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Bicolor Hydrangea
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I'm in a good mood. There are lots of things to be happy about today.
  • The bi-color hydrangea bloom by the waterfall at work makes me smile. :)
  • It is sunny again! 4 days of rain are done, and the sky is beautiful blue, dotted with white fluffy clouds!
  • Because it is sunny, and not too cold (though a little chilly), it is MOTORCYCLE DAY. October 5, still riding. YAY. A few extra layers, leggings under the jeans, fleece-lined hoodie under the jacket, and a neck scarf. But still VROOM. Only bike on the road this morning...
  • Wonderful fencing practice last night! Wyatt came up, I got some lesson time in with my Don. He says I'm improving. I'm glad somebody thinks so and can tell... it's hard for me to see a difference. I'll just have to do more traveling and fence more people to test this theory. Delicious crab and havarti sandwich on sourdough bread for dinner afterward, too.
  • More fencing! Headed to IDD next weekend for Fall Harvest, and BBM for Fall Feast of Simplefare the weekend after.
  • Sadly, skipping the Endewearde Hunt this weekend to hopefully get the yard cleaned up finally, maybe get the house organized, hopefully get at least the sketch done for scroll #2 to go out at Crown. It would have been a nice relaxing weekend, but I have to be an adult sometime...
  • FREE FABRIC! I finally have bought enough linen over the past 6 years to bump the credit transfer ratio to something useful, and I have $100 of free linen headed my way. I can make a new fencing armor shirt, new 14th c chemise, viking chemise (for Birka), and have a few yards of brilliant red to do... something... with. YAY.
  • Projects to start, for crown. My part of one scroll is all done, waiting on calligraphy for scroll #2, and a sooper sekrit project that I need to talk to Her Most Excellent Excellency Baroness [livejournal.com profile] alysten about... I need some tips on doing some of that fabulous stained glass embroidery you just finished.
  • It's Wednesday, and almost 11:00. Only 2 1/2 days of work left this week... that's definitely a happy thought.

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Bee on Rozanne
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Bright, sunny, cool day here today. So glad it's Friday. Hoping the rain that's predicted for Sunday holds off, and we can enjoy a non-soggy SeaDogs game, but we'll see. Hoping to ride the bike again, but not sure that'll happen. 4 days straight this week of Motorcycle, could have been all 5, had I not had all kinds of stuff to bring with me on Monday. Gorgeous week. Don't wanna be at the office right now, though...

Week Recap

May. 12th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Good things, mostly, this week.

+ 4 out of 5 days got to ride the bike! Could have, maybe, on Tuesday, but would have been COLD. And Wet. Even with rain gear. So it worked out OK.
+ Good fencing day on Tuesday!
+ Finally bought 'Sigh No More' by Mumford and Sons. For $5. mp3 Album from Amazon.com. LOVE.
+ Sunshine today, finally.
+ FRIDAY. Kinda. For me. First Friday of the week!
+ Lovely dinner at Blast from the Past with [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and Max tonight.
+ Rode home under a beautiful moon and indigo skies.

- Not going to be able to play in the garden much this weekend...

+ ...because I'm prepping stuff for Spring's Inspirations on Saturday! Paint and gold and friends and general SCA loveliness.

- Not sure if I'll have any sort of veggie/edibles garden this year... I gotta do something, I'll go nuts...

+ ...but I'm going to help S get a container garden going behind the restaurant where she works! Next weekend, we plant beets and radishes and STUFF!

- ...because she's still hurting from a rough break-up. I'm gonna kick K next time I see him... but not too hard... life will indeed go on. Gardens heal souls. /sigh.

+ Started some herb seeds in a little egg carton greenhouse. Hopefully will have some thyme, and basil, and borage, and other stuff coming up soon. Green. Need. Green.

+ Kitties happy. Got most of the mats (not too bad, but bad enough) out of Galahad's underside out. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon has to pay attention to the front half, while I work on the back half, and it's quite a feat of acrobatics when we get fuzzbutt up on his haunches so I can get the underside, but he's such a patient, calm kitty... thank goodness. No protesting, even when I know it pulls a little bit...

+/- We really need a garage door. There are birds nesting in the third garage. I think it's a Phoebe. Working on replacing, maybe, the one we lost last weekend...

Time to get off the computer now. Things to do! Busy weekend!


Mar. 18th, 2011 07:15 pm
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Snow Violas
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Annnd here's what's been going on...

It was 68 degrees today. EEEEEEEE!

We had the greenhouse WIDE open at work (I wish I still only had a 5-minute drive to home so I could have opened all the windows and aired out the house).

