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Your campus is beautiful. The Florence Keigwin Amphitheater by the lake, with the beautiful granite terraced seating and picturesque view is delightful. The buildings are lovely and clean. Your signage, however, sucks.

I looked at a map before I left, and still missed my turn, because I was expecting somehow, that on one of the major roads that goes through the fair City of Lewiston, there would be some sort of indication that I was somewhere close to a large Institution of Higher Learning. None. Not a single, solitary "Bates College This Way" sign anywhere on Rt. 202. The one sign I did see, after heading several miles out of town, turning around, turning onto "Bates Street" and "College Avenue", neither of which led me, really, to the college, and asking three fairly unhelpful people for directions (people of Lewiston - how do you not know where the College is in your city?? even a little bit??), I stumbled upon a side road, with the single, solitary sign that said "<- Bates College". A little bit more directional assistance would be appreciated. I still have no idea how to easily get onto campus from Rt. 202, nor back to it.

End rant.

Thursday evening, after work, Giovanni and I headed out to see the Yankee Brass Band, of which my brother [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider is the youngest member (by about 10 years...). Apparently the penchant for dressing up in funny clothes on the weekends runs in the family. :) It was a delightful concert, though I missed the first three pieces (see rant above). Beautiful open air amphitheater, on a lake, all kinds of people sitting, enjoying the music of the 19th century. A few dozen musicians sat, playing on old old old brass instruments, all properly attired. An osprey circled overhead, searching for dinner, for several minutes, eventually coming away with a shining, wiggling fish. The audience was appreciative, the music ended just as the sun set, and I was treated to a delightful rendition of The Anvil Chorus, from Il Travatore, complete with a fellow beating the heck out of a steel I-beam.

Had a few minutes to visit post-concert, then headed out while it was still light so I could have a prayer of getting back on a familiar road before I couldn't see anything anymore... Nice ride home.

Photos from the concert are up in the usual spot. 'Twas truly a fine way to spend an evening.
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Best Seat in the House
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Photo by Max.
It's shaping up to be a pretty great weekend...

Thursday evening I spent taking photos of the latest Vivid Motion dance production, Sleeping Beauty. Very cute show. I still don't quite get modern dance, but taking photos gives me something to do, and I enjoy it, and I've enjoyed the last couple performances. Photos came out really well too, for the most part! (take 900+, 3 or 4 of them have got to be good...)

Yesterday was a lovely day, boss-free at work, spent it doing designs by the nice, wide open, breezy screen patio door. Max came and picked me up at 5:30, and we headed to meet [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel in Yarmouth for the Clam Festival, and the real reason we were heading to Yarmouth, CARBON LEAF! Free concert, awesome music, I am so there!

We arrived in time to catch the tail end of the parade, which brought me right back to highschool... I was armed with my trusty camera this time, though, instead of a piccolo. Wandered down to the food tents, spent OHGOD on a pint of fried clams and a cup of chowder, and headed for the stage.

We started underneath the big tent, at the back, but moved to the outside, much nearer the stage. That was a good move. It was an absolutely perfect night, and we moved to park ourselves under a big crabapple tree... which just happened to me to look like a perfect place to sit. Up in the tree. Lifetime Bucket List Thingy: Go to an outdoor concert and sit in a tree: Done.

So. Awesome. I had the best seat in the house. The guys are so good live. They play their music like it's supposed to be played, with a little extra because it's live, but not messing with it just because they can. The songs sound like they're supposed to, but better! 2 hours went by so fast. Only disappointment was no "Gray Sky Eyes" or "Lake of Silver Bells", but I suppose they can't play everything...

Photos are here, more on the rest of the weekend tomorrow, when I can think again.
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Sweet, a little sad, and beautiful.

I need to find more of these folks... the group is called The Weepies, the album is Say I Am You, and the song is 'The World Spins Madly On'. Wonderful. More from the artist here: Ryan Woodward, Conte Animated. The making-of video is pretty neat too.

This is the Official video. It has cute clay monsters in it.

The night is here and the day is gone
And the world spins madly on.
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Enjoy the music on this beautiful Christmas Day.

