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It's been almost a week, the truck and trailer are unloaded (but boxes of stuff are still all over the basement, and I am now mostly caught up on sleep. Should really have taken Monday off like I usually do, but the one extra day of vacation somewhere will be worth it, I think.

HOT and humid. But Fun. )

Overall, a fantastic weekend. I have just enough time to recover and collect all my personal camping gear and try to get it organized before my next Big Adventure.

Pictures here:

07-12 to 07-15 GNEW XXVI

GNEW XXVI Embroidery Challenge

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It's spring. It's been crazy. I finished a scroll and a half last week (pictures next week, after it's awarded), and am fried. Wheee! First weekend off in a while. I could have gone to Carolingia's Investiture and had a fantastic time, but staying home and puttering around in the garden was a much better plan for today.

Car is fixed, I'm in debt... but, new timing belt, window all better, new rear brakes, everything else should be OK for a while (I hope). Finally got the bill for the repair of my broken arm. Ow ow ow all over again, even though we knew exactly what it was going to be and have the money set aside, still no fun.

The last couple weeks have been full of fencing and friends! Fencing at Fort Knox (SO AWESOME. And we had a STAIR PIT!), got my baby goat fix and had a lovely visit and dinner with Jehan and Kyle at Sunnywood, Sea Dogs game with [livejournal.com profile] mylisant, Northern Region Rapier Championships and Tyger and Bucket, and finally a day to myself in the garden.

Mother's Day tomorrow; work will probably be crazy, which is really a good thing. I only spent a half hour on the phone with the office today, not bad. Re-confirmed this week that some people have zero sense of self-preservation. WTFPANIC moment from work: I'm in the BIG loader, just finished dumping a bucketload of mulch into the back to this guy's truck, have it in reverse (bucket is still up), so the loader is beeping, and the guy WALKS UNDERNEATH THE BIG BUCKET ARM instead of waiting literally 3 seconds for me to back out of the way enough that he could have walked the exact same space, without danger of being clocked in the head with a major F=MA win on my end. Thank goodness I was paying attention and not actually moving backwards yet. Idiot.

Played in the garden today. Put fabric and started to do stones along the drip edge of the house so any mulch or compost I put down won't get washed away. Got rid of the burning bush and all of its horrible little children so the lilac (which is actually blooming this year!) doesn't have any more close competition. Also found a stepping-stone pathway (though I'm sure the intent was for it to be better...) that I knew was by the front porch, but not the full extent. A flat shovel did nice work uncovering it. Now I know what I have to start with and can do something nice with it all. Planted 2/3 of the seed potatoes in the other half of the raised bed, I will bring some straw home from work tomorrow and build my awesome potato tower that [livejournal.com profile] dervishspin found. Cannot wait. Decided also that the garden box should really have been built on the other side of the driveway... we'll see about moving it next year, maybe.

Lots of photos:
04-28 Jehan's Fencing at the Fort
04-28 Sunnywood
04-30 Sea Dogs
05-05 NRRC
05-05 Tyger and Bucket
Garden 2012
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And carrots, and lettuce, and onions, and a bunch of other stuff!

I was not completely wiped out tonight when I got home from work, and found myself idly pulling a few weeds in the garden bed by the stairs, which then turned into ripping a bunch of weeds out further up the path, which turned into getting the damn sorrel out of the garden box by the driveway, which turned into turning over the soil, grabbing my seed packets and labels, and getting half the box planted! Whee! The other half will be mostly potatoes, which hopefully are shipping this week and will arrive soon... I ordered Yellow Finn and Dark Red Norland from The Maine Potato Lady, two pretty much fool-proof varieties, so I am led to believe.

I also finally planted the chives and garlic chives and muscari that have been (barely) living in a box for the last two years, since I dug them out of the garden in Windham. I think they will be happier now.

