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Busy couple of weekends I've had.

Two weeks ago I day-tripped Palio di Stonemarche with Alianor, Mickel, and Max. Retained for the Princess in the morning, did some silly silly fencing games in the afternoon, and got to actually watch some of the equestrian stuff. Pretty horsies. An absolutely delightful day. Alianor and I worked on (and I finished) new garb for her, which was indeed done in time for her first event in a while. Pictures here:
06-16 Palio

Last Saturday I did a crazy thing, I'm pretty sure, but I lived. Didn't panic. Didn't break anything on me or the new dirtbike. Fell a few times, probably could/should have fallen a few more, but I'm still putting at pretty low speeds. Even so, I bruised my butt pretty well, but not enough to turn me off it.

So yeah. I'm OK... I lived. I do remember how to ride a motorcycle, though [personal profile] kurlon is right, dirt is absolutely nothing like the street. I'm not quite at "having fun" yet, but I definitely didn't hate it. Ah, my little noble steed... Going to try it again on Sunday at MX101 in New Hampshire, if it's not too rainy/thundery.

Today was spent puttering, Cleaning All The Things, and working on the door for the dang tent. One more day of sewing and work, it'll be done. I guess I work best under pressure, that's why I've waited till 2 weeks before the event to actually do anything, even though we'd planned it all out a year ago. Argh. Had allllll winter to work on this. Why didn't I? I dunno... It's going to be so nice, though... :) Door panels are all sewn, just need grommets and loops, and then to be attached to the tent.

Next potential project is possibly finding a tent to go to Pennsic in... I'm planning on taking my car, which means the kitchen tent is out (poles won't fit, no roof rack), and the rain fly from Max & Mickel's cabin tent is currently AWOL... awkward. I'll figure something out. Need to make a packing list.
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More traveling this past weekend, to Connecticut and Balfar's Challenge! Stopped over and saw Dad on Friday night so I didn't have to get going quite as early on Saturday morning, which was nice. Beautiful day, perfect weather again for outdoor fencing. Carolyne and Jocelyn were excellent teammates, we are not treasure-motivated, it seems, and need to pay a bit more attention to the eventual goal of the scenarios we are participating in actually is, but we had a blast. So wonderful to see a lot of the fencing family. And my Don! Wyatt and I were actually at the same event! Now I just have to get us to drill and work on me learning things earlier, when I am not so tired... trying to learn stuff after a full day of tourney and pick up fencing does not work all that well...

Lots of photos here:
04-07 Balfar's Challenge

Off to Coronation this weekend, with Jean and Sorcha and maybe Mylisant. It will be fun. Again. :)

6 months ago was not so fun )
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Except for the whole 'getting up at 6:30 on my day off' bit, weekend so far has been pretty relaxing.

[personal profile] kurlon sold the bike we went down to NJ last July to the guy who had it before the guy who gave it to him did, so up we got, on our day off, to drive down to Connecticut to do the exchange. I got my coffee and pastry, loaded up Good Omens on the ipod, and took a nap for a while while [personal profile] kurlon drove. We went through sun, clouds, snow squalls, and sun again, and arrived at my favorite deli right on time. Met the guy, unloaded the trailer and truck, and proceeded to have a lovely lunch before heading back home. More nap, more snow squalls, and back at the house by 3:30. Not bad. Had we waited another 6 hours, I guess we could have had dinner there with [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider, but neither of us could have really shifted schedules... next time.

Puttering and repotting/refreshing some of the houseplants that have needed it for a while were the tasks of the afternoon. I am rooting more angel-wing begonia, if anybody wants one... MOAR PLANTS! Also have a few hardy(!?) orchids that I need to decide if I want to order or not before the coupon expires on Thursday.

