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Dear Head Cold that Ate the East Kingdom,

I am certain that you are having splendid amounts of fun hanging out in my sinuses and throat, but it is time for you to go. I am going to Montreal this weekend. I have three other people depending on me to get to the event on Saturday, and I intend to follow through with that. With vocal cords intact and in full working order, thanks very much.

You've stayed your hour. Leave me alone now.


Feb. 15th, 2012 03:40 pm
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As [livejournal.com profile] lumineaux said in a different forum, the Head Cold that Ate the East Kingdom continues to claim victims.

Three weekends straight of socialization and SCA events, thought I had escaped unscathed. It appears not... Scratchy throat starting last Monday, thought I might have had strep by Tuesday, went to the quick care on a lunch break, swab came back negative. Glad of that, at least. What I ended up with was a sore throat for most of the week, turning into sneezing and OMG TIRED on Friday night, and now faucet nose since yesterday noonish. Done now. Can haz siphon for my head, plz? The Sudafed, it appears to do nothing...

Fencing helped a little bit last night, I tried to stab the germs away, but they're wily little things... Left work early today, I should have probably just stayed home, but I at least brought the folder of photos that need to be uploaded home with me so I can be miserable at my own computer tomorrow if things don't improve.

Hoping this is DONE by Friday night, because I would really, really like to go to Tourney of Love on Saturday and not be either miserable and drippy or a plague rat. Fencing! Friends! Socialness! I wants them!
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Ok, not quite plague. Finally went to the doc's this morning, because this thing is just not clearing up on its own, and the pressure in my ears is starting to get to me...

The ladies at Goodall are all very nice, and were in a silly mood this morning... nice to see that. Shuffled from one room (where one of the NA's was named Geneva... heh. I commented on her name, and how I was so often called that growing up... she laughed and said she understood completely) to another, whereupon the nurse asking me "So, what seems to be the trouble?" got an answer of 'I believe I have the plague." She didn't skip a beat, and said, "Well, we'll just have to put you down then, there's nothing for it."

Did the usual doctor-y things, poked at my throat a bit, pushed on my head and sinuses... looked in my ears... said "Oh my. Wow." upon seeing my right ear.

Strep culture came back negative (was 99% certain I didn't have that aliment... but just in case...), turns out my right eardrum is quite unhappy with me. Have drugs now. Lots of tea. Naptime. Maybe can even go back to work tomorrow.
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Because I am down for the count with something that comes with horrible post-nasal drip and achey all over (my *hair* hurts, for goodness sakes...), not much interested in writing. Sudafed and Advil are my friends...

Anywho... Photos of K&Q Bardic are here. I think I covered all the important bits in the other post... Would you just look at these two, though... you know they're up to their usual No Good. :)

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April Snow
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So... I've had better days.

Not that yesterday was awful, honestly. I got a lot of stuff done. Organized the bathroom (mostly), did laundry (lots, some of it's even folded and put away), got rid of some cardboard boxes, put curtains up and hung a picture in my (still disaster, but getting better) sewing room, hung out with the kitties...

Attempted to dye 9 yards of cotton (we think) denim a beautiful teal color. It did not go well. I followed all the instructions, to the letter, 2 boxes of dye per load, hot water, salt, etc for the dye bath, used the proper level of water in the washing machine, and as a result, I got the most beautiful pale teal you've ever seen. NOT what I wanted at all. Don't quite know what happened. I used the tiniest blop of detergent, maybe that was even too much. There were 4 more boxes at the store, I'll pick them up sometime this week and try again. Maybe without detergent this time.

I started and finished the illumination for the Northern Region Rapier Champion's scroll, which is really nice, I think. Simple but pretty. Figured out how to get the glass paint to behave and take gold leaf properly. Good success there. Prepped sheets for the gold leaf class I was going to teach this morning at Spring's Inspirations...

Instead, at about 10:00 last night, whilst waiting for paint to dry, the icky feeling that had been trying to settle into my throat all day finally did, complete with chills and full-body ache. Ah crud. Finished the scroll and class prep, but sent an email letting [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel know I probably wasn't going to make it to the event. Woke up this morning feeling not a lot better, with the same misery. Max picked up the scroll and class supplies (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre for taking over for me) on the way to the event, after dealing with his own crisis this morning, a busted water heater. Fun all around.

