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There will be a Pennsic post eventually... this one is quicker, and easier, and more recent. :)

All Things Scribal was announced sometime before GNEW, and it was going to be in IDD. Got very excited. Emailed the delightful Baroness Tadea, figured out what I wanted to teach (also what needed teaching), and arranged crash space (since Cynan was going to be in PEI that weekend...) I ventured North on Friday evening, prepared for a day of ART on Saturday. Landed at Angus and Tigger's around 10:30, Rozi and Kayleigh arrived somewhere around midnight, sleep was had soon thereafter.

Saturday dawned bright and HOT. I thought Canada was supposed to be cooler... (heh, right) I realized that I'd forgotten paper towels (essential supply for painting), and then proceeded to forget the roll provided by my most gracious hostess on the table. Got to the event site, was directed to a bank (for money) and a corner store (for paper towels). Found both. Sketchiest. Corner store. Ever. Eeeeeugh. Acquired paper towels, though. Back at the event, got ready, taught class #1 (scroll layout, 8 people), had a break, taught class #2 (beginning gouache. very popular. at least 13 students. more people than I'd anticipated, but I had enough stuff, some folks brought their own, so it worked. a bit overwhelming for me, but I think everybody had fun, and by the end was using the paint (mostly) properly). Her Majesty and Her Higness sat in on that one. No pressure.

Lunch was lovely, and then thank goodness there was an extra hour I didn't think I had between lunch and my last class (whitework), because I needed to clean palettes and decompress a little bit. Whitework was 6 or 7 students, just about perfect. Her Highness joined me again, and again by the end of the class, most of the students were making good progress.

Three classes is my limit. It didn't feel like a lot of work, but it was pretty tiring. I was falling asleep at dinner, which was hard to do with at least 30 people in the backroom. One of the highlights was definitely discussing the "finer" points of NASCAR (and various other things) with His Highness Edward. We had a lovely dinner, the 30 of us...

So many good people and good times. I think everybody had fun. Staying with Angus and Tigger was fantastic. Can't wait to go back up in February for K&Q Rapier. I do so enjoy Canada and all the people there.

08-25 All Things Scribal IDD

Things to do for next time:
- have a 'preferred brands' list. The brushes, paint, and paper weren't really written down anywhere... I may do a follow-up email/post to the event page.
- demo paint before handing it out. too much gouache too quickly, not enough instruction before brushes started hitting palettes.

Sunday I met up with Cynan (returned from PEI Saturday night), and I got to be a tourist. It's nicer when it's not 17 below (C) out there... We wandered a bit of Montreal, went climbing all over Mount Royal, had a lovely lunch at a pub downtown, and then I had to be off... quick day... another wonderful day, though. Home by 10:30 or so, didn't get enough sleep. I'll catch up eventually.

Photos of Montreal/Mount Royal:
08-26 Montreal


Aug. 17th, 2012 12:01 am
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Pennsic was awesome. Real recap later. Pictures now. Still kind of exhausted, ready for a weekend to laze around at home.

Sunday and Monday at about 2 AM, I woke up, couldn't figure out why the tent looked so funny, or where exactly I was... it was a little disconcerting, but reality came back fairly quickly... I miss my little tent on the Serengeti.

Photos here:
General Pennsic Photos
Rapier Champions Photos
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Pennsic is in less than a week. I leave here at ohgodthirty in the morning on Friday, for a week of a very unique type of relaxation... Cannot wait to see everybody, and wake up every morning under canvas.

I'm packed. Mostly. Ish. Everything on my checklist is pretty much in one big pile in the basement. It's not that big a pile, looking at it... I could possibly do this in my car, but J is letting me steal his truck for a week because it has a roof rack, and tent poles really do work better up above...

Still ToDo (besides the last minute whoops-I-forgot-X packing):
- Get tent/poles (once they're repaired), and cot from Max & Mickel
- Make new fencing/sword bag. Mine are just about worn out.
- Get EK Artisan Exchange project in a better transportable state so I can work on it onsite
- buy fruit & water (Thursday PM)
- water houseplants (Wednesday PM)

I of course feel like I'm forgetting things, and my brain says no way do I have enough of anything to be gone for a week, but I know I do...

This is gonna be a long 4-day work week.
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It's been almost a week, the truck and trailer are unloaded (but boxes of stuff are still all over the basement, and I am now mostly caught up on sleep. Should really have taken Monday off like I usually do, but the one extra day of vacation somewhere will be worth it, I think.