Tomorrow - photos and inventory of alllll the houseplants. It's time. There have been some new additions and some losses over the last year...
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So. October 9. 80 degrees. Sunny. How could we NOT go for a ride??
10-09 October Ride

J and I met [livejournal.com profile] kr4sh, [livejournal.com profile] mylisant, and Jeff this morning, and took off for points northwest! A perfect riding day, not too busy on the roads, didn't need either liner in my coat, beautiful foliage on the trees, especially once we got north of Windham. [livejournal.com profile] kr4sh remembered a really good BBQ place for lunch, on the way to Evans Notch. The Notch was beautiful. Stalled the bike a few times trying to get up a steep turnout, was frustrating... But parked safely and managed to get going again without too much internal dialogue. The 5 of us helped push a couple women in a stalled Honda Accord off the road to a safer landing spot too. Don't know what happened there.

Ran into the guy who was the previous owner of my Monster at a gas station on the way back. That was random. He came up, asked how I liked the bike, and then said 'It was never that dirty when I owned it!', then got a little upset when he realized the marks weren't dirt, but scratches... I related the exciting story, and decided not to tell him about the other two times I'd dumped... I wasn't happy when I did it either, but relax, 'kay? It's not something I plan on doing on a regular basis... /sigh. And he seemed a little put off that I'd taken the (ugly) green 'Monster' decals off the tank. Decided not to tell him those were the first things to go. Pfeh. Not your bike anymore, dude...

Interesting to note, too, that either my odometer or [livejournal.com profile] kurlon's odometer (perhaps both) reads funny. We filled up after lunch, after having filled the tanks at the same time that morning. Mine read 78.4 miles. His read 77.4 miles. Same thing when we got home, mine reads a mile and a bit higher than his. Strange.

The little $40 Panasonic LZ7 I picked up for a travel camera seems to work just fine too, now I just need to get a couple decent sets of rechargeable batteries...

Tired now, don't wanna go to work tomorrow, but it looks like it's going to be a reasonable biking week, at least till Thursday! Got some Stuff to do before my Grand Adventure to Montreal this weekend too... I am excited for Fall Harvest!
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Extreme Computing
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...I just thought it was cute. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon, trying to get his iPhone to behave with the earbuds he bought so he can come riding tomorrow even though he's oncall, on the last beautiful weekend we'll probably have this year. One more week of Vroom.

We have a backyard again! Mostly. At least accessible with Murray, anyway. Three full trailer loads later, the last of the construction debris from the re-building of the garage is GONE. As are the remnants of a tree house that was here when we moved in, parts of the fence that he tore down from the back door area, and a few stray 4x4 posts. Still a bunch of crap under the (falling down) shed, and in the shed, but we'll rent a dumpster sometime, and just get rid of the whole darn thing.

There were so. Many. Salamanders! Li'l orange and black guys, I am pretty sure they are the Eastern Redbacked Salamander. So cute! One hitched a ride all the way to the transfer station in the trailer, but rode back in my hands... he's not where I put him when we got back home, so he either became lunch, or recovered and ran off somewhere. Be free, li'l dude!!

Scared a few fieldmice away from where they were hiding in the pile of rotted wood... they'll have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight. Not. Inside. The house.

