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Spring Moon
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Spring is here, spring is here! It's not snowing (though it's only 26 degrees out...), the sun is shining, and I've got the day off. Life is goood.

I did get outside, too, at 12:30 AM or so (agh, need to change the time on my camera for daylight savings...), with my camera and tripod (and should have worn gloves. Brr.), and stared up at the sky for a little while.

Big bright moon, perfectly clear night. Gorgeous.

The first photo I took also had some stars in it. I will need to play with this fantastic camera a bit more, when it's warmer in the evenings, and there is not quite so much moonlight. I have tried taking star photos and a lot of moon photos before , but I have so much more control over every single setting on this camera, I bet I can get some better ones. This was the 'Chaste Moon', according to English Medieval tradition... It was beautiful. Everything outside was bathed in blue light, reflecting off the snow that still covers the land here.

Stones are poking through, though. I am excited to see my terrace again; this year, I know what I am going to put there (Hydrangea quercifolia, Oakleaf Hydrangea), and will do it, before fall! So pretty... Much soil amending to be done first, and the Battle of the Sumac and Raspberry will continue... I made a good dent last year, but there is much ground to be gained and much compost to be spread.
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Bartzella Peony
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My Bartzella is blooming. Three of eight buds are wiiiiide open and absolutely gorgeous. He's about a week early this year, usually blooms right around [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider's birthday, but I think there are enough buds so that the timing will be right on.. The sheer number of petals in each blossom is amazing, and the ruffly-ness of each of them is fantastic. Deep within the bloom, where they connect to the stalk, the petals are dark red. Fabulous.

BIG yellow moon out there tonight, too. Was coming back from the store (J needed emergency butterscotch ice cream topping...), and took the long way home, so I could chase the moon for a little bit. SO HUGE. 10 PM on the dot, it poked out from behind the clouds, about twice the size it was supposed to be, and golden yellow. Incredibly cool.

In happy SCA news, I have the entire week of GNEW off. Starting that Monday night, I will be in full relax mode. Cannot wait.
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The full Wolf Moon will rise tonight in the east. It is to be the largest full moon of the year, coming into the sky at its perigee, and will look HUGE on the horizon. It will be beautiful. Year of the wolf, indeed, my friend.

If I remember, I will try to get outside and see it, but that may not happen till later, as it is the night of our Winter Feast (Yoinks! And away!). Bounced back and forth between being excited because it's been a while since I've been able to go to an event, and being depressed because it was supposed to snow... Snow is gone. Now I just need to find the garb and all its bits that I'm going to wear tonight, organize my music, clean my recorder (and make sure I remember how to play it... I think I do), and figure out how to sing 'O Magnum Mysterium'. Finally stopped coughing every 5 minutes, so I think that will improve things. Emergency practice at 3:00, I think. I can be ready by then. Hrm.
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Crescent Sunset
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Meant to put this up yesterday... got distracted by J playing Fallout 3. :)

In addition ('cuz I was forgetful before): What was really cool about all this, though, was the whole series of photos I took. The moon really moves a lot in a minute. I fussed with different shutter speeds to try and get the best exposure, and the time between photos is not that much, but in sequence, it's really cool. I will have to try to make a movie, or something...
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Day After Conjunction
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Or, how to break in boots without breaking (and blistering) one's feet.

After swimming around in muck and mud and cold drizzle and MISERY for most of yesterday at work, I broke down and replaced my leaky boots with a new pair. The only pair of men's, size 7, hiking boots in WalMart. Apparently women (at least those who shop for shoes at WalMart) do not wear boots anymore. At least not functional ones. You want cute little fuzzy boots with pompoms on them? Got plenty of those. Won't do me much good tromping through ankle-deep mud though.

The downside to new boots is of course making them fit my feet. The squeaking coming from the heel region of the left boot foretold miserable blisters in my future if I did not do something quickly. My co-worker that does a lot more hiking than I do gave the most wonderful suggestion. Bandaids don't stick for more than a few minutes, so use duct tape. Brilliance. A strip of duct tape on both heels, enough to cover my achilles tendon/ankle area (where the top of the boot was rubbing... ow ow ow), and no blisters tonight (even though everything else hurts. Trees are heavy.). This means I can go fencing and stab my friends. Yay!

