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Lancelot is certainly ready.

This has been a freakin' WEEK OF MONDAYS. I am SO ready for the weekend, to spend some time in Vermont, having some nice low stress fencing, dancing, music, and relaxation at Panteria. With the exception of Sunday, it seems everybody I ran across or talked to this week was absolutely batshit insane, impossible to deal with, high-strung, argumentative, and just plain crazy. I had wondered if it was me, for a while, then noted that everybody else in the office and online was experiencing the same stupid stuff. I blame Sunday's eclipse (which we didn't even get to see). Bizarre astrological phenomena.

In garden news (pictures later), my potatoes are almost all growing! There are a few chunks that have no sprouts yet, but I'm not giving up on them just yet. The first little shoots are making their way out the sides of the potato tower too! First noticed one bunch yesterday, and there were definitely more this evening when I came home from work. Sunny days and rainy nights are doing wonders for everything. I grabbed a couple new coral bells from work to replace the ones I lost over the winter, the villosa cultivars ('Caramel' and a lime green one I can't remember right now) did very well. 'Midnight Rose' and 'Hercules' died. Hybrids... sigh. I am trying 'Hercules' again, since the ones at work made it fine (maybe I just had a bum plant), but have replaced the other with 'Regina' We'll see how they do... There are also a couple new Echinacea that came in today that I need to resist buying... double orange-red 'Hot Papaya' is tempting, though... I do have to pick up some slug repellent, or start leaving saucers of cheap beer around, since the leaves on my cutleaf coneflower and just about everything else are starting to look pretty ratty. Little gross slimy pests...

Packing tomorrow, and hopefully heading out to spend an evening around the fire with good friends, waking up under canvas for the first time since Pennsic. It will be good.


Mar. 13th, 2012 03:12 pm
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Couldn't take it anymore... got the patio set out of the greenhouse, and have absconded with the boss's laptop, which has remote access to my computer, and wireless. Life, it is good.

Still doing mindless paperwork today, but it's 65 degrees out, the sun is on my back, the breeze is warm, and there are birds singing in the trees. I'll take it.
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It appears to be spring, already. Middle of February. Been 40+ degrees during the day all week, next week doesn't look any different. The maple sap has been flowing for 2 weeks now, almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

I'm not ready for spring yet. We didn't even have winter. There's still snow around the house, but that won't last much longer. The driveway at work is a mudpit... I am definitely not ready for mud season.

But in two weeks the little baby plants will come in, and the greenhouse will be wonderful. R and I have some work to do in it beforehand (I'm getting a new potting table! One that's the proper height! And maybe won't collapse... that will be nice); there are a gazillion pots to put price stickers on, hooks to hang for baskets, and a little bit of re-routing of driplines, now that the tables are in a more efficient (I think) layout. Or were, till the boss moved them. "We made narrower aisles! Look how much space we have now!" he said, ever so pleased with himself. Yes, I said, except the aisles *needed* to be 4' wide, because that's how wide the gaps between the hanging basket hooks are. Despite his protests of 'oh, it'll be fine', I walked over and found the row that, were it full of baskets, would hang precisely down the middle (ie, walking space) of two tables, right at head height. I am not ducking around baskets, thankyouverymuch. I clunk my head on them quite enough as it is. I actually got him to agree with me. The tables will be moved back to the way they were. I'm the one that has to work/live up there, I'd better be able to do it efficiently and safely.

I am pretty much done with the miserable headcold; my faucet of a nose shut off on Wednesday night, but I worked from home yesterday anyway. Better to be miserable at my desk at home and not have my boss complaining at me. All set for Tourney o' Luuuv tomorrow. We head out bright and early, return late. 'Twill be a good day.
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This is where the kitties stayed for most of the day yesterday, curled up in bed. I'd have liked to too... (and they're finally using their bed! Galahad likes to smush the sides down so he can get closer to the heat registers, but after a year and a half, we finally found the right spot for the snuggly soft kitty bed.)

I did take a snow day, though, and stay home from work. Made the right call, as [livejournal.com profile] kurlon said when he finally got to work that the roads were "snotty". Eeeeew. Mostly snow, mixed with some freezing rain/crud. Got the retail order done at least, because I was smart and brought the catalog home on Wednesday night, anticipating that things would be as bad as they indeed were on Thursday morning. Called S at the office around 8:30 to let her know I wasn't lying in a ditch somewhere.

There's more expected today, so I did not shovel the front walkway. I'll get to that tomorrow, otherwise it becomes a skating rink. All told, only 2 or 3 inches, maybe, but it looks like it may actually stick around for a while. Going in to work shortly here; roads should be OK for the moment, could be more interesting this afternoon. Wheeee.

EDIT 11:20PM - Weather actually got better. Rained all morning, and then the sun came out. Not bad, if rather cold... Whatever combination of temperature/pressure/humidity we currently have though, is making my once-broken-now-steel-reinforced arm talk to me, and it's not the most pleasant of sensations... sigh.
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Broken Tree
Originally uploaded by gshower7
So, back to work today, after a week off, in which I did roughly NOTHING that I'd planned on doing. Sure, house got vacuumed, dishes washed, laundry done (and folded! And CSI is not the best thing to watch during lunch...). Some gourmet grilled cheese eaten (apples make things better), some not-so-gourmet ramen as well. But tasty.

