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Best Seat in the House
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Photo by Max.
It's shaping up to be a pretty great weekend...

Thursday evening I spent taking photos of the latest Vivid Motion dance production, Sleeping Beauty. Very cute show. I still don't quite get modern dance, but taking photos gives me something to do, and I enjoy it, and I've enjoyed the last couple performances. Photos came out really well too, for the most part! (take 900+, 3 or 4 of them have got to be good...)

Yesterday was a lovely day, boss-free at work, spent it doing designs by the nice, wide open, breezy screen patio door. Max came and picked me up at 5:30, and we headed to meet [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel in Yarmouth for the Clam Festival, and the real reason we were heading to Yarmouth, CARBON LEAF! Free concert, awesome music, I am so there!

We arrived in time to catch the tail end of the parade, which brought me right back to highschool... I was armed with my trusty camera this time, though, instead of a piccolo. Wandered down to the food tents, spent OHGOD on a pint of fried clams and a cup of chowder, and headed for the stage.

We started underneath the big tent, at the back, but moved to the outside, much nearer the stage. That was a good move. It was an absolutely perfect night, and we moved to park ourselves under a big crabapple tree... which just happened to me to look like a perfect place to sit. Up in the tree. Lifetime Bucket List Thingy: Go to an outdoor concert and sit in a tree: Done.

So. Awesome. I had the best seat in the house. The guys are so good live. They play their music like it's supposed to be played, with a little extra because it's live, but not messing with it just because they can. The songs sound like they're supposed to, but better! 2 hours went by so fast. Only disappointment was no "Gray Sky Eyes" or "Lake of Silver Bells", but I suppose they can't play everything...

Photos are here, more on the rest of the weekend tomorrow, when I can think again.
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Arctic Fox Pups arrive at the Aquarium of the Pacific (from Zooborns.com)

HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS FACE??? 'Specially with the one blue eye, one brown? EEEEEEE!!!

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Eeeee! So cute!
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LA Zoo Delivers your Fennec Fox Fix

I particularly like this one:

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'Nothing But A Song', from the new Great Big Sea album, 'Safe Upon The Shore', coming out in just over a week... looks like the boys had a good time in the Grand Caymans. :)

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High Voltage
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I have a new toy... It takes purty pictures... EeEEEeeeE! And I might just have to buy that rose... I think the giant chartreuse hosta is not liking where I put it... too much sun for it, but I think just enough sun to grow a pretty pretty yellow rose. And with a name like 'High Voltage', who can resist, really?

But first, Vinland Raids! So much fun! So hot... But there was fencing, and feasting, and dancing, and lots of time spent with wonderful friends. The site was lovely, if a bit spread out, and I really, really wished the rest of my haushold was with me, specifically with their crossbows, when the darn crows decided that 5:30 AM was a good time to start cawing, right outside my tent. Grumblegrump...

So glad I took Sunday off, and didn't try and do a crazy thing and drive back on Saturday night. Xavier and I had a nice, semi-leisurely ride home up the coast, only one exciting part when we drove through a heck of a thunder/rain/hail storm going through Wells.

Arriving back at work on Monday, I was greeted by S, our office manager, who told me she did a silly thing over the weekend... she found a heck of a deal on a practically brand new Nikon D90 camera, with lenses (digital SLR... covet, covet, covet...), and bought it, even though she had a really nice DSLR already. So jealous, I told her... she then of course mentioned that she was going to put her old D70 on Craigslist, or something... eh? Hrm. How much do you want for it...? One thing led to another, and it's mine, now. Or will be officially, once I actually pay her for it... Is shiny. Is take purty pictures. Is going to be a month of reading the manual before I figure things out, but this means I will be able to take good photos at courts, and in low-light situations, and get right up the butterfly's nose with the spiffy spiffy macro lens. I realize now, after playing with this camera for a few days, how much I missed my film SLR. Better now. :)

Before playing too much, though, I have got to get cracking. There's a ton of stuff I've got to get done before GNEW, not the least of which is a rather complicated scroll, but I'll be fine... To Do List to be made tomorrow... after work, and the Greek Festival in Portland! Mmm... loukomades...
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Blue Library
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But a good one. This is not the best photo, but it gives a pretty good idea of what I've done for the last couple days... When are my weekends going to be relaxing again, I wonder...

Yesterday started semi-early, but it was good to be up. Had to go buy paint! But first, had to clear away stuff from the walls in what would become my library.... that took a little while, as did taping and prepping. Took off parts of the door molding, since they weren't exactly securely attached to the walls anyway. Made for easier painting. First, bought compost for the garden (and two new Pasque flowers, to be planted soonish... I hope), and then paint, brushes, and rollers, and then home.

Did yellow first, to finish the main column which is part of the same visual space as the dining area... Max and I debated about painting it or not, and after not, it turns out it definitely needed to be done. Better now. Then onto blue, ceiling first. A beautiful, pale blue. Almost white. Pale enough that it was a little bit difficult to see where I'd painted, plus it being a textured ceiling (haaaaate.), coupled with the dawning realization of 'uh oh... I'm using a LOT of paint (dang super-fluffy roller)... perhaps two cans would have been better?' made for a semi-frustrating time. I think I used every single drop of paint in the can. Should do a second coat at some point, but it's done enough for now... got one pretty even coat over the whole ceiling.

Walls went quick, thank goodness. They are perfect, forget-me-not blue. I love it. Only a few little touch-up spots that I find every now and then, and they're easy enough to hit with a brush. Now the only thing left is to figure out what to do with the horrible white door... I'm thinking mural, but not sure of what yet. I should just paint it and get a clean coat of *something* on it.