I missed the Great Conjunction last night, thanks to some clouds and wicked fog (which froze by in a perfect layer all over everything. really cool, but only because I didn't have to drive in it at freezepoint.), but a clear sky tonight allowed excellent viewing of the Cheshire Cat Moon, with Venus and Jupiter just below. Lovely with the sunset.
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Not really... it's a beautiful Snow Moon out there tonight. It rose pure white and full against a cobalt sky. I can only hope the weather that gives it its name holds off for just a few more weeks..., [livejournal.com profile] sprirtwolf, does the moon look different from Texas? :)

I realize that the only time I have used my camera at all this month is to take a photo of a page in a book, so I could enlarge the image, and print it so I could trace it onto the scroll I'm working on. This will have to be remedied.

Off to Creativity Night, chez [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre and [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius, to finish putting leaves on said scroll, and to hopefully snag use of a sewing machine to repair my bodice. Still have not set mine back up yet. Should, as I'm going to have a bit of extra time this winter, to make some hats...

Off to the bank tomorrow morning to talk houses... should be interesting, at the very least. The banks are open tomorrow, I am sure of it.
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October Moon
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The Hunter's Moon rose full and bright over the pines in the backyard tonight. I couldn't just let it sit out there unappreciated... absolutely beautiful.

The ToDo list was whittled down a bit more than expected today. )

Found the basement, cleaned up the living room a bit, moved a few things. There is much laundry to fold tonight. Then maybe I can get my sewing room back on....... Friday night? oh lordy...

Also, Quadrophenia by The Who is an awesome album. Hands down fantastic. I had never in my life listened to the entire thing until today driving around in the car. Musical brilliance.
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At this moment, but not for much longer, I can stand at the bottom of the stairs and see a beautiful bright white moon perfectly framed through the bathroom window. So cool.
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Eclipse 09
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What a fabulous day yesterday... Let's see what happened... no work; Amy and I went to an all-day seminar on soils and compost (which is really more fun than it sounds!), I found and bought my own copy of Guitar Hero III for the Wii, so I can now have zero productivity at home, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel taught us all how to do the Magic Rolled Hem at Creativity night last night, and the crystal-clear sky made for excellent eclipse viewing. For the best of the best, go here: 2008 Eclipse of the Storm Moon.

Illumination class is tonight, canceled last week due to some holiday... we're playing with gold leaf, I hear. Should be interesting, at the very least. :)
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Eclipsed Storm Moon
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BEAUTIFUL Total Eclipse of the Storm Moon tonight... more photos later, this one was at Totality, approximately 10:26 PM. Sleep now. Will update tomorrow with a nice progression, I hope. I'm figuring out how to make my camera happy...... :)
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So, everybody needs to put on warm jackets and check out the awesomeness that will be the Total Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night! Totality is right around 10:30, specifically 10:26 PM. If we all go outside at the same time, we can all see it together, even though we may be miles apart... :) Here's hoping for a clear night.

Fencing Ramblings... stabby stabby )
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Full Wolf Moon
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The rising day-before-full Wolf Moon was beautiful tonight. This is the one really good photo I was able to take, and the last one possible before my very very cold (kept in the car all day oops) camera battery decided to call it quits. Snow expected for tomorrow afternoon, so it may be cloudy. Good moon pictures may not be possible. Get 'em while they're hot! ...er really really cold!

'Twas a good weekend; went home, saw my parents, went dress shopping with Sarah so her sister and I will look all pretty for her wedding in May. Played Guitar Hero III way too late on Saturday night with Nate (he is a bad influence on me... he and his evil little DS Lite with long battery life and PuzzleQuest will be the bane of any productivity or socialness on the weekends I go home.), and then again for a while on Sunday. Working my way up to medium difficulty on some of them, too... hee... my poor li'l pinky finger doesn't quite know what to do. I can hit most of the notes, most of the time, and 90% of the music is good. Particularly 'Radio Song' by Superbus. Go watch! The video is kinda silly. They're French. It's Great Fun. :) (as an aside... does anyone out there know how to rip the audio out of a youtube video?? having some difficulties finding a simple program for code-stupid people aka me...) nevermind, all set...

Went to the track and watched Josh zip around in circles for a while, then we went out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] frothgar. The Tuxedo Mousse (Amaretto over chocolate..... covered in chocolate... with raspberry drizzle... and whipped cream) at the Longhorn Steakhouse is to die for. I have dessert for the next 3 days, though...