HOT and humid. But Fun. )

Overall, a fantastic weekend. I have just enough time to recover and collect all my personal camping gear and try to get it organized before my next Big Adventure.

Pictures here:

07-12 to 07-15 GNEW XXVI

GNEW XXVI Embroidery Challenge

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Busy couple of weekends I've had.

Two weeks ago I day-tripped Palio di Stonemarche with Alianor, Mickel, and Max. Retained for the Princess in the morning, did some silly silly fencing games in the afternoon, and got to actually watch some of the equestrian stuff. Pretty horsies. An absolutely delightful day. Alianor and I worked on (and I finished) new garb for her, which was indeed done in time for her first event in a while. Pictures here:
06-16 Palio

Last Saturday I did a crazy thing, I'm pretty sure, but I lived. Didn't panic. Didn't break anything on me or the new dirtbike. Fell a few times, probably could/should have fallen a few more, but I'm still putting at pretty low speeds. Even so, I bruised my butt pretty well, but not enough to turn me off it.

So yeah. I'm OK... I lived. I do remember how to ride a motorcycle, though [personal profile] kurlon is right, dirt is absolutely nothing like the street. I'm not quite at "having fun" yet, but I definitely didn't hate it. Ah, my little noble steed... Going to try it again on Sunday at MX101 in New Hampshire, if it's not too rainy/thundery.

Today was spent puttering, Cleaning All The Things, and working on the door for the dang tent. One more day of sewing and work, it'll be done. I guess I work best under pressure, that's why I've waited till 2 weeks before the event to actually do anything, even though we'd planned it all out a year ago. Argh. Had allllll winter to work on this. Why didn't I? I dunno... It's going to be so nice, though... :) Door panels are all sewn, just need grommets and loops, and then to be attached to the tent.

Next potential project is possibly finding a tent to go to Pennsic in... I'm planning on taking my car, which means the kitchen tent is out (poles won't fit, no roof rack), and the rain fly from Max & Mickel's cabin tent is currently AWOL... awkward. I'll figure something out. Need to make a packing list.
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Mostly. I think I relaxed for real sometime around 4:30 on Saturday afternoon, during one of several naps...

Arrived onsite at Panteria earlier than I'd hoped I would, helped Max & Mickel finish setting up the Taj, and had a lovely dinner, fire, and starwatching with everybody. There were a few shooting stars, and lots and lots of satellites swooshing overhead. A beautiful evening.

Did not sleep well, for some reason, Friday night. Bah. Made for an out-of-it (and apparently slightly cranky) Camille the next morning. Fencing was at 11. That was the happy thought of the AM. Breakfast was good, I chased a bird into the crabapple tree across the way (an American Restart, a pair of them!), attempted to sit and be calm for a while, failed, and took a walk around camp. Helped Frenya set up the fencing lists at 11, got my gear, headed back, did some FENCING. I needed to stab people. We did a few authorizations; neither one really had a firm grip on the rules, but we gave one guy a provisional. Outright failed the other guy, which I felt a little badly about, but he had no clue... nobody in his area (Mountain Freehold?) to practice with, but he hadn't even read the rules recently and couldn't tell me much of anything about proper fencing. We did the swordwork as a formality, and there was no hard hitting or hesitation, but skill, even with light was just not there... sigh. Better luck next time.

Cynan showed up, ginormous shield in hand, and we fenced. It was awesome. From fighter to fencer in three months, and he's FUN. He and Carolyne and I were one team for Jack's tavern brawl, and we ended up winning the day. Woo! Usually it was Cynan and me left standing at the end of the scenario, which was a new thing for me... still alive? How strange. Hot day though, and lots of fencing, made us all tired. I headed back to camp for a shower and a nap. Kathy joined me on the blanket in the shade, Mickel tootled on her recorder, and I think I actually got some sleep. Or at least relaxed. Which was lovely.

Woke up a few times, not entirely myself, apparently, but conscious enough to chase down Cynan, find Brian, who had my cake pan filled with lovely things from Angus & Tigger before he headed back to Canada, and return to the blanket for more nap. Kinda nap. Laying down in the shade, talking with wonderful people, drinking a bit of Kathy's chocolate-whippedcream-wine. Delicious. Delightful. We were camped on the corner of the main road through camp, so everybody walked by, said hi, socialized for a bit, and wandered on.

