Fall Crown

Nov. 6th, 2011 08:26 pm
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Window Kitties
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Wonderful time at Crown yesterday. Great fighting, beautiful weather, several wonderful surprises for so many deserving people. Vivant to Sir Kenric, new Prince of the East, and his Lady, Avelina, new Princess! So wonderful to see so many of you too. It was good to get out, I needed that. More post and lots of pictures later; exhausted and going to have an early night tonight, I think.

For now, enjoy a picture of my handsome kitties in the window, taking a short break from being enraptured by the leaves floating down from the trees.

Good Things

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:40 pm
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Had meant to post this last night, but between one thing and another (and attempting to sew what has become the most complicated T-tunic in history, and I have no idea WHY. At this point, I'm just praying it fits...), it was suddenly 12:30AM, and I had to sleep...

Good things:
- Fresh peas, blueberries, and raspberries from the farm stand down the road.
- My kitties love puddles of sunlight. They so cute.
- I have enough sun in one little corner of the front garden to grow roses. I have 'High Voltage' planted at the moment, and am hoping to add a few more... just a few... And the Japanese beetles haven't found it. Yet.
- The main benefit to having raspberry brambles everywhere in the yard and garden is the raspberries, which are just starting to ripen. The ones in more shade were sweeter, too.
- Blueberries. I need to go out by the side of the road and see what I can pick off the zillions of plants out there. There were a few on the patch in the backyard, but I think it's too shady to really produce any fruit...
- Fun wildflowers in my backyard! 5 or 6 little plants of Lilium philadelphicum v. philadelphicum, or Wood Lily, have managed to poke their way through the leaves and weeds and other mess in the back, and are beautiful.
- Paint that works. Had a fantastic art day yesterday. Scroll is coming along.
- Still learning (but loving) the new camera. Need to read the manual... got to figure out the white balance settings and other stuff for indoor shots so colors don't come out all weird.

Today, now, I must finish Xavier's tunic. And work on the scroll some more. The easy part is done... Also, grocery shopping must happen today, and we have got to get the kitchen put back together. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit tonight, so the cats need to be brushed, and I need to vacuum everywhere, possibly twice, so they don't both die the moment they walk through the door...
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Cats and Mouse
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So... the boys got their first mouse last night... kinda.

There I was, painting on a scroll, when I notice Galahad has suddenly become veeeeery interested in the heat register near the coat closet. Pawing at the corner, talking to it, more pawpawpaw. Then I hear a squeek. My cats don't squeek. Not like that. I call to J, "J, I think we have a mouse!" And so it began.

He was just a wee little tiny thing. Baaaaaaaby mouse. Same one, we think, that necessitated the complete dismantling of the kitchen on Monday and Tuesday evening. Galahad was intent on squeezing his little head between the fridge and the wall, which was just not going to happen... J saw the li'l guy behind the fridge, and we put out some traps with delicious peanut butter on them, which have been steadfastly ignored. Cabinets emptied, and so began the judicious application of touch n' foam to every conceivable crack or hole a mouse could possibly enter or exit the area. It seems to have worked. The mouse that was in could not find its way back out.

And so, it ended up between the doorframe and the wall of the coat closet. How, we wondered, to get it out? Brought tongs over, and a bowl to catch it in... would not work. Tongs would not fit in the gap. Vacuum! We will vacuum the mouse out of the wall! Nope... squinched down, held on for dear life... hmm... (at this point, the cat has lost interest...) Propane gas was employed, to perhaps drive it from its hiding spot... I think that's what did it. It wasn't moving real quick, but we got it trapped under the bowl, with cardboard underneath. Now what?

Ah! The aquarium upstairs that came with the house! Apparently had been used, in the past, as a mouse/hamster/small rodent habitat, as there were still a few shavings in the bottom of it (ew). Mouse was unceremoniously dumped inside, which garnered the very quick attention of Lancelot, who knew exactly what this little gray thing was, and knew exactly what to do with it! Sortof. Much pawing and mushing of the outside of the little glass box ensued. Hilarity ensued when, upon tilting said box to encourage him to actually, maybe, get inside and try to get the mouse, he tried to squeeze underneath. Imagine a cat, stuffing his head into a very narrow angle between glass wall and floor, to better see the little gray mouse inside...

He figured it out, eventually. Kitty plays in the box with the live squeeky toy! A lot... bat bat bat bat bat sniff sniff... "careful, kitty, he'll bite..." bat bat bat bat bat sniff bat bat bat chase chase chase in circles around the little glass box... Galahad became interested again, at this point, and... herded... the mouse. Kept it between him and us. Wouldn't get in the box, after Lancelot got out, but was content to bat at it from the outside. Strange cats...

J had to perform the killing blow... the cats knew there was *something* they were supposed to be doing... I just don't think they knew quite what... There will probably be more live squeeky toys for them to play with soon... but hopefully not too many.
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Galahad enjoys the sunbeams...