Poo. I'm sick, therefore no motivation to do anything around the house that needs doing, my plants are covered in snow, and I'm missing an event. Sigh. Enough wallowing in self-pity now, time to get motivated.
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Where the heck did the time go?? Three weeks, I'll be playing in the greenhouses with the baby plants already! Aaaaahhhh!

Not that I haven't been busy... Weekend Stuff )

The kitties are settling in. Last night, Galahad jumped into my lap, of his own volition, and did his best to drive his head through my elbow. I has a happy snuggle kitty. :) Lancelot is still not sure about the lap thing, but will quite happily lie next to you. Both of them also do not mind being brushed in the slightest, which makes my job with Galahad a whole lot easier. Kinda. He really, really likes the brush, and doesn't really hold still much so I can brush everything... we'll get there. :)

The boys still don't like noises coming from the other side of the door, and though Lancelot's curiosity on what is Out There will eventually get the better of him before Galahad's does, they are content to stay in the room with the green carpet. Still go into slinky kitty mode when we come in and catch them out of their safe spot in the carrier, though. They hide, and it takes a bit of coaxing to get them out again... But out they come. Lancelot will start purring (and he's LOUD) if you so much as glance at him... Galahad takes a bit longer, and his purr is quieter, but definitely there.

Rainy Rain

May. 29th, 2009 12:00 pm
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It may be pouring rain (still... day 3...), but I get two days off. In the same week. In a row. I might have my brain back, once the antibiotics quit messing with it. I have lost any ability to multi-task these last couple days, and am hoping the next 6 days are not like the last 3. Makes playing RockBand all that more authentic, though! The pharmaceutical haze really adds... something... ok, not really. Can't hit the right buttons to save my life sometimes.

The garden is pretty much in... Planted the Tomaccio and marigolds on tuesday night before the rain started, got the trellis in (after much pounding and a bit of splintering... stupid thing) for the pathetic peas. I may just go ahead and plant the cucumbers and have them grow up with the peas, at this rate. Have a gap in the middle. I don't think I'm doing beans this year, I will probably put in a second tomato, a full size, so I can have sandwich size, and be able to make the usual piccalilli jars for Max. Probably my usual Husky Gold... I like them. Was tempted, as I have the hook set up anyway, to try one of the funky upside-down tomato planters. Can make my own from a 3-gallon bucket... Still deciding. Photos today of the new garden after it stops pouring.

Went to make beef stew for dinner last night, realized I didn't have any stew mix packets, and after only a few minutes of mild despair and 'dangit, should have gotten the chicken out instead', realized that people made beef stew for centuries without the help of McCormick Beef Stew Seasoning, and I had herbs in the garden, and corn starch, so by golly, there would be stew. Pretty tasty. My own parsley, rosemary, and thyme made it delicious. Leftovers for lunch today.

Made honey wheat bread this morning, using the last of the Buckwheat honey purchased on the way to Pennsic... sigh... http://www.honeybees-r-us.com, and I can get more (go there. see the store. they have WONDERFUL things.). The bread is rising at the moment. Smells delightful.

For future reference, when I win the lottery... REAL SILK VELVET. AIEE AIEE AIEE. WANT.

So yeah...

May. 25th, 2009 01:20 pm
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...about that "not strep" diagnosis... yeah... The docs say anybody I've come in contact with will be fine, as long as we haven't swapped spit in any form. Bleh. On antibiotics as of tonight, I think I'm mostly over this anyway. Tonsils mostly cleared up last night. Steak and ice cream and sprite are miracle cures, maybe. I was just happy to have something besides chicken noodle soup to eat.