So we can get into the backyard, mow the meadow, and then sometime have a big chainsaw party to cut up/haul away/burn all the felled trees (anybody doing thrown weapons need cookies?), and then take care of the slashpile. Which may be taken care of sooner rather than later. Watch this space. Then we will have a backyard we can enjoy. In a year or two. No rush...
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Bicolor Hydrangea
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I'm in a good mood. There are lots of things to be happy about today.
  • The bi-color hydrangea bloom by the waterfall at work makes me smile. :)
  • It is sunny again! 4 days of rain are done, and the sky is beautiful blue, dotted with white fluffy clouds!
  • Because it is sunny, and not too cold (though a little chilly), it is MOTORCYCLE DAY. October 5, still riding. YAY. A few extra layers, leggings under the jeans, fleece-lined hoodie under the jacket, and a neck scarf. But still VROOM. Only bike on the road this morning...
  • Wonderful fencing practice last night! Wyatt came up, I got some lesson time in with my Don. He says I'm improving. I'm glad somebody thinks so and can tell... it's hard for me to see a difference. I'll just have to do more traveling and fence more people to test this theory. Delicious crab and havarti sandwich on sourdough bread for dinner afterward, too.
  • More fencing! Headed to IDD next weekend for Fall Harvest, and BBM for Fall Feast of Simplefare the weekend after.
  • Sadly, skipping the Endewearde Hunt this weekend to hopefully get the yard cleaned up finally, maybe get the house organized, hopefully get at least the sketch done for scroll #2 to go out at Crown. It would have been a nice relaxing weekend, but I have to be an adult sometime...
  • FREE FABRIC! I finally have bought enough linen over the past 6 years to bump the credit transfer ratio to something useful, and I have $100 of free linen headed my way. I can make a new fencing armor shirt, new 14th c chemise, viking chemise (for Birka), and have a few yards of brilliant red to do... something... with. YAY.
  • Projects to start, for crown. My part of one scroll is all done, waiting on calligraphy for scroll #2, and a sooper sekrit project that I need to talk to Her Most Excellent Excellency Baroness [livejournal.com profile] alysten about... I need some tips on doing some of that fabulous stained glass embroidery you just finished.
  • It's Wednesday, and almost 11:00. Only 2 1/2 days of work left this week... that's definitely a happy thought.

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Bee on Rozanne
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Bright, sunny, cool day here today. So glad it's Friday. Hoping the rain that's predicted for Sunday holds off, and we can enjoy a non-soggy SeaDogs game, but we'll see. Hoping to ride the bike again, but not sure that'll happen. 4 days straight this week of Motorcycle, could have been all 5, had I not had all kinds of stuff to bring with me on Monday. Gorgeous week. Don't wanna be at the office right now, though...


Aug. 30th, 2011 11:56 pm
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One year ago today, Giovanni and I rode to work for the first time. Happy.

Today, again under beautiful blue skies, with only a little bit more scuff than a year ago, we rode to work. It was hard to turn into the driveway; I would have liked a nice ride through the mountains today... Still happy.
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Till Thursday, anyway.

Today marked day 5 in a row of having my butt on the seat of my motorcycle. VROOM. Saturday, I sat on the passenger seat, while [livejournal.com profile] kurlon drove us to the shop to pick up his new bike. Giovanni's passenger seat is more comfortable than the one on [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre's IGOR. We then headed off on a ride to Cornish, had a wonderful dinner at Krista's, and rode back home.

Sunday was a quick trip to Max & Mickel's and back, lovely breakfast of waffles.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, rode to and from work! Wheee! Monday I even got a strawberry soft serve at my Favorite Ice Cream Shop (was hoping for coffee-strawberry swirl, but that machine is only half working... sigh...).

Tuesday got my new inspection sticker, so we are legal for another year. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon swung by the shop too, to show off the new toy. The look on G's face was *priceless*. Going from an ST3 to the weeee little 250 is quite a jump, and nobody really gets it... We rode to and home from fencing practice (which was fantastic. Last week outside, till next summer... boooo).

Wednesday night I had some time to kill before singing practice, and so, gassed up Giovanni after work, and headed northwest, to take the loop around Sebago Lake. State Park Road has been recently repaved, and it was a dream. Once I got off that road, and on the way to Gorham, not so much... those roads need re-paving. (I really, really need to get an inexpensive little camera that will fit in my pocket, too... One I don't care too much about losing, but will still take decent photos, because I find such pretty places riding around.)

An hour and a half (halfway through which I should have put the liner back in my jacket; I was a little chilled) is about my limit in the seat, I find... Might have been able to go longer if I was warmer, and if the roads hadn't been so bumpy. I was definitely tense by the time I got back on more familiar roads.