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We have new nightly entertainment. Tune in to KAT-TV by opening the front door, making sure the storm door, which is glass all the way to the floor is shut, and turning on the porch light. Both the boys are quite enthralled by all the moths that come fluttering to the light, and seem to enjoy chasing them, though they can't catch anything... maybe this is good practice if we get moths indoors, though.

Day 3 of 90 degrees. Done with Texas summer now, thanks very much. Y'all can have it back, [livejournal.com profile] sprirtwolf.

But, textile motorcycle coats are a glorious, glorious thing. Rode the bike to work today. Wheeeee! Took it out for the first time last Saturday, to visit Syd at her new apartment. We had sushi and Japanese food at a wonderful restaurant just down the road, and I rode home afterward under a bright quarter-moon. Was beautiful.

Today, though, was just HOT. Still, no question on what vehicle I was taking to work. I'd been waiting for the right time, when I didn't have fencing gear to carry, and was awake enough to ride both to and from. Today was it. All systems go at 10:00, even though it was 85 degrees already... On the road, air moved right through my coat, keeping the ride to work mostly comfortable. I discovered I lost my scrunchie somewhere along the way... darn. It was my red one too... matched the bike...

Headed to [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre's after work, I realized I should have put at least the windproof liner back in the coat... the wind and air changed about 5:00 this evening, and we went from 93 to 77 in a matter of about 15 minutes. Rain was imminent, it seemed, and I decided to just ride, try to get there before it started. It wasn't cold, but the wind was definitely making it chilly... No rain, though, and I arrived safely, dry, and was able to ride home, arriving again safe and dry. Remembered to put the liner back in the coat, too. It was a comfortable ride home.

Tired now, glad it's Thursday tomorrow (my Friday). Last day of work for this week. Then Friday, I back scones, and bread, and pack, and head for the wilds of Vermont. By some miracle, I was given Saturday off. JOY! Memorial Day weekend, and I only have to work my regular schedule?!? Not asking questions, just being thankful. Never thought I'd make it to Panteria, but away I go. The kickoff of camping season in the East. Fencing, dancing, and evenings by the fire with dear friends are only a few hours away.
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After temps in the 60s and hitting 70 all week, it's actually spring today. Happy Equinox! And happy Anniversary to Max and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel! Strangest. Winter. Ever. Never worn short sleeves outside while it was still winter and enjoyed it.

The four of us got together here last night, for the first "entertaining" meal of many at our wonderful home. Thanks to the weather, I was craving BBQ chicken, and [livejournal.com profile] kurlon did not disappoint with our wee little grill. The kitties were even mildly social, which was nice.

I got to sleep past 6:30 this morning. That was wonderful in itself. Woke up to sunshine, blue sky, and just a few white puffy clouds. I can see trees through the skylight in the upstairs where my computer is currently set up. I want to turn the area up here into the book room; we've got the space. Can't decide if I want to keep the computer up here or not; If I set my little tiny speakers up a bit, music will fill the whole house from here. The acoustics are wonderful.

On the docket today: Laundry, and raking!! SO EXCITED to find out what I've got in the yard/pseudo-gardens here. Then perhaps over to Freegate for fencing and/or archery and/or socialness. Hot tub would be nice, I think, after all the work.

Tomorrow, depending on what the weather does, I want to paint things. This upstairs nook is going to be light blue when I'm done. May keep the white trim, I may not. The bottoms of the walls themselves do need trim, but I'll get as close as I can to the carpeting without also turning it a lovely light blue... We found the living room paint downstairs in the basement, if it mixes up well, I will fix all the gazillion nail holes in the walls there, and do some touch-ups. And if I'm playing with spackle, I may as well try to repair the kitchen wall where the dog chewed it, and think about paint for there too. I've got the color picked out, just need to decide to do it.

Might even get photos up this weekend. Who knows. :)
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Lancelot, helping
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BOTH kitties came upstairs to the loft area tonight, and decided to "help" with my emails. Lancelot was the more enthusiastic of the two, moving from my lap to the desk and back, but Galahad offered encouragement and advice from the floor, winding his way around the chair and my feet. Galahad jumped up into my lap on his own, which hasn't happened before. Happy Camille. :)

They're such good boys. Snuggly, and getting braver and less skittish every day. There was even the threat of playing tonight, as Galahad decided to see if Lancelot's tail really was attached to his butt...
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This is going to be a list... 'tis the only thing that fits with my life right now. More detail, and lots of photos, when things have calmed down, I hope.

- We've moved in! Kinda. Cats are here. Starting to explore things. Moved out of their room and into the rest of the house in the last week. Discovered bathroom cabinets. Discovered kitchen cabinets. Lancelot spent last night under the kitchen sink, since he opened the corner cabinet, squeezed in, and then couldn't figure out how to get out again. Silly kitty. Kitties are both still slinky and sneaky a lot of the time, but have both been lap cats, Galahad has talked a few times, and they're starting to figure out how to act like cats again.