What a week... I never feel rested after these vacations, for some reason... Home on Monday afternoon, relaxed and napped a bit there. Saw the last glimmers of the Solstice Moon slip away in the eclipse, before clouds came and took the rest. Happy Birthday to dad on Tuesday, and Christmas and Christmas Dinner (prime rib... mmmmm), part 1, that night (says my brother... "it's kindof like Hanukkah this year... we're having several.). Small gifts for people, one big one for Josh. Thank you all who pitched in for the popcorn maker. He can stop complaining now, since the microwave is still toast. :)

Headed North on Thursday, Christmas and Christmas Dinner (turkey! And fabulous beef tenderloin) part 2. Time with family. Relaxing with the kitties. Happy to be home last night. Finally in the mood to watch some Christmas specials (Mr. Magoo, Mickey, Peanuts, the Grinch).

Today, the bread dough is rising in the kitchen, got some stuff to clean up around the house, then Christmas Dinner part 3, with friends.
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And some that is free, on Amazon. This opens an entire new world for me!!

99 Essential Christmas Masterpieces
99 Darkest Classical Music Pieces

And there's MORE.

Have not listened to any of it yet, except this one: Acorn Music Free Holiday Sampler. Free, like it says, and lovely quiet instrumentals. The 4th and 5th tracks I would not call "holiday" exactly, but they're all Irishy and piano-y and delightful.
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List of top 100 Essential Folksongs

Lots of good music on there. :)
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Summer Berries
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Note this. August 23, 2010. Turned the heat on in the car on the way to work. I wore a sweatshirt all day. Was almost cold. At least it's finally raining. The trees are changing already; the usual red maples turning across the street from the nursery are right on time, but I pass a sugar maple on the way to work that has dropped over half of its leaves. So. Dry. Garden is suffering.

Onto happier things, though! Wonderful weekend! Puttering around town on Saturday, got word on the Suzuki. She's been declared totaled, but the value was nearly twice what we expected, and the buyback is less than half (and we ARE buying her back), leaving a thousand dollars or so to fix her, put a downpayment on something else, pay the credit card off, whatever. All that aside, I am definitely buying a shiny shiny red bike. Once we get the loan stuff figured out. Hopefully by the end of the week. I want to ride before it gets too cold, again!

[livejournal.com profile] kr4sh and [livejournal.com profile] mylisant got married on Saturday afternoon. Pictures soon, once I get a chance to go through them all. It was beautiful. Victorian (Steampunk) themed, outdoors, in their lovely backyard. Surrounded by friends and family, and a confetti cannon. Awesome. :)

After the festivities, Max and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and I headed to Portland for the first ever Music and Arts Festival, and CARBON LEAF, live in concert! I had no idea where to go, other than 'it's on Free Street!' We found them. In a parking lot. The nice people at the door took our tickets, and through the gates we went. We were not disappointed. They are wonderful. Max said 'OK, you can pick the music from now on'. I think I did good. :) I know I did. They even played another 20 minutes or so past 11, when they were supposed to have been done. Made me very very happy. Can't wait for their new album.

Made breakfast (pancakes, bacon, delicious French Breakfast Puffs) for M&M&J and me on Sunday morning. Was delightful. I got to use the pretty pretty Butterfly Meadow dishes that I've been collecting here and there (need to pick up the teapot/cups one of these days) (Hooray for Marshall's and TJ Maxx that have them on super-duper sale!). Was wonderful, again.

A good weekend, semi-relaxing, they're just never long enough, though.
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
Got stuff accomplished yesterday, even though it was rather hot and humid, and time could have been spent better in the AC... I did finish the molding, which is lovely. Now, just need to find time to put the stuff up on the walls... Might try and take a Friday off sometime, to help Max.

Yesterday in the garden, I tried to focus on the long bed by the driveway that has the 4 little yellow Chamaecyparis in it, but that needs so much work, and really needs a complete rip-out and redo before it will be serviceable for anything fun. Realization of what needed to be done hit, and I gave up after pulling out yet more sumac and a couple little oak seedlings. Bah.

Moved instead to the area I can see out the front door, up in the woods, with lovely ledges and beautiful moss (which, I now discover, I don't have a 'before' photo of. oh well). There were raspberry and blackberry canes everywhere there (and some of the blackberries are ripening, yum!), and little pine trees and scrubby little oaks that will never amount to anything except house-breakers, so they all had to go.

It's beautiful now. Getting better, anyway. Ripped out the brambles (though they'll be back; I couldn't get most of the roots) (and next time, put jeans and long sleeves on... don't care how hot it is.), clipped the pine and oaks that I couldn't pull out, yanked a bunch of grass that was growing in the moss (and sacrificed a bit of moss, but with the rain last night, if it didn't wash down the hill, hopefully it re-roots), and found a juniper, buried in leaves and brush.