Garden 2012

Seeds, from back to front, left to right:
'Ringmaster' and 'Flat of Italy' Onions
'5-Color Silverbeet' Swiss Chard (and an empty spot that I need to do something with...)
'Carnival' Carrots (so fun! multi-color!), 'Red Sails' Lettuce, 'Tyree' Spinach
'Cascadia' Sugar Snap Peas are planted by the trellis, and there are a few 'Sunspot' dwarf sunflowers and some borage thrown in around the corners for good measure.

Also went to Coronation this past Saturday with Jean, Sorcha, and Mylisant, which was lovely. Still going through photos, there will be a gallery posted soon!
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More traveling this past weekend, to Connecticut and Balfar's Challenge! Stopped over and saw Dad on Friday night so I didn't have to get going quite as early on Saturday morning, which was nice. Beautiful day, perfect weather again for outdoor fencing. Carolyne and Jocelyn were excellent teammates, we are not treasure-motivated, it seems, and need to pay a bit more attention to the eventual goal of the scenarios we are participating in actually is, but we had a blast. So wonderful to see a lot of the fencing family. And my Don! Wyatt and I were actually at the same event! Now I just have to get us to drill and work on me learning things earlier, when I am not so tired... trying to learn stuff after a full day of tourney and pick up fencing does not work all that well...

Lots of photos here:
04-07 Balfar's Challenge

Off to Coronation this weekend, with Jean and Sorcha and maybe Mylisant. It will be fun. Again. :)

6 months ago was not so fun )
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Last weekend I went to Mudthaw with [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius and Roland. 'Twas a fantastic time, if a bit hairy at the start...

We had hoped to leave once Ninian got out of work, usually around 9:30 on Fridays. Roland and I met at her place, hung out on the porch for a while (partly because it was a beautiful, warm night, but mostly because her roommate didn't hear me knocking on the door, apparently... hrmph.). She called around 9:45, still at work, going to be another half hour or so... Roland and I went for coffee. Had a delightful time, waiting on the porch...... as the hours ticked by... 11:00 came and went. Finally a call, Ninian is on the way. YAY! She got home, unpacked and re-packed the RAV, and we were off for New Jersey. 11:45 PM. ETA hotel 5:30 AM. Oof. Good thing stuff we wanted to be at the event for didn't really get going till 11 or so.

Uneventful drive. I slept the first half, Roland drove through CT. I got us the rest of the way. Only one moment of panic when the gas light came on, and we had a slightly difficult time finding a gas station that was open at 3:30 AM. Argh. No problems after that.

Until we got to the hotel )

Arrived at Mudthaw! Not much mud, as it had been thawed for several weeks already. Beautiful partly sunny day, light breeze, lots of fencers! The trees and Forsythia were all in gorgeous full bloom. Wonderful to see so much color. I landed at the fencing, Roland and Ninian wandered off to Thrown Weapons and then who knows where. Did some pickups, was out of the tourney in 2 (I don't really remember much of it... 3 hours sleep and a Frappuccino doth not an awake Camille make.), waited in line at the bear pit for a few rounds, said to heck with that, I wanted to fence, and did lots and lots of pickups the rest of the afternoon. Don Alfonso and I had one of the most fun on-the-ground fights I've ever had. I was legged, he was legged, we flailed at each other for a little while, and then both fell over laughing at the end. I think I lost, but it doesn't really matter. So. Awesome. [livejournal.com profile] _kria_ and I noted we are both improving at about the same rate, as we kept double-killing (partly because we were not parrying well at all), but had some fun, fun fights there too. Fencing with my Cadet brother Christophel was fun too. More next weekend at Balfar's with everybody!!

We headed home before court; nothing much was happening that we needed to see (though it was apparently a short court! only an hour?? unheard of, for Mudthaw...), and I had hopes of a relaxing Sunday. Stopped at Rein's Deli for delicious delicious dinner, and I was back at home by midnight. No pumpkin for me. What was basically a day-trip to New Jersey is much easier and more fun with more than one person/driver.