But an hour and a half will seem like nothing in a few weeks, I'm sure... J has convinced me to come with him to LRRSNHMS, and do a track day. We've got a special rate, I've got the day off. Hoping I don't do anything stupid while I'm out there. Am quite nervous, despite his reassurances that I can run my own pace, get as much instruction as my brain can handle, etc... Right now, I'm just hoping to not break anything unfixable (on me or Giovanni), and for not having a total meltdown halfway through the day when I'm exhausted. We'll see!!
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Your campus is beautiful. The Florence Keigwin Amphitheater by the lake, with the beautiful granite terraced seating and picturesque view is delightful. The buildings are lovely and clean. Your signage, however, sucks.

I looked at a map before I left, and still missed my turn, because I was expecting somehow, that on one of the major roads that goes through the fair City of Lewiston, there would be some sort of indication that I was somewhere close to a large Institution of Higher Learning. None. Not a single, solitary "Bates College This Way" sign anywhere on Rt. 202. The one sign I did see, after heading several miles out of town, turning around, turning onto "Bates Street" and "College Avenue", neither of which led me, really, to the college, and asking three fairly unhelpful people for directions (people of Lewiston - how do you not know where the College is in your city?? even a little bit??), I stumbled upon a side road, with the single, solitary sign that said "<- Bates College". A little bit more directional assistance would be appreciated. I still have no idea how to easily get onto campus from Rt. 202, nor back to it.

End rant.

Thursday evening, after work, Giovanni and I headed out to see the Yankee Brass Band, of which my brother [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider is the youngest member (by about 10 years...). Apparently the penchant for dressing up in funny clothes on the weekends runs in the family. :) It was a delightful concert, though I missed the first three pieces (see rant above). Beautiful open air amphitheater, on a lake, all kinds of people sitting, enjoying the music of the 19th century. A few dozen musicians sat, playing on old old old brass instruments, all properly attired. An osprey circled overhead, searching for dinner, for several minutes, eventually coming away with a shining, wiggling fish. The audience was appreciative, the music ended just as the sun set, and I was treated to a delightful rendition of The Anvil Chorus, from Il Travatore, complete with a fellow beating the heck out of a steel I-beam.

Had a few minutes to visit post-concert, then headed out while it was still light so I could have a prayer of getting back on a familiar road before I couldn't see anything anymore... Nice ride home.

Photos from the concert are up in the usual spot. 'Twas truly a fine way to spend an evening.
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With both bikes that were actually running and rideable on the road being sold, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon needed another project, so away we went. We made a whirlwind trip to NJ and back today... I am TIRED.

Up at 6:45 on my day off. Woke to clouds and the gentle sound of rain, which was wonderful. I don't think it lasted very long, though... Out on the road by 7:30 or so, prepared with the Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy radio show on iPod, which I haven't listened to in a looong time, and I guess [livejournal.com profile] kurlon had never heard before, so away we went. Guy he knows from PA finally made the decision to get rid of one of his parts/race bikes, and after waffling back and forth quite a bit over trading it and another plus cash for Duckie, and then not, and then yes, and then not (and then Duckie sold to someone else, so poof went that deal), and then decided to just let him have it, plus a bunch of parts. We just had to go pick it up. In eastern PA. Only a 9 hour drive... guhhhh... A "free" motorcycle, though... it won't end up being free, I know that, but it's at least a start. :)

A deal was made earlier this week that we could meet him at a friend of his in NJ, so that knocked several hours of driving and a hotel off the trip. Marathon driving session, ahoy!

Made it to NJ, met Pags, transferred parts and bike to our trailer, and then turned around and headed back home... No time to stop and look at the scenery. Trying to navigate Jersey and then New York traffic with a trailer was fun and exciting (not really, people are psychotic. Saw more accidents and cars flipped over and bashed in today than I usually do in MONTHS.), and we ended up going over the GW bridge, which is exactly what I never want to do... nice view of the skyline, and so tempting to take off and go to the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens right there... but no.