Mickel and I headed for the ball post-feast. She ended up playing my recorder and I danced and directed traffic. It was pretty near perfect. Back to a campfire prepared by Max, for stories and singing and socializing, and then I had to go... way too early again... sigh. Home by 3AM, not enough sleep, but work the next day wasn't too bad. So much fun.

The sunshine and warm weather has made the garden explode! Now if only the pouring monsoons would ease up a bit. Between the slugs and the pounding rain, I have hardly any seedlings left. They've eaten the tops off half my sunflowers, the spinach has gone half rotten, and the rain has beaten half of my poor carrots into nothing. I'm going to have to replant, and get some slug stuff. Blech. I whacked my red coneflower this evening, and sent at least a dozen slugs flying. Ick ick ick. All my iris leaves have holes in them, but I am pleased to say that I will be keeping the iris that came with the house. They are not the expected "old fashioned" purple (not that there's anything wrong with purple, I just can't stand they "typical" purple iris that spread everywhere...), but a lovely shade of pale lavender. At least the one that bloomed is. My potatoes have also taken off like crazy! Even out of the tower, like they're supposed to! Yaaaaay! Just need to get rid of the slugs...

Excited too; I have 6 new hoyas, mostly miniatures, coming by mail from The Violet Barn, probably on Friday. They're small, they won't take up much room!! So pleased I rediscovered the site... I need to go through my houseplants again. Most of them need cleaning, some need repotting. It's supposed to rain Saturday. I'll do that when I need a break from sewing. Making a new door for the tent, BEFORE Great Northeastern War! Which I still need to do some planning and scheduling for. The class form is going up this weekend. Will work on that tomorrow.

Till then, some photos:

05-25-26 Panteria

Garden 2012

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Lancelot is certainly ready.

This has been a freakin' WEEK OF MONDAYS. I am SO ready for the weekend, to spend some time in Vermont, having some nice low stress fencing, dancing, music, and relaxation at Panteria. With the exception of Sunday, it seems everybody I ran across or talked to this week was absolutely batshit insane, impossible to deal with, high-strung, argumentative, and just plain crazy. I had wondered if it was me, for a while, then noted that everybody else in the office and online was experiencing the same stupid stuff. I blame Sunday's eclipse (which we didn't even get to see). Bizarre astrological phenomena.

In garden news (pictures later), my potatoes are almost all growing! There are a few chunks that have no sprouts yet, but I'm not giving up on them just yet. The first little shoots are making their way out the sides of the potato tower too! First noticed one bunch yesterday, and there were definitely more this evening when I came home from work. Sunny days and rainy nights are doing wonders for everything. I grabbed a couple new coral bells from work to replace the ones I lost over the winter, the villosa cultivars ('Caramel' and a lime green one I can't remember right now) did very well. 'Midnight Rose' and 'Hercules' died. Hybrids... sigh. I am trying 'Hercules' again, since the ones at work made it fine (maybe I just had a bum plant), but have replaced the other with 'Regina' We'll see how they do... There are also a couple new Echinacea that came in today that I need to resist buying... double orange-red 'Hot Papaya' is tempting, though... I do have to pick up some slug repellent, or start leaving saucers of cheap beer around, since the leaves on my cutleaf coneflower and just about everything else are starting to look pretty ratty. Little gross slimy pests...

Packing tomorrow, and hopefully heading out to spend an evening around the fire with good friends, waking up under canvas for the first time since Pennsic. It will be good.
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It's spring. It's been crazy. I finished a scroll and a half last week (pictures next week, after it's awarded), and am fried. Wheee! First weekend off in a while. I could have gone to Carolingia's Investiture and had a fantastic time, but staying home and puttering around in the garden was a much better plan for today.

Car is fixed, I'm in debt... but, new timing belt, window all better, new rear brakes, everything else should be OK for a while (I hope). Finally got the bill for the repair of my broken arm. Ow ow ow all over again, even though we knew exactly what it was going to be and have the money set aside, still no fun.

The last couple weeks have been full of fencing and friends! Fencing at Fort Knox (SO AWESOME. And we had a STAIR PIT!), got my baby goat fix and had a lovely visit and dinner with Jehan and Kyle at Sunnywood, Sea Dogs game with [livejournal.com profile] mylisant, Northern Region Rapier Championships and Tyger and Bucket, and finally a day to myself in the garden.

