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Day 2 of 'Relax, Dammit' weekend is a go. Sorta. Successful relaxation was had yesterday. The afternoon brought a cuppa tea, Chocolat on DVD, and a purring Galahad in my lap through most of it (after I finished folding laundry). The cold has indeed settled in. More tea today, and zinc, and hot shower to try and minimize the damage. Blugh.

Project for the day - clean up the complete disaster that is my craft room. I know it can be organized, I know it. Also in doing so I will find the boxes for the snowmen and houses that are still out everywhere from Christmas... Time to put them away... Also, vacuuming and possibly taking stock of houseplants. Have gone through a little bit of attrition since last year, I think.

Two years ago this weekend, the house was in much more need of cleaning out, but it was OURS. Happy truck day for the Red Sox (Wednesday), happy two-year signing anniversary for us. Happy cats now in my lap that were still at the shelter two years ago, but we knew they'd be coming to join us soon.
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Extreme Computing
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...I just thought it was cute. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon, trying to get his iPhone to behave with the earbuds he bought so he can come riding tomorrow even though he's oncall, on the last beautiful weekend we'll probably have this year. One more week of Vroom.

We have a backyard again! Mostly. At least accessible with Murray, anyway. Three full trailer loads later, the last of the construction debris from the re-building of the garage is GONE. As are the remnants of a tree house that was here when we moved in, parts of the fence that he tore down from the back door area, and a few stray 4x4 posts. Still a bunch of crap under the (falling down) shed, and in the shed, but we'll rent a dumpster sometime, and just get rid of the whole darn thing.

There were so. Many. Salamanders! Li'l orange and black guys, I am pretty sure they are the Eastern Redbacked Salamander. So cute! One hitched a ride all the way to the transfer station in the trailer, but rode back in my hands... he's not where I put him when we got back home, so he either became lunch, or recovered and ran off somewhere. Be free, li'l dude!!

Scared a few fieldmice away from where they were hiding in the pile of rotted wood... they'll have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight. Not. Inside. The house.

So we can get into the backyard, mow the meadow, and then sometime have a big chainsaw party to cut up/haul away/burn all the felled trees (anybody doing thrown weapons need cookies?), and then take care of the slashpile. Which may be taken care of sooner rather than later. Watch this space. Then we will have a backyard we can enjoy. In a year or two. No rush...
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After a too-early wakeup call, a whirlwind trip to Augusta this morning (complete with ridiculous traffic) and a semi-leisurely trip back (stop at Christmas Tree Shop, and a nursery (which I had a gift card for, but discovered upon arrival that I had left it in my other purse, dammit. Oh well. Bought the 2 plants I wanted anyway, and will go back for 2 more when I actually have the dang card)), finally returned home late afternoon.

In the interest of not acquiring more plants unless I actually have a spot to put them so they won't linger and die in their pots, I set to work on rebuilding the collapsed front bit of the terrace out the front door. Several rocks and 13 buckets of loam later, it looked pretty good. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon and I took a quick trip to the transfer station to get rid of some construction debris from the garage, and stopped by the scary little discount shop in town to see if we could find any hoses, and I came away with an itty bitty pot of coral bells. Marked at $2.99, apparently on sale for 50% off, and I was able to split it into 3 pieces (that's 50 cents each, for those playing along at home... woo!). I call it victory. A good plant day.

The terrace is very shady, like most of the property, but gets some direct morning sun. The upper level will be home to an Oakleaf Hydrangea (once I bring it home, finally), and the lower level is perfect for my Heuchera collection. The 2 new 'Pistache' Coral Bells and the 'Caramel' I picked up earlier this week seem to be quite happy in their new home, and there's room for at least two more. :) The three little bitty 'Ruby Bells' tuck nicely into the front of the upper level, and will be a nice compliment to the eventual Hydrangea.

In other house news, we have a garage door! It's beautiful! I'll get my bay back soon, and won't have to spend another winter cleaning poor Rosie off! She'll be happier in the garage, too... she's getting old, and cold mornings are not fun for either of us...
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Righteous Horticultural Justice has been served. Mostly.

