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Except for the whole 'getting up at 6:30 on my day off' bit, weekend so far has been pretty relaxing.

[personal profile] kurlon sold the bike we went down to NJ last July to the guy who had it before the guy who gave it to him did, so up we got, on our day off, to drive down to Connecticut to do the exchange. I got my coffee and pastry, loaded up Good Omens on the ipod, and took a nap for a while while [personal profile] kurlon drove. We went through sun, clouds, snow squalls, and sun again, and arrived at my favorite deli right on time. Met the guy, unloaded the trailer and truck, and proceeded to have a lovely lunch before heading back home. More nap, more snow squalls, and back at the house by 3:30. Not bad. Had we waited another 6 hours, I guess we could have had dinner there with [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider, but neither of us could have really shifted schedules... next time.

Puttering and repotting/refreshing some of the houseplants that have needed it for a while were the tasks of the afternoon. I am rooting more angel-wing begonia, if anybody wants one... MOAR PLANTS! Also have a few hardy(!?) orchids that I need to decide if I want to order or not before the coupon expires on Thursday.

Tomorrow - photos and inventory of alllll the houseplants. It's time. There have been some new additions and some losses over the last year...
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What a weekend. I'm still achy, but K&Q Rapier was fantastic. So much fencing! (Possibly overdid it a bit on the arm, but it'll grow back...) So wonderful to see (and stab) so many friends! There were 4 in my round robin pool that were also in it last year... oh well. I won 4, lost 5. Should have won a few I didn't, but that will get better. Christian tried on the Tuesday before to try and fix my TourneyBrain, and I think it helped a bit.

From my checklist, I did finish the laundry, did the tweaks to the scroll, and... that's it. Armor shirt and gorget repair are put off, again. Perhaps done before Tourney O' Love next weekend. I even had an extra day; mom called Thursday night and said, "Don't come down. Your dad has the flu". OK by me not getting sick, thank you mom! Fortunately was able to finagle crash space with [livejournal.com profile] elmer42 and [livejournal.com profile] dervishspin on Saturday night. Thank you thank you thank you. After-party at Camelot was lovely too. Got puppy time with Uno. Happy.

Fenced lots, schemes were schemed, so excited and happy for [livejournal.com profile] isabel_london, my newest Silver Rapier Sister! Congrats to new King's Champion [livejournal.com profile] nomadmwe, and JP, Queen's Champion. Court was good, lots of AoAs (both in the AM and PM courts), [livejournal.com profile] lanome's Laureling was wonderful, and I still didn't sit down enough. Took a gazillion photos, though. (please feel free to share)

02-04 Rapier Champs

Silver Rapier for Isabel

02-05 Logees

I figured too, that since it was only another hour south of where I already was, I would make my (what is turning out to be annual) pilgrimage to Logee's Greenhouse. Had a coupon for basically a free plant, so why not? Was wonderful, and exactly what I needed. Warm, humid, full of good smells and flowers, and a kitty. Came home with some new treasures; 3 new hoya, a kalanchoe with little orange bellflowers, and a pink shrimp plant. New pots for them tonight!

Emotional weekend. Said goodbye to Xavier, will be too long till we meet again in person. Still not quite real. Won't be, I don't think, until I go up to Montreal in March, and am staying with other friends... Much longer drive to fence with him now. So glad we had some good, good fights on Saturday. Sigh.
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The Lost Gardens of Heligan. A 400-year-old Victorian garden in Cornwall, England, restored to beauty after 75 years.

More here.

The faces and figures kinda freak me out, and I don't think I'd want to be alone in the garden at night just yet... But check out the Rhododendron. MASSIVE.

(also? ready to go to MA now, to steampunk all weekend! iz time to leave werk yet??)
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Sensitive fern, Onoclea sensibilis, growing in the waterfall at work. Just lovely.
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I so want one of these.

Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, you enabler! Now... where to put it...

So. Lovely. Eeeee!
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Clean Slate
Originally uploaded by gshower7
I win. No. More. Wintercreeper.

Except for all the roots that I'll still have to rip out as I come to them, and the little starts that will inevitably grow from those roots... No big deal, now. Buried under some new loam, it will take them a while to break through. I hope. Cleanup to be done at some point, and then I can get my herbs in the ground. Yay!

