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This is where the kitties stayed for most of the day yesterday, curled up in bed. I'd have liked to too... (and they're finally using their bed! Galahad likes to smush the sides down so he can get closer to the heat registers, but after a year and a half, we finally found the right spot for the snuggly soft kitty bed.)

I did take a snow day, though, and stay home from work. Made the right call, as [livejournal.com profile] kurlon said when he finally got to work that the roads were "snotty". Eeeeew. Mostly snow, mixed with some freezing rain/crud. Got the retail order done at least, because I was smart and brought the catalog home on Wednesday night, anticipating that things would be as bad as they indeed were on Thursday morning. Called S at the office around 8:30 to let her know I wasn't lying in a ditch somewhere.

There's more expected today, so I did not shovel the front walkway. I'll get to that tomorrow, otherwise it becomes a skating rink. All told, only 2 or 3 inches, maybe, but it looks like it may actually stick around for a while. Going in to work shortly here; roads should be OK for the moment, could be more interesting this afternoon. Wheeee.

EDIT 11:20PM - Weather actually got better. Rained all morning, and then the sun came out. Not bad, if rather cold... Whatever combination of temperature/pressure/humidity we currently have though, is making my once-broken-now-steel-reinforced arm talk to me, and it's not the most pleasant of sensations... sigh.
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Just enough snow out there (FINALLY) to make the landscape pretty, and to make all the people on the roads forget how to drive.

3 accidents on the way to work this morning, 2 within a half mile of the office. One lady looked like she'd parked her jeep very neatly in a ditch, and there was something big that happened right across the street at the quarry, but the number of vehicles around made it impossible to see what.

Me, no problems driving in, except for having to follow someone going 25 mph in a 50 for about 10 miles... the 6 other people in front of me in that little parade were getting pretty frustrated too, but there was no getting around this terrified person. The roads had been treated, and were nearly clear. Just wet, with a little ridge of slush up the middle where the tires weren't hitting. Sigh.

I expect about an inch, maybe two, by the time I head home. Hopefully it won't freeze into a sheet of ice before then.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon brought home the most expensive 320x320 digital camera I will ever hold in my hands on Wednesday. Borrowed the IR camera from work, to see where the cold spots are in the house, and see which ones are semi-feasible to fix. We of course had to take some pictures of the cats too.
IR Cats

I love my glowy-eyed fluorescent demon kittes. :)
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Thanksgiving 2011
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Snowy day-before-Thanksgiving. All done and over with now, supposed to be lovely tomorrow.

The view that greeted me this morning was the one I expected, so I was able to roll over and go back to sleep for a while. There was no way I was getting out of the driveway anyway, and I had prepared for this inevitability by bringing home catalogs and spreadsheets so I could work from home and get done what needs to get done. Which I did, like a good girl. Once I caught up on my sleep. Seeds and some perennial plugs and pots ordered for next year, started on the annual plugs... more on Friday, maybe. Maybe not. The kitties were happy to have me home, as I was a nice warm lap for them for most of the day.

I did venture outside and get the front walk shoveled. Arm is a little stiff... I did the lifting part with my left arm, the still-not-quite-healed-don't-tell-my-doctor-what-I-did right arm was the pivot point of the shovel. Didn't take too long, though I did do it in two sessions... Lots of little birdies at the feeder too. Juncos on the ground, Tufted Titmouse, Chickadee, and Chipping Sparrow coming to the feeder itself. Love my birdies.

Collapsed on the couch for a while post-shoveling and was quickly buried in cats.

Now to finish making the house presentable for tomorrow's Grand Thanksgiving Feast. Smaller group for the main meal this year, but it will still be fun. :)
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
About 8" of wet, soggy snow total. It's compressing down to not much already, and with temps in the 50s all week, it should be mostly gone soon.

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon got a clear path out the driveway, so the rest of the paved area should clear shortly too. Adventure riding home last night, nearly got stuck on the road, but the HiHy made it.