After paint, went to visit Max, and we finished up edging the last of the oak molding for the bedroom. Hoping to get it over here sometime this week, and will stain, and then hopefully put it up soon. Can't wait to move into the downstairs bedroom...

Max and I then met [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius, and [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre at the movies, and saw Robin Hood. Oh. My. So good. EEEEEEE. Fun movie, different take on the legend. Forget everything you know, enjoy the pretty, and listen to the wonderful Alan Doyle sing. :)

Speaking of which... Alan, Bob, Sean, and Murray have a new album coming out. Just in time to completely miss GNEW, but it will give me something to look forward to after it's over. Three tracks are available for listening (and if anybody can figure out how to get actual copies of them off the flash player, it would make me a very happy kitty), and I am so looking forward to hearing the rest of the album... Eeee!

Painted the library yesterday in preparation for E, Mom, Dad, Mom-in-law, and Dad-in-law, who all came to visit today. Mom and dad brought boxes of books, great-grandma's sewing machine, and some random other STUFF. MiL and DiL brought a rocking chair that was J's great grandmother's, and came to help put more stuff away. E came to visit, and was shanghaied into helping reassemble my house... I've promised her a better visit soon... The library is assembled, my sewing room is more organized, almost usable, and I'm exhausted. My plans for today (since it was kinda rainy) had included getting the library and sewing room organized, whether everybody had come visiting or not, but it certainly went quicker with more help.

This week at work will be interesting... tiring, I suspect. Open house/Customer appreciation day on Saturday will be zooey, and it's prep for that that will be taking over my work week. Aieee. Hoping to get in my garden on Friday, the sumac is starting to wake up, and since I've taken away the big feeder trees, root suckers are popping up everywhere. I think I'll have to buy a wheelbarrow this week, start hauling stuff out of the garden and into the trailer so we can take it to the brush pile. Hope to clean up the boxwood, rip out more roots, and get those 6 bags of compost spread on the cleared part of the garden soon.
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May 2010. Only 5 months away. :)
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I hope it's on the horizon, because I feel pretty not-excited right now... transcribing 30 pages of leagal-ese because the original computer file has been lost/destroyed/misplaced/whatever is not really my idea of a good time... but I'm indoors, out of the cold wind. But still bouncy and semi-wired... meep!

And tonight, I have a visitor from a foreign land coming to visit, there will be delicious pot roast, apple pie, potentially hot tub, and then tomorrow we will head north and go fencing all day long! Hooray!

There is another very exciting thing possibly happening, that I don't want to jinx by talking about it too much, and we'll know more in a few days... some people can probably guess. :)


Jun. 20th, 2009 10:19 am
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Sunshine today, much better than the rainy rain that was predicted...

I'm off to a graduation party in NH for a bit, but before I go, more Robin Hood movie news. The person that runs this particular blog is a weeeee bit obsessed with Alan Doyle, but that's ok. :)


A day...

Mar. 17th, 2009 05:58 pm
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A day that started much, much earlier than I would have preferred, and turned out a lot more enjoyable, though not necessarily for a good reason.

Up at 6:30 to get my car to the mechanic before 7. Need a new wheel bearing, as Rosie turned into quite a noisy little car a week ago. All set there. Boss was picking me up there, at 7AM, so we could go up to Augusta for a seminar on Lakeside Landscaping. Not reeeeealy looking forward to spending a whole day with just him, but there we go.

He was asleep in the front seat of the Tahoe when I pulled in, and jerked awake when I knocked on the window. Sort of amusing... I climbed in, and he then told me that I would be heading up to Augusta by myself. Eh? Concern outweighed my happiness... He and Mary didn't sleep much last night, thanks to their very old dog, who they finally made the decision to have put to sleep this morning... :( Not a very fun time. Poor Pellet had not been doing well for a while now, but last night apparently made Mary realize that she had to do the most difficult kindness there is... Pellie was a good dog.

Took Joe home, and up to Augusta I went. Bad Irish jokes on WBLM kept me entertained. Got to the Civic Center, and was greeted by a former co-worker of mine. Yay! Somebody to sit with and talk to! Jeff and I had a good time. Was good to see him; it'd been a while. The seminar itself was pretty good, very informative. I am certified "lake friendly" and can now landscape around water. Go me. Ran into one former classmate from UMaine (whose name I could not pull up right away... embarrassing), which was nice. I figured there had to be at least one other of us there.

Returned home, tired, and got a call from Jess, who made me panic a bit, when she said she'd left the office around 11:00 this morning, and that I should probably check the greenhouses. ACK. NOT GOOD. Potentially frozen little babies! One zooming trip down the road later (when we finally move, this will become more of an issue...), all was well, as Alec (or somebody) had closed the doors and windows, and made sure the heat was on before they'd left. Thank goodness.

Soon, there will be delicious corned beef for me. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon put it all together this morning, and it was spitting all over the counter when I got home, but that's been cleaned up and it is burbling happily again. NOM.

More Robin Hood movie news! Ridley Scott's Robin Hood will feature a lot of singing. I don't think that means it will be a "musical", per se, hopefully just lots and lots of AlanGreatBigSea Wonderfulness. :)

And, though I am not a drop Irish, 'tis St. Patrick's Day, and I know folks who are Irish, so...

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
And may you be half an hour in Heaven 'fore the Devil knows you're dead.
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AAAAHHHAHAHAHA!!! I will be going to see the new Robin Hood movie that is coming out at some undetermined point next year, even though I just learned about it 30 seconds ago. From Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea's 'From the Road' blog, "Yours truly has been cast as the Troubadour, Allan A’Dayle in the new Universal Pictures Untitled Robin Hood Film. The film is to star Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, and to be directed by Ridley Scott."


Alan's 'From the Road' Tour Diary, March 5, 2009 )


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