Anywho, back to work. Catching up on emails, finding all the things that somebody (coughMYBOSScough) moved and put on my desk in the week I was gone (and I'd even cleared it off before I left! bah.), running through a small pile of paperwork and plant confirmations that came in. About 10:00, I finally glanced out the back window. Saw a rather large limb down across some of the back tables. Didn't think much of it. We lose branches back there all the time. There's a bunch of pine trees, pine trees like to drop limbs. Fortunately it's all been during the night, when nobody's back there shopping.

My eyes traveled up, to see if I could find where this one broke off, and what do I see, but more limbs, and tree top, and... TREE. Eep. Holy crap! My co-worker said it came down in the crazy wind we had the day after Christmas.

I liked that pine tree... I thought it was one of the healthy ones, apparently not. Rotten to the core. It took out the skinny ash tree (which was not healthy) next to it too. Fell in just the right spot. If it had fallen away from the woods, we'd be doing shop repairs, and possibly repairs to the office. That's a good 75 feet of tree there. The guys are gonna have some clean up work to do. It seems pretty stable where it is (knock on wood), and the wind shouldn't be bad the rest of the week.

I think my shade tables are going to be a bit less shady next summer...
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Bee on Rozanne
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Bright, sunny, cool day here today. So glad it's Friday. Hoping the rain that's predicted for Sunday holds off, and we can enjoy a non-soggy SeaDogs game, but we'll see. Hoping to ride the bike again, but not sure that'll happen. 4 days straight this week of Motorcycle, could have been all 5, had I not had all kinds of stuff to bring with me on Monday. Gorgeous week. Don't wanna be at the office right now, though...
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Hill Garden
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I made a big pile of mud! And then put plants in it! Yaaay!

I have exorcised the last of the ghost of the euonymus, I hope. And hopefully the raspberries will have to work a lot harder to get through 6"+ of loam, so I won't have to deal with that. And [livejournal.com profile] kurlon is the most wonderful husband, because he took pity on me (or got sick of me whining), set up a plywood ramp on the stairs, and then did not kill himself pushing the last 4 wheelbarrows full of loam that I needed to finish filling the bed up said ramp. So much quicker than shoveling it all over the wall. That was not a whole lot of fun. (Didn't help that I was cranky already for having to go into work and water. 2 hours driving for a half hour of actual work... on my day off... on my vacation. Tempting to charge travel time for this. :( ) But now the fun can begin! I get to pick out all the lovely plants that will help hold the soil in place, and make me happy. I think an actual set of plans are in order so I don't go too nuts, and don't end up ripping too much of it out... We'll see how that goes. A few of my nasturtium seeds came up along the wall, the lovely 'Enchanted One' Iris finally has a home, and a beautiful 'Rozanne' Geranium has joined the hill.

The coral bells in the terrace are happy; the little tiny 'Ruby Bells' that I split into three pieces are getting bigger, and next week, after I get back, I think an Oakleaf Hydrangea will be coming home with me to live in the top half of the terrace. Just about perfect.

Veggie garden is kinda growing. It only gets about 5 hours of sun, 9AM to 2PM. We'll see how it all works out. Perhaps will try something different next year. The squash have flowers, though, and I have wee little tomatoes on both plants, and things are still alive.

Listening, now, to a thunderstorm rolling around (the sky is still blue), and cooling off... Tomorrow will be packing the truck and hopefully heading to the GNEW site for a day of relaxation before all the craziness happens on Thursday, and all my friends from far away arrive on Friday.
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I'm a Luna Moth!!

(specifically a male Actias luna, on the wall at work. Probably going to be eaten by bats tonight... I find at least one set of wings every morning...)

And a Happy Solstice, all...
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Love you, Dad! I found you a bug! :D

A Mantled Baskettail Dragonfly, clinging to one of the tomato cages at work... I think this one is a female, the males have larger dark patches on their hind wings.
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Sensitive fern, Onoclea sensibilis, growing in the waterfall at work. Just lovely.

Happy Day!

May. 25th, 2011 01:54 pm
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Happy Towel Day, happy Lilac Day, HAPPY SUNNY DAY.

I woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies, a bright golden glowing orb hanging overhead, and most importantly NO RAIN. And 70 degrees. MOTORCYCLE DAY.

I even took the quilted liner out of my jacket (it is stuffed in my backpack, 'cause it'll be colder later tonight), and had a glorious, glorious ride to work today. Was so very tempting to take a left turn instead of a right on Rt 5, and head straight to the mountains and skip work... Absolutely perfect riding weather. Would have been a delightful day...