And it certainly was WINDY. Changed all the air in the greenhouse too, which was a Good Thing. 40-50mph gusts made the house sway, which made all the hanging baskets sway, which made the risk of clunking my head all the greater, but it was worth it...

Our seeds came in at work! I now have a packet of 'Brightest Brilliant Rainbow' Quinoa sitting on my desk... an experiment for this year. Seems to be pretty easy to grow. I'll have to pick some up at the store, just to see if I even like it. It will at least be pretty!And not take up a whole lot of space, since I don't really even have a garden yet. Big buckets, maybe, for this year... hrm.

The little violas are blooming! So I chopped their heads off and stuck them in the snow! Pretty! And there are lots more where they came from.

The motorcycles have been out these last two days... Giovanni is calling me from the garage... I tell him, there is still too much sand on the roads, and the snowbanks are too high, and motorists don't know motorcycles exist yet... wait just a few more weeks. Ready for vroomVroomVROOMvroomVroomvroomVROOM... and 56mpg... hope for a sunny spring/summer... it can rain at night, after I'm home.

I have two scrolls to finish for Coronation. Shouldn't be too much trouble at all. Shiny and gold! Eee!

The highschool kids just won their one-act play regional competition. Two weeks of sewing our fingers off to make their costumes was worth it! And, we got my great-grandmother's sewing machine dusted off, oiled, and working again! Purrs like a kitten... Hasn't been touched, I don't think, in about 20 years. Once we got the right manual for it and figured out how to put the needle, and the bobbin, and the thread all in properly, it stopped breaking threads and skipping stitches too!

Finished a wee little vest to further improve my Steampunk attire, plans are to attend the Steampunk Industrial Revolution in Nashua next weekend. And discovered last week that the buttonholer for said 1952 Singer sewing machine works beautifully. There are 9 buttonholes on the little vest. I will not be tearing my hair out trying to get the Viking to behave. No. More. Fussing. With. Buttonholes. EVAR. Squee.

Snow is going away, bit by bit. We can see the firepit in the backyard again! I bet we could see more of it if we trudged down there and really got a good fire going... maybe we could even clear some of the backyard that way... hmmm....

Lancelot, our lovey, but thought to be deaf-as-a-post kitteh, appears to be getting some of his hearing back. He's talky more, which generally means he can hear at least miaous, and the 'look, he's completely deaf, right behind the ears and watch the no-reaction-at-all-from-the-cat' on Sunday resulted in a flinching and vaguely disquieted stripey kitteh. Better hearing? Dunno... reactions are not consistent at all...He also has lately taken to following me into the bathroom, yowling a bit, and flopping on the rug by the sink to have his tummy rubbed... strange cat... good acoustics in there, maybe?

This Sunday is the first day of Spring. Full Moon is supposed to be incredible. We may even be able to see it. Time to get the camera and tripod out!!
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So, the snow appears to be done... 8-10" or so out there on the ground. I'm... almost disappointed. But not really. Light, very fine snow is still falling, but it's not going to amount to anything. Time to go clear off the walkway and driveway, I suppose.

Lancelot had taken up his usual spot on the back of the couch, looking out the window, watching the snow for a while, but both boys are currently curled up on the loveseat.

I'm gonna go get a baking pan, fill it with snow, bring it inside, and see what the cats think of it. :D

...is it sad that I'm looking forward to doing this, and finishing up what I can do on our taxes to avoid washing dishes and doing laundry? sigh...


Jan. 5th, 2011 04:36 pm
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55 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies to Watch Out for In 2011

Some look good, some look really bad... too many to afford seeing them all in the theater, but will definitely have to try for a few!

Still have not seen: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Harry Potter 7 pt1, True Grit, Let Me In (which I've heard was nearly as good as the original Swedish version), RED, Iron Man 2... and several more that came out this year... Netflix and I need to spend some quality time together, so we need some more snowstorms... (Not just yet though.)

...and heaven help me, Gnomeo and Juliet looks like it could even be good...
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- My cats really are perfect gentlemen... they (usually) wait for permission before jumping into a lap, don't play in the garbage, don't beg at the table, don't eat my plants (though Galahad will go after fallen leaves on occasion...). Now if we can just get him to stop his newest trick (horking on cue in the hallway if he thinks he's not getting enough attention RightThisMinute), everything will be good.

- Miso soup mix is amazing. Little packet of powder, funny little white things, and little specks of green. Add boiling water, and I get delicious broth, with big beany-things, and big pieces of seaweed floating in it! Hooray!

