something out if we find a place, but I'm not going to be without. Q found a lead on a 3 BR farmhouse in Standish on 1.6 acres that was definitely in our price range, and seemed to be really nice, but once we finally tracked it down yesterday, turns out it was already sold... dangit. Probably wouldn't have done nice things to [livejournal.com profile] kurlon's commute anyway...

In other garden news, watch this video: http://www.in-sitevideo.com/wff/garlicmustard.html. 11 minutes long. Very informative and important if you care at all about our native forests. I don't recall seeing garlic mustard anywhere around, but that doesn't mean it's not here. I've spent much less time bopping around in the woods than I'd like to have been the last several years (woods battles at GNEW don't really count, as I'm not really paying attention to the trees themselves, just trying to not run into them. Though if something *really* interesting comes across the path, no guarantees I won't stop, other people trying to kill me or not!). Dang real life getting in the way of my fun again.

A box project Max and I are working on is coming along; I've got most of my scenes sketched for the drawers, and painting will begin today, I think. Quite happy with things.


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