Yesterday was part 1 of the Battle of the Wintercreeper. Beautiful day, post-dentist, lovely motorcycle ride, and lunch, I descended upon the rock wall bed by the driveway. I vowed that the wintercreeper would meet its end. The poor white azalea that it is trying to eat, unfortunately, there is no saving... If I ever had my own nursery (noooo... not gonna happen...), there would be a short list of plants that no way, no how, don't care how many customers request them, that I simply would not carry. Wintercreeper is pretty high on that list.

I think I did OK. I went from this, a little over a year ago to the photo in this post. LOTS of cutting and pulling and I managed not to go tumbling backwards over the 4' wall into the driveway and landing on my head... Go me! More today, because we are currently out of space in the trailer. Today we will be hauling one load of brush (including the forsythia branches that I cut last year) to the yard waste pile at the dump, and returning to finish the job, I hope. The plan after things are mostly cleaned out is to get a 1/2 yard (or more) of some good loam, and bring the soil level up to something usable. Things settled in 15 years, I think, and if I don't add something, anything I put in that bed will just be buried. Also, hoping a good 8-12" of loam will slow the re-emergence of raspberries, sumac, and wintercreeper from the roots that I can't pull or dig.

Lots of leaves to rake too... I hurt now, a bit. Gonna be sore tomorrow, still. Lovely weather today, to hopefully finish (or at least make more progress on) this little Project.

Good things: My two 'Green Lotus' Peony, 'Time after Time' hydrangea and 'High Voltage' gorgeous yellow rose that I planted last year are alive and happy! As are the 2-for-$5 peonies that I bought at WalMart, which I had long given up for dead last year. They are tiny, but emerging.

We also have a screen door for the patio now! YAAAAY! I had finally had enough, and decided yesterday morning that I wanted to open the door to the roof, darnit. So I called Home Depot, the very helpful fellow assisted me in figuring out what kind of door we have, and [livejournal.com profile] kurlon arrived home yesterday evening with one lovely sliding patio screen door. Easiest installation I've ever seen, and we now have lovely, lovely airflow. Will probably have to get a plastic protector so kitty claws do not mar the bottom part, just in case... the boys are good, but who knows what happens when birdies or moths show up on the roof.

Sad things: I killed one of my phoebes yesterday. Not on purpose. But I had left the garage door open, because I was doing things... I think it must have flown in and run into the wall, or something, because I found it, neck broken, and still a little warm... poor little thing. I buried it in the front open woods, under the tiny little Serviceberry. It will have white flowers soon, and is a good resting place. I heard the mate (? another pheobe, at least) calling this morning, so all is not lost... I like to encourage the phoebe, though, because they eat bugs. Specifically flies. And my arms are kinda one big blackfly bite at the moment. Aieee!
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Phase 1 of our tax return hit the bank account today! Woo! State of Maine is QUICK this year, 3 days (Monday night to Thursday morning) from filing to money back.

I am going to buy a vacuum.

I am inordinately excited about this vacuum.

For one, it's PURPLE. :D For two, it is a Dyson DC25 Animal Cyclonic Vacuum with Ball. Super maneuverable. So I can go zooming around the house making vroom vroom noises (if the vacuum isn't on...). And I'm not paying full retail for it, thanks very much, refurbished will be fine, and save nearly $200.00. I've wanted a Dyson for a while... Finally have both justification and means to get one.

Then I have to actually use it more than once a month to keep on top of the kitty tumbleweed issues, but we'll work on that. Maybe I can vacuum the cats! hm... they may not have much fur left, if the commercials are to be believed... I'll just work on the floors.
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It's a different weekend than this one was last year. Last year, it was almost warm, especially for February, and sunny. This year, it didn't get above 25 degrees, and the sun played hide-and-seek with the clouds all day. Last year, I was up and awake and Doing Things by 9:00 in the morning. Today, I spent nearly the entire day in my pajamas, thanks to still feeling crappy.

But I could do it in my own House.

One year ago, February 12, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon and I signed our life to this little 2-acre plot, with a house in need of some serious cleaning out. That happened one year ago this weekend. We have awesome friends.

