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Two lovely weekends, productive and fun!

Last weekend, I went up to IDD for their Baronial Investiture Anniversary, fenced all day, laughed and talked long into the night, and generally had a wonderful time. Missed a couple people, saw most of the others I'd hoped to see, and got to catch up with everybody. Can't wait to visit again at Panteria at the end of May. Photos from the event are here:
03-03 BIA

This weekend was Sewing Weekend at The Arboretum. Got stuff accomplished! Finally finished (started, and finished) my new fencing armor shirt (only took 6 months!). Mickel finished a shirt for Max, a chemise for her, and an opera cloak to use with the steampunk garb. Syd started and finished the shell of her cloak (with the enthusiastic help of Lancelot, expert fabric weight). Now we need to wait for the trim and faux fur to do the lining, and she'll be stylin'. And warm. Iain finished his linen hood too, so I call the weekend a success.

And, it was almost 65 degrees out, so we opened the door to let some sunlight and warmth in. Galahad approved.

Home Safely

Mar. 7th, 2011 11:13 pm
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Fantastic, fun weekend. They let me and [livejournal.com profile] ludicrose into Canada, the fools! And back into the US again, thankfully.

Fenced lots, saw and spent time with lovely people, had lovely food, sang and heard lovely songs, and the year wait to get back to the Creperie Lulu B on Sunday morning was so worth it. Thanks again to Xavier for letting us sleep on your couch and floor.

Congrats to Asila, new Baronial Rapier Champion, and Elaine, new Baronial A&S Champion. Well deserved, both. :)

Took about 600 photos... I'll post the best ones once I've had a chance to go through them all. Which may be a few days. Major costuming project that has consumed my life for the last couple weeks is almost done...

Good Things

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:40 pm
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Had meant to post this last night, but between one thing and another (and attempting to sew what has become the most complicated T-tunic in history, and I have no idea WHY. At this point, I'm just praying it fits...), it was suddenly 12:30AM, and I had to sleep...

Good things:
- Fresh peas, blueberries, and raspberries from the farm stand down the road.
- My kitties love puddles of sunlight. They so cute.
- I have enough sun in one little corner of the front garden to grow roses. I have 'High Voltage' planted at the moment, and am hoping to add a few more... just a few... And the Japanese beetles haven't found it. Yet.
- The main benefit to having raspberry brambles everywhere in the yard and garden is the raspberries, which are just starting to ripen. The ones in more shade were sweeter, too.
- Blueberries. I need to go out by the side of the road and see what I can pick off the zillions of plants out there. There were a few on the patch in the backyard, but I think it's too shady to really produce any fruit...
- Fun wildflowers in my backyard! 5 or 6 little plants of Lilium philadelphicum v. philadelphicum, or Wood Lily, have managed to poke their way through the leaves and weeds and other mess in the back, and are beautiful.
- Paint that works. Had a fantastic art day yesterday. Scroll is coming along.
- Still learning (but loving) the new camera. Need to read the manual... got to figure out the white balance settings and other stuff for indoor shots so colors don't come out all weird.

Today, now, I must finish Xavier's tunic. And work on the scroll some more. The easy part is done... Also, grocery shopping must happen today, and we have got to get the kitchen put back together. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit tonight, so the cats need to be brushed, and I need to vacuum everywhere, possibly twice, so they don't both die the moment they walk through the door...
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In the last 32 days, we have had 27 days with some sort of precipitation. I think the other 5 were actually nice and sunny, and not cloudy at all, but MY GOD, CAN WE GET A BREAK ALREADY?? Seattle is drying up, because we have all the west coast's rain. This is not doing terribly wonderful things to my plants... there is not much mush, but nothing is growing much, and more and more I am grateful for the wonderfulness that is raised bed gardening. It drains and sheds water, even when the rest of the ground is completely saturated. I'm hoping my jade plant doesn't just rot and fall over, but I'm leaving it outside anyway, because at least there's a chance of higher temperatures and sunshine to dry things out a bit... Sam the tangerine is happier than I've seen him (her? dunno, never flowered, and I think citrus blossoms are hermaphroditic anyway) in a long while, all sorts of new growth. Just need some dang sunlight sometime in the next month!

Have been eating fresh peas nearly every day. They don't mind the rain. They are delicious. Once we do get some sun, everything will go nuts (hrm, I note I said exactly the same thing a week ago, still no sun), and I will have more leafy goodness than I will know what to do with, which is just fine by me. Things are getting bigger, just slooooowly. Will have Kohlrabi to harvest just in time for GNEW. Have the wild and crazy thought of putting in a few potato plants once that spot is empty, as I can't see just leaving it fallow. And I like potatoes. Maybe blue ones. I may end up growing whatever I can still find for seed potatoes, though. Not many left at this point, I don't think. Any sources, anybody? There are over 2 dozen scapes on my 'Persian Market' daylily. None on 'Bela Lugosi', but he wasn't looking real well at the end of last summer... a year of growth, then beautiful velvety wine purple blossoms next year, perhaps.