Photos here, mostly of fencing. Such a lovely day.
03-24 Mudthaw
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Photos from last weekend's Tree Burn at [livejournal.com profile] mylisant's house are up!
01-07 Tree Burn

[livejournal.com profile] anastasia and Ivan's tree was the biggest and brightest, as usual, Fionn discovered a new way to roast marshmallows, and it was determined that Balsam Fir generally burns better than Fraser Fir. Strange without any snow, but nothing burned up or down that wasn't supposed to.
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Just enough snow out there (FINALLY) to make the landscape pretty, and to make all the people on the roads forget how to drive.

3 accidents on the way to work this morning, 2 within a half mile of the office. One lady looked like she'd parked her jeep very neatly in a ditch, and there was something big that happened right across the street at the quarry, but the number of vehicles around made it impossible to see what.

Me, no problems driving in, except for having to follow someone going 25 mph in a 50 for about 10 miles... the 6 other people in front of me in that little parade were getting pretty frustrated too, but there was no getting around this terrified person. The roads had been treated, and were nearly clear. Just wet, with a little ridge of slush up the middle where the tires weren't hitting. Sigh.

I expect about an inch, maybe two, by the time I head home. Hopefully it won't freeze into a sheet of ice before then.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon brought home the most expensive 320x320 digital camera I will ever hold in my hands on Wednesday. Borrowed the IR camera from work, to see where the cold spots are in the house, and see which ones are semi-feasible to fix. We of course had to take some pictures of the cats too.
IR Cats

I love my glowy-eyed fluorescent demon kittes. :)
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And it's still 50 degrees out, at 11:30 at night. Pffft.

Beautiful night for a walk, though.

Took pictures for the local dance company's Holiday show, The Nutcracker Burlesque. Was pretty darn good. Packed up my kit and loaded it into Rosie, and something stopped me from getting in right away. Maybe it was the warm December night, the wind, the shifting clouds, the waning moon... I needed to take a walk in Portland. I locked the door and turned toward the ocean.

Was a beautiful night for a walk. The misty rain that made today gray and soggy and miserable was finally ended, and there was just enough breeze to keep things crisp. Wasn't a long walk. Just enough to clear my head, or something. I think I ended up on Fore street, headed towards downtown. There were Christmas lights on peoples shrubs outside, and I could see lit trees through front room windows. Seagulls called; they were circling over something. There were a few strings of white lights on some of the boats moored in the harbor. The wind shifted, and I smelled hops from the Shipyard brewery... a familiar scent, from Anheuser Busch back home...

Turned around, headed back up the hill and to my car... The clouds were shifting and clearing, and I looked up at the right time to see one perfect, bright, long meteor streak through the sky. Ah. That's why I needed to take a walk. OK.

Head cleared. Not sure what was in it or if it's actually gone. But I feel better. Sometimes I do miss Portland. Not often, but it's the more quiet moments. Walking the blocks and blocks back to the apartment in a snowstorm, when all the city was quiet and still, before the plows came by and ruined everything... Spending some time just staring at the sea... I almost like nighttime Portland better than daytime, sometimes...
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The Birds and the Beasts were there!
10-02 Fryeburg Fair

But that was about all... Quiet opening day for the Fryeburg Fair, thanks to a chilly, gray, drizzly and rainy day. It was a different experience, that's for sure, but not bad for us. The vendors and game folks were certainly having a poor time of it, but the thin crowd meant getting close to the exhibits and in the barns without being stepped on and jostled out of the way. I took what photos I could... managed to squeeze just over 50 shots (most of them good) out of a pretty much dead battery. Stupid me, not checking to see if the spare was actually charged before swapping it out for the one that was in the camera, going dead.