See, this is what happens when we get Christmas decorations in the stores earlier and earlier... Mother Nature figures 'well, obviously they want winter sooner!' and does THIS! Aieeee!
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It rained. It was windy. All done now.

Never lost power (few blips here and there), no trees down, leaves all over the place, will have to try and prop up the Quinoa tomorrow... :(

Tweaked-out kitty is calm now.

Glad it was a fairly boring hurricane from where we are. 4-5 inches of rain, max, I think. The wind has even mostly stopped, though it may still gust tonight.

Dinner out, since I didn't wanna cook. Not too much destruction around, though there were a few trees uprooted and broken branches on the way to the restaurant.
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Fell asleep to the sound of gentle rain last night, awoke this morning to a good stiff breeze and rain that was Serious. The power just blipped, right in the middle of [livejournal.com profile] kurlon's shower, of course. Just a flicker, though.

We have done our due diligence in preparing for Irene, cleared the plywood off the roof of the 3rd garage, cleaned up the driveway and most of the debris that could potentially blow around, and parked the (now twice repaired) HiHy in the 3rd garage bay. It's snuggled up with all the motorcycles, but at least any trees that fall shouldn't come down on top of it again.

Gotten at least 2 inches of rain. The dog dish on the front porch is full. I had meant to put a deeper pot out last night, but didn't. I'm sure there's a bucket around somewhere that is catching plenty of rain.

Galahad is a little tweaked, Lancelot is his usual oblivious self, as far as I can tell. Sam and my Jade tree that live on the front porch in the summer are now inside in the front hallway. Sam just got leaves back on him, for goodness sakes, I'm not going to risk losing him if I can help it!

Rain all day, then wind tonight, I guess is the current prediction. We are on the edge of a 12+ inch rainfall, according to the Weather Channel. Glad I am that we live on top of a mountain; water flows downhill, usually. Tomorrow's forecast: sunny and 79. Love it.
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No foolin'
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Four words: Nice. Cushy. Office. Job.

I am at work. Somebody has to be. Tried to cancel the truck that was sending 250+ shrubs and put it off till next week, but when I called on Wednesday morning, it had already been loaded... so I got to do that this morning. Thank goodness for D, my sometimes-co-worker, who came when my boss called, and I didn't have to do the whole damn thing myself because the rest of the guys are out plowing the 8+ inches of wet, heavy snow. Took twice as long as it should have too, since the semi couldn't make it up the hill and over to the area we were unloading them, so we hauled everything into the loader bucket, drove the loader around, and hauled everything out of the bucket again to the mats... BAH.

I also have to babysit the greenhouses, and make sure the snowpiles on the roofs don't cave them in. I only slipped a few times, and nearly got buried in snow a few more, and only put (as far as I know) one giant hole in the poly with the rake. Which has been mostly repaired with duct tape. The poly-patch tape won't work if it gets the slightest bit damp, which is definitely happening out there with the snow...8+ inches of wet heavy snow is a lot of work to slog up the hill in, too...

It all appears to be turning to rain, which may or may not be a good thing. Rain doesn't build up on greenhouse roofs. And perhaps the roads will be clear when I decide to bail in a few hours. This is a day I would not have even attempted to come in, but really had no choice in the matter.

Nice. Cushy. Office. Job. Or one at a perennial farm, where I don't have to deal with heavy shrubs and giant trees. That's really my least favorite part of all this... I love the greenhouses, perennials are generally small, lighter, and more manageable, and more fun...

I think I'm tired. Definitely cranky. Definitely glad it's Friday.
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Sooo... I look out the window just now, and surprise, surprise. It is snowing again. With Serious Intent. There were light, almost-but-not-quite-clear patches in the sky on the way to work this morning, so I had hopes that maybe, just maybe, the crap that was (is) forecast to fall today wouldn't. Toooooo laaaate.