Mother's Day tomorrow; work will probably be crazy, which is really a good thing. I only spent a half hour on the phone with the office today, not bad. Re-confirmed this week that some people have zero sense of self-preservation. WTFPANIC moment from work: I'm in the BIG loader, just finished dumping a bucketload of mulch into the back to this guy's truck, have it in reverse (bucket is still up), so the loader is beeping, and the guy WALKS UNDERNEATH THE BIG BUCKET ARM instead of waiting literally 3 seconds for me to back out of the way enough that he could have walked the exact same space, without danger of being clocked in the head with a major F=MA win on my end. Thank goodness I was paying attention and not actually moving backwards yet. Idiot.

Played in the garden today. Put fabric and started to do stones along the drip edge of the house so any mulch or compost I put down won't get washed away. Got rid of the burning bush and all of its horrible little children so the lilac (which is actually blooming this year!) doesn't have any more close competition. Also found a stepping-stone pathway (though I'm sure the intent was for it to be better...) that I knew was by the front porch, but not the full extent. A flat shovel did nice work uncovering it. Now I know what I have to start with and can do something nice with it all. Planted 2/3 of the seed potatoes in the other half of the raised bed, I will bring some straw home from work tomorrow and build my awesome potato tower that [livejournal.com profile] dervishspin found. Cannot wait. Decided also that the garden box should really have been built on the other side of the driveway... we'll see about moving it next year, maybe.

Lots of photos:
04-28 Jehan's Fencing at the Fort
04-28 Sunnywood
04-30 Sea Dogs
05-05 NRRC
05-05 Tyger and Bucket
Garden 2012
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And carrots, and lettuce, and onions, and a bunch of other stuff!

I was not completely wiped out tonight when I got home from work, and found myself idly pulling a few weeds in the garden bed by the stairs, which then turned into ripping a bunch of weeds out further up the path, which turned into getting the damn sorrel out of the garden box by the driveway, which turned into turning over the soil, grabbing my seed packets and labels, and getting half the box planted! Whee! The other half will be mostly potatoes, which hopefully are shipping this week and will arrive soon... I ordered Yellow Finn and Dark Red Norland from The Maine Potato Lady, two pretty much fool-proof varieties, so I am led to believe.

I also finally planted the chives and garlic chives and muscari that have been (barely) living in a box for the last two years, since I dug them out of the garden in Windham. I think they will be happier now.

Garden 2012

Seeds, from back to front, left to right:
'Ringmaster' and 'Flat of Italy' Onions
'5-Color Silverbeet' Swiss Chard (and an empty spot that I need to do something with...)
'Carnival' Carrots (so fun! multi-color!), 'Red Sails' Lettuce, 'Tyree' Spinach
'Cascadia' Sugar Snap Peas are planted by the trellis, and there are a few 'Sunspot' dwarf sunflowers and some borage thrown in around the corners for good measure.

Also went to Coronation this past Saturday with Jean, Sorcha, and Mylisant, which was lovely. Still going through photos, there will be a gallery posted soon!
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More traveling this past weekend, to Connecticut and Balfar's Challenge! Stopped over and saw Dad on Friday night so I didn't have to get going quite as early on Saturday morning, which was nice. Beautiful day, perfect weather again for outdoor fencing. Carolyne and Jocelyn were excellent teammates, we are not treasure-motivated, it seems, and need to pay a bit more attention to the eventual goal of the scenarios we are participating in actually is, but we had a blast. So wonderful to see a lot of the fencing family. And my Don! Wyatt and I were actually at the same event! Now I just have to get us to drill and work on me learning things earlier, when I am not so tired... trying to learn stuff after a full day of tourney and pick up fencing does not work all that well...

Lots of photos here:
04-07 Balfar's Challenge

Off to Coronation this weekend, with Jean and Sorcha and maybe Mylisant. It will be fun. Again. :)

6 months ago was not so fun )
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Last weekend I went to Mudthaw with [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius and Roland. 'Twas a fantastic time, if a bit hairy at the start...

We had hoped to leave once Ninian got out of work, usually around 9:30 on Fridays. Roland and I met at her place, hung out on the porch for a while (partly because it was a beautiful, warm night, but mostly because her roommate didn't hear me knocking on the door, apparently... hrmph.). She called around 9:45, still at work, going to be another half hour or so... Roland and I went for coffee. Had a delightful time, waiting on the porch...... as the hours ticked by... 11:00 came and went. Finally a call, Ninian is on the way. YAY! She got home, unpacked and re-packed the RAV, and we were off for New Jersey. 11:45 PM. ETA hotel 5:30 AM. Oof. Good thing stuff we wanted to be at the event for didn't really get going till 11 or so.