It was a Food Fair, really. Josh and Dennis and Sydney and Max and Mickel and I got there around 3, later than usual, got nearly rockstar parking, and beelined it for the steak tips vendor. Delicious, delicious beef. Breakfast and lunch, for me. Then fried dough nuggets. Mmm... Then some poking around in the expo buildings and the ag center, then over to the blacksmith area to see if Tim, one of our veggie growers at work, was there (he wasn't). Smelled fresh apple crisp, and ate same, free samples! Delicious... More poking around in the craft barns, then over to the animal stalls. I wanted to see the goats and horses, at least. No Ben, at least, not my Ben, that I could see. Maybe he doesn't get to come anymore... Beautiful, huge horses, though. The pulling competition was starting shortly after we got to the barns, so we got to see the teams dressed and head out to the arena. Very cool. Stopped by the fiber center and the bunny barn, clucked at the chickens, and then decided we were pretty much Done. It was dark, starting to rain again... got some delicious Poutine, and my caramel apple (at home, still. Dessert tonight!), and away we went... everybody closed early, it seemed... not really worth staying open for a few hundred people, if that, at 8:00 at night.

A good day, though I need better insoles for my spare boots, or should get a second pair of workboots for home. Kept my feet dry, but oh boy, am I sore today in the back and neck... walking around all day in heavy footwear (that doesn't fit all that well, I now realize) did a number on me...
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Hard to believe we've been doing this for 10 years... I've made most of them... missed last year (stoopid werk), but this year more than made up for it.
09-10 Fort Knox Demo

Arrived just after dark on Friday, just in time for Max & Mickel to start the fire, and start the Relax before Saturday's craziness. I did have the brilliant idea of trying some long-exposure shots with my fantastic, awesome camera, which came out so neat looking... Next time, I shall have to remember the tripod, so I don't have to pray for the camera to stay balanced on the signpost. A windy evening, it sounded like we were on a ship, with the creaking of wood and gentle flap of the Taj canvas... lovely weather for sleeping, though.

Morning was bright, clear, and cool. Perfect, perfect weather. A leisurely breakfast, coffee, a game of hide-the-mundania, and we were ready for the interested masses. Lots of fencing, since there were only 12 of us. Great fun. Perfect fencing weather. I got to play a lot with Jehan, which was wonderful. We set up next door to the Taj outside the fort, and did more fencing between our "official" demo sections. Loved it.

My shining moment, though, was a brilliant death-from-behind on Jehan during the afternoon demo! Unfortunately, he happened to be on my team... oops... I knew it was too easy; I'm awful at giving out DFB... Apparently, I was tired, and needed water, so I sat down for a bit. He had his revenge during the roman melee immediately afterward, I deserved every second of it. I think I've been forgiven. We laughed later. :-P

Pack-out was quick, dinner was lovely, and homeward bound was a good direction to be going post-event.
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Completely spaced this last night... it was late, I was tired. Here's a bunch of pictures of court, and dinner. I was too busy running around the rest of the day to do any photographing, but there's all kinds of other galleries out there! If anyone got good shots of the A&S display, point me at them? I didn't see much of it after I ran off to fencing, but what I did see was beautiful!!
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Home from GNEW. Absolutely Wonderful Weekend. Could not have had better weather, or better staff, or better help, or better friends.

One scroll of mine went out this weekend, for a dear, dear lady in IDD. Congratulations to Eliane, it is so well deserved. Photos of my first (but definitely not my last!) foray into 'squashed bug' style are right here. I'm thrilled with how it came out, and I'm pretty sure she is happy too. :) Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel for calligraphing [livejournal.com profile] moonandtree's words so beautifully.

Right. I have GOT to go to bed now. More photos and news later, after I've had some sleeeeeeeep.

New Toys!

Jun. 29th, 2011 11:09 pm
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Bee in Rose
Originally uploaded by gshower7
So... I really, really want a macro lens for my camera. But no way no how in the budget right now.

So, poking around on Amazon a bit, I found these. Less than 1/10th the price, even though I knew that the quality would definitely not be the same, I figured it'd be a fun thing to try out.

Oh. So. Fun. It's basically screwing a magnifying glass onto the front of the camera. I've so far only played with the 10X. If I'm gonna get close and look at bee's butts, I'm gonna get close and look at bee's butts, darnit! It's an interesting effect; a little bit of distortion and color shifting approaching the edges of the photo, but the center focal point is nice and sharp! Now I just need to get my camera to behave, and my eyeballs to recognize where the camera is focusing, and I'll be all set... The filters stack, too, so I can, in theory, get up to 17X magnification. Eep. I have no idea... will have to try it!