The terrace itself is solid. The lower level needs a bit of re-stacking, and both need some soil and compost, but I think I've found a temporary (heh) spot for some more of the hosta from K. Astilbe, I think, would look lovely in this area too... Maybe one of the big ostrich plume ones in the top level... hmm...

In sumac notes, the big one by the front door is staying. It's a male plant, and therefore seedless, so won't drop its children all over the garden. Once I get the ones in the garden cleared out, it should be relatively easy to control the root spread. In theory. This makes me generally happy, since taking that plant out would change the entire shade and light structure of the front of the house... and it's the nicest sumac I've ever seen.

Went to see the Highland Soles in Portland last night with Max & Mickel. Scottish Fiddle music, step dance from Cape Breton tradition, and a general feeling of genuine happiness and joy from the folks up on the stage. It's a family band, and it's very obvious they all adore what they are doing, which was wonderful. It ended far too soon for my liking... sigh. Beautiful.
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'Nothing But A Song', from the new Great Big Sea album, 'Safe Upon The Shore', coming out in just over a week... looks like the boys had a good time in the Grand Caymans. :)

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In lieu of actual content, because I've been crazy with garb (not mine), scrolls (not mine, and mine), mice (in my kitchen), and life in general (mine, and lots of other peoples'), here's a Meme! We haven't done one of these in a long time!

Nobody tagged me with this... I just found it. First commenter, give me a letter! And then I'll give you one! And then we'll post music stuff!

Music Meme!

* Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
* List (and upload, if you feel like it or are able to do so) 5 songs that start with that letter.
* Post them to your journal with these instructions.

My songs: [livejournal.com profile] evensongs_fall gave me the letter R!
- Round and Round by Ratt (extra bonus for group name?)
- Rock n' Roll Band by Boston
- Raise the Roof by Carbon Leaf
- Run Runaway by Great Big Sea (original by Slade...)
- Rosie by Tom Waits
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Blue Library
Originally uploaded by gshower7
But a good one. This is not the best photo, but it gives a pretty good idea of what I've done for the last couple days... When are my weekends going to be relaxing again, I wonder...

Yesterday started semi-early, but it was good to be up. Had to go buy paint! But first, had to clear away stuff from the walls in what would become my library.... that took a little while, as did taping and prepping. Took off parts of the door molding, since they weren't exactly securely attached to the walls anyway. Made for easier painting. First, bought compost for the garden (and two new Pasque flowers, to be planted soonish... I hope), and then paint, brushes, and rollers, and then home.

Did yellow first, to finish the main column which is part of the same visual space as the dining area... Max and I debated about painting it or not, and after not, it turns out it definitely needed to be done. Better now. Then onto blue, ceiling first. A beautiful, pale blue. Almost white. Pale enough that it was a little bit difficult to see where I'd painted, plus it being a textured ceiling (haaaaate.), coupled with the dawning realization of 'uh oh... I'm using a LOT of paint (dang super-fluffy roller)... perhaps two cans would have been better?' made for a semi-frustrating time. I think I used every single drop of paint in the can. Should do a second coat at some point, but it's done enough for now... got one pretty even coat over the whole ceiling.

Walls went quick, thank goodness. They are perfect, forget-me-not blue. I love it. Only a few little touch-up spots that I find every now and then, and they're easy enough to hit with a brush. Now the only thing left is to figure out what to do with the horrible white door... I'm thinking mural, but not sure of what yet. I should just paint it and get a clean coat of *something* on it.

After paint, went to visit Max, and we finished up edging the last of the oak molding for the bedroom. Hoping to get it over here sometime this week, and will stain, and then hopefully put it up soon. Can't wait to move into the downstairs bedroom...

Max and I then met [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius, and [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre at the movies, and saw Robin Hood. Oh. My. So good. EEEEEEE. Fun movie, different take on the legend. Forget everything you know, enjoy the pretty, and listen to the wonderful Alan Doyle sing. :)

Speaking of which... Alan, Bob, Sean, and Murray have a new album coming out. Just in time to completely miss GNEW, but it will give me something to look forward to after it's over. Three tracks are available for listening (and if anybody can figure out how to get actual copies of them off the flash player, it would make me a very happy kitty), and I am so looking forward to hearing the rest of the album... Eeee!