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon is a bit lighter in the dental department... had 2 wisdom teeth and the roots of a third tooth extracted on Friday morning. I got some shopping done, did some reading, drove around a bit, and then he socked out on the couch with Abbey's cat while [livejournal.com profile] glassbeetle and I worked on her spiffy new doublet. Will be done by GNEW! Nearly there, thanks to the work we did tonight. Is to be fabulous.

Have done 5 scrolls worth of gold leaf for this round of awards. I love gold! Shiny shiny shiny! Though when we are out of the old style permacoll, adjusting to something else will be interesting. The new stuff is wretched. Stays sticky for nearly 2 weeks, everything sticks to it (including tissue paper, which is not good when the gold leaf has a tissue backing), and it doesn't take embossing at all. Argh. Am painting just one AOA for GNEW, very light and swirly, and am loving it. 'Geranium' red gouache is proving to be somewhat transluscent, though, which irritates me a bit.

So ready for vacation. 3 more days of work this week, 2 days (which include training a new guy...) next week, and then 7 glorious days of not work. So looking forward to GNEW. So hoping it stops raining sometime before then, and that my foot will be fine, and that there will be much dancing and fencing. Foot is better. One more week of not stressing it out, then we test... I think dancing on Friday night will be the tell. If I can dance, I can fence. At least I won't be all ramped up and ready to go Saturday morning, get 3 bouts into the tourney, and then have to call it quits. That would upset me some. Not even gonna consider that, though. All will be well.
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Finally got a letter back from the US Dept of the Interior re: the fox fur fiasco (hrm, can't find the original post mention of it...)... My heartfelt and passionate letter was denied, no fox for me. I had pretty much given up on it anyway, but this is the final coffin nail. Basic summary of the letter is "ignorance of the law is no excuse, you no can has fuzzy". Even though it wasn't really my responsibility in the first place to declare the silly thing, and the seller should have known better... oh well.

Work is crazy, but not too crazy yet. We are getting sales, which is nice, and 95% of the plant material we overwintered looks fantastic (considering it's just bare twigs...). Hopefully the fertilizer we've been pumping into the soil will do it's job, and they will be beautiful and leafy right on schedule.

Now, to find foods... chicken and broccoli stir fry tonight, I think. Then an evening of stitchery with [livejournal.com profile] glassbeetle while we attempt to create some new fencing garb for her by next Saturday... :)
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Not really... it's a beautiful Snow Moon out there tonight. It rose pure white and full against a cobalt sky. I can only hope the weather that gives it its name holds off for just a few more weeks..., [livejournal.com profile] sprirtwolf, does the moon look different from Texas? :)

I realize that the only time I have used my camera at all this month is to take a photo of a page in a book, so I could enlarge the image, and print it so I could trace it onto the scroll I'm working on. This will have to be remedied.

Off to Creativity Night, chez [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre and [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius, to finish putting leaves on said scroll, and to hopefully snag use of a sewing machine to repair my bodice. Still have not set mine back up yet. Should, as I'm going to have a bit of extra time this winter, to make some hats...

Off to the bank tomorrow morning to talk houses... should be interesting, at the very least. The banks are open tomorrow, I am sure of it.
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The bebbeh butternut squash has been sliced, cooked, and eaten with dinner. Delicious with just a smattering of ginger and maple syrup. Mmmmm...

House to myself tonight for a little while. World Series does not come in on anything watchable, so a movie is in order. Perhaps Bull Durham, perhaps Galaxy Quest. Maybe both if I'm awake enough.

Going to finish the lining in my suede coat, which has new fuzzy mink cuffs (after 3 years of fussing with it). I can wear it now, without the sleeves being 3" too short. And they're fuzzy. I love ebay for vintage furs. The li'l critters have been dead and used as clothing for 30 years +, so no guilt on my end. :)
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...and the garb is almost... finished... kinda... Hems. Lots of hemming. And a bit of piecing, still, which will hopefully be completed tomorrow night with the assistance of Ninian's serger. I've caved in... Flat-felled seams are wonderful, but there is a bit of a time and sanity crunch here at the moment. (yes, yes, I know, I've had a year to get stuff like this done... that doesn't mean I'd actually DO it. Got other stuff going on!) I will master the serger. It will no longer be my arch nemesis. For tonight, have put the gussets in the purple gown. Clothes fit better when one remembers all the pieces and puts them together properly, it's neat!

I almost bought a serger a few years ago. There was a nice one on ebay, not very expensive, vintage, same era as my sewing machine, and still with all the pieces in perfect working order (they claimed). Didn't have the spare cash at that point... should have asked the seller if they'd take installments. ;)

Heh... and looking on ebay, I found one just like my machine, including its carrying case. :) Cool... No sergers (of that era), though. Will keep poking around, who knows what'll turn up.

Friday will be packing, got most of the food yesterday, little stuff to pick up here and there the rest of the week, bread and dry ice on Friday, then off we go! Woo!
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In Progress
Originally uploaded by gshower7
...pins are not terribly functional after being run over by a sewing machine needle at full speed. The odds of two slender pieces of metal coming into such precise contact are 100%, apparently. Snapped the end clean off, thank goodness the eye, with thread through it, remained intact. Still considering investing in some goggles to wear while stitching, but perhaps I'll just slow down a bit...