Stopped at Rein's Deli in CT for dinner, I drove the rest of the way home, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon slept. Long day. Glad to be back. And there is yet another motorcycle carcass in the garage...
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So, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon showed up at fencing practice tonight. Surprise! Hooray! Carrying a license plate... what?

He handed it to me. 'La Vita', it said. Italian for 'The Life'. Registration expired August of last year, I think. Sometime in 2010, anyway.

It took my brain a few seconds to really process what I knew from the moment I saw the corner of metal in his hand. It's a good thing, this. We just... weren't really ready for it, I guess.

Stupid, to shed tears over a few hundred pounds of metal and plastic and rubber. But there they are. It's just a bike... right...

It's our bike. Our Duckie. Poor thing, got a scratch on my saddlebag not even 24 hours after the papers were signed (J, not being used to hard sidebags, took a corner a little too sharp, and caught the corner of the license plate on a Jeep, right outside the dang driveway...). She took us to Nova Scotia and back on our honeymoon. We went riding through the mountains. We went way too fast on a group ride with a bunch of other Ducs, me hanging on for dear life on the back... There's a lot of miles (Kilometers... turned 10,000, somewhere in the middle of Nova Scotia) on that seat.

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon got a call tonight from the shop where she's been for the last year or so, when we finally made the decision to sell her (the main reason I got my license was so I could ride again, since J's not doing much street riding anymore after the thrills of racing...). Wanted to know if we had the side bags here, since there's apparently been a lot of interest in ST3's. Showed up to the shop, with bags, and was told by the fellow who was there to 'just put 'em in the back of my truck!'. What? Oh. Oh! Ok...

A year of waiting, of contemplating dropping the price, just to get her sold, so we wouldn't have to worry anymore and could pay off the credit card, and J could work on getting a new race/street bike that he'd actually use... Turns out the new owner is a friend of J's dad. J let him keep the yellow duck stickers. Going to see if his dad recognizes the bike next time they see each other... She'll have a good home.

She's just a bike. Not even a part of my life for the last couple years, really, except 'anybody looking at the ST3 yet?' questions to the shop... So why were we crying? Stupid, that's all...
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Royal Enfield
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Continuing with the "good weekend" theme, Saturday afternoon, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon and I went to Cumberland County Choppers to play "not my bike!" because they had the reps from Royal Enfield in, and they were doing test rides. Royal Enfield motorcycles, I learned, are the longest continuous-production bikes in the world. They're single cylinder, pretty normal, well-behaved bikes. Very pretty, classic styling on these. One of them even matched my shoes... :)

Had we been considering buying one, however, the sales guy lost any hope of actually making a sale just about the moment we stepped onto the lot and under the tent. He asked me, "So, you're here for a test ride?" "Yes." I said. "On your own bike?" he asked, with a note of 'oh, little girl, these big ol' motorcycles aren't your thing...' in his voice. "Yes." I said, with a note of 'do you treat all your potential customers like this?' in mine... I was... displeased. But not about to let it ruin the afternoon.

Filled out the paperwork, was introduced to my motorcycle, a "C5" body style. Light, quick, maneuverable. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon was on the "B5" style, a little longer, a lot heavier (it seemed, when we went to switch halfway through the demo). Nervous, I was, it being Not My Bike, and ohgodwhatifIdumpit? but was determined to do what I knew how to do. I think the rep was a bit confused when we got ready for the ride, and put on all. the. gear. Gloves, jacket (love my jacket, mesh, ventilated), and helmets. Dude, I don't care if it's "only a 5 mile loop" or whatever it was. We're going at traffic speed, I'm on an unfamiliar bike, and there are still other cars out there, all of whom want to kill us (or should be treated as such), thanks very much.

It was a fun ride. Still nervous, wasn't sure what to expect from this strange new vehicle, but I did OK. Started getting comfortable on it right about when we pulled back into the shop... bah. We had the option of swapping bikes halfway through the ride, but I kept the one I was on. I couldn't even sit on the one [livejournal.com profile] kurlon was riding, the seat was pretty weird. But it's a comfortable bike, 500cc, ~30 hp or so, a good bike for putting around town. Not so much for highway travel or long distances, I don't think. Not unless you get the sidecar...