Uneventful drive. I slept the first half, Roland drove through CT. I got us the rest of the way. Only one moment of panic when the gas light came on, and we had a slightly difficult time finding a gas station that was open at 3:30 AM. Argh. No problems after that.

Until we got to the hotel )

Arrived at Mudthaw! Not much mud, as it had been thawed for several weeks already. Beautiful partly sunny day, light breeze, lots of fencers! The trees and Forsythia were all in gorgeous full bloom. Wonderful to see so much color. I landed at the fencing, Roland and Ninian wandered off to Thrown Weapons and then who knows where. Did some pickups, was out of the tourney in 2 (I don't really remember much of it... 3 hours sleep and a Frappuccino doth not an awake Camille make.), waited in line at the bear pit for a few rounds, said to heck with that, I wanted to fence, and did lots and lots of pickups the rest of the afternoon. Don Alfonso and I had one of the most fun on-the-ground fights I've ever had. I was legged, he was legged, we flailed at each other for a little while, and then both fell over laughing at the end. I think I lost, but it doesn't really matter. So. Awesome. [livejournal.com profile] _kria_ and I noted we are both improving at about the same rate, as we kept double-killing (partly because we were not parrying well at all), but had some fun, fun fights there too. Fencing with my Cadet brother Christophel was fun too. More next weekend at Balfar's with everybody!!

We headed home before court; nothing much was happening that we needed to see (though it was apparently a short court! only an hour?? unheard of, for Mudthaw...), and I had hopes of a relaxing Sunday. Stopped at Rein's Deli for delicious delicious dinner, and I was back at home by midnight. No pumpkin for me. What was basically a day-trip to New Jersey is much easier and more fun with more than one person/driver.

Photos here, mostly of fencing. Such a lovely day.
03-24 Mudthaw


Mar. 21st, 2012 07:10 pm
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Spring has sprung! Summer, even... it was 80 degrees today. It's going to be 84 tomorrow. I was barefoot in my driveway on Sunday, after washing my car, when it was 78 degrees. We've gotten the little grill out twice, and will probably do so again tomorrow. This is insane. The cats like it, though.

Happiness in a sunbeam... A bit ridiculous, really. Lancelot was enjoying himself waaaay too much.

Spring Peepers are out. Heard them for the first time yesterday, driving home from fencing. Out in force today at the nursery. Plants are coming in, we're opening this weekend. Still kinda disorganized, but it'll be mostly mulch that moves anyway. TIRED, though, from the warm weather and sudden 'ack! we've got to get things organized!' flurry of activity. There are things I must dooooo before spring really gets here!

Looks like most of my plants made it through the winter just fine. The Oakleaf Hydrangea in the terrace was what I was really worried about, and there are plenty of green stems, just waiting for leaves. So. Happy! Iris are coming up with new leaves, Sedum has woken up and is budding, and from the looks of what I pulled up this evening, I'll have plenty of volunteer Nasturtium from seeds dropped last fall... My potato starts should be arriving in a week and a half or so too, very excited to try them!

The bad bits: Ticks. In the backyard for all of 5 minutes on Sunday, picked 2 deer tick off of my jeans and shoes. Ick ick ick.

Washed the car! I have a RED car! Who knew? My poor, dear car... hopefully she'll make it another winter (and then another summer, since winter is the hard part)... New rear brakes yesterday, not cheap, but I certainly got my money's worth out of the original set. Almost 180,000 miles. I'd say we're doing OK. Timing belt is due soon... hnnggghhh... :\

[personal profile] kurlon has shiny new glasses now. He's amazed at the world in HD. I guess they've been a while in coming. We picked them out last Monday, and I think he's glad to be seeing things again.

[livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius and I are headed to New Jersey and MUDTHAW this Friday night. Getting there laaaaate (or earrrrrly, depending on point of view). Glad things don't really get going till 11:30. Aiming to be onsite by 11. Lots and lots of fencing, I hope! Can't wait to see everybody and play OUTSIDE!
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Two lovely weekends, productive and fun!