Girl's night out was fun. Syd, Abbey and I went out for dinner at Applebee's, then to the Drive-In for a double feature of Star Trek and Wolverine. Eeee. EEEE! Delicious. Wonderful. So much fun. Checkov was too cute for his own good. Just wanna pinch his li'l cheeks. ;)

Didn't get to bed till 1:30 AM, figured I would be dead on my feet today with less than 6 hours sleep (but it was worth it), but am actually fine. I have a feeling 1:30 AM will catch up with me fairly soon, though... this may be a long week. Back to work for meeeee...
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Perfect Pose
Originally uploaded by gshower7

<--iz ded.

Was crazy busy at work, hopefully (?!) tomorrow will be more of the same, and Monday. At least Joe took pity and let me go home early today. Thank goodness. Got home, read comics, passed out asleep on the couch for an hour and a half or so.

I apparently came down with something viral (the doctors think, once I finally dragged my butt in to the clinic yesterday. It is definitely NOT strep, which I was a bit afraid of, based on the appearance of my tonsils... ew.) on Monday, which has resulted in a pretty awful week. Allergies not helping. Pesticide treatment of greenhouses on Tuesday probably didn't help either, PPE or not. Tonsils feel like they're golf-ball sized, and are definitely not happy looking. Ew. Ibuprofen has helped some, but I still can't eat anything but chicken soup and soft mushy (non-tomato based. Acid=BAD) things. teh pain, it burns us... *whine* Sent J to the store to get me ice pops whilst he was out for pizza. Hopefully that will help. Gargling with saltwater is one of the three worst torture methods in the world, I am certain of it. UGH.

Little hummingbird lady ate right out of my hand yesterday, which was just awesome. Took the feeder in for cleaning/fresh syrup, and saw a very distressed birdie zooming back and forth where her favorite snackfood was supposed to be. Put feeder back together, walked out the back door, and after a bit of inspection by the lady, was determined to be either safe, or hunger won out, and she sipped from the feeder held in my hand. So cool. Got to try to do it again. I think one of the girls is definitely braver than the other. I've been inspected a few times whilst out in the garden box, pretty closely. She even let me lean on the motorcycle and watch, a mere 2' away, while she ate. And no, [livejournal.com profile] sprirtwolf, still no photos. Don't know if I would be able to get any anyway. But it did happen. :)

Picked up my marigolds today, finally, will hopefully get the tomato in the ground sometime this week. Cucumbers soon. Can't quite figure out why my peas are doing so lousy... they're still not barely 8" tall. Anybody else having better luck out there?
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Or at least have the fountain that has taken up residence in them turned off? I think I've managed to avoid the flu that's running around the haushold, so I don't feel miserable, just drainy... All I did today was sneeze, it seemed, and would have just stayed home if not for the threat/promise of "all we're going to do today is have a marketing meeting". Didn't happen. Happening tomorrow. Gah. Sudafed (the good stuff) did very little earlier, but seems to be helping now. guh... snuzzzzzz...

Prepping for Tourney O' Love this weekend. Not in contention for the treasured Pink Baldric (run! fleeeeee!), but I figure that the best way to judge the fencing part of the competition is to be a participant. :) Going out to dinner afterward, had the presence of mind to realize that Saturday, being Valentines Day (which I knew, things just didn't quite click...), means the group of us couldn't just waltz into a restaurant and expect to be seated without a 3 hour wait. Ha. Hrm. Reservations made. All is good. Hopefully will be breathing normally by then as well.
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Abbi in the Sun
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With my camera, of course... Abigail was a wonderful model for me this past weekend, and the sunlight made it all just perfect, and I want to do more. Cats in the Sun, Maine Style. Might have to wait till summertime, though, as it's too dark to shoot in natural light and keep the camera steady when I go visiting now...

As [livejournal.com profile] kurlon posted, too, we has a new car. A HiHy. Blue. Limited edition. Heated seats, sunroof, teh werks. Is comfy, but even riding in the passenger seat, I feel like I'm in a giant bus. He's happy, though, and we're back under warranty, and he got full value for the Subaru, and we're not upside-down on the loan. So... another 5 years of car payments... but for a quiet, warrantied, hopefully reliable (it's a Toyota, after all...) vehicle.

In other news... ) At least it happened today, and not tomorrow, when I get to give my snowshovel tour (4-8" expected maybe?), and then be alllllll done with shoveling.


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