That being said, people are in a pretty good mood at work, low-stress situations are getting taken care of, we have customers buying things, and life is generally good. Amazing what a little sun and warmth will do for one's mood.
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I found 6th gear on the way home tonight. :) Comfortable for cruising at 55 mph. Was slightly off-balance during the ride, for some reason. I suspect I was tired. I know I was tired, but I suspect that was the reason. Not overly-so, but I had a bit more wobble at a couple stop signs and lights than I'd have liked.

Last bike ride this week too, I suspect. After 4 days of beautiful, perfect weather, spring rains move back in for the next several days. Bah. Hope this doesn't become a trend. After doing some calculations, I think Giovanni is nearly going to pay for himself, at least through the summer, with the money I'll be saving on gas. If I'm lucky, I'll be saving $15-$30 per week on gas, at least. That could be $120 a month. Which is allllmost the payment. Almost. It's certainly helping.

Still stressed. It's spring. Work is zooey. We've been busier lately, helped along by the weather, which is good, but means I'm going in 8000 different directions and can't get anything done. My co-workers are doing the majority of hauling the shrubs around (which I am grateful for, because I've realized I kinda hate that part of my job... heh, I get to actually be management and point and direct...), and the tree field (which I do hate, always have. There has got to be a better way to organize and keep the trees upright besides bricks... but the boss will have none of anybody's suggestions. frustrating.) has stabilized some, so even in big winds, most everything is staying standing upright. Finally. Won't last long. We've got evergreen trees coming in this week, and two trucks worth of shrubs, and maybe some perennials. If I'm very, very lucky, they'll all come in the mornings, and be done or mostly done by the time I get in for my shift... we'll see.

Last Saturday, I visited (was a wench at) a wonderful Tavern that only exists twice a year. It is a truly magical place, full of friends, good song, good drink, fantastic food. A truly enjoyable evening at the Tyger and Bucket. I love this bar! (but dear merciful heavens, pay heed to the song. do NOT drink the blue stuff... ever. Ever. guh.) There will be photos soon from the high-heel tourney...
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Spring has sprung. There are springs sproinging up all over the place, with all the rain we've been getting.

I checked and re-checked the weather and the radar up till the moment I left the house this morning, in the hopes that it would change, and I could ride Giovanni to work, and not get caught in the 40mph winds and horrific thunderstorms that were forecast for my evening ride home. It was not to be. In the car I went. Sigh. Chilly afternoon, even though it was close to 65 or 70 out, there was a cool breeze. And the rain made everything soggy soggy soggy...

Though it is spring. The red-winged blackbirds are back. And almost more significantly, the ice cream shop on my way home is open! I was seriously craving a soft-serve as I left work. It is quite possible I willed them into being open. Now to use my powers for awesome and will their coffee/strawberry machine back to working order...

Tomorrow will be a day of VROOM with [livejournal.com profile] mylisant! This makes me very very happy! :)
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Rough-Legged Hawk
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Photo by S. Leavitt

I do NOT want to be on the receiving end of that look, ever. Glad I'm not a chipmunk.

Today was much improved from yesterday at work. Yesterday is Fired )

Today was a day of birds! I was in the perennial yard with one of my (wonderful) new employees, when I saw a rather large, definitely-not-a-robin, bird land in the maple tree outside the office. Very exciting! Called S, our office manager, told her "bring your camera. Yes, with the big lens", and we followed the hawk around the property for a bit. This is the best photo, though I've got to go through the rest, since they're all pretty cool... Discovered after a bit of poking around on WhatBird.com that it is most likely a migrating Rough-Legged Hawk. They come down here for the winter, non-breeding times, and live waaaay up north in Canada the rest of the year. EDIT: 4/25/2011: Actually, it's a Broad Winged Hawk. We got positive ID from the Audobon society later on Thursday afternoon... Still cool, and I'm pretty sure I saw one of these guys last fall too!

The other highlight of today, and what made yesterday not quite so awful, was the return of our flock of Bohemian Waxwings. Not very common east of the Mississippi river, but they apparently dip into New England again for winter migration. There's a colony up in Orono that eats all the crabapples off the trees in the Littlefield Garden at UMaine, and that's exactly what these were doing. At least three dozen, both days. Swooping back and forth between the crabapple and the oak and maple trees, twittering all the way. Beautiful, trilling, tweety birds. I've seen them here before, a few weeks later in the year, eating the fruits off the serviceberries. Maybe they'll stick around for a while. They are absolutely GORGING themselves on the crabapples. So distracted, I was able to get pretty close a couple times. They are such pretty birds. S. took a gazillion photos of them too, I have permission to post a few, and will once I find the perfect one. :)

Time to go dancing now, then two days off! Another fun fencing weekend!
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No foolin'
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Four words: Nice. Cushy. Office. Job.

I am at work. Somebody has to be. Tried to cancel the truck that was sending 250+ shrubs and put it off till next week, but when I called on Wednesday morning, it had already been loaded... so I got to do that this morning. Thank goodness for D, my sometimes-co-worker, who came when my boss called, and I didn't have to do the whole damn thing myself because the rest of the guys are out plowing the 