Today, the Arboretum still needs paint on some walls, to hide the spackle polka-dots where I covered dozens and dozens of nail holes. The garage roof has been completely rebuilt. Inside, I'm not as good at vacuuming regularly as I should be... but this house has been full of life and people and cats and wonderful wonderful things for the last year.

Still happy. We are Home.


Nov. 2nd, 2010 11:51 pm
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We has a roof! Rubber went down today! Yaaaaay! They should be done by Friday, and then... well... that's about it, for a while. After the electrician finishes up his bit of stuff on Thursday, anyway. We has a generator hookup, and non-crispy wiring, with promises of fixing the spaghetti in the main panel. Then more painting. Getting the guest room ready. Finally sewing a shirt for my brother, which I've been poking at since JULY. Doing some fencing. Having a whole buncha people over for Thanksgiving. Should be good.

Played sport fencing tonight at practice. Foil. Am TIRED. Hoping it will help with my parries, but it's not a whole lot of fun right now. I'm thinking too much, and feel like I'm just kinda flailing around, and I was kinda tired tonight. I also suck at drills, always have... Ah well, it'll come along. Hoping to have a good time at the event this weekend, there will at least be lots of folks to fence with. :)

Am also trying to convince my boss it would be a good idea for me to work 4-day weeks this winter (but still get 40 hours, so loong days), so I don't have to slog through snow (or potential snow) quite as much. Saves on gas too. And having a 3rd day off, even if it's not in line with weekends, would be lovely... Not ready to think about snow yet, though... no thanks.
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First Fire
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Proof of Concept - Fire in the new firepit! The wood was kinda wet, but we managed to get it burning with newspaper and bits leftover from the construction in the bedroom. There's plenty more where that came from, thanks to the breaking down of the garage (no pressure-treated stuff, though it does make pretty pretty colors...). We built the firepit itself on Saturday, then had people over and didn't end up doing anything. I skipped fencing tonight (too much going on in my brain argh), and while waiting for the chicken pie to finish cooking, we wandered into the back yard, and had a little burn. Lovely.

The garage project is going well... Photos up here. There's snags and unforseen stuff, as with any construction project, but they've stripped it to bare bones now, so I don't think there's anything else that they can find. I hope not, anyway.

I know construction projects always end up costing more than we expect them to, but ARG. Drunken Monkeys. Only explanation. )

Right. So budget is important now. I've never in my life had to keep so close track of where everything goes. Good heavens, please let both of us keep our jobs, and maybe even by some miracle get a raise in the next year or so... that would take a little bit of stress away. We may be eating a little bit more ramen and mac n cheese for a few months...
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Oak Room
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I have kicked Max out of my bedroom...

And I made sure to take a photo (will be taking more tomorrow, in daylight), because it will never, ever be this clean or organized again.

The last of the trim and the windowsills went in tonight, after a month of work, we are DONE, save for the door threshold. What a difference. There is no sign anymore of the disaster that was there when we bought the house, thank goodness.

It is beautiful. The wood in the windows even matches the trim pretty well, color-wise, so I don't think we'll be doing anything further to them except plugging the nail holes in the vinyl from where the old windowframes were nailed through... (dumb dumb dumb) Just a little bit of sawdust to vacuum up still, and a lot of dusting of dressertops and door creases, then the rugs can go down, the clothes can move to their respective dressers, and we can move in and move on to redoing the upstairs room! Later. Not just yet. But before Thanksgiving, so if folks need to stay, we'll have an official Guest Room. Yay!

A thought I had too. Will have to figure out how to attach curtain rods, both for curtains and to hang small plants off of them, since those are the two sunniest windows (hence the beautiful, 6" wide windowsills! Hooray!) in the house. NO WAY did I even consider attaching brackets to that oak. For one thing, I'd have to drill if I even wanted a chance of getting a screw through that, and for another, it's too darn pretty to mar up with brackets. I will figure something else out. We've got those softwood window frames that will probably work out just fine.

Happy. Now, to figure out where we want to poke holes in the walls and hang stuff on them! Yay! (tomorrow. sleep now, actually...)
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So. We got our home equity loan straightened out, and have money (at the moment), and roofers that have been chomping at the bit to start ever since we suggested we might have a big project for later in the year, after they fixed the front leaky roof back in August.