Painted the library yesterday in preparation for E, Mom, Dad, Mom-in-law, and Dad-in-law, who all came to visit today. Mom and dad brought boxes of books, great-grandma's sewing machine, and some random other STUFF. MiL and DiL brought a rocking chair that was J's great grandmother's, and came to help put more stuff away. E came to visit, and was shanghaied into helping reassemble my house... I've promised her a better visit soon... The library is assembled, my sewing room is more organized, almost usable, and I'm exhausted. My plans for today (since it was kinda rainy) had included getting the library and sewing room organized, whether everybody had come visiting or not, but it certainly went quicker with more help.

This week at work will be interesting... tiring, I suspect. Open house/Customer appreciation day on Saturday will be zooey, and it's prep for that that will be taking over my work week. Aieee. Hoping to get in my garden on Friday, the sumac is starting to wake up, and since I've taken away the big feeder trees, root suckers are popping up everywhere. I think I'll have to buy a wheelbarrow this week, start hauling stuff out of the garden and into the trailer so we can take it to the brush pile. Hope to clean up the boxwood, rip out more roots, and get those 6 bags of compost spread on the cleared part of the garden soon.
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Found a new group... more Celtic fiddle/guitar/wonderfulness via Dresden Codak, an excellent online comic. The artist has done an album cover illustration for the group Mithril. I do like them. And I decided I had to buy their live album when I saw they not only did a cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir', but also a piece called 'Genevieve's Waltz'. How could I not? It's beautiful. Listen to the sample here... Or just buy the whole thing. I think it's worth it. :)
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Eros, fishy of luv
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Play on, Play on. Jaerv, or Djärv, is on my playlist right at the moment. New wonderful group, and as far as I can tell, not available on Amazon, so folks will have to find them somewhere else... [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel wrote about them here, and delivered me the CD last night, and I adore them. She's right; kindof a mellower, swede-ified version of Great Big Sea. Beautiful.

I did find a new finny friend... went to WalMart and two different pet stores before I found one (freezing cold winter weather must cause shipping delays, for good reason...), but he is home now. Eros is a crowntail betta, like Louie, but white with red fins, with just a hint of blue in them. Cute. Small. I forget how tiny they are when they first come home with me (Levi was an older fish when I bought him, I am sure of it). There were only five in the store, and he was the perkiest, and brightest. The other four were varying shades of red; his immediate neighbor looks like he'd have been more colorful once he was home somewhere and happy, with light blues and greens in the body. His eyes were also multi-colored; blue on the bottom, red on the top. Hopefully he will not stay there too long.

Quite happy; I had hoped to find another crowntail, and did not really want to go to the shop in South Portland, where I know the usually have some.

ETA: There is also a beautiful, INCREDIBLY friendly, chirpy, lovey, shorthair gray and white, 4 year old, female kitty at the PetQuarters in Windham... her name is Lyla, and she would be in my lap right this moment, I think, if not for that pesky no-pets clause in our lease... so if there's anybody out there looking for a darling cat, I've got a good feeling about that one... needs to be an only-cat, however...
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Signs of the Season
Originally uploaded by gshower7
I usually hate those inflatable lawn thingies. The ones my neighbors put up on their railings are kinda cute, though. Mostly because they're not 7 feet tall and animated. I've caved in and am listening to (instrumental) Christmas/Hoiday music too... Mannheim Steamroller, mostly. Their 'Renaissance Holiday' CD is quite lovely.

Day two of ripping duct tape off my heels... ow. It's better than blisters, though.

I did fence last night, more than I should have, maybe, but it was good fencing. I had to keep moving, or my over-stressed muscles would just start shaking... gad I'm out of shape (still), or in the wrong shape, or something.

Making lunch for tomorrow now... I get to wake up at o'dark thirty so Ben, Dave, and I can jump in the trucks and be off to Bridgton by 6AM. Joy. Rapture. Pain. 13 7-9' hemlock trees must be planted before the day's end. None of us are really looking forward to it. There will probably be a full report tomorrow, if I live through it...

Might make soup from the turkey stock tomorrow too. It's mostly frozen in the bottom of the fridge, so no worries that it's gone bad in the week.
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Icy Waterfall
Originally uploaded by gshower7
We are done moving plants tomorrow, I think... if not, too bad. We're closed, everybody's on vacation next week. Thank goodness. Am tired.

But happy! Realized sometime today (around the 9th or 10th bucketload of shrubs..) that no matter how technologically advanced or computer-centralized or our society gets, there are still going to be groups of people that get together every now and then and make music together. Be it on various types of real instruments, one's own vocal chords, or fake plastic guitars, there is a certain amount of joy that can only come from real, good music. This makes me happy, and I am glad to be a part of it.

