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Overall, a very good weekend.

We arrived in NH earlier than expected on Thursday.. Decided not to stop at the bank and try to get loan paperwork (mk. 3) squared away, as they said there was really no rush. Home by 2:30. Woo! Relaxing afternoon, visiting, futzing around on the computer, etc. Saw [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider for all of 15 minutes before he went off to parties and a musical gig. Actually went to church that evening with mom & dad, mainly to hear [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider play trumpet, but I basically just wanted to sing Christmas songs. And I did. Enjoyed myself. Rode home with N, was nice sibling bonding time, and he's glad to have his MINI back too. Poor thing decided it was going to throw a transmission linkage cable, or something, last Monday. Did not want to move at all, but it's fixed now.

Slept in on Christmas. Lovely. Gifts were opened, food was eaten, relaxation was had. I have stuffed chocobos now. They are ridiculously cute. Also, mom and dad are buying us our stove, once we can legally put it inside the new house... eep. Had delicious beef roast for dinner. Saw Sherlock Holmes Christmas evening. Good movie. Most enjoyable.

Saturday was more doing nothing much at all, then M came over, did more gifts, we played cards, she stayed for dinner and a bit of RockBand afterward, then left before the weather got too awful. Snow/rain/freezing on the roads not so fun.

Sunday we headed back north. Decided to look in on the house )

Time now to try and unpack from this weekend, get the living room straightened up for Thursday when N and M come up for New Year's, and maybe, actually, possibly, get somewhere on my dang garb... I'll hopefully not be finishing it on the way to the event... though it wouldn't be the first time.
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Now that I've had a moment or three to sit and not pack/clean/organize, last weekend was wonderful. Got in a bit later than planned on Friday night, woke up a bit earlier than I'd hoped to on Saturday, but otherwise was a relaxing weekend.

Visited with Grandma and Grandpa C, met Grandma's new kitty Babe, who is only 6 months old, and ENORMOUS. At least 14 pounds, and not done growing. One big smooshy kitty, double-pawed, and mellow as anything. He's lovely. I want one. Or two. (and we can have them now! Soon....) We think he's part Tonkinese, and definitely part something else, big.

Dinner was had, presents were opened, relatives were visited with. Went with F & B to a Christmas party at one of F's cousins' homes on Saturday night. Had a lovely visit and we all made out pretty well at the Yankee Swap. Met some relatives I didn't know I had, on F's side of the family.

Drive home was uneventful. The snow dumping that was working its way up the coast didn't hardly touch Maine. There was a dusting at the new house when we stopped by to check and make sure the heat was still on and not draining the tanks, but that was it. Cleaning supplies and trash bags have been acquired, the battle begins at 1PM tomorrow.
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Neat little promo animation for a beautiful song. Love the little dragon in the illumination, too. :) I may have to use him somewhere.

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Drive back was uneventful, all fish alive, swimming, and accounted for back at the apartment. The TomTom works just fine; tested it, even though we knew the way. Nice to know it works.

I need a new UPS... I suspected as much for a while, not it's confirmed. Had to unplug everything from it while it warmed back up, then it would finally charge enough. Ah well.

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I like vacation. Ah well. Depending on what actually *needs* to get done, I have 21 hours of work from last week (which was a "vacation" week...) that I could use for more time off. Hrmmm... Get newspaper column written, go home. I like this scenario. Won't work, though. Now a last desperate prayer for no snow Wednesday/Thursday so I can enjoy the New Year's party... :)
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And my post streak comes to an end. Ah well. Pretty good while it lasted. Other things took priority last night, though.

Went do dinner at a fancy Chinese place last night, I got my duck (yummy yummy), drove around a bit and saw what few Christmas lights were still up, and returned home to rock on plastic instruments with my family.

Guitar Hero: World Tour is much better (as is Rock Band, I imagine) with the rest of the band. After three (or so) hours of guitar, I picked up the drumsticks, and managed not to fail completely. I do hate my foot... Then exercised vocal chords that probably should not have been exercised (but I can still talk today, so it's all good.). We can still get together as a family and make music, it's just a different kind. :)

Comparaison: Rock Band (and II) has a much better track list. But wii play what wii have, you know? :) Going to probably pick up Wii RockBand II when it comes out, if the instruments are compatible with GH III...

And a pot of tea and a Euchre game is waiting for me in the other room... I must be off...
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So... it's snowing... but I don't have to go out till earrrrrllllly tomorrow morning. I can go to the Burlesque (in my fabulous outfit! I love my argyle tights!), come home, sleep, and then... go shovel some more... ohjoy. But! My social life survives another blizzard.

It's very light, and powdery, and I'm glad [livejournal.com profile] kurlon is coming home, and we are going in the Subaru with all-wheel-drive.

Survivor: Maine will return after these words from our sponsors... once I get some sponsors... hrm.