Saturday was clean out the garage day. The amount of crap we pulled out of there was truly astounding. Had Dad-in-law and Dad there to help in the morning and afternoon, respectively. Found amazing things. If we couldn't identify it or decide definitively to keep or toss it within about 20 seconds, it got tossed. So many mouse skeletons. Ick. Some stuff worth keeping, like door handles and screen door return springs (anybody need any? We've got lots... in decorator colors...), a box full of Avon stuff (to be gone through later), lots of various wood (some good, some going to go to the fire we're having once we get the firepit built), but the majority of STUFF got tossed. The little trailer was quite full.

Wood arrived bright and early on Monday morning, followed by our fabulous roofer guys. When I got home Monday night, the garage smelled like fresh-cut softwood, the tetris mess of the back wall was gone and replaced by proper framing, and there was a pile of railing parts in my garage bay. Progress has since been made. The sunporch (which it turns out, is a pretty expensive little building add-on, just installed waaaaay wrong) has been disassembled and stored in the shed, and will be given new life as a greenhouse, or as a sunporch, off the back of the house at some point. For now, storage...

The roof comes off Friday, I think... supposed to rain some tomorrow, roofer says that they've saved some indoor work if it gets too wet outside, but they're just plugging away on this... It's wonderful (until the payments hit... then... ugggghhh!).

Now! See! The Remodeling of the 3rd Garage! Fear! The mouse nests, now gone in the Great Insulation Purge! Rejoice! In the soon-to-be-non-leaky roof! Coming soon, to our home...
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Upstairs Bathroom
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Finished repainting the little upstairs bathroom Wednesday afternoon. It is so much nicer than the turquoise that was there before. Beautiful springy green walls (and ceiling. I still hate hate hate painting textured ceilings), and painting the woodwork white was the best thing I could have done, and so glad I did, even though it took 4 coats to get good coverage on that awful wood. It is bright and clean, and there is no longer an obvious mirror on the inside of the door, now that I've hung the extra fern curtain. Who seriously thought that was a good idea, hmmm? Full length mirror, right on the inside of the door, so that when one sits on the only seat in the room and closes the door... yeah... good morning... There's a curtain, now. Much better. I'd have taken it off, but it is apparently liquid-nailed to the door, along with the little clips. Grr. One modification left to the little table; going to add a towel bar (or two) to the top, and a botanical print or two to the walls, and it will be perfect.

Edit: hm... that glowing turquoise thing at the top is actually the vanity light... not sure why it's decided to be turquoise, but it's not in reality... ah well.
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Bedroom Door
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Amazing what a couple coats of paint will do...

So, Max and I have spent the last several days in what is soon to be the Master Bedroom, putting up the beautiful quarter-sawn oak molding he has been kind enough to make out of a pile of wood we found in the basement of the house. I've stained it a lovely reddish-gold, and through much effort and a bit of cursing (why, oh why, are there no straight walls? And why are the drywall screws not where they should be, neatly in the center of the studs? sigh...), have nailed it to the walls. It goes with the laminate oak floors beautifully. The end is near. I am so happy.

This room, directly at the end of the hall, was formerly the dog's room. The previous owners of the house had two rather poorly-behaved pit bulls, and it was rather... not good. Among other things, they'd scratched the heck out of the backside of the door, and were none to kind to the front of it. The door itself is a solid door, but made of relatively cheap, ugly wood. Spruce, pine, whatever, and stained a boring brown. Looked positively awful next to the gleaming new oak.

Max had the brilliant idea of paint. Found the darkest brown paint with just a hint of red in it that Home Depot had (kinda matches the furniture... it's pretty close), and asked the fellow at the mixing counter for a quart of it, in the shiniest, glossiest paint they had. It is glorious. The color is Behr 'Warm Brownie', and it has turned the door to my bedroom into a Hershey Bar. I love it.

Painted also the inner doorframe, the closet trim (that was an adventure in itself... see previous statement about no. straight. walls. ARGH.), have so far put one coat on the formerly disgusting and slightly rusty heat register cover, and once we get to rebuilding the window frames, the inner parts of those will be the same glossy brown, trimmed in more beautiful oak.