Got 4" or so of light fluffy stuff on Saturday night that shoveled away no problem, though it's not quite enough to use the snowblower on. It also nicely polished the layer of ice that has again formed on the road, so even with my Magical Snow Tires, I had a hard time getting out of the driveway. Not quite stuck, but there was definitely some spinning, and sliding backwards into a snowbank.

Today's forecast: Through 2pm: Snow, sleet or freezing rain mixing with and changing to rain by 11am. Cloudy with temperatures warming rapidly into the mid to upper 30s. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph. Snowfall of about half an inch through 2:00pm.

Delightful. Two more hours, then it becomes truly miserable. Time to make my way up to the greenhouse, check on the babies (hopefully all potted and happy), and then hide in the office till I decide to slide home...

February is not going out without a fight.

Update: 11:15 AM: Sweet... boss just called, told me to go home. Was on the way out the door in about 30 seconds anyway, but now I have the Official Blessing. I'm outta here!
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Regal Geranium
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Spring is coming.

Despite the weather yesterday, spring is coming. I have baby plants in the greenhouse, the geraniums came in yesterday, some with blooms on them, and I've had my hands in soil for the last two days. It is wonderful.

February is not, however, going out without a fight. )

My vacuum also came on Thursday! It's purple. It's beautiful. It sucks. In a good way. Didn't pull up nearly as much crap from the carpets as I expected it to, maybe the old vac was doing a better job than we thought. But this one definitely has better suction and sucking power. It was pulling kitty tumbleweeds in on the hardwood from a couple inches away from the beater bar (which can be turned off! So the floors won't be scratched! Joy!). The machine itself is also lighter than the old vac, a little bit quieter (though the high-speed whirrr of the beater bar is kind of annoying) and it moves much easier. I may even vacuum more than once every 6 months with the one...

Off to meet N & M for lunch today, N is bringing me a set of new-old speakers, to replace my old Logitechs. They were free, I've had them for at least 12 years, so I think I've gotten my money's worth... the right side one has developed a horrible electronic squeal that just gets worse the longer they are used... The new ones should be much better. Little cubes from Cambridge Soundworks, a few years old themselves, but based on the ones that N has had for years and years, they'll be a definite upgrade. And at $0.99 plus $15 shipping from ebay, can't beat the price...
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Got an appointment for snow tires. Hill is sheer ice, thanks to the melting yesterday, covered with a layer of slightly sticky (but not sticky enough) snow. Even [livejournal.com profile] kurlon couldn't get Rosie to climb the hill, so she's waiting at the bottom till I get home with a tow strap and we can hook up to the HiHy and hopefully get her to the top of the road.

Done with Winter now.

ETA 4:22PM - Rosie has been retrieved and is now on her way to Town Fair Tire for new snowshoes... I am going to take a nap, since I don't remember allergies coming with full-body-aches that last 2 days... bleh. Done with Winter now.
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More Snow
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All told, about 11 inches between yesterday and today. No rain, no ice, thank goodness. Lots of wind made shoveling and snowblowing Not Fun, but the driveway is clear. ish. I wanna just curl up for about the next week and not do anything, but that's not going to happen...

Kitties didn't care about the snow in the cake pan. Galahad was interested after most of the snow melted, thought the water was delightful, but neither one had any interest in the weird cold white stuff.
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So, the snow appears to be done... 8-10" or so out there on the ground. I'm... almost disappointed. But not really. Light, very fine snow is still falling, but it's not going to amount to anything. Time to go clear off the walkway and driveway, I suppose.

Lancelot had taken up his usual spot on the back of the couch, looking out the window, watching the snow for a while, but both boys are currently curled up on the loveseat.

I'm gonna go get a baking pan, fill it with snow, bring it inside, and see what the cats think of it. :D

...is it sad that I'm looking forward to doing this, and finishing up what I can do on our taxes to avoid washing dishes and doing laundry? sigh...
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Wintry Woods
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Dude... I totally just drifted into my driveway. :D

Left work early, again. The ride home was interesting. Perfectly powdery snow makes roads very slippery. Made it up the hill (once the person in front of me who was determined to go no faster than 15mph turned... oh, little black car, if you do not go at least a little quicker, neither of us is going to make it up this steep slippery hill...), made it into the road, and slid sideways into the driveway. Wheeeee!