More of a gallery here. Dear lord, do I have to make sure the lens is clean... look at all those dust spots! (actually... don't look at the dust spots... look at the pretty pretty flowers, please...)
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I'm a Luna Moth!!

(specifically a male Actias luna, on the wall at work. Probably going to be eaten by bats tonight... I find at least one set of wings every morning...)

And a Happy Solstice, all...
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Rough-Legged Hawk
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Photo by S. Leavitt

I do NOT want to be on the receiving end of that look, ever. Glad I'm not a chipmunk.

Today was much improved from yesterday at work. Yesterday is Fired )

Today was a day of birds! I was in the perennial yard with one of my (wonderful) new employees, when I saw a rather large, definitely-not-a-robin, bird land in the maple tree outside the office. Very exciting! Called S, our office manager, told her "bring your camera. Yes, with the big lens", and we followed the hawk around the property for a bit. This is the best photo, though I've got to go through the rest, since they're all pretty cool... Discovered after a bit of poking around on WhatBird.com that it is most likely a migrating Rough-Legged Hawk. They come down here for the winter, non-breeding times, and live waaaay up north in Canada the rest of the year. EDIT: 4/25/2011: Actually, it's a Broad Winged Hawk. We got positive ID from the Audobon society later on Thursday afternoon... Still cool, and I'm pretty sure I saw one of these guys last fall too!

The other highlight of today, and what made yesterday not quite so awful, was the return of our flock of Bohemian Waxwings. Not very common east of the Mississippi river, but they apparently dip into New England again for winter migration. There's a colony up in Orono that eats all the crabapples off the trees in the Littlefield Garden at UMaine, and that's exactly what these were doing. At least three dozen, both days. Swooping back and forth between the crabapple and the oak and maple trees, twittering all the way. Beautiful, trilling, tweety birds. I've seen them here before, a few weeks later in the year, eating the fruits off the serviceberries. Maybe they'll stick around for a while. They are absolutely GORGING themselves on the crabapples. So distracted, I was able to get pretty close a couple times. They are such pretty birds. S. took a gazillion photos of them too, I have permission to post a few, and will once I find the perfect one. :)

Time to go dancing now, then two days off! Another fun fencing weekend!
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Yep. That went well. :)

Pelican for Hedewigis Ockenf├╝├čin

Coronation was lovely. Delightful traveling companions in Honig, Rowan, and [livejournal.com profile] ludicrose, lots of awards given, and the scroll above, finished at the 11th hour last night, was incredibly well received by the recipient, who is a lovely, lovely lady. I am glad she has one of my scrolls. :) Photos of the process are here, as usual. The Sooper Sekrit Surprise Scroll for Carolyne remained a surprise, and we three Apprentices made her very happy and proud, I think.

More pictures later, lots to go through tomorrow, sleep now.
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
I am ignoring the white stuff falling down outside. It will be gone soon.

This is a shameless kitty post.

We had the front door open yesterday, and the cats approved of the perfectly warmed front hallway. Gratuitous floof photos lay beyond here... Don't say I didn't warn you.
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Spring Moon
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Spring is here, spring is here! It's not snowing (though it's only 26 degrees out...), the sun is shining, and I've got the day off. Life is goood.

I did get outside, too, at 12:30 AM or so (agh, need to change the time on my camera for daylight savings...), with my camera and tripod (and should have worn gloves. Brr.), and stared up at the sky for a little while.

Big bright moon, perfectly clear night. Gorgeous.

The first photo I took also had some stars in it. I will need to play with this fantastic camera a bit more, when it's warmer in the evenings, and there is not quite so much moonlight. I have tried taking star photos and a lot of moon photos before , but I have so much more control over every single setting on this camera, I bet I can get some better ones. This was the 'Chaste Moon', according to English Medieval tradition... It was beautiful. Everything outside was bathed in blue light, reflecting off the snow that still covers the land here.