Last weekend, I went up to IDD for their Baronial Investiture Anniversary, fenced all day, laughed and talked long into the night, and generally had a wonderful time. Missed a couple people, saw most of the others I'd hoped to see, and got to catch up with everybody. Can't wait to visit again at Panteria at the end of May. Photos from the event are here:
03-03 BIA

This weekend was Sewing Weekend at The Arboretum. Got stuff accomplished! Finally finished (started, and finished) my new fencing armor shirt (only took 6 months!). Mickel finished a shirt for Max, a chemise for her, and an opera cloak to use with the steampunk garb. Syd started and finished the shell of her cloak (with the enthusiastic help of Lancelot, expert fabric weight). Now we need to wait for the trim and faux fur to do the lining, and she'll be stylin'. And warm. Iain finished his linen hood too, so I call the weekend a success.

And, it was almost 65 degrees out, so we opened the door to let some sunlight and warmth in. Galahad approved.
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Had a simply wonderful time at the Tourney O' Love on Saturday! Endewearde is so much fun. I love fencing with all those folks, and the little brick church holds such happy memories for me. Also enjoying how much fun it is to travel with Max & Mickel & Ninian. It's a most enjoyable ride to wherever we go.

Tourney!! I did better in my pool than I ever have before, going 6-3. I should have won one I didn't, could have won one I didn't, and have absolutely no shame about losing the last (Jehan). So much fun, all my bouts. The A&S projects and performances were delightful. I missed most of the fighting; did a quick class on Miniatum for Gwillim's little scribal group, and I think I have them on their way to doing better gold leaf.

Was wonderful to have Their Highnesses there too! Court at the end of the day was relatively short, but three Endeweardeans received their AOAs, well deserved all. Feast was quick but very tasty, and we were all home (and zonked out asleep, me at least) by 11:30.

Photos from the day are here, none of the fencing (I was kinda busy). Other folks took pictures too, hope to see them soon! Congrats to Don Jordan, winner of the fencing tourney and awesome cloak prize, His Highness Sir Kenric for winning the Heavy Tourney, Lord Gwillim for winning the A&S portion, and again, Vey, for winning the coveted Pink Baldric and title of Champeen O' Luv.
02-18 Tourney O' Love

Little bit muscle-achey on Sunday, but not too bad. My arm, though, is still a bit sore and stiff. I am really hoping this is not the new post-fencing/tourney "normal" because I don't much like it.

Excited, though, for next weekend, because Our Lovely Princess will be attending IDD's Baronial Investiture Anniversary as well! May the silliness commence.
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It appears to be spring, already. Middle of February. Been 40+ degrees during the day all week, next week doesn't look any different. The maple sap has been flowing for 2 weeks now, almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

I'm not ready for spring yet. We didn't even have winter. There's still snow around the house, but that won't last much longer. The driveway at work is a mudpit... I am definitely not ready for mud season.

But in two weeks the little baby plants will come in, and the greenhouse will be wonderful. R and I have some work to do in it beforehand (I'm getting a new potting table! One that's the proper height! And maybe won't collapse... that will be nice); there are a gazillion pots to put price stickers on, hooks to hang for baskets, and a little bit of re-routing of driplines, now that the tables are in a more efficient (I think) layout. Or were, till the boss moved them. "We made narrower aisles! Look how much space we have now!" he said, ever so pleased with himself. Yes, I said, except the aisles *needed* to be 4' wide, because that's how wide the gaps between the hanging basket hooks are. Despite his protests of 'oh, it'll be fine', I walked over and found the row that, were it full of baskets, would hang precisely down the middle (ie, walking space) of two tables, right at head height. I am not ducking around baskets, thankyouverymuch. I clunk my head on them quite enough as it is. I actually got him to agree with me. The tables will be moved back to the way they were. I'm the one that has to work/live up there, I'd better be able to do it efficiently and safely.

I am pretty much done with the miserable headcold; my faucet of a nose shut off on Wednesday night, but I worked from home yesterday anyway. Better to be miserable at my desk at home and not have my boss complaining at me. All set for Tourney o' Luuuv tomorrow. We head out bright and early, return late. 'Twill be a good day.


Feb. 15th, 2012 03:40 pm
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As [livejournal.com profile] lumineaux said in a different forum, the Head Cold that Ate the East Kingdom continues to claim victims.

