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I need to stop jumping and freaking out every single time I see even a hint of snow in the forecast. It's not helping, of course, that the current snow/slushy crap prediction is for Wednesday-Thursday, when I really would rather be cooking a turkey than out shoveling. The timing is not good. But! It's still 3-4 days away, things will change. Hopefully for the better.

At any rate, I am on vacation this week! Yay! I think I have it figured out, and I'll be able to get both major relaxation in as well as clean the apartment. And maybe get some mini projects done too. Maybe finally make that minestrone soup I've had the dry beans for for a year now...

If it doesn't snow.

Home Safe.

Sep. 16th, 2007 12:22 am
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Home again... flights right on time, and the only casualty of the trip was Twig's worn out electric razor and charger, apparently swiped by an unscrupulous JetBlue employee... Needed a new one anyway. Sleep now, unpack tomorrow. One last thought...

Flying over New York tonight was beautiful. We saw the sun set, followed shortly thereafter by the setting of an orange, then blood-red crescent moon. The star sprinkled sky merged perfectly with the black harbor water dotted with lights from the few boats still out, and it seemed as if we'd gone off the edge of the world. The bright lights of land simply stopped, and we flew into endless sky.
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Yaaaaay!!! Last night again, they pull runs from the aether. Came back from 7-1 to win it, 8-7. Hopefully this will become a trend. :) Now all they need to do is win all of their remaining games, and the Yankees/Tigers lose most of theirs, and they've got the wild card! hm. yeah. okies.

Getting ready to grill some chicken and wait for the house to be invaded for birthday party now. The blackberries have been picked and made into pie, salad is ready, and the laundry is done... don't wanna go home and back to reality yet.
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M's Win! M's WIN! YAAAAAAY!!! :) (about freakin' time...)

The game last night was fantastic. There was no way they were going to lose; I didn't come 3000 miles to see that. Safeco is such a beautiful ballpark, and it was a perfect night. Was Josh's first MLB game; we got a home run, unassisted double play, and good clutch hitting in the bottom of the 9th to close it all out. 6-5 over Oakland. They are now, at this moment, losing spectacularly to Tampa Bay. sigh.

Yes, Max, we did make it to FX McRory's before the game. Excellent food, cool building, and I think I have competition for Twig's love... double-cream chocolate ice cream. Will kill me if I eat it, I think, but we went back so he could have seconds today. It's vacation, we can do that. :)

No Whidbey Island/Deception Pass today. We parked behind the Space Needle last night, and there is a new weird building, somewhat blobby and strange, next to it. Poked our heads in before we walked downtown, and saw there were many many wonderful things inside. The Science Fiction Museum (and the Experience Music Project, also cool, but didn't get to spend much time before they closed and kicked us out) is new since I was last in Seattle. Went back today, spent several hours with the aliens. Costumes, props (actual and replica), videos, books, paintings, scripts (City on the Edge of Forever, pre-edit...) you name it... Luke Skywalker's ACTUAL LIGHTSABER (and severed hand... model.). And Captain Kirk's Phaser(s). And the car from Blade Runner. And tons of other fun things. No photos allowed except in the entry area, but well worth the one: Gen and Gort

Going to be an early night tonight, am sleepy. Plans tomorrow include doing absolutely nothing. I think I've just about worn out my shoes. Having a small party for grandma's 75th birthday, but that's all. Will be good. Plane leaves here at noon (local time) on Saturday, so don't have to get up too much earlier than normal.


Sep. 11th, 2007 09:54 pm
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Since there was no sense heading all the way out to Whidbey Island to not go to the Lavender farm (closed Mondays and Tuesdays), Twig and I rearranged our week's plans and went to the Woodland Park Zoo. Was wonderful. I haven't been there for about 10 years, and he had never been to a zoo before, ever! Ack! Fixed that; saw all the animals. Lions, Lemurs, Red Pandas, Jaguar... but not my wolfies... When we were there 10 years ago, they were just pups, on their third day out in their habitat... little shy fuzzballs. I saw pictures on the website; they've grown up to be beautiful. They were doing what wolves do today, though, and hiding. Sigh. Pictures will be forthcoming once we are back on the East coast.

Tomorrow is Seattle, FX McRory's, and Baseball. Sleep now.
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Here we are, in Washington, safe and sound. Weather is beautiful, Dungeness Crab is still very tasty, and there are ripe blackberries just around the block, ready for picking. Totally new travel experience yesterday; both flights left on time, and arrived on time, and we didn't have any screaming children on either one. JetBlue for teh win. (also 36 channels of direct TV on the flight, pumped right into the seatback in front of us; BBC America = Doctor Who at 30,000 feet for teh WIN.) I have never had such an easy time flying across the country. Hoping everything will be the same on the way home. Slept for about 15 hours last night, am now on west coast time, mostly. I have decided that 3 hours of pseudo-sleep in 45 hours of time is not recommended.

It's our first anniversary today... Twig and I have made it a whole year.  :)  Never a worry, still very much in love.  :)  Went out to the Olive Garden with Grandma tonight, had a wonderful time.

Today was spent doing absolutely nothing terribly important. Had breakfast, got crab at the grocery store, cleaned the crab on the back deck, in the beautiful sunshine. Ate crab for lunch. Is a Good Thing. Drove grandma's car around Kenmore for a bit so I won't run into things when we take it to Seattle on Wednesday to go to the MARINERS GAME! Yay! Hopefully they'll decide to start playing baseball again... that would be nice. Won 14-7 over Detroit yesterday, losing to Oakland currently... will be fun either way.

Tomorrow plans are to take the Muckilteo Ferry to Whidbey Island, maybe try to find the Lavender farm out there, then head to Deception Pass and Goose Rock, and then to the Farmhouse restaurant in Mt. Vernon for (early?) dinner. Let's see how lost we can get.  :)


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