Now, though, shower. And ibuprofen. Gonna be an early night, I think...
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
Righteous Horticultural Justice has been served. Mostly.

Yesterday was part 1 of the Battle of the Wintercreeper. Beautiful day, post-dentist, lovely motorcycle ride, and lunch, I descended upon the rock wall bed by the driveway. I vowed that the wintercreeper would meet its end. The poor white azalea that it is trying to eat, unfortunately, there is no saving... If I ever had my own nursery (noooo... not gonna happen...), there would be a short list of plants that no way, no how, don't care how many customers request them, that I simply would not carry. Wintercreeper is pretty high on that list.

I think I did OK. I went from this, a little over a year ago to the photo in this post. LOTS of cutting and pulling and I managed not to go tumbling backwards over the 4' wall into the driveway and landing on my head... Go me! More today, because we are currently out of space in the trailer. Today we will be hauling one load of brush (including the forsythia branches that I cut last year) to the yard waste pile at the dump, and returning to finish the job, I hope. The plan after things are mostly cleaned out is to get a 1/2 yard (or more) of some good loam, and bring the soil level up to something usable. Things settled in 15 years, I think, and if I don't add something, anything I put in that bed will just be buried. Also, hoping a good 8-12" of loam will slow the re-emergence of raspberries, sumac, and wintercreeper from the roots that I can't pull or dig.

Lots of leaves to rake too... I hurt now, a bit. Gonna be sore tomorrow, still. Lovely weather today, to hopefully finish (or at least make more progress on) this little Project.

Good things: My two 'Green Lotus' Peony, 'Time after Time' hydrangea and 'High Voltage' gorgeous yellow rose that I planted last year are alive and happy! As are the 2-for-$5 peonies that I bought at WalMart, which I had long given up for dead last year. They are tiny, but emerging.

We also have a screen door for the patio now! YAAAAY! I had finally had enough, and decided yesterday morning that I wanted to open the door to the roof, darnit. So I called Home Depot, the very helpful fellow assisted me in figuring out what kind of door we have, and [livejournal.com profile] kurlon arrived home yesterday evening with one lovely sliding patio screen door. Easiest installation I've ever seen, and we now have lovely, lovely airflow. Will probably have to get a plastic protector so kitty claws do not mar the bottom part, just in case... the boys are good, but who knows what happens when birdies or moths show up on the roof.

Sad things: I killed one of my phoebes yesterday. Not on purpose. But I had left the garage door open, because I was doing things... I think it must have flown in and run into the wall, or something, because I found it, neck broken, and still a little warm... poor little thing. I buried it in the front open woods, under the tiny little Serviceberry. It will have white flowers soon, and is a good resting place. I heard the mate (? another pheobe, at least) calling this morning, so all is not lost... I like to encourage the phoebe, though, because they eat bugs. Specifically flies. And my arms are kinda one big blackfly bite at the moment. Aieee!
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So... two years ago, I bought an Attar of Roses scented geranium from a wonderful gentleman at the Windham Farmer's Market. It has a beautiful rosy scent, lovely soft fuzzy leaves, and if I ever get it in enough sunlight for long enough, will have tiny little lavender flowers. That bit hasn't happened yet, but I've managed not to kill it with not enough light or ignorance of water in the last two winters, so that's something...

It continues to put out lots and lots of foliage, though a bit leggy. Nice big leaves, though, on the end of long petioles that tend to get tangled in each other. So decided yesterday to do some pruning and repot the poor thing. I have a lovely pink pot that was going to be home to my 'Pink Princess' philodendron, but she is currently in rehab... having some difficulties with the whole 'growing' thing... need roots for that... yeah. So I chopped 3/4 of the geranium back, back to strong stems that are showing plenty of new buds and growth, repotted it into the new, larger pink pot, and pondered on what to do with this mass of green that smelled so lovely.

Remembering things that Mark said when I bought the plant, I went to the internet... Attar of Rose geraniums are lovely to use in cooking. I baked a rose-flavored cake. It is amazing. Take leaves, lay them on the bottom of a greased and floured cake pan, and pour over them your favorite white cake recipe. I used the boxed mix. The oils and scents and flavor of the geranium leaves infuse into the cake, making it light and flowery and springy and delicious. Can't reliably find if the leaves are actually edible or not, so I peeled them off the cake just in case...