- Disappointed that Tazo Tea no longer appears to make 'Om'. Delicious. Green tea, little bit fruity... 'Zen' just isn't the same... I only have a few teabags left.

- Also, cannot seem to find International Coffees 'Mayan Chocolate' drink mix in the local grocery... will try some other stores this week. May have to order online, thank goodness for Amazon and free shipping.

- Recipe for delicious dinner. Take: 1 crockpot. Add: enough potatoes (cut or whole, depending on size of pot, and number of eaters) to cover the bottom, and 1 duck (stuffed with as many apples and onions as you can cram in). Surround duck with more apples and onions, if there's room, and some garlic. Put lid on, set to 'low'. Cook for at least 8 hours. Come home, roast some asparagus, have some friends over, and eat a delicious meal. Then make soup out of the carcass, save some delicious delicious duck fat for roasting potatoes later, and sigh, contented.

- Slowly but surely, the house is getting Christmassed. Candle lights in the windows, little lights on Sam the tangerine tree (our Christmas tree. It's apparently tradition now. And I'm good with it. No needles to deal with!), the skirt went around the pot this afternoon... ornaments will get put up on Monday. Still need to find an outdoor extension cord and figure out if my other sets of lights are outdoor or not so I can decorate the little trees along the driveway. Holding off (mostly), even though I've got permission this year, till after [livejournal.com profile] kurlon's birthday, because I can... I'm strong... the Christmas music has come out, though. I couldn't wait any longer for Mannheim Steamroller or TransSiberian Orchestra (who, I note, is not coming anywhere NEAR Maine this year... Boston's too far for a weeknight, and Rhode Island not so much fun either. BAH.).

- Tonight is both the first and last chance to see the Geminid meteor shower... supposed to be cloudy/rainy/snowy for the next several days, so this evening promises to involve a hot tub and some snacks and delicious beverages.

- Winter is coming too, in fits and starts. No accumulation yet, but we awoke this morning to snow-covered ground. Gone now, since it warmed up to 40 degrees this afternoon, but more is coming...

- And I am upset with this USPS. Specifically, our mail carrier. Who did not even make an attempt to venture past the top of the street this morning to deliver the long-awaited package containing the top to my soon-to-be-created Wardian Case. Simply left a 'attempted to deliver' note in the mailbox, and moved on. This ticks me off. We know for a fact that no attempt was made, thanks to the light coating of snow on the road, beautifully smooth and unmarred by any sort of tire tracks, save for right by the mailbox. I will have words (polite ones, not getting upset and cranky at the poor postal worker behind the counter who had nothing to do with the delivery...) when I go in to get the package. Mail carrier needs to do his/her job, thank you very much. I am far more irritated than I possibly should be by this, but what if the package had contained something *important*?? Now I can't pick it up till Friday, thanks to needing to sign for it... BAH, I say.
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In lieu of actual content, because I've been crazy with garb (not mine), scrolls (not mine, and mine), mice (in my kitchen), and life in general (mine, and lots of other peoples'), here's a Meme! We haven't done one of these in a long time!

Nobody tagged me with this... I just found it. First commenter, give me a letter! And then I'll give you one! And then we'll post music stuff!

Music Meme!

* Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
* List (and upload, if you feel like it or are able to do so) 5 songs that start with that letter.
* Post them to your journal with these instructions.

My songs: [livejournal.com profile] evensongs_fall gave me the letter R!
- Round and Round by Ratt (extra bonus for group name?)
- Rock n' Roll Band by Boston
- Raise the Roof by Carbon Leaf
- Run Runaway by Great Big Sea (original by Slade...)
- Rosie by Tom Waits
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January Snow
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Started as rain yesterday, leaving New Hampshire. Changed to snow around the Wells exit on 95, and hasn't stopped since. We've got about 8-12" of the fluffy white stuff on the ground, and it's still coming down... Don't have to go anywhere tonight, though. Can stay home and putter/sew/relax.

Some good things; the office wasn't plowed out right away this morning, so I got a little bit of extra sleep. It's still snowing, so the guys are out plowing, and I get the office to myself. No boss to bug me. And I have new jeans that fit me perfectly. Hooray for Tractor Supply Company in NH, boo that they only had one pair. I'll try the one up here sometime.

Lego Rock Band is also made of Awesome. So cute. Good music, and silly silly challenges that give alternating band members a rest and chance to see what's going on in the background animations.