Only bad part, really, is that now the rest of the molding looks positively awful... I didn't want to paint everything... but I might.... project for later... after I finish the second coat of green on the bathroom upstairs, and get that back together...


Sep. 23rd, 2010 11:33 pm
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First day of autumn, dawned bright and clear. The trees are changing. Early this year, it seems, probably from the lack of rain, and dry soils. Then again, they might be right on time.

Rode Giovanni to work and back, since I found my balaclava (used as a scarf, for the moment. cold wind goes right down the jacket). Made my first payment this afternoon! Only 35 more, and he's all mine! A beautiful day to ride. Not too cold, no crazy people out. Too early to ride home under the beautiful full harvest moon, but I can see it out the windows, through light clouds...

Harvest Moon, the event, was also lovely. Much fencing was done, archery shot, heavy list fought, and there were horsies. :) Photos sooooooon... but here and here are the two scrolls of mine that got handed out. Joy all around. EDIT 9/24: Event photos up here!

Have also, tonight, successfully put the final coat of polystain on my plinths and roundels, and tomorrow, Max and I shall commence (and perhaps complete? I can hope...) putting up the beautiful oak molding in what is supposed to be the master bedroom! Soon, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon and I will move out of the guest room, and be able to put together the bed that goes in there, and sleep in the beautiful oak and green room. Windows to be finished soon, but not tomorrow... and we're going to have to rebuild the closet doors, but at least they'll be put together properly, rather than hanging off the trim, like they were before. ARGH.

Have also removed the damnable tp holder from the upstairs bathroom. Soon, spackle, then green paint. Found a shelf unit for there last night as well. Not a ladder-shelf like I wanted, but this will work. Adds a bit of cabinet storage, which was lacking. Attempts to assemble said shelf tonight were started too late... it is just slightly more complicated than I'd like to tackle at 11:30 PM; it would go together, but not without some frustration, I suspect.

Tomorrow looks to be a productive day.
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Less grumpy now, at least about one thing. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon, with the help of Max and moral support of [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, was able to straighten my bent handlebar. I got ma wheels back. Again. I will successfully negotiate the way to the town office tomorrow to register both car and bike, to Portland and my doctor's appointment (checkup, nothing out of the ordinary), then to work, then to fencing. Max was kind enough to grab my gear for me tonight, so I may enjoy both hobbies in the same day.

Embarrassing, a bit, after all the "eeee getting my bike Saturday!!" that I did last week at work, to show up in the car this morning, and have to explain why. Bah. Another good reason not to screw up again. ;)

Dinner this evening was bacon wrapped chicken, filled with ham and swiss, with sautéed zucchini and mushrooms. Delicious. Haven't made that in quite a while.

Furnace/hot water is also working again. Replaced the controller on top, replaced the filters, which apparently were so gunked up they didn't look anything like filters anymore. The guy also had to chip out chunks of ick from the pipes. Amazing what not cleaning a system for seven years will do. Or not. It should run better now. The remainder of the cleaning is happening tomorrow morning. And we have nice full oil tanks, for a pretty low price.

Ranting about work follows... )
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Sooo... the oil delivery truck just left.

Good news! We're not out of oil! The gauges are reading correctly!

Bad news... we're not out of oil. The gauges are reading correctly. I guess the echo is normal? Going downstairs now to knock on the now full tanks.

So this means the furnace is made of broken. BAH. Escalated service call. Who knows how much this will cost. BAH.
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Anybody know how to fix a furnace? :(

Not panicking yet. J is going to take a poke around the basement, see what happened when the breaker tripped this evening, leaving the basement in the dark and apparently shutting the furnace down. No hot water at the moment.

EDIT 10:02PM - J is on the phone, trying to find a furnace service that does housecalls on weekends... riding tomorrow may be delayed some. :\ Going to Max & Mickel's to take a shower, now...