Lazy Sunday

Dec. 7th, 2008 04:31 pm
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With lazy snowflakes... slow, drifty, fluffy flakes, that didn't accumulate much at all. Roads and sidewalks are clear, and there's just a little bit tucked into the grass. No shoveling necessary. Done snowing now, so I can go off and enjoy 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians' with the rest of my Haus, without worrying about a phone call. :)

Holiday party chez Max and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel last night was lovely. Bacon baklava was done in time, and so yummy.

Didn't do much all day; slept till 11, which was wonderful, puttered for a few hours, looked at the clock and was astonished to see it was 2 PM. Cleaned up the sewing room today, re-organized the bookshelves, got rid of some stuff. Feels good to get rid of stuff. I certainly have enough of it. Once it all gets organized, though, it'll be time to move... maybe soon. Maybe not...
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Signs of the Season
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I usually hate those inflatable lawn thingies. The ones my neighbors put up on their railings are kinda cute, though. Mostly because they're not 7 feet tall and animated. I've caved in and am listening to (instrumental) Christmas/Hoiday music too... Mannheim Steamroller, mostly. Their 'Renaissance Holiday' CD is quite lovely.

Day two of ripping duct tape off my heels... ow. It's better than blisters, though.

I did fence last night, more than I should have, maybe, but it was good fencing. I had to keep moving, or my over-stressed muscles would just start shaking... gad I'm out of shape (still), or in the wrong shape, or something.

Making lunch for tomorrow now... I get to wake up at o'dark thirty so Ben, Dave, and I can jump in the trucks and be off to Bridgton by 6AM. Joy. Rapture. Pain. 13 7-9' hemlock trees must be planted before the day's end. None of us are really looking forward to it. There will probably be a full report tomorrow, if I live through it...

Might make soup from the turkey stock tomorrow too. It's mostly frozen in the bottom of the fridge, so no worries that it's gone bad in the week.
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Hope everyone had a lovely holiday; I enjoyed (and am still enjoying) several days off, played some key-tar on the Wii, and generally had a relaxing time.

Drove back home from my parents' this afternoon in time to make it to the auto shop so they could slap a new inspection sticker on my windshield [Finally. Danged blinker's been like that for 5 years, and it's suddenly a problem??? Argh. Fixed now, for good, $5.00 vs $75.00 repair, no more problems.], and saw the most amazing things on the Interstate.

First off, the Wonderful. The interstate/highways in New Hampshire have some of the most beautiful granite cliffs along the roads. This time of year, as the snow melts, it seeps through the rock, and comes out of whatever crack it can find, forming huge fountains of ice. Never seen anything to compare anywhere else. When the ice gets thick enough, either by virtue of minerals in the rock being transferred to it, or reflection of the sky, it turns a beautiful shade of, well, Ice Blue. I wish I had a photograph of it, but I always seem to be driving when it happens... and I'm not really one to pull over on a major highway unless I have to...

More Vehicular Contemplations. )

A final rant. Tolls... One of these days I am going to have to pick up a transpass/ezpass/whatever-the-heck-pass we're using, or I'm never going to have any money again. It costs me $7.60 in tolls if I want to take the interstate home and back. Holy Carp. I think the gas/time spent if I took back roads would be more costly, so it's still economical, but for heavens sake...

Home again, a few more relaxing days now, then New Years Party, then back to work... See everyone again in 2008!
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Every year, it amazes me at how some people will whine and complain about the price of a Christmas tree ($30.00, plus tax. Yes, they have to be taxed. "But it's a Christmas Tree! I shouldn't have to pay sales tax on a Christmas tree!" ...what?), and then turn around and buy a $50 wreath (decorated, with a nice bow) without blinking. guh... Yes, it's because the wreaths have had time and effort put into them, but so have the trees! Just not here. Come on already. It's all balsam. It smells lovely, and won't shed too much all over the carpet if you treat it properly and don't leave it up till Valentine's Day.

Open House at the shop this weekend, though! A fun time, very busy, and this year, our lovely Dissonatas are providing holiday music on Saturday. :) Thank you, everybody!

Possibility of snow tomorrow, maybe mixed with rain etc, but I'd be happy with an inch or so. As for me, I'm going to bake some bread for tonight, then spend the rest of the day doing nothing at all. celebrate my first actual "weekend" off in quite a while...

Taking a page from my brother, here... have some links.
How to have a Green Holiday Season:
Which kind of Christmas tree is better for the environment? (hint: It's not an artificial one...)
LED Christmas Lights A bit more expensive, maybe, but worth it in the long run, especially if you do a circus of outdoor decorating. LEDs rarely burn out, too, so you won't spend hours and hours looking for that one stupid bulb that makes alllllll the others go out. :)
A Green Hannukah, for my Jewish friends.


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