Three weekends straight of socialization and SCA events, thought I had escaped unscathed. It appears not... Scratchy throat starting last Monday, thought I might have had strep by Tuesday, went to the quick care on a lunch break, swab came back negative. Glad of that, at least. What I ended up with was a sore throat for most of the week, turning into sneezing and OMG TIRED on Friday night, and now faucet nose since yesterday noonish. Done now. Can haz siphon for my head, plz? The Sudafed, it appears to do nothing...

Fencing helped a little bit last night, I tried to stab the germs away, but they're wily little things... Left work early today, I should have probably just stayed home, but I at least brought the folder of photos that need to be uploaded home with me so I can be miserable at my own computer tomorrow if things don't improve.

Hoping this is DONE by Friday night, because I would really, really like to go to Tourney of Love on Saturday and not be either miserable and drippy or a plague rat. Fencing! Friends! Socialness! I wants them!
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What a weekend. I'm still achy, but K&Q Rapier was fantastic. So much fencing! (Possibly overdid it a bit on the arm, but it'll grow back...) So wonderful to see (and stab) so many friends! There were 4 in my round robin pool that were also in it last year... oh well. I won 4, lost 5. Should have won a few I didn't, but that will get better. Christian tried on the Tuesday before to try and fix my TourneyBrain, and I think it helped a bit.

From my checklist, I did finish the laundry, did the tweaks to the scroll, and... that's it. Armor shirt and gorget repair are put off, again. Perhaps done before Tourney O' Love next weekend. I even had an extra day; mom called Thursday night and said, "Don't come down. Your dad has the flu". OK by me not getting sick, thank you mom! Fortunately was able to finagle crash space with [livejournal.com profile] elmer42 and [livejournal.com profile] dervishspin on Saturday night. Thank you thank you thank you. After-party at Camelot was lovely too. Got puppy time with Uno. Happy.

Fenced lots, schemes were schemed, so excited and happy for [livejournal.com profile] isabel_london, my newest Silver Rapier Sister! Congrats to new King's Champion [livejournal.com profile] nomadmwe, and JP, Queen's Champion. Court was good, lots of AoAs (both in the AM and PM courts), [livejournal.com profile] lanome's Laureling was wonderful, and I still didn't sit down enough. Took a gazillion photos, though. (please feel free to share)

02-04 Rapier Champs

Silver Rapier for Isabel

02-05 Logees

I figured too, that since it was only another hour south of where I already was, I would make my (what is turning out to be annual) pilgrimage to Logee's Greenhouse. Had a coupon for basically a free plant, so why not? Was wonderful, and exactly what I needed. Warm, humid, full of good smells and flowers, and a kitty. Came home with some new treasures; 3 new hoya, a kalanchoe with little orange bellflowers, and a pink shrimp plant. New pots for them tonight!

Emotional weekend. Said goodbye to Xavier, will be too long till we meet again in person. Still not quite real. Won't be, I don't think, until I go up to Montreal in March, and am staying with other friends... Much longer drive to fence with him now. So glad we had some good, good fights on Saturday. Sigh.
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Before this Friday, in fact. All done by Thursday night. When, exactly? I'm not sure... I'll manage.

  • Laundry. Birka garb has exploded all over the dining room, and though [personal profile] kurlon doesn't appear to be bothered by it at all, it is truly driving me nuts. Also. Running out of socks.
  • Small tweaks on the scroll for Saturday. Got a few things to detail a little more, and something to add, if I can find a spot.
  • Armor Repair. Need. to. make. a. new. shirt. Dammit. Have the fabric, won't take long to put together at ALL. Perhaps can finish it Friday night, any hand-sewing I need to do... Note to self - add fabric to laundry tonight. Cut & start sewing tomorrow. Finish Thursday? Suuurrre... (perhaps I'll bring it to the office to amuse myself whilst waiting for the post-work obligations that are timed such that it's not feasible to go home and then head back out again...)
  • Armor Repair. Gorget padding is getting kinda fuzzy. Not bad, and not dangerous, but looks ugly. Easy fix. But will I do it?

And looking through my to-do list I made after GNEW last year... To do for soon, but not immediately - Tent Door. And loops. And stakes (hrm, still need to talk to [livejournal.com profile] crazyroman, but I know he's crazy busy. Before GNEW. When the heck am I gonna have time? I think I have a free weekend again innnnn... April? Maybe. Pfeh.

Also, it has been three days since Birka. Still healthy. Apparently did not get typical BirkaCrud. Woo!
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Home from Birka. Wonderful Event. I think (at least at the moment) that I've escaped any crud that may have been floating around.