Now to finish a dress in time for Birka... on Saturday... hm... right! To The Machine!
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Full MoonDoggie
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...how much I LOVE MY CAMERA? :) I do. And anybody who went to bed before 11:00 tonight missed out on a beautiful Moon. One day past full on the Beaver Moon (or Frost Moon, or Snow Moon, depending on who you listen to. Beaver Moon is Native American, Snow Moon is Medieval English...), a beautiful moonrise around 6:00 PM (more photos behind the link, as usual), with artful semi-obscuring cloudcover. Later in the evening it was bright enough (almost) to drive around without the headlights on! Not that crazy, myself... any snow at all would have made everything that much brighter, but one could almost have read by the light of the Moon tonight as it was. Everyone that hadn't left after movie night was over, I dragged outside, and we all shared one of those times I absolutely live for. There is no better place to be on a warmish (for late November) night, under a gorgeous full moon, surrounded by happy, laughing friends.
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The Hunter's Moon rose full last night, bright and HUGE. Was beautiful... as I walked around the corner of the apartment, headed towards my car and fencing practice, I had to blink a couple times and wait for my eyes to adjust, the moonlight was so brilliant.

Practice was fantastic. I was a bit tired and slow from work this week, but loosened up pretty quickly. Even got to fence everybody, which is a rare thing.

Being tired as I was, but still determined to cheer on the Sox, I collapsed on the couch behind Josh when I got home. Was planning on re-stitching the lacingholes on my green gown, but completed a grand total of one, re-threaded the needle, and promptly fell asleep... hm. I think I slept through the bottom of the 6th inning through the top of the 8th... Nothing score-changing happened, which was good, and I did manage to force my eyes to stay open till the end, and SOX WIN! Yaaaaaay! Up 2 games to 0 over Colorado, travel day today, then 3 games out west... should be a good series. The first game was a wonderful blowout, but last night's (what I saw of it, anyway) was generally better baseball.

And here's what's interesting... people say baseball is boring... 'they' may use the excuse that I slept through 2 innings of it and "nothing happened" as proof. I maintain that there was a lot happening, and I am sorry to have missed it. Pitchers able to drop the ball exactly where they want it, batters struggling to swing where they're not sure the ball will be, exactly. It is a completely different game when you're there, and involved, but also most worthwhile to watch on TV (or listen to, for me. We only get fuzzy Fox, as we don't have cable in the apartment), if the commentators are good, and don't get too distracted from the game (there are some I refuse to listen to; John Miller & Joe Morgan on ESPN, for example. aieeeee....). I can also do other things, like sew buttonholes. But boring? Never.

There are 8 days till Alvin (my Daemon) stays a lynx... he started out a lion. Lynx are easier to travel with, I suppose. Not quite so large... :) He's only been transformed once, and people can still play... Here is the original entry, or the website is The Golden Compass Movie, here. >^.^< KITTY.


Aug. 29th, 2007 11:20 pm
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The last three nights have showcased a beautiful full Corn Moon. Someone at practice on Tuesday commented (as I was shouting in the parking lot for everyone to look up at the orange-hued orb rising over the trees... ok, got a few funny looks...) that after all these thousands of years staring at the sky, the wonderment and awe of gazing upon a full moon would have worn off by now. It hasn't. Why? Is it because she's the closest thing we can really see hanging in the sky? Our Luna doesn't burn like the sun, she's just there, pulling at our own internal tides as well as the oceans'. There's just nothing like standing barefoot in cool grass, light breezes playing with my hair, bathed in moonlight. Though some nights, succumbing to the urge to climb up to a rooftop and howl seems like a pretty good idea.

These last nights have got to be in part to make up for the lack of Perseids earlier this month... cloudy during the best day, of course. Also on Tuesday, whilst headed to Uno's for post-practice dinner, a bright, slow falling star started at the top of my windshield and tracked allll the way to the bottom. That one was mine. (Everyone else was too busy watching where they were driving, I'm sure...)

We're not that far out of the city, but far enough that we get a good view of stars here... it's only when I leave home, and go south to my parents', or north, as we did earlier this month to Chewonki campground, that I am reminded just how many stars there are. It is truly a beautiful night.


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