The rest of the leaves were added to a pot of water and simmered for about an hour on the stove, making rosewater. Not sure how that's turned out yet, and not sure how I'm going to store it yet, but there it is in a bowl in my fridge...

And spring is truly here. The snow is nearly gone (though quite a difference from last year... last year, the forsythia was blooming, and we'd been a month without snow...), and maybe I can even rake all the leaves away some night after work. I am ready to start ripping things out of the garden again! Death to the wintercreeper and sumac and mostly dead azalea!
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No foolin'
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Four words: Nice. Cushy. Office. Job.

I am at work. Somebody has to be. Tried to cancel the truck that was sending 250+ shrubs and put it off till next week, but when I called on Wednesday morning, it had already been loaded... so I got to do that this morning. Thank goodness for D, my sometimes-co-worker, who came when my boss called, and I didn't have to do the whole damn thing myself because the rest of the guys are out plowing the 8+ inches of wet, heavy snow. Took twice as long as it should have too, since the semi couldn't make it up the hill and over to the area we were unloading them, so we hauled everything into the loader bucket, drove the loader around, and hauled everything out of the bucket again to the mats... BAH.

I also have to babysit the greenhouses, and make sure the snowpiles on the roofs don't cave them in. I only slipped a few times, and nearly got buried in snow a few more, and only put (as far as I know) one giant hole in the poly with the rake. Which has been mostly repaired with duct tape. The poly-patch tape won't work if it gets the slightest bit damp, which is definitely happening out there with the snow...8+ inches of wet heavy snow is a lot of work to slog up the hill in, too...

It all appears to be turning to rain, which may or may not be a good thing. Rain doesn't build up on greenhouse roofs. And perhaps the roads will be clear when I decide to bail in a few hours. This is a day I would not have even attempted to come in, but really had no choice in the matter.

Nice. Cushy. Office. Job. Or one at a perennial farm, where I don't have to deal with heavy shrubs and giant trees. That's really my least favorite part of all this... I love the greenhouses, perennials are generally small, lighter, and more manageable, and more fun...

I think I'm tired. Definitely cranky. Definitely glad it's Friday.
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Spring Moon
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Spring is here, spring is here! It's not snowing (though it's only 26 degrees out...), the sun is shining, and I've got the day off. Life is goood.

I did get outside, too, at 12:30 AM or so (agh, need to change the time on my camera for daylight savings...), with my camera and tripod (and should have worn gloves. Brr.), and stared up at the sky for a little while.

Big bright moon, perfectly clear night. Gorgeous.

The first photo I took also had some stars in it. I will need to play with this fantastic camera a bit more, when it's warmer in the evenings, and there is not quite so much moonlight. I have tried taking star photos and a lot of moon photos before , but I have so much more control over every single setting on this camera, I bet I can get some better ones. This was the 'Chaste Moon', according to English Medieval tradition... It was beautiful. Everything outside was bathed in blue light, reflecting off the snow that still covers the land here.

Stones are poking through, though. I am excited to see my terrace again; this year, I know what I am going to put there (Hydrangea quercifolia, Oakleaf Hydrangea), and will do it, before fall! So pretty... Much soil amending to be done first, and the Battle of the Sumac and Raspberry will continue... I made a good dent last year, but there is much ground to be gained and much compost to be spread.
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Regal Geranium
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Spring is coming.

Despite the weather yesterday, spring is coming. I have baby plants in the greenhouse, the geraniums came in yesterday, some with blooms on them, and I've had my hands in soil for the last two days. It is wonderful.

February is not, however, going out without a fight. )

My vacuum also came on Thursday! It's purple. It's beautiful. It sucks. In a good way. Didn't pull up nearly as much crap from the carpets as I expected it to, maybe the old vac was doing a better job than we thought. But this one definitely has better suction and sucking power. It was pulling kitty tumbleweeds in on the hardwood from a couple inches away from the beater bar (which can be turned off! So the floors won't be scratched! Joy!). The machine itself is also lighter than the old vac, a little bit quieter (though the high-speed whirrr of the beater bar is kind of annoying) and it moves much easier. I may even vacuum more than once every 6 months with the one...