The search for good sizing for gold leaf continues. [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre was having issues with what we'd thought we'd found for a good replacement, which I had found and used and got to work, but not well last night. Frustrating. This looks like a promising substitute, assuming it's usable on paper. Gah, gold leaf sticks to everything except what we want it to, and the sizing we have, everything sticks to, including the tissue paper backing on the gold leaf. Causes issues when I want to put gold on that spot... We'll figure it out, hopefully before the last of the good stuff has been used up.
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One good thing about all the rain we've had lately; the weeds pop out of the ground like nobody's business. They're also growing like mad, which means there are a lot more to pull, but the soft mush of earth doesn't hold the roots very well.

This may become an article sometime... perhaps next week... but right now, it's just a rambly brain dump. )

That being said, I really would like to see the sun sometime soon...
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So... there's a hardscape supply shop (several locations) that has a very similar name to our business, but apparently they are not in the phone book. Any of them. In any phone book. If I had a dollar for every phone call we got for them, I would not have to work here anymore. Finally got my brain in gear earlier this year and printed out a list of their locations/phone numbers so I could actually help these people, but for heavens sakes... look at the number and name of business you are actually calling, and don't get upset at me when we're not who you want us to be (that has only happened twice...).

Fell asleep at my desk after lunch, too. Whoops. Woke up when the heater kicked on and the phone rang (another wrong number...), after about 15 minutes. Thank goodness I'm alone in the office, but it was a rather nice nap. The heat works really well here when it's on, but this place gets cold fast...

All of this is making it very difficult to write about birch trees, but I shall continue to give it my best shot. Only an hour and a half to go before I get to jump in the truck and pick up the boss, who is pushing back snowbanks in the loader, far, far away from me here. This is good. I can make it.
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Long night of RockBand last night after singing practice... it did well and truly rock. Traded instruments throughout the night. I still cannot play drums. I hate my foot. Getting a little bit better. Not flailing wildly any time a pedal hit comes across the screen like I did when I noodled around on my brother's set. Songs that are different than my CDs make life difficult (I'm looking at you, Sea and Sand... where did those extra words at the end come from???).

[livejournal.com profile] bobbyvector has a very, very good point, in that 'Testify' is much better done in the style of a cheerleader. :) Worth several laughs.

In other, very exciting news, I am off to Staples to run off a few prints. Woo... thrilling. I know you all cared. But first, a grilled cheese sandwich.

And almost forgot... the US Fish & Wildlife dept got my 'want my foxfur, dammit' letter on Tuesday. Yay for delivery confirmation. Now... I wait.
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Just bitter, bitter, bone-chilling cold coming in the next couple of days. I can't wait. *shiver* Ah well, I enjoyed the 40 degree temps last night. Didn't have to go out and shovel (though that didn't stop me from waking up at 5 AM, all paranoid that I'd missed a phone call... gah). Returned the truck this morning, got my car, went shopping... boy what a fun day. Forgot flour. I think I'll have enough to make another batch of cheezy bread for tonight. If not, Shaws is right up the street. Ah well.

Took recycling out again... I do not know how two people can come up with so much cardboard in the span of a month. Aiee.
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And I wasn't even trying. :)

J and I were at the Christmas Tree Shop in Portland this afternoon after his appointment (got stitches taken out! Yay! Have to soak the injured fingers and change dressings once a day, which means I have to help him, which means I have to look... owowowow and eeeeewwww.... but he's healing. I looked at his hand when the had the bandages off. I've seen worse, I think, in movies, but it's quite a bit different when you know it's makeup and not on someone you care about.)

But I digress... anywho! Background: I decided to fix my hair in two braids last night when I took my shower... I like braids. :) J and I were at the Christmas Tree Shop in Portland this afternoon after his appointment, looking for a strawberry planter I'd seen a few weeks ago. (I'm growing strawberries this year! Couldn't stand to leave 'em at the nursery anymore.) No planters. Figures. Wait a week, and the one thing I should have bought is now gone. Oh well, let's wander around a bit... We were over by the pillows/drapery section, near two older ladies who were conversing rapidly in French. I wandered over next to them, looking at the pillows, and I hear a gasp, and "C'est moi!" followed by more rapid French. I looked over, and one of the ladies nearly ran over to me, exclaiming, "When I was a little girl, around 14, I had my hair just like yours, but it was down to here (gestures to my waist). I loved it! Don't you ever cut your hair!! You have beautiful hair!" I thanked her, a genuine smile on my face. "What is the word for that in English?" Braids, I said, grinning. She smiled, and repeated again "Don't ever cut your hair!", and left with her friend, still smiling. I laughed a bit, went back to wandering with J.

I made that French lady's day, I think... made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. :)


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