We are having unseasonably cold weather, apparently. I'm just happy it hasn't rained all week. I think this is the first time EVER that I have not put the shrubs to bed in a pouring rain or steady, miserable drizzle. I can take the cold, as long as I'm reasonably dry. And a good heater inside the loader helps too...

Thanks to this unseasonably and rather sudden cold weather, the waterfall at work is doing some really cool things... haven't taken the pump out yet, that's probably a project for tomorrow, but I will remember MY camera, and hopefully be able to get some more spiffy photos. The top of the pools are pretty much frozen, but where the falls come down the water is clear. The froth around it, however, is frozen. Also frozen bubbles. SO COOL. Spray and humidity has created some really, really nifty blobs of ice on the moss and rocks, and sculpture on branches that have dipped too low over the stream. It changes from hour to hour, of course. Moving water will do that. But it just keeps getting better. :)

Househunting expedition recon mission #1, done by [livejournal.com profile] kurlon was a complete and total NO WAY. Was encouraged by the listing and the price, but noted that there was only one photo available anywhere... hm. There was a reason. Without going into too much detail, the only reasonable thing to do was to raze the house that was there and put up a new one. Eep. No, no thank you. Lakeside or no, that's not *quite* what we had in mind...
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Not too late to singing practice. Got there just in time for dinner, discovered it could now happen, as a soprano had arrived, and the panic commenced. Not really. Even without our Fearless Leader [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, there was music made in Saco tonight. I did OK. Getting better. I can sing Gaudete, and do it pretty well. This makes me happy.

RockBand is more fun when we have 4 people in the band. We just played tonight, in 'no fail' mode, so no worries about doing things on hard or even expert difficulty (though I mostly stayed on hard...). I have gotten better. I like this. I rawk at teh plastic guitar, go me. :)

House hunting update to follow later today. For now, I am going to bed. The 7 AM alarm will come far too quickly.
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Halloween Frost
Originally uploaded by gshower7
November comes cold and raw. A photo from Halloween morning, frosty leaves and grass at work. Couldn't get my fangs to sit right, nor did I have confidence that fake nails would be the best thing to wear when I needed to be chopping back shrubs, so festivity was out... My crazy cat lady costume worked well for the (relocated) party/gathering that night, though. I... have a lot of Beanie Baby cats, I now realize. Heh.

As was evidenced in comments in yesterday's entry, the Great Big Sea concert was AWESOME. So much fun. So much good music. Lots of stuff from their new album, most of the good ones from their older albums (with the noted exception of 'Lukey', much to Sydney's disappointment). Much clapping, dancing and singing happened. Murray entertained us all with a solo Elvis Costello piece, which was simply delightful. Their drummer's name is Chris. He does the backup singing on 'Hard Case', which was nice to see and hear! I got chills when they played 'England'. I think I startled Syd a bit when I burst into tears at the opening of their third (!) encore when it was just Alan, and his acoustic guitar, playing 'Boston and St. John's'... I don't even know exactly why I did... It was beautiful... emotional... gah. Some songs make me cry anyway, I just didn't expect it then.

They're playing in Lebanon, NH tonight, in just under an hour... I don't think I can make it... there is dinner that needs to be made, and laundry to sort...

Had a nice (if yawn-filled, why so tired after 10 hours sleep?) visit with Jon today. Sounds like I missed a good Bare Blade, but it will be there next year.


Nov. 1st, 2008 03:47 pm
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In just over an hour, Sydney and I are headed to Portland to meet Max and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, then we will find dinner, and then we will head over to the Merrill Auditorium and GREAT BIG SEA! YAAAAAY! So excited. :D

In the meantime, while I am spending time updating this silly little journal, I should be straightening up the sewing room so my friend Jon (whom I have not spent any real time with since college! Ack!) has a place to sleep tonight after being treacherous all day at Bare Blade. A visit tomorrow will be nice.

Then little car will be swapped for a BIG truck that only gets 9 miles to the gallon, as Rosie is having her rocker panels replaced... grateful for the loan from my boss, but I will not be doing much extra driving for a few days...
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Cursed B-flats...

What's your key Signature? )


Sep. 30th, 2008 11:30 pm
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I am now the proud owner of seats 1-4 in Row G of the Merrill Auditorium, for a few hours on November 1. Max, Mickel, Sydney and I are going to see Great Big Sea!! This makes me very happy. :)

'course, it means skipping Bare Blade (again), but there will be other chances for that... The boys from Newfoundland don't come 'round this way very often.


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