EDIT 12:27AM - Well, that's just stupid, that is. We are out of oil. The floats in BOTH TANKS still read half full, but knocking on the tanks themselves produces quite a nice echo. Empty. Soooo... getting oil delivered tomorrow, will be getting the floats replaced before winter. At least we discovered this new little tweak now, rather than mid-January when it's 17 below. Furnace guys will be coming out on Monday to do the cleaning that needed to be done anyway, and we'll take a look at getting the furnace on its own circuit, like it's bloody well supposed to be! Who the heck wired this place??? Drunken monkeys??

Good Things

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:40 pm
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Had meant to post this last night, but between one thing and another (and attempting to sew what has become the most complicated T-tunic in history, and I have no idea WHY. At this point, I'm just praying it fits...), it was suddenly 12:30AM, and I had to sleep...

Good things:
- Fresh peas, blueberries, and raspberries from the farm stand down the road.
- My kitties love puddles of sunlight. They so cute.
- I have enough sun in one little corner of the front garden to grow roses. I have 'High Voltage' planted at the moment, and am hoping to add a few more... just a few... And the Japanese beetles haven't found it. Yet.
- The main benefit to having raspberry brambles everywhere in the yard and garden is the raspberries, which are just starting to ripen. The ones in more shade were sweeter, too.
- Blueberries. I need to go out by the side of the road and see what I can pick off the zillions of plants out there. There were a few on the patch in the backyard, but I think it's too shady to really produce any fruit...
- Fun wildflowers in my backyard! 5 or 6 little plants of Lilium philadelphicum v. philadelphicum, or Wood Lily, have managed to poke their way through the leaves and weeds and other mess in the back, and are beautiful.
- Paint that works. Had a fantastic art day yesterday. Scroll is coming along.
- Still learning (but loving) the new camera. Need to read the manual... got to figure out the white balance settings and other stuff for indoor shots so colors don't come out all weird.

Today, now, I must finish Xavier's tunic. And work on the scroll some more. The easy part is done... Also, grocery shopping must happen today, and we have got to get the kitchen put back together. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit tonight, so the cats need to be brushed, and I need to vacuum everywhere, possibly twice, so they don't both die the moment they walk through the door...
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Blue Library
Originally uploaded by gshower7
But a good one. This is not the best photo, but it gives a pretty good idea of what I've done for the last couple days... When are my weekends going to be relaxing again, I wonder...

Yesterday started semi-early, but it was good to be up. Had to go buy paint! But first, had to clear away stuff from the walls in what would become my library.... that took a little while, as did taping and prepping. Took off parts of the door molding, since they weren't exactly securely attached to the walls anyway. Made for easier painting. First, bought compost for the garden (and two new Pasque flowers, to be planted soonish... I hope), and then paint, brushes, and rollers, and then home.

Did yellow first, to finish the main column which is part of the same visual space as the dining area... Max and I debated about painting it or not, and after not, it turns out it definitely needed to be done. Better now. Then onto blue, ceiling first. A beautiful, pale blue. Almost white. Pale enough that it was a little bit difficult to see where I'd painted, plus it being a textured ceiling (haaaaate.), coupled with the dawning realization of 'uh oh... I'm using a LOT of paint (dang super-fluffy roller)... perhaps two cans would have been better?' made for a semi-frustrating time. I think I used every single drop of paint in the can. Should do a second coat at some point, but it's done enough for now... got one pretty even coat over the whole ceiling.

Walls went quick, thank goodness. They are perfect, forget-me-not blue. I love it. Only a few little touch-up spots that I find every now and then, and they're easy enough to hit with a brush. Now the only thing left is to figure out what to do with the horrible white door... I'm thinking mural, but not sure of what yet. I should just paint it and get a clean coat of *something* on it.

After paint, went to visit Max, and we finished up edging the last of the oak molding for the bedroom. Hoping to get it over here sometime this week, and will stain, and then hopefully put it up soon. Can't wait to move into the downstairs bedroom...

Max and I then met [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius, and [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre at the movies, and saw Robin Hood. Oh. My. So good. EEEEEEE. Fun movie, different take on the legend. Forget everything you know, enjoy the pretty, and listen to the wonderful Alan Doyle sing. :)

Speaking of which... Alan, Bob, Sean, and Murray have a new album coming out. Just in time to completely miss GNEW, but it will give me something to look forward to after it's over. Three tracks are available for listening (and if anybody can figure out how to get actual copies of them off the flash player, it would make me a very happy kitty), and I am so looking forward to hearing the rest of the album... Eeee!

