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Lancelot is certainly ready.

This has been a freakin' WEEK OF MONDAYS. I am SO ready for the weekend, to spend some time in Vermont, having some nice low stress fencing, dancing, music, and relaxation at Panteria. With the exception of Sunday, it seems everybody I ran across or talked to this week was absolutely batshit insane, impossible to deal with, high-strung, argumentative, and just plain crazy. I had wondered if it was me, for a while, then noted that everybody else in the office and online was experiencing the same stupid stuff. I blame Sunday's eclipse (which we didn't even get to see). Bizarre astrological phenomena.

In garden news (pictures later), my potatoes are almost all growing! There are a few chunks that have no sprouts yet, but I'm not giving up on them just yet. The first little shoots are making their way out the sides of the potato tower too! First noticed one bunch yesterday, and there were definitely more this evening when I came home from work. Sunny days and rainy nights are doing wonders for everything. I grabbed a couple new coral bells from work to replace the ones I lost over the winter, the villosa cultivars ('Caramel' and a lime green one I can't remember right now) did very well. 'Midnight Rose' and 'Hercules' died. Hybrids... sigh. I am trying 'Hercules' again, since the ones at work made it fine (maybe I just had a bum plant), but have replaced the other with 'Regina' We'll see how they do... There are also a couple new Echinacea that came in today that I need to resist buying... double orange-red 'Hot Papaya' is tempting, though... I do have to pick up some slug repellent, or start leaving saucers of cheap beer around, since the leaves on my cutleaf coneflower and just about everything else are starting to look pretty ratty. Little gross slimy pests...

Packing tomorrow, and hopefully heading out to spend an evening around the fire with good friends, waking up under canvas for the first time since Pennsic. It will be good.
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Except for the whole 'getting up at 6:30 on my day off' bit, weekend so far has been pretty relaxing.

[personal profile] kurlon sold the bike we went down to NJ last July to the guy who had it before the guy who gave it to him did, so up we got, on our day off, to drive down to Connecticut to do the exchange. I got my coffee and pastry, loaded up Good Omens on the ipod, and took a nap for a while while [personal profile] kurlon drove. We went through sun, clouds, snow squalls, and sun again, and arrived at my favorite deli right on time. Met the guy, unloaded the trailer and truck, and proceeded to have a lovely lunch before heading back home. More nap, more snow squalls, and back at the house by 3:30. Not bad. Had we waited another 6 hours, I guess we could have had dinner there with [livejournal.com profile] pet_spider, but neither of us could have really shifted schedules... next time.

Puttering and repotting/refreshing some of the houseplants that have needed it for a while were the tasks of the afternoon. I am rooting more angel-wing begonia, if anybody wants one... MOAR PLANTS! Also have a few hardy(!?) orchids that I need to decide if I want to order or not before the coupon expires on Thursday.

Tomorrow - photos and inventory of alllll the houseplants. It's time. There have been some new additions and some losses over the last year...

Fall Crown

Nov. 6th, 2011 08:26 pm
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Window Kitties
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Wonderful time at Crown yesterday. Great fighting, beautiful weather, several wonderful surprises for so many deserving people. Vivant to Sir Kenric, new Prince of the East, and his Lady, Avelina, new Princess! So wonderful to see so many of you too. It was good to get out, I needed that. More post and lots of pictures later; exhausted and going to have an early night tonight, I think.

For now, enjoy a picture of my handsome kitties in the window, taking a short break from being enraptured by the leaves floating down from the trees.


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