May. 31st, 2012 07:29 pm
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My new hoya babies are here. 6 I ordered, plus one freebie I got for leaving a review on the site (The Violet Barn), and the free one is even one I didn't have yet. SQUEE. All miniatures/very small species except for the two to the right, which I will have to find space for... once they get bigger. I'm OK for now. Eeeeee!

They did a superb job packing, too. The shipping box was shoved upside-down in the door, and I feared the worst. Nope. All the babies were wrapped in a paper cone, and tucked together inside a roll of air pack, and that whole thing was covered in an insulated wrap. Brilliant, and safe, and wonderful.
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Mostly. I think I relaxed for real sometime around 4:30 on Saturday afternoon, during one of several naps...

Arrived onsite at Panteria earlier than I'd hoped I would, helped Max & Mickel finish setting up the Taj, and had a lovely dinner, fire, and starwatching with everybody. There were a few shooting stars, and lots and lots of satellites swooshing overhead. A beautiful evening.

Did not sleep well, for some reason, Friday night. Bah. Made for an out-of-it (and apparently slightly cranky) Camille the next morning. Fencing was at 11. That was the happy thought of the AM. Breakfast was good, I chased a bird into the crabapple tree across the way (an American Restart, a pair of them!), attempted to sit and be calm for a while, failed, and took a walk around camp. Helped Frenya set up the fencing lists at 11, got my gear, headed back, did some FENCING. I needed to stab people. We did a few authorizations; neither one really had a firm grip on the rules, but we gave one guy a provisional. Outright failed the other guy, which I felt a little badly about, but he had no clue... nobody in his area (Mountain Freehold?) to practice with, but he hadn't even read the rules recently and couldn't tell me much of anything about proper fencing. We did the swordwork as a formality, and there was no hard hitting or hesitation, but skill, even with light was just not there... sigh. Better luck next time.

Cynan showed up, ginormous shield in hand, and we fenced. It was awesome. From fighter to fencer in three months, and he's FUN. He and Carolyne and I were one team for Jack's tavern brawl, and we ended up winning the day. Woo! Usually it was Cynan and me left standing at the end of the scenario, which was a new thing for me... still alive? How strange. Hot day though, and lots of fencing, made us all tired. I headed back to camp for a shower and a nap. Kathy joined me on the blanket in the shade, Mickel tootled on her recorder, and I think I actually got some sleep. Or at least relaxed. Which was lovely.

Woke up a few times, not entirely myself, apparently, but conscious enough to chase down Cynan, find Brian, who had my cake pan filled with lovely things from Angus & Tigger before he headed back to Canada, and return to the blanket for more nap. Kinda nap. Laying down in the shade, talking with wonderful people, drinking a bit of Kathy's chocolate-whippedcream-wine. Delicious. Delightful. We were camped on the corner of the main road through camp, so everybody walked by, said hi, socialized for a bit, and wandered on.

Mickel and I headed for the ball post-feast. She ended up playing my recorder and I danced and directed traffic. It was pretty near perfect. Back to a campfire prepared by Max, for stories and singing and socializing, and then I had to go... way too early again... sigh. Home by 3AM, not enough sleep, but work the next day wasn't too bad. So much fun.

The sunshine and warm weather has made the garden explode! Now if only the pouring monsoons would ease up a bit. Between the slugs and the pounding rain, I have hardly any seedlings left. They've eaten the tops off half my sunflowers, the spinach has gone half rotten, and the rain has beaten half of my poor carrots into nothing. I'm going to have to replant, and get some slug stuff. Blech. I whacked my red coneflower this evening, and sent at least a dozen slugs flying. Ick ick ick. All my iris leaves have holes in them, but I am pleased to say that I will be keeping the iris that came with the house. They are not the expected "old fashioned" purple (not that there's anything wrong with purple, I just can't stand they "typical" purple iris that spread everywhere...), but a lovely shade of pale lavender. At least the one that bloomed is. My potatoes have also taken off like crazy! Even out of the tower, like they're supposed to! Yaaaaay! Just need to get rid of the slugs...