Off to meet N & M for lunch today, N is bringing me a set of new-old speakers, to replace my old Logitechs. They were free, I've had them for at least 12 years, so I think I've gotten my money's worth... the right side one has developed a horrible electronic squeal that just gets worse the longer they are used... The new ones should be much better. Little cubes from Cambridge Soundworks, a few years old themselves, but based on the ones that N has had for years and years, they'll be a definite upgrade. And at $0.99 plus $15 shipping from ebay, can't beat the price...
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A model of the Galaxy, in flowers.

More detail and a plant list here...

More on the snowstorm later... Revel in plants for now!
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So, about a month ago, I got an email from Wyatt, saying 'hey, there's this event down in CT, you should come, there's fencing!'. Sounded like a good idea, and there was an offer of crash space so I wouldn't have to drive alll the way back home after the event, so this past weekend, I packed up Rosie, and away we went to the Barony Beyond the Mountain. There was indeed fencing. Lots of fencing! Fun fencing. With lovely people. But made me very, very tired. SO glad I decided to spend the night in the guestroom. Annssem and I followed Wyatt back to his (beautiful!) house, and had a lovely meal of lasagna after the event. Annssem headed home shortly thereafter, and I was pretty sure I was going to be asleep by 9:30 or so, but ended up being a bit later than that, since Wyatt and I were talking fencing and doing bladework with broken arrows in his kitchen till midnight. So. Much. Fun. Had to go to bed, though, when the general environment wouldn't stay in focus... yup. Time for sleep. Had lovely breakfast of pancakes and more fencing talk. Got some stuff I need to think about... more details on that later, perhaps, after I've had some time to think about them...

The ride home happened to take me directly through Danielson, CT, also, which just happens to be where Logee's is. Dad and I went there, just about a year ago, and there was no way I was going to just drive by without stopping. The parking lot was crammed full of cars, which was strange, and made stranger still when I got inside, and really could't tell there were many other people wandering through the greenhouses. It was Open House weekend, so things were on sale, and they were having classes, but I just grabbed my camera and took a wander through everywhere. Did pick up a few hoya I wanted that they didn't have last year, and got a free begonia! Yay more plants!

Stopped by mom & dad's, since I can't remember the last time I'd been home... the neighborhood has changed a bit. No trees across the street, so the house there looks a lot bigger. There's also been a few houses built out in the woods behind their house... not so nice to look at. Hopefully the leaves in the summer will block most of the view... Had dinner, headed back to Maine. Rainy rainy Maine. More fencing this weekend, at Bare Blade! Yay!

Photos are here: SimpleFaire and Logee's Greenhouse.

Good Things

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:40 pm
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Had meant to post this last night, but between one thing and another (and attempting to sew what has become the most complicated T-tunic in history, and I have no idea WHY. At this point, I'm just praying it fits...), it was suddenly 12:30AM, and I had to sleep...

Good things:
- Fresh peas, blueberries, and raspberries from the farm stand down the road.
- My kitties love puddles of sunlight. They so cute.
- I have enough sun in one little corner of the front garden to grow roses. I have 'High Voltage' planted at the moment, and am hoping to add a few more... just a few... And the Japanese beetles haven't found it. Yet.
- The main benefit to having raspberry brambles everywhere in the yard and garden is the raspberries, which are just starting to ripen. The ones in more shade were sweeter, too.
- Blueberries. I need to go out by the side of the road and see what I can pick off the zillions of plants out there. There were a few on the patch in the backyard, but I think it's too shady to really produce any fruit...
- Fun wildflowers in my backyard! 5 or 6 little plants of Lilium philadelphicum v. philadelphicum, or Wood Lily, have managed to poke their way through the leaves and weeds and other mess in the back, and are beautiful.
- Paint that works. Had a fantastic art day yesterday. Scroll is coming along.
- Still learning (but loving) the new camera. Need to read the manual... got to figure out the white balance settings and other stuff for indoor shots so colors don't come out all weird.

Today, now, I must finish Xavier's tunic. And work on the scroll some more. The easy part is done... Also, grocery shopping must happen today, and we have got to get the kitchen put back together. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit tonight, so the cats need to be brushed, and I need to vacuum everywhere, possibly twice, so they don't both die the moment they walk through the door...