Saw lots of folks, did not fence much at all (and thereby saved my sanity, though it seems the tourney went much better this year), marshaled a bit which was fun, held guard duty for the Royal Room, did a few quick run-throughs of the merchant area, and was pleased to be able to accompany Their Majesties and Hignesses of the East into court with the rest of Woolfe's Companies. Biggest hooray at court goes to [livejournal.com profile] ludicrose and Aneleda, newest Court Baron and Baroness. I did not take a single photo all weekend, but please enjoy the ones of Aneleda's gift scroll.

Baronage Gift for Aneleda

Left court early, couldn't hear a thing hanging out in the back with all the fencers anyway. Lovely dinner, interrupted only by Lucien, who I followed back to court, because he said "Thomas de Castellan needs to see you." Why? I asked... "I dunno..." So, back to court, pulled away from my soon-to-be-arriving dinner and chocolate martini... Because Thomas made an offhand comment of "where's Camille? I miss her!", so off went Lucien to find me... He owes me another chocolate martini for interrupting the first one.

Post-dinner, got drawn into one fencer vortex after another, and missed most of the ball. Wonderful, wonderful socialization with my friends though, it was worth missing the dancing. There are Plans Afoot. Muaha. Muahahaha. Ha. Got to the ball in time for Korobushka, some weird Pinwheel thing (what in the world did I just do??), and Gay Gordons. Fun.

Spent some time (though not enough) with Xavier, before he moves to Seattle in a week and a half. Ye gods I'm gonna miss him... :(

Nice visit with my parents and a trip to the Currier Museum of Art on the way home with Max and [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel. Haven't been there in years, and not since the renovations. Very nice.
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I awoke this morning (rather forcibly, really, but it was a good thing...) to one kitty (Lancelot) on my legs, and one kitty (Galahad) miaouing (loudly) in my ear, waking me up, and then deciding to land directly on my chest, so he could stare at my face, and fall asleep. He would stir occasionally, and I found his paws stretched out, on my shoulders, "hugging" me. Would that I could have stayed in bed all day, just like that... (no such luck, had to go to work.)

What a fantastic weekend, though. House and car full of friends from Friday evening onward, fantastic times at Bare Blade (even though I could not fence), and the knowledge that my gray cloud is fairly quickly lifting away. Lots of fun photos from the day are here:

11-19 Bare Blade

Xavier arrived Friday night, Mickel, Max, and Ninian all came over for dinner (sweet & sour chicken... mmm...), plans for the next day were discussed, garb and gear was located, and we prepared ourselves for the journey north. Wyatt, the silly man, had forgotten a rather important 21st birthday party this weekend, so he would not be joining us... pppttttthhhhbbbbbtttt!

Uneventful drive to the site for Ninian, Xavier and me. Stopped for coffee. Saw Max & Mickel on the way to get their own coffee. Stopped for gas. Were passed by Max & Mickel on the highway. Followed them for a while, passed them, and our GPSes took us different ways and we actually made it to the site before they did... amusing to ourselves, at least.

There was much fencing and treachery at the Tavern! It was strange not fencing... Jehan, I think, seemed to feel worse about me not fencing than I did... sigh... Took lots of pictures, talked to lots of folks, was wonderful to see so many people from further away than usually come up! Highlights included Sir Ivan's Roving Res Point, Sir Ivan's flailing firey death (winning Best Death), the First Bank of Neville (winning him the coveted Most Treacherous Swine), and masterful manipulation and cunning by the lovely Marguerite, Countess of Bad Ideas, resulting in the Crown of the East ending up with the Deed to the Bare Blade Tavern at the end of it all. They'll have to come up next year, make it an RP. :)

We were exhausted, so did not stay to party... perhaps another time. Post event dinner at Olive Garden was delicious, arriving back at Freegate with plenty of time to dissolve in the hot tub was fantastic...

Most of my house slept till noon on Sunday. Nice lazy day, even though we missed waffles... Xavier hung around long enough for Max to bring tools over so we could start cracking into the safe we found in the basement when we bought the house. Seems like there's some things of interest within, after drilling a few holes and poking around inside with a borescope. More on that when we open 'er up fully!

I fell asleep last night to the sound of my friends laughing and having a wonderful time gaming in the dining room. This week, I look forward to a house full (though slightly fewer than last year) of friends and family for Thanksgiving. Life is good, again.


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