Excited too; I have 6 new hoyas, mostly miniatures, coming by mail from The Violet Barn, probably on Friday. They're small, they won't take up much room!! So pleased I rediscovered the site... I need to go through my houseplants again. Most of them need cleaning, some need repotting. It's supposed to rain Saturday. I'll do that when I need a break from sewing. Making a new door for the tent, BEFORE Great Northeastern War! Which I still need to do some planning and scheduling for. The class form is going up this weekend. Will work on that tomorrow.

Till then, some photos:

05-25-26 Panteria

Garden 2012

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The spinach wins! 8 days after planting, 4 inches of rain yesterday and a nice sunny day today worked their magic, and I have at least a dozen or so spinach seedlings. YAY! The rest of the plants are hopefully not too far behind... carrots will take a little while... not sure on onions... hoping for some peas soon...

My potatoes came yesterday, and are now sitting happily in a box upstairs in the library so they can wake up and maybe start sprouting, and I will hopefully get them in the ground next weekend. I don't know if there's enough to do the full fun potato tower, but maybe I can do a mini-one. I may have more potatoes than I think I do... when they all fit in a little 8x12" box, it is deceptive.

Also got the Bletilla orchids in the mail today! Probably going to grow them as houseplants, even though they're supposedly hardy to zone 5. Two came sprouted and growing very happily in little tiny pots, the third was bareroot... tiny little shriveled thing, with a few roots, and a pathetic looking green sprout flopping about out of the top... I thought "I paid $12.95 for what, now?" but have done the right thing and used up the very last morsels of potting soil and put little Rickey Bletilla properly in a 4" pot, watered gently, and will wait. Patiently. It will be worth it when he finally blooms: The species B. striata has a flower spike on it. Hopefully the stress of shipping and new environment won't shock it and it will still bloom. Thank goodness for easy-to-understand care sheets, too.

Delivery of three Attar of Rose geranium that I have finally, finally been successful at rooting will happen this weekend too. One is a surprise. :) If anybody out there wants a cutting, let me know. I've figured out how to make them grow and be happy. Not as far as I know a medieval-period plant (earliest date I can find is 1690), but quite lovely nonetheless. I've made rosewater, rose-flavored sugar, and a rose-flavored cake (take clean leaves, lay in the bottom of a cake pan, pour white cake mix over them, bake. Delish. And not overly-flowery). The leaves are apparently edible, but I haven't ever munched on them...

And in other news... my li'l red car turned over 180,000 miles today. Good ol' Rosie's at 180,040 on return to the house tonight. Keep going, little car! You have new brakes and will have a new timing belt and other maintenance-worthy internals next week! We'll keep driving for a few more years at least!
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That is still spinning!

100 minutes war was awesome and fun, and the guys were great to travel with (entertaining, at least), and we're all gonna go back and kick butt at K&Q Rapier in February in the same area. Woo! Took some photos, was too busy fencing and having fun to do much more. I got to show off a bit with Christovau in front of Her Highness and Her Majesty (using cloak! wheeee fun!), the capture-the-flag scenarios were fun and silly, and we dragooned Lucien and Morty into the Guard for court when it seemed there weren't going to be enough of us... the Royalty was well defended for that court, let's just say that... Photos soonish, now that I have my computer monitor at home back.

Slept till noon on Sunday. Wonderful. Puttered, relaxed... I'm apparently working on repotting all of my plants... I didn't plan to, but that's what is happening, bit by bit. They need it. Wrong time of year, technically, but they need it. Finally have some nice looking and happy philodendron again. And there are THREE flower buds on my mini amaryllis that I just picked up this year... so cool.

Got together with Max & [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel last night for dinner, we were in the area. Max makes a darn fine corned beef. Delicious, with strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert (from the store... but tasty).

Have tomorrow off, yay! Going to clean the apartment and prepare it for family invasion on Thursday. The turkey is thawing, slowly, in the fridge... There will be lots of tasty foods, perhaps even some Rawking Owt. We'll just have to see.


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