Stones are poking through, though. I am excited to see my terrace again; this year, I know what I am going to put there (Hydrangea quercifolia, Oakleaf Hydrangea), and will do it, before fall! So pretty... Much soil amending to be done first, and the Battle of the Sumac and Raspberry will continue... I made a good dent last year, but there is much ground to be gained and much compost to be spread.


Mar. 18th, 2011 07:15 pm
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Snow Violas
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Annnd here's what's been going on...

It was 68 degrees today. EEEEEEEE!

We had the greenhouse WIDE open at work (I wish I still only had a 5-minute drive to home so I could have opened all the windows and aired out the house).

And it certainly was WINDY. Changed all the air in the greenhouse too, which was a Good Thing. 40-50mph gusts made the house sway, which made all the hanging baskets sway, which made the risk of clunking my head all the greater, but it was worth it...

Our seeds came in at work! I now have a packet of 'Brightest Brilliant Rainbow' Quinoa sitting on my desk... an experiment for this year. Seems to be pretty easy to grow. I'll have to pick some up at the store, just to see if I even like it. It will at least be pretty!And not take up a whole lot of space, since I don't really even have a garden yet. Big buckets, maybe, for this year... hrm.

The little violas are blooming! So I chopped their heads off and stuck them in the snow! Pretty! And there are lots more where they came from.

The motorcycles have been out these last two days... Giovanni is calling me from the garage... I tell him, there is still too much sand on the roads, and the snowbanks are too high, and motorists don't know motorcycles exist yet... wait just a few more weeks. Ready for vroomVroomVROOMvroomVroomvroomVROOM... and 56mpg... hope for a sunny spring/summer... it can rain at night, after I'm home.

I have two scrolls to finish for Coronation. Shouldn't be too much trouble at all. Shiny and gold! Eee!

The highschool kids just won their one-act play regional competition. Two weeks of sewing our fingers off to make their costumes was worth it! And, we got my great-grandmother's sewing machine dusted off, oiled, and working again! Purrs like a kitten... Hasn't been touched, I don't think, in about 20 years. Once we got the right manual for it and figured out how to put the needle, and the bobbin, and the thread all in properly, it stopped breaking threads and skipping stitches too!

Finished a wee little vest to further improve my Steampunk attire, plans are to attend the Steampunk Industrial Revolution in Nashua next weekend. And discovered last week that the buttonholer for said 1952 Singer sewing machine works beautifully. There are 9 buttonholes on the little vest. I will not be tearing my hair out trying to get the Viking to behave. No. More. Fussing. With. Buttonholes. EVAR. Squee.

Snow is going away, bit by bit. We can see the firepit in the backyard again! I bet we could see more of it if we trudged down there and really got a good fire going... maybe we could even clear some of the backyard that way... hmmm....

Lancelot, our lovey, but thought to be deaf-as-a-post kitteh, appears to be getting some of his hearing back. He's talky more, which generally means he can hear at least miaous, and the 'look, he's completely deaf, right behind the ears and watch the no-reaction-at-all-from-the-cat' on Sunday resulted in a flinching and vaguely disquieted stripey kitteh. Better hearing? Dunno... reactions are not consistent at all...He also has lately taken to following me into the bathroom, yowling a bit, and flopping on the rug by the sink to have his tummy rubbed... strange cat... good acoustics in there, maybe?

This Sunday is the first day of Spring. Full Moon is supposed to be incredible. We may even be able to see it. Time to get the camera and tripod out!!
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IDD's New Beautiful Baroness
From 03-05 BIA
A successful infiltration of the country to the North was done by Don Jean du Montagne and myself this past weekend. It was wonderful. I love yous guys and gals up there. :)

600 photos have been reduced to under 200, good for viewing. Photos from the event are here (or click on the lovely Baroness Tigger!). Captions to be added later. Please share with other folks who will want to see them!!

...and I am seriously tempted to make animated .gifs out of a few sequences of shots... we'll see. :)


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