May. 5th, 2013 11:54 pm
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Garden update: Still no rain, but got the hose hooked up and in a better, more use-able space over the weekend.

Seeds are up! Beets showed their funny little 3-leaved cotyledon sets over the weekend, so they win 2013. Two carrots, some chard, and kohlrabi made an appearance today. No sign of peas yet, but hopefully the warm weather will bring them and the rest of the seeds along soon.

Still haven't washed my car...

Had a lovely day at Fort Williams yesterday, having a steampunky teatime and kite flying afternoon. Was able to get two linked kites in the air once the wind cooperated later in the day, and it was such a wonderful sight. Photos (none of me, the curse of the photographer) from the day:
05-04 Tea on the Green

Hoping to see some video of the kites, once the videographer figures out how to get it off her phone...


Mar. 18th, 2011 07:15 pm
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Snow Violas
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Annnd here's what's been going on...

It was 68 degrees today. EEEEEEEE!

We had the greenhouse WIDE open at work (I wish I still only had a 5-minute drive to home so I could have opened all the windows and aired out the house).

And it certainly was WINDY. Changed all the air in the greenhouse too, which was a Good Thing. 40-50mph gusts made the house sway, which made all the hanging baskets sway, which made the risk of clunking my head all the greater, but it was worth it...

Our seeds came in at work! I now have a packet of 'Brightest Brilliant Rainbow' Quinoa sitting on my desk... an experiment for this year. Seems to be pretty easy to grow. I'll have to pick some up at the store, just to see if I even like it. It will at least be pretty!And not take up a whole lot of space, since I don't really even have a garden yet. Big buckets, maybe, for this year... hrm.

The little violas are blooming! So I chopped their heads off and stuck them in the snow! Pretty! And there are lots more where they came from.

The motorcycles have been out these last two days... Giovanni is calling me from the garage... I tell him, there is still too much sand on the roads, and the snowbanks are too high, and motorists don't know motorcycles exist yet... wait just a few more weeks. Ready for vroomVroomVROOMvroomVroomvroomVROOM... and 56mpg... hope for a sunny spring/summer... it can rain at night, after I'm home.

I have two scrolls to finish for Coronation. Shouldn't be too much trouble at all. Shiny and gold! Eee!

The highschool kids just won their one-act play regional competition. Two weeks of sewing our fingers off to make their costumes was worth it! And, we got my great-grandmother's sewing machine dusted off, oiled, and working again! Purrs like a kitten... Hasn't been touched, I don't think, in about 20 years. Once we got the right manual for it and figured out how to put the needle, and the bobbin, and the thread all in properly, it stopped breaking threads and skipping stitches too!

Finished a wee little vest to further improve my Steampunk attire, plans are to attend the Steampunk Industrial Revolution in Nashua next weekend. And discovered last week that the buttonholer for said 1952 Singer sewing machine works beautifully. There are 9 buttonholes on the little vest. I will not be tearing my hair out trying to get the Viking to behave. No. More. Fussing. With. Buttonholes. EVAR. Squee.

Snow is going away, bit by bit. We can see the firepit in the backyard again! I bet we could see more of it if we trudged down there and really got a good fire going... maybe we could even clear some of the backyard that way... hmmm....

Lancelot, our lovey, but thought to be deaf-as-a-post kitteh, appears to be getting some of his hearing back. He's talky more, which generally means he can hear at least miaous, and the 'look, he's completely deaf, right behind the ears and watch the no-reaction-at-all-from-the-cat' on Sunday resulted in a flinching and vaguely disquieted stripey kitteh. Better hearing? Dunno... reactions are not consistent at all...He also has lately taken to following me into the bathroom, yowling a bit, and flopping on the rug by the sink to have his tummy rubbed... strange cat... good acoustics in there, maybe?

This Sunday is the first day of Spring. Full Moon is supposed to be incredible. We may even be able to see it. Time to get the camera and tripod out!!
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Aurelia's ride
Photo by Prof. Maximilian Artemis Gunn
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I'll start at the end... or at least with yesterday.

A Steampunk Sojourn )

Thanksgiving was just simply amazing. Thanksgiving! )

Post-Thanksgiving Leftover Foods )

Today, Josh is out riding around a state park somewhere. I need to go grocery shopping and try to get myself back into the mindset of going back to work tomorrow... bah... 5 days off has been absolutely wonderful. The house is pretty clean, too, even after having dozens of people traipsing through. Maybe we need to have big parties more often... ;) First, though, waffles. Chez Freegate. Is to be delightful.

Such a wonderful day. So happy to have been able to share it with so many close friends and family. Give me a bit, and maybe we'll do it again sometime... :)
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Photo by [ profile] anna_mickel
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Good weekend. Relaxing.

Max, [ profile] anna_mickel, [ profile] ninian_vesalius, and I went to Capitol Park yesterday afternoon, to meet some folks for a Steampunk Picnic. Truly delightful. A perfect afternoon, the remnants of hurricane Earl having passed through the previous night, sunny and just a bit breezy. My skirt, which had the previous night been 4 yards of fabric, complete, and matching spiffy tophat (complete with peacock) worked. (The skirt truly is fabulous, and Mickel and I are contemplating making a few street-length out of linen, or something similarly flowy.) I'm not sure about the whole Steampunk thing, but it's allowing me some more costuming options, and I can't apparently go wrong with a tophat. :)

Met the people Max had been talking with on Steampunk Empire, laid out the picnic things, and proceeded to thoroughly enjoy ourselves for several hours. Cucumber sandwiches and peaches were et, bocce was played (all over the place), and friends were made. Photos soon, once I get them all organized.

The four of us continued on to the Windsor Fair, first stop this year in my continuing series of Photos of Cow Butts. Soon to be posted here.

Caramel apple count 2010: 1. Om nom nom.

Today mom and dad came up, we went to the Sea Dogs game, which was excellent. We won, we won! Photos soon to be posted here... Perfect weather for baseball. I will never tire of the sight of a green diamond appearing over rows of seats as I come up the stairs of a stadium...

Don't much want to go to work tomorrow. Bah.


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