That being said, and because I've done enough muttered cursing at the gores in my chemise for the moment, I pause to muse about my wonderful sewing machine. Such a beautiful dark seafoam green, a color popular in 1963, belt-driven, weighs about 15 pounds, Husqvarna Viking. Belonged to my grandmother, was gifted to me when I turned 21 (I think), and I do not believe I shall ever own another. It's one of the first "automatic" machines, and has interchangeable cams that allow for dozens of different patterns. It has straight stitch, and reverse, and zig-zag, which are what I mostly use. The buttonhole feature is a bit wonky... still trying to figure that out. It has sewed clothes for my mother and her siblings, countless curtains and chair covers, my wedding gown (made from my grandmother's...), and garb for many. A work of art.

A work of art that will be going into the shop for its first thorough cleaning (if the sticker from Eastside Sewing and Vacuum in Kenmore, WA is to be believed.. I have oiled and cleaned it since I've owned it...) since 1987 once my Pennsic garb is done. Only 2 (after tonight) chemises and 3 gowns (simple, no lacing, minimal trim) to finish, and I will have enough clothing to make it through the week. Hopefully be cool. Ish. A gown a night is not out of the question, I don't think... I do so like early period garb. :) 3 rectangles, 4 triangles, and done!
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So much to do, so little time to do it in.

1. SCA Scrolls... GNEW is coming up fast. I have a fairly ambitious (and BIG) scroll to illuminate. I can start now, the text is done and calligraphed, it will be fabulous when it is complete, but I think my evenings and weekends (most) will be consumed by painting for a while. Was going to try and do two... thank goodness I got sense talked into me. ack!

2. SCA Garb... Pennsic is coming up even faster (it seems), and I have nothing to wear. Ok, so I have a lot to wear, but none of it terribly practical for 90+ degree weather. Time to order a bit more fabric and sew like a woman possessed (I can do that...).

2b. Need to find the sewing machine... hrm... the floor was here somewhere, too.

3. Apartment is a disaster area. Need to clean. Need to do laundry. Need husband to have use of his other hand so he can help me do all these things. Tuesday, we go back to the doctor. Tuesday, we see if all the chocolate milk (yay for calcium!) he's been drinking has done its work and the cracks in his metacarpals have healed up. So frustrating... No motorcycling for us this summer, I fear...

4. I need a new fan for the power supply in my computer, I think. Poor little Purple sounds a bit like an airplane every time I start it up, but a thump on the case quiets it down pretty much all the time. The fan is on the way out, though... even now, I hear a grinka-grinka-grinka coming from the upper levels of the box, and that's not how a computer should sound.

5. My garden... ah, my garden... I have neglected you some in these past weeks. Planted the cucumbers this morning in the 10 spare minutes I had before work. Everything else is in, I think. The little sparrows have decided that they want to grow their own birdseed this year, flinging it out of the feeder, right into the garden... I have been doing quite a bit of weeding in the pea patch so far. Need to get the trellis(es) put together soon for them (and the cukes, once they take off), and plant possibly a third round of peas... they're not coming up terribly well this year.

6. Annuals! A bright spot in the garden. Easy to take care of this little list. The bright pink canna lily I bought has sprouted, and I can put together the planter for the back patio. Going to be pretty, I think. Pinks/mauves/purples and yellows. It seems that's the color mood I've been in this year... My front planter is a yellow tuberous begonia, 'Plum' Nemisia, and 'Yellow Moon' Torenia. Lovely for shade. Can't wait till it fills out a bit more.

In spite of all this, I am going to try and relax, still. Going to Midsummer's this Saturday, day-tripping. Threats of thunderstorms be darned! I'm gonna fence! You'd better be there, [livejournal.com profile] nomadmwe! ;) Also going kayaking with Max next Friday, weather permitting. Should be fun. Radio Shack has a 5 megapixel, water resistant digital camera for around $60 that I may pick up for occasions such as these. Worth a try, anyway. Thank goodness for supermegaovertime pay from last weekend. It was almost worth it, almost...
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Why, oh why do I wait till the last minute to do garb?? ('cause I'm a SCAdian.)
Why, oh why do I not check and make sure I have enough trim to finish the project BEFORE I get to the putting-on-trim part of making said garb and discovering that I'm about 1/2 yd short?? ('cause there used to be enough! the garb gnomes have apparently come and eaten the remainder of my rolls)

*kicks self* gyaah. I almost ordered a new pattern, too, because I wasn't sure if I had enough. Looked at the roll (all rolled up, note...); it looked like quite a bit, figured I was fine. Should know better, self... I've enough to do the armbands, and have my belt from another gown that matches, and that'll have to do. Hopefully my trim guy will be at Birka, and I can get what I need and fix it in time for the ball next weekend.

And I am in love with Eric Johnson and his Guitar Playing of Awesomeness. Found some used CDs, bought them for cheap, am Loving Them. Guitar Hero is hell on productivity, but excellent for expanding one's music library. :D

Headed to Fencing practice now; will put what trim I can on later, lacing holes to be done tomorrow evening at my parents', as my machine does not like to do the buttonhole stitch properly...


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