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Happy Winter Solstice! It's 50 degrees out! We might get 3" of snow tomorrow! Wheeee!

Happy birthday yesterday to my dad. Love you!

Weekend at the in-laws was nice. Frank even let us sleep in both days. A kind and generous man is he.

Headed south tomorrow evening for a few days with my parents and semi-extended family, which will be lovely.

All the presents are wrapped and ready to go, as long as the suspicious noises I heard this morning weren't the cats trying to get into them...

Only one more day of work, then we're closed for the next week, which will be nice... Not as fun as it could have been, since [livejournal.com profile] kurlon had this past week off, but maybe I'll actually be able to get my craft room organized again...
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Snowy Friday
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Snow stopped around 2:00 this afternoon, just like the Weather Channel said it would, and we even saw the sun for a moment or two. I decided it was probably best to get the 2 storms' worth of snow/ice/ick off the front pathway before we got more... only took about an hour to shovel off the steps and walk, but I'm not going to suggest anybody actually use them... The rain we got with Tuesday evening's storm formed a beautiful crust, but also saturated the snow that had already fallen, resulting in not only heavy, mostly frozen snow chunks, but a lovely layer of ice underneath the whole thing. I think that's probably part of why the road is the way it is.

I have resigned myself to the fact that snow tires are in my future. In theory will be able to get away with spending ~$200, just getting fronts. Not till after Monday, though, so we'll have to hope our neighbor comes back and sands, otherwise I'll be working from home...

Headed out to mom & dad's shortly, in the reliable vehicle that will make it out of the road... Stop by Staples to get scrolls photocopied first, grab coffee & water bottles in the morning, then fence allll day. Yay! See (some of) y'all there!

...Lancelot has this uncanny ability to know when I'm planning on leaving, and decide to jump in my lap 5 minutes before then... cats...
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Made it to Alys' and Engracia's home in NJ in one piece, despite the best efforts of the drivers in Connecticut. Had a lovely dinner at Rein's Deli around with a nice fellow who was also headed to Jersey, for a different reason. We were seated next to each other at the counter, and both were happy to not have to spend the meal quite as alone as we would have. It was very pleasant.

Eva, Thomas, and Rhiannon were spending the weekend as well, good to travel with them, as they knew where they were going... :) The event started chilly and windy, but quickly warmed up and the breeze died down, and there was much fencing! Jean Xavier was not fencing, as he was on vigil for his Pelican... Ah well, sacrifices we make. Had fun in the tourney, got to play with a bunch of people I usually don't, even with all the traveling I've been doing.

Court was loooong... entertaining, but loooooong. Somewhat unnecessarily so, but we re-hashed that enough post-event. Not gonna do it again here...

Did NOT do a crazy thing and try to drive home after the event, like I'd planned... court got out too late, it turns out I didn't have to work today, and the air mattress was calling my name. Good to hang out with folks, decompress, and then sleep a full night's sleep before trying to drive 6 hours again. Thomas had brought RockBand with him too, so we all had a bit of fun this morning. :)

Mud was thawed, the weather was beautiful, fun was had. SO NICE to be fencing outside again! Another two months before we can do it here... ah well. Photos from the day are here.

Photos from Past Events:
Tourney o' Love, February 20
K&Q Rapier Champions, February 27 Captions missing... will fix at some point.
IDD BIA and Baronial Champions Tourney, March 6 A lovely day in Montreal. :)
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Overall, a very good weekend.

We arrived in NH earlier than expected on Thursday.. Decided not to stop at the bank and try to get loan paperwork (mk. 3) squared away, as they said there was really no rush. Home by 2:30. Woo! Relaxing afternoon, visiting, futzing around on the computer, etc. Saw [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider for all of 15 minutes before he went off to parties and a musical gig. Actually went to church that evening with mom & dad, mainly to hear [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider play trumpet, but I basically just wanted to sing Christmas songs. And I did. Enjoyed myself. Rode home with N, was nice sibling bonding time, and he's glad to have his MINI back too. Poor thing decided it was going to throw a transmission linkage cable, or something, last Monday. Did not want to move at all, but it's fixed now.

Slept in on Christmas. Lovely. Gifts were opened, food was eaten, relaxation was had. I have stuffed chocobos now. They are ridiculously cute. Also, mom and dad are buying us our stove, once we can legally put it inside the new house... eep. Had delicious beef roast for dinner. Saw Sherlock Holmes Christmas evening. Good movie. Most enjoyable.

Saturday was more doing nothing much at all, then M came over, did more gifts, we played cards, she stayed for dinner and a bit of RockBand afterward, then left before the weather got too awful. Snow/rain/freezing on the roads not so fun.

Sunday we headed back north. Decided to look in on the house )

Time now to try and unpack from this weekend, get the living room straightened up for Thursday when N and M come up for New Year's, and maybe, actually, possibly, get somewhere on my dang garb... I'll hopefully not be finishing it on the way to the event... though it wouldn't be the first time.
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Night Lantern
Originally uploaded by gshower7

A Bit of Snow
Originally uploaded by gshower7
So... home again, home again. Day off today, as the office wasn't plowed out. I hadn't planned on going in anyway. About 18" of wet, heavy snow here in Windham, less in Waterboro, but still plenty to make impressive displays all stuck to trees. Some towns got over 2 feet, all of it heavy heavy heavy. We lost power for a bit at Freegate last night (the hot tub stayed running while we were in it!), and as far as I know did not here at home, but there are many, many dark homes in Maine tonight. To clear the car, my little snowbrush was pretty useless, so heavy gloves and pushing it was.

Made the right decision not to try and make it back to Windham last night. Travel was much better this morning, but the display of broken tree limbs and still-stuck snow to everything was quite impressive. At some point, hopefully before spring, when I won't want to look at them anymore, I am going to sort through my photos and put up a winter gallery...

More details on the trip this weekend! )

Dinner tonight will be delicious beef pot roast from the crock pot, on a bed of onions, marinated in chili sauce, with celery seed, mustard seed, and a bit of pepper. Another recipe from the '12 Hour Crockpot Cookbook' that [livejournal.com profile] kurlon wanted to try. Only thing I could not find was the 'smoke flavored salt'... anybody ever heard of that, even?

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] kurlon, here's what he does on Sunday nights... Video of Mini Racing, Maine Indoor Karting. Via HelmetCam. It's a cute li'l thing... :) We'll have to take it to the mountains this summer, or something.
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So... everything I said about February snow... forget I said that (except the 'not having to shovel' bit). 6-10 more inches expected tonight into tomorrow, so I am staying chez Freegate Armory this evening, and will head home in the morning.

hrmm... and the lights are flickering... this could be interesting...

Headed to the Great White Mountains of New Hampshire to see some friends with Max & [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel this weekend. Beautiful trip up yesterday, did some shopping in North Conway (did not spend as much as I certainly could have), had an absolutely delicious Elk, pear, fig, and goat cheese quesadilla for lunch, and spent the evening tucked away in a little home on Cedar Pond.

This morning was my first foray into the wild woods on snowshoes. I have never tried snowshoes before... I did not fall, and am sure I will hurt in new and interesting places tomorrow, but the trek was quite fun. Lots of tracks from various critters all through the snow, and I cannot remember the last time I actually took a walk through nice snowy woods.

We left before the snow really settled in, and made it through the notch before the worst of it started dumping on us... the ride back here was interesting... only nearly ended up off the road once when an idiot in a van pulled out in front of us... Max piloted the Yaris with great skill, and we arrived safely back at the Bungalow.

Now, we hot tub. Before the power goes out. Photos later tomorrow.


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