Golden Sun

May. 22nd, 2010 05:59 pm
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
Beautiful, glowing, golden room.

Finished painting (mostly) the dining area last night. Did the lower half last week, covering dog-gnawed and dented cranberry with lovely dark golden yellow (Killz Casual Colors 'Pommery Mustard'), and the top side in 'Light Honey'. Found some nail holes I missed spackling, of course, and have decided to finish a column that extends to the ceiling, but is still kinda part of the same visual space as well, but for now, it is done. I love it. It sets off the lighter oak flooring very nicely, and I may even continue with the same color down the hallway, not sure yet. Next weekend (assuming I'm going to be sane and not go to Panteria even if I don't have to work on Saturday... jury is still out, both on the sanity and on work), BLUE. Upstairs. Have perfect colors, finally.

Spent yesterday with K, digging in her garden, splitting hosta and other perennials, which are now, along with two enormous hydrangea that never bloomed for her (and probably won't for me either), sitting around in pots in the shadier parts of my front pathway. Sometime, I will plant them. Have to clear out the garden area first. One project at a time. (yeah, who am I kidding?)

[livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max showed up at my front door around noon, and we went to lunch and wandering around antique stores, and all kinds of stuff today. Blueberry ice cream is delicious. :) Visited the little farm store down the road too, where I can buy compost cheaper than at work, and not have to haul it nearly 40 miles home. This is a good thing. Hopefully soon, am going to jump on the motorcycle and go see S, who just moved to an amazing new apartment in Saco.
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Fern House at Logee's
Originally uploaded by gshower7
I have made a pilgrimage to a Sacred Place, and returned whole again.

Dad and I went to Logee's Greenhouse in Danielson, CT, last Sunday... )

Photos of my journey through Paradise are here. SO many flowers. SO many plants. I need a place like this (though I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] kurlon will argue that the apartment is getting pretty close... ;) ).
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More later, when I have some time at home to sit and futz around on the computer, go through the nearly 400 photos I took this weekend...

Crown was Awesome. I have never had so much fun watching the heavy fighter guys. Most notable was Duke Brion doing a feint with a broadsword, catching Count Gryffith completely offguard, which lead to Brion's winning of the bout. So. Cool.

Master Julien did wonderfully as well, well enough to make Carolyne nervous. :) Top 12 or top 16, I think, out of a pool of around 36. Yay!

Vivat to new Prince Edward the Grey, of Lochleven, and his wonderful Princess Meggie. Both are lovely people, and summer reign is going to be a lot of fun, I think. Edward went undefeated on Saturday, beating Super-Duke Lucan 2-0 in the final matchup, winning his (I beleive?) first ever participated-in crown. A grand day.

Yesterday, I made a pilgrimage to Danielson, CT, and Logee's Greenhouse. Dad came with, which made it even more enjoyable. I... I cannot express in words how magnificent a place it was... you will all have to wait for the photos, but in short, I spent more money than I ever have at once on houseplants. Stayed within my budget, and I have 8 new lovely, lovely, fun plants. And a Coffee Tree!! And a gazillion pictures, which don't do the place justice at all, but will have to do until I make it back again.
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Mostly Empty Garden
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Gardens, fish... both met their end yesterday. RIP Tsume. Dammit. You were with me for such a short time. RIP also 4 tetras, over the course of 3 days. I don't know how to help my fish when they get sick. I wish I knew what was off about the 5 gallon tank. The water tests fine. No weird levels of nitrates, ammonia, etc. Hoping the water itself hasn't changed, with whatever the PWD does. Sigh. Eros is looking too fat for his own good at the moment, too. Bloaty. Nothing the internet has suggested has worked yet. Gah.

Took the garden apart yesterday. It was time. Woke up yesterday morning to actual, scrape-able frost on the car. Apparently it snowed big goopy flakes on Sunday night, which I missed completely. As far as I'm concerned, it hasn't snowed yet.

Yanked marigolds, cucumber plants, lettuce, and peas. Managed to munch the last couple peapods, very tasty. The lettuce might have been able to stay, but as I do not have row covers or a greenhouse, there wasn't much point... Carrots will stay till I'm ready to eat them. Cold won't hurt 'em a bit, and I did get one little purple one (tasty!) by accident when I turned the soil over.