Hour 5 of Snowpocalypse February 2011 commences now. Started right about 9:00. Not supposed to stop for any appreciable amount of time till mid-morning Thursday, which is the next time I plan on leaving my house. I don't think I could get out of the driveway/road anyhow. Expecting 20-24" of the white stuff, at least.

I now have a purring Galahad in my lap, a cup of tea on my desk, leftover chinese food warming in the oven, and a wee little scroll to play with. And laundry, and dishes, and a floor that needs washing... but I'll get to them later...

Today is also a special day. One year ago, I decided to poke around on the website for the local kitty rescue, and at the bottom of page four, two very special boys caught my eye... Here they were at the shelter last year, and here they are now (well, in July). Such a difference from two little scared, skinny kitties, to two fuzzy fluffy boys that DEMAND attention and snuggles when we walk in the door. Luvs mah kittehs... <3
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Snowy Friday
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Snow stopped around 2:00 this afternoon, just like the Weather Channel said it would, and we even saw the sun for a moment or two. I decided it was probably best to get the 2 storms' worth of snow/ice/ick off the front pathway before we got more... only took about an hour to shovel off the steps and walk, but I'm not going to suggest anybody actually use them... The rain we got with Tuesday evening's storm formed a beautiful crust, but also saturated the snow that had already fallen, resulting in not only heavy, mostly frozen snow chunks, but a lovely layer of ice underneath the whole thing. I think that's probably part of why the road is the way it is.

I have resigned myself to the fact that snow tires are in my future. In theory will be able to get away with spending ~$200, just getting fronts. Not till after Monday, though, so we'll have to hope our neighbor comes back and sands, otherwise I'll be working from home...

Headed out to mom & dad's shortly, in the reliable vehicle that will make it out of the road... Stop by Staples to get scrolls photocopied first, grab coffee & water bottles in the morning, then fence allll day. Yay! See (some of) y'all there!

...Lancelot has this uncanny ability to know when I'm planning on leaving, and decide to jump in my lap 5 minutes before then... cats...
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Well dangit.

Awoke to (expected) more light fluffy snow this morning.

[livejournal.com profile] kurlon was possibly going to take my car to work, so I could use the HiHy to run my errands, and then head south. Poor Rosie, try as she may, simply cannot get more than 10 feet past the driveway. The road is a steep hill, covered in sheer ice, covered with a niiiice fluffy layer of snow, hasn't been plowed, or sanded, and I have now come to grips (heh) that I am going to have to shell out for snowtires.

Or a tank. Anybody know of one used, cheap?
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Winter Morning
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Storm is over. Tuesday through Wednesday evening, I'm counting as one "snow event". Learned and confirmed several things over the last couple snowy days. Just in time for the next one that comes tonight/tomorrow morning.

Some observations:Wow... this got long... I guess I've been saving up some rant energy... )

Hopefully the snow really will be done by tomorrow early afternoon. The goal is to get to my parents' Friday night, and then to Springfield early Saturday morning, for lots and lots of fencing. And friends, who share a sadness this day... We have lost a lovely and gentle Lady in the East.
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Winter Sunrise
Originally uploaded by gshower7
So, I have the HiHy today.

Slept till 11:00 after the happy phone call from my boss. [livejournal.com profile] ninian_vesalius and I spent yesterday holed up in the house, sniffling and sneezing at each other, drinking many cups of tea, having delicious turkey soup for lunch, and not going anywhere. I worked on scrolls, she read, we puttered. Listened to the wind (didn't howl as much as it usually does, must have been blowing from a different direction) and watched the snow fall and swirl. [livejournal.com profile] kurlon had to go into work, even though the office was closed because it was "unsafe to be out" (so... why did they want him to be out, then?), got maintenance done, home by 7. Had lovely dinner with Max & [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel, made it back in the driveway. Elected to not wake up the whole neighborhood with the snowblower.