Returned home to the garden, planted my beautiful Oakleaf Hydrangea. So gorgeous. It completes the terrace quite nicely. That is the one thing I was absolutely certain of when I first found it last year; there would have to be an Oakleaf Hydrangea there. And so there is. Hopefully it makes it through the winter OK, they can be fussy here... but that spot seemed to keep a lot of snow on it last year, so I am hopeful.

All in all, a darn fine weekend. Surprise birthday party for [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel at the house this evening, lots of people over, lots of delicious food, a fun time.

Happy Day!

May. 25th, 2011 01:54 pm
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Happy Towel Day, happy Lilac Day, HAPPY SUNNY DAY.

I woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies, a bright golden glowing orb hanging overhead, and most importantly NO RAIN. And 70 degrees. MOTORCYCLE DAY.

I even took the quilted liner out of my jacket (it is stuffed in my backpack, 'cause it'll be colder later tonight), and had a glorious, glorious ride to work today. Was so very tempting to take a left turn instead of a right on Rt 5, and head straight to the mountains and skip work... Absolutely perfect riding weather. Would have been a delightful day...

That being said, people are in a pretty good mood at work, low-stress situations are getting taken care of, we have customers buying things, and life is generally good. Amazing what a little sun and warmth will do for one's mood.

Week Recap

May. 12th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Good things, mostly, this week.

+ 4 out of 5 days got to ride the bike! Could have, maybe, on Tuesday, but would have been COLD. And Wet. Even with rain gear. So it worked out OK.
+ Good fencing day on Tuesday!
+ Finally bought 'Sigh No More' by Mumford and Sons. For $5. mp3 Album from Amazon.com. LOVE.
+ Sunshine today, finally.
+ FRIDAY. Kinda. For me. First Friday of the week!
+ Lovely dinner at Blast from the Past with [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max tonight.
+ Rode home under a beautiful moon and indigo skies.

- Not going to be able to play in the garden much this weekend...

+ ...because I'm prepping stuff for Spring's Inspirations on Saturday! Paint and gold and friends and general SCA loveliness.

- Not sure if I'll have any sort of veggie/edibles garden this year... I gotta do something, I'll go nuts...

+ ...but I'm going to help S get a container garden going behind the restaurant where she works! Next weekend, we plant beets and radishes and STUFF!

- ...because she's still hurting from a rough break-up. I'm gonna kick K next time I see him... but not too hard... life will indeed go on. Gardens heal souls. /sigh.

+ Started some herb seeds in a little egg carton greenhouse. Hopefully will have some thyme, and basil, and borage, and other stuff coming up soon. Green. Need. Green.

+ Kitties happy. Got most of the mats (not too bad, but bad enough) out of Galahad's underside out. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon has to pay attention to the front half, while I work on the back half, and it's quite a feat of acrobatics when we get fuzzbutt up on his haunches so I can get the underside, but he's such a patient, calm kitty... thank goodness. No protesting, even when I know it pulls a little bit...

+/- We really need a garage door. There are birds nesting in the third garage. I think it's a Phoebe. Working on replacing, maybe, the one we lost last weekend...

Time to get off the computer now. Things to do! Busy weekend!
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I found 6th gear on the way home tonight. :) Comfortable for cruising at 55 mph. Was slightly off-balance during the ride, for some reason. I suspect I was tired. I know I was tired, but I suspect that was the reason. Not overly-so, but I had a bit more wobble at a couple stop signs and lights than I'd have liked.

Last bike ride this week too, I suspect. After 4 days of beautiful, perfect weather, spring rains move back in for the next several days. Bah. Hope this doesn't become a trend. After doing some calculations, I think Giovanni is nearly going to pay for himself, at least through the summer, with the money I'll be saving on gas. If I'm lucky, I'll be saving $15-$30 per week on gas, at least. That could be $120 a month. Which is allllmost the payment. Almost. It's certainly helping.