Painted the library yesterday in preparation for E, Mom, Dad, Mom-in-law, and Dad-in-law, who all came to visit today. Mom and dad brought boxes of books, great-grandma's sewing machine, and some random other STUFF. MiL and DiL brought a rocking chair that was J's great grandmother's, and came to help put more stuff away. E came to visit, and was shanghaied into helping reassemble my house... I've promised her a better visit soon... The library is assembled, my sewing room is more organized, almost usable, and I'm exhausted. My plans for today (since it was kinda rainy) had included getting the library and sewing room organized, whether everybody had come visiting or not, but it certainly went quicker with more help.

This week at work will be interesting... tiring, I suspect. Open house/Customer appreciation day on Saturday will be zooey, and it's prep for that that will be taking over my work week. Aieee. Hoping to get in my garden on Friday, the sumac is starting to wake up, and since I've taken away the big feeder trees, root suckers are popping up everywhere. I think I'll have to buy a wheelbarrow this week, start hauling stuff out of the garden and into the trailer so we can take it to the brush pile. Hope to clean up the boxwood, rip out more roots, and get those 6 bags of compost spread on the cleared part of the garden soon.

Golden Sun

May. 22nd, 2010 05:59 pm
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
Beautiful, glowing, golden room.

Finished painting (mostly) the dining area last night. Did the lower half last week, covering dog-gnawed and dented cranberry with lovely dark golden yellow (Killz Casual Colors 'Pommery Mustard'), and the top side in 'Light Honey'. Found some nail holes I missed spackling, of course, and have decided to finish a column that extends to the ceiling, but is still kinda part of the same visual space as well, but for now, it is done. I love it. It sets off the lighter oak flooring very nicely, and I may even continue with the same color down the hallway, not sure yet. Next weekend (assuming I'm going to be sane and not go to Panteria even if I don't have to work on Saturday... jury is still out, both on the sanity and on work), BLUE. Upstairs. Have perfect colors, finally.

Spent yesterday with K, digging in her garden, splitting hosta and other perennials, which are now, along with two enormous hydrangea that never bloomed for her (and probably won't for me either), sitting around in pots in the shadier parts of my front pathway. Sometime, I will plant them. Have to clear out the garden area first. One project at a time. (yeah, who am I kidding?)

[livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max showed up at my front door around noon, and we went to lunch and wandering around antique stores, and all kinds of stuff today. Blueberry ice cream is delicious. :) Visited the little farm store down the road too, where I can buy compost cheaper than at work, and not have to haul it nearly 40 miles home. This is a good thing. Hopefully soon, am going to jump on the motorcycle and go see S, who just moved to an amazing new apartment in Saco.
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Red Admiral Butterfly
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Photo was taken yesterday morning, while the sun was shining bright, the wind was blowing, and we still had working water...

...sigh. Repairs to the water system are almost done. There was one pipe that we knew we'd have to replace soon when we bought the house, and soon came this morning. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon is just about done, I think, then I can have a shower...

In other, happy news, then, I have a lilac in my front yard! It's purple! And it blooms! And smells absolutely heavenly. It will bloom more once I take out the sumac and some other trees that are shading it, but it's quite pretty as it is. And the butterflies like it. This one is a Red Admiral (do click and view full... s/he's beautiful), fairly common in this area, but always a welcome sight. They're beautiful. And this one posed for me quite nicely, even through the wind whipping the blossoms around. Poor thing, holding on for dear life later on... But much enjoying the sunshine.

More reason for me to plant some more natives, too, in the (what I now discover is) beautiful, bluet-filled, shady spot just on the other side of the house. Not sure what the former owners of this house were growing in the three broken beds, or just how much the trees have grown up to make it a glorious shaded glen, but it wasn't anything that needed any sun. I can see my favorite dark 'Purple Passion' rhododendron in the corner nearest the house, and all sorts of various wonderful shady plants filling in the rest of it... Ah, to be independently wealthy so I can just play in my gardens...


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