Too tired to want to clear the driveway this morning, so I told [livejournal.com profile] kurlon I was taking his truck. I'd have been fine in my car if I'd have been able to get out of the driveway, but that wasn't happening. So I enjoyed the heated seats.

We got about 8 or 9" of snow at the house, I think... drifting, again, made it hard to tell exactly. There's a solid foot here at work, and some places got much more. Even Max & Mickel, on the other side of town, got over a foot, I think. There may be something to living on the north side of a mountain... at least for the couple snowstorms we've had so far this year.

The sky is clear and perfectly blue now. Hopefully the beautiful sun will start melting the layer of snow left on the driveway after snowblowing, and I won't have to slide in, bumping off snowbanks tonight... I'll have to shovel out the front rampsteps tomorrow afternoon if [livejournal.com profile] kurlon doesn't get over ambitious today... won't take too long.
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My boss. Just called. And told me not to come in.

Called. My house.

I didn't have to call him.


Going back to bed now.
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Snow Day!
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Sooo... woke up, 6AM. Wind howling outside, snow blowing. Staggered to the window. Yup. Snowed. Found weather radar. Found phone, called boss. Asked "How're the roads? The driveway will be clear, but I don't think the road has been plowed yet, and pretty sure the main road is still full of snow." Was told to stay home, as it was only going to get worse this afternoon. Works. For. Me. Back to bed, slept till 9:30. Bliss.

Awoke again to still howling winds, but the snow within them appeared to be swept up from the ground, no longer falling from the sky. Decided that this was good. Got up. Puttered around for a bit, waited for [livejournal.com profile] kurlon to get up. There are still bare spots on the new roof, thanks to all the drifting and blowing. The cats appear to be pretty curious about all that weird white stuff outside.

11:30 (AM!!), I grab a shovel, [livejournal.com profile] kurlon fires up the snowblower, we start digging out.
Fact: Shoveling still sucks. But is 1,000 times more bearable when it's at one's own house.
Fact: Snowblowers are awesome. Especially if someone will run it for me. (though this one is small enough, maybe, that I might be able to manage it, if I have to... though I'd rather not.)
Fact: Steps disappear in snowdrifts, making a (seemingly) lovely ramp. Of DOOM.
Fact: Finishing in an hour and a half, and being able to come inside and directly into a nice hot shower is delightful.
Fact: Doing this in the 11:30AM-1:30PM timeline is MUCH better than the 12-hour opposite.

Here it is, the First Real Snow at the Arboretum. Only 7 or 8 inches, not too bad... the wind and drifts were the real impressive part.
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So... everything I said about February snow... forget I said that (except the 'not having to shovel' bit). 6-10 more inches expected tonight into tomorrow, so I am staying chez Freegate Armory this evening, and will head home in the morning.

hrmm... and the lights are flickering... this could be interesting...

Headed to the Great White Mountains of New Hampshire to see some friends with Max & [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel this weekend. Beautiful trip up yesterday, did some shopping in North Conway (did not spend as much as I certainly could have), had an absolutely delicious Elk, pear, fig, and goat cheese quesadilla for lunch, and spent the evening tucked away in a little home on Cedar Pond.

This morning was my first foray into the wild woods on snowshoes. I have never tried snowshoes before... I did not fall, and am sure I will hurt in new and interesting places tomorrow, but the trek was quite fun. Lots of tracks from various critters all through the snow, and I cannot remember the last time I actually took a walk through nice snowy woods.

We left before the snow really settled in, and made it through the notch before the worst of it started dumping on us... the ride back here was interesting... only nearly ended up off the road once when an idiot in a van pulled out in front of us... Max piloted the Yaris with great skill, and we arrived safely back at the Bungalow.

Now, we hot tub. Before the power goes out. Photos later tomorrow.


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