Still stressed. It's spring. Work is zooey. We've been busier lately, helped along by the weather, which is good, but means I'm going in 8000 different directions and can't get anything done. My co-workers are doing the majority of hauling the shrubs around (which I am grateful for, because I've realized I kinda hate that part of my job... heh, I get to actually be management and point and direct...), and the tree field (which I do hate, always have. There has got to be a better way to organize and keep the trees upright besides bricks... but the boss will have none of anybody's suggestions. frustrating.) has stabilized some, so even in big winds, most everything is staying standing upright. Finally. Won't last long. We've got evergreen trees coming in this week, and two trucks worth of shrubs, and maybe some perennials. If I'm very, very lucky, they'll all come in the mornings, and be done or mostly done by the time I get in for my shift... we'll see.

Last Saturday, I visited (was a wench at) a wonderful Tavern that only exists twice a year. It is a truly magical place, full of friends, good song, good drink, fantastic food. A truly enjoyable evening at the Tyger and Bucket. I love this bar! (but dear merciful heavens, pay heed to the song. do NOT drink the blue stuff... ever. Ever. guh.) There will be photos soon from the high-heel tourney...
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Fort Knox 2011
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Photo by Ed duMont
It is going to be a perfect day! 2 ladies, vrooming off on bright red Ducatis, under a brilliant blue sky. My fingernails are painted appropriately, and I just have to swing by the gas station and the bank, and will be ready to go! It will be a lovely ride through the mountains. [livejournal.com profile] kragore, you need to get your bike up and working, so we can be 3 Awesome Chicks on Red Bikes! :)

I have been too tired to do actual, timely posting, so this is a bit of catch-up.

This is three Fridays in a row that have been just fantastic... last week [livejournal.com profile] xaviersinister came visiting, we got up late, went out to lunch, wandered around a bog for a few hours, came back here, baked a couple pies, hung out with friends, and then prepared to get up waaaaaay too early Saturday morning so we could go to Fort Knox.

The Fort, even though it rained for most of the day, was WONDERFUL. (I tried to do my part to keep the rain away... brought an umbrella, and left my camera at home... it didn't really work...) It was relatively pleasant out for the morning, and we all were allowed to fence and fight in the courtyard area. I warmed up with Jehan, discovered that it was going to be a Good Fencing Day, and away we went. He is so much fun. So much fencing happened. I did my usual meh in the tourney, but there was fantastic dayboard, and lots of people from far away including [livejournal.com profile] nomadmwe, [livejournal.com profile] _kria_, and a couple more folks from Carolingia/Bergental. Fun fun fun fun fun!

Dinner Saturday evening was again at Sunnywood. We've decided it's tradition, now, since we've done this two years in a row, so next year I shall again return, and play with the baby goats and sheep, and sit surrounded by big fluffy dogs and friends inside beautiful, golden, glowing wood. It was so nice to sit with Jehan and Kyle and talk and catch up on everything that's happened to both of us in the last year. I got to snuggle with baby goats! I am convinced that 2-week old dwarf Nigerian goats actually have squeeky toy-squeekers inside them, as they cannot bleat yet. So. Cute. And. Snuggly. Anybody want a little black goat with brown spots?? They have an extra boy... the boys aren't very good milkers... His name is Spider. So. Cute. That's the only type of spider I'll get anywhere close to, thanks very much (except for [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider, but he's family...).

Three weeks ago, [livejournal.com profile] xaviersinister came visiting, we fenced lots on Saturday at the Northern Region Rapier Championship. More good food for lunch, I got to not completely mangle some calligraphy on the champions' scrolls (agh, I guess I should learn the basics... too bad I skipped class last night, but I had to get home...), and we had a lovely dinner out with Bryn, Jordan, and Ben.

