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Busy couple of weekends I've had.

Two weeks ago I day-tripped Palio di Stonemarche with Alianor, Mickel, and Max. Retained for the Princess in the morning, did some silly silly fencing games in the afternoon, and got to actually watch some of the equestrian stuff. Pretty horsies. An absolutely delightful day. Alianor and I worked on (and I finished) new garb for her, which was indeed done in time for her first event in a while. Pictures here:
06-16 Palio

Last Saturday I did a crazy thing, I'm pretty sure, but I lived. Didn't panic. Didn't break anything on me or the new dirtbike. Fell a few times, probably could/should have fallen a few more, but I'm still putting at pretty low speeds. Even so, I bruised my butt pretty well, but not enough to turn me off it.

So yeah. I'm OK... I lived. I do remember how to ride a motorcycle, though [personal profile] kurlon is right, dirt is absolutely nothing like the street. I'm not quite at "having fun" yet, but I definitely didn't hate it. Ah, my little noble steed... Going to try it again on Sunday at MX101 in New Hampshire, if it's not too rainy/thundery.

Today was spent puttering, Cleaning All The Things, and working on the door for the dang tent. One more day of sewing and work, it'll be done. I guess I work best under pressure, that's why I've waited till 2 weeks before the event to actually do anything, even though we'd planned it all out a year ago. Argh. Had allllll winter to work on this. Why didn't I? I dunno... It's going to be so nice, though... :) Door panels are all sewn, just need grommets and loops, and then to be attached to the tent.

Next potential project is possibly finding a tent to go to Pennsic in... I'm planning on taking my car, which means the kitchen tent is out (poles won't fit, no roof rack), and the rain fly from Max & Mickel's cabin tent is currently AWOL... awkward. I'll figure something out. Need to make a packing list.


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