Planted the thyme that had been living in a pot all summer; my other plant did next to nothing this year, but the lemon thyme was lovely. Dug and will split the 'Persian Market' daylily. Planted about 1/4 of the original plant, will share the rest with those that want it. Cut back chives, garlic chives, lemon balm. Pulled out a whole bunch of forget-me-not seedlings; though I love them, let's not go crazy next year, hmm? Strawberries are fine, and the 3 Saffron Crocus bulbs (that wouldn't fit in the pot, so I planted them in the corner nearest the steps) have sprouted! Probably won't bloom this year... If they make it through the winter (Zone 6?) I'll be impressed. After all that, dug and turned the soil, added about 1.5 CF of peat moss, mixed in. Compost top dressing will be added in a few weeks when I sink the peonies and lavender. Before things freeze too hard.

Still cutting back and dividing perennials at work. Dug up the beautiful white & yellow peony to make more; replanted a good chunk, still got 8 pots for retail, and one itty bitty slip that just wouldn't grow to any good size that came home with me... Going to be lovely in a few years. :) Also hoping I didn't completely murder the 'Fireball' Hibiscus. This thing was huge. Got lots of divisions, which I hope and pray will make it through the winter. They should... I hope... so paranoid about this one. There's a big chunk back in the ground, which will be fine, but things act funny when you put them in pots, sometimes...
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Sensitive Plant
Originally uploaded by gshower7
My Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pedunculosa) bloomed on Sunday, so cute. Such a silly little plant, too. It all collapses at the slightest touch (loses water pressure in the leaves and stems), and slooowly comes back to full over a period of 5 minutes or so. A novelty. Don't know how it's going to do once I bring it inside after this summer. I'm just happy 2 seeds out of a packet of 20 actually sprouted back in April. Not good germination rate, perhaps I needed to do something different with them.

It's official; I get to take the MSF course August 15/16. Sent in my course fee yesterday morning, and as long as it gets to Bangor by Friday, I'm good to go. I think mom still can't quite figure out why I want to do this... it's gonna be fun (I think), and it means I don't have to wait for somebody else to be ready to take a ride if I want to take a ride. 2 wheels is different than 4...

I have boots now! My very own spiffy motorcycle boots. They fit, and they don't have bells and whistles and buckles and bling all over them, just basic black (waterproof) boots. Helmet is coming this week, I think. I went with the beige butterfly, not boring, hopefully more visible to drivers than black. I want all the help I can get. :) [livejournal.com profile] kurlon is slowly converting the GS back to street legality, so I'll hopefully have something to ride in a few weeks too. Then next year I can get a purple Monster. :D
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'Bela Lugosi' Daylily
Originally uploaded by gshower7
I headed out the door to go to work yesterday, and nearly walked right by and ignored my gorgeous dark purple daylily again. Went back inside, grabbed my camera, and shot it. So. Pretty. Been waiting a year to see it bloom, and 'Bela Lugosi' does not disappoint. There is another deep velvety purple one at work, 'Strutter's Ball' that may even be a little bit more purple than Bela... hard to say... the center style is purple rather than yellow on 'Strutter's Ball', and the flower itself may be slightly larger, but I think I'm just being picky now... no reason I can't have both, down the road. :)

A float down the river with [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max today didn't happen, but that's OK. I puttered around the house, repotted a few plants, cleaned up the garden, and generally did what one is supposed to do on one's day off. Relaxed. What an odd thing. I think I like it, and will have to do more.

More motorcycle-sitting last night, at the Ducati shop. Mmm... expensive Italian bikes... Monsters are comfy, and the new ones come in purple. Or teal, or 9 other colors. Hee! Also sat on and liked the Streetfighter, which I really didn't want to be so comfortable... it's a really silly looking bike... agh. Am filing this information away for future purchase possibilities. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon is working on converting the race GS 500 back to street use, and as I was comfy on the one I sat on at Reynolds, I'm good with learning to ride on something we've already got. Now I just need to hear back from the place where I'll be taking the course so I can send them money and be all official n' stuff...


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