- Phone, cable, and internet at the new house. My computer is there now. YAY.

- BIG MOVING WEEKEND coming up. Hopefully apartment will be empty, or mostly empty, and all I'll have to do is vacuum and wash windows next week. 9:00 AM Saturday is when it all starts. Call for details if you wanna help.

- Starting work on molding. Sanding, then staining, then install hopefully next week. Maybe. Looks beautiful.

- Can't wait to get out into the yard at the house. Bringing home some free plants tonight, that will live in their pots for a while, till I get myself organized.

- Uncovered and stood up alllll the plants at work. Spring is coming, or at least we hope so. Starting to clean up around the office now.

- Max, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, and I went to Montreal last weekend! I love Canada. And dancing. I want to put on my pretty dress and shoes again and go swing dancing with Xavier tomorrow night... sigh.

- Max, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, and I went to Montreal last weekend! I love Canada. So much fun fencing. Awesome little tourney, tasty (if a bit drawn out) feast, and I won the populace A&S display. Again. Cool. Whee!

- Max, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, and I went to Montreal last weekend! I love Canada. And Crepes. Chez Lulu B is a lovely little restau right down the road, and most delicious for breakfasts. The Grand Plan: I will quit my job, open a creperie. Syd can be the waitress, Max will be the barista. It will be Good. hm. ;)

- My garb and a few scrolls went down to K&Q A&S last weekend. Lots of compliments, some good commentary. Congrats to [livejournal.com profile] valkyrie1972 on her Silver Crescent.

I know there's more. But that's a good start... I'm still alive, really!


Mar. 2nd, 2010 02:40 pm
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More photos coming, I promise. I took a lot. :) Here are the boys, starting to settle in to Home. Getting more adventurous, wanting to explore the house (especially at 1:30 AM, when it appears the door didn't quite latch when I shut it last night... minor trauma, but everybody's OK now...), and learning to appreciate snuggles.

Galahad, socked out and drooling in my lap...

Lancelot, watchful in the hallway. From the first time he really got out and explored. There's a bit on his side that might look nasty, but it's not... just a shaved spot from where the vets had to put a pain patch from the dental work. Galahad's got one too, but he's so fluffy it's more hidden... we need to trim the fur there, though, so it doesn't turn into a mat.


Mar. 2nd, 2010 12:11 am
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Yup. Home.

Have bed, and alarm clocks that work. Have generator (or will, once we get it back from Iain), for when the power goes out, so the alarm clocks will still work. Have new fridge, which has some food in it. Have stove, which makes a lovely pot of boiling water, which turns into tea.

Have internet, cable, and phone. Do not yet have my computer. Perhaps this week, and then I can actually post photos, read comics, and catch up on my email for real.

Have kitties, kitties that are not sequestering themselves in their room quite so much anymore. They both went exploring last night for quite a while, not as scared of the big open spaces. Lancelot made it all the way up the stairs tonight. The little baby gate, though closed, did not keep him out for long... around and through the railing, and into what is currently our bedroom. I have since shut the door, since that will eventually be the guestroom, and I don't want my brother and his girlfriend to die of OMG KAT ALLERGY when they come visit.

I appear to not be allergic to my cats. Haven't taken Zyrtec in 3 days, am still fine when I'm aroudn them. This makes me So Happy. I'm a little confused, but am not going to question it.

Pictures, of kitties and house, to be up soon...

Oh yes, K&Q Rapier Champions was last weekend. Fun times. Did as well as I expected to, not as well as I'd hoped, but still had lots of fun. Saw my dear friend [livejournal.com profile] nomadmwe get a well deserved recognition as Queen's Champion. Spiffy fencing goes a long way. Congrats, hunny. :)
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Where the heck did the time go?? Three weeks, I'll be playing in the greenhouses with the baby plants already! Aaaaahhhh!

Not that I haven't been busy... Weekend Stuff )

The kitties are settling in. Last night, Galahad jumped into my lap, of his own volition, and did his best to drive his head through my elbow. I has a happy snuggle kitty. :) Lancelot is still not sure about the lap thing, but will quite happily lie next to you. Both of them also do not mind being brushed in the slightest, which makes my job with Galahad a whole lot easier. Kinda. He really, really likes the brush, and doesn't really hold still much so I can brush everything... we'll get there. :)

The boys still don't like noises coming from the other side of the door, and though Lancelot's curiosity on what is Out There will eventually get the better of him before Galahad's does, they are content to stay in the room with the green carpet. Still go into slinky kitty mode when we come in and catch them out of their safe spot in the carrier, though. They hide, and it takes a bit of coaxing to get them out again... But out they come. Lancelot will start purring (and he's LOUD) if you so much as glance at him... Galahad takes a bit longer, and his purr is quieter, but definitely there.


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