All in all, wonderful, wonderful weekends. I rather like this. Now, just to get the weather to stop raining on us...

Tomorrow... an evening at the Tyger and Bucket!
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Spring has sprung. There are springs sproinging up all over the place, with all the rain we've been getting.

I checked and re-checked the weather and the radar up till the moment I left the house this morning, in the hopes that it would change, and I could ride Giovanni to work, and not get caught in the 40mph winds and horrific thunderstorms that were forecast for my evening ride home. It was not to be. In the car I went. Sigh. Chilly afternoon, even though it was close to 65 or 70 out, there was a cool breeze. And the rain made everything soggy soggy soggy...

Though it is spring. The red-winged blackbirds are back. And almost more significantly, the ice cream shop on my way home is open! I was seriously craving a soft-serve as I left work. It is quite possible I willed them into being open. Now to use my powers for awesome and will their coffee/strawberry machine back to working order...

Tomorrow will be a day of VROOM with [livejournal.com profile] mylisant! This makes me very very happy! :)


Apr. 27th, 2011 11:21 pm
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What a beautiful night for a ride. No other cars in my lane, just me and Giovanni, streaming along under the clouds. I almost relaxed a little bit, even.

Much warmer today, for the second ride of the year. 55 this morning, same this evening. Cloudy both to and from work, though the time between at the office was nice and sunny. Went through a bit of heavy fog tonight, made the bike and my visor all wet.

Tonight, post-singing practice and RockBand (YAY for Through the Fire and Flames, ohgodohgod do I suck... no, no... it's just very, very hard.), I stepped outside to a warm, slightly humid evening. Bike warmed up quickly, and we just... went. The brain is starting to figure things out and remember how to ride without my thinking about it too much, and I could corner, and shift, and cruise, and start to enjoy my time on the road a lot more. It is pretty freaky, though, still, when the light from my headlight and streetlamps are juuuust right, and I find myself staring back at my own eyes reflected in my face shield...

I hope to continue this enjoyment trend tomorrow on the way to and from work, if the weather holds, and on Friday, when [livejournal.com profile] mylisant and I have planned a 'Chicks on Red Bikes' ride. To North Conway. I think. Glorious.
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COLD Motorcycle Day.

I am either hardcore, or insane. Probably a bit of both.

6:30 AM Temperature reading: 28.2 degrees F.



It was, needless to say, a darn chilly ride to the shop. But, I'd made the appointment, today was the day to get Giovanni's oil changed and a spring check-over, so I was gonna do it! All 3 layers of jacket, plus hoodie, plus sweatshirt over my work shirt, leggings under the jeans, scarf wrapped around my neck, and glad I found my balaclava shoved in the top of my helmet... Dishwashing gloves over my leather gloves meant I did not, infact, lose any fingers to frostbite.

I did lose my sunglasses somewhere along the way, though. I had taken them off at the same time I put the outer gloves on, and shoved them in my pocket. Thought I zipped it. When I felt something hit my thigh, patting the pocket revealed they had indeed jumped ship. Darn. Wished I'd had them on the ride home (which was also COLD. but not as cold...42 degrees. Brr.), but that's why I don't spend a lot of money on sunglasses.

I was the only motorcyclist crazy enough to be riding this morning.

So. Satisfying, though. Confidence building. I remembered what to do. Some muscle memory, some becoming second nature, even after 6 months away (though maybe that gave my brain time to process and percolate and make it ingrained). My feet, my hands, my body, my brain, all working the way they were supposed to to keep me upright and moving down the road. No stalling, no scares, just good riding. Next ride, I want it to be juuust a bit warmer, please.

Also, purchased some Frogg Toggs for emergency rain gear, because it's New England, after all. It could be sunny and warm in the morning, and pouring by evening. They're raspberry-colored, which will clash horrifically with my red bike, so maybe I'll be more noticeable... :)

Now, to the hot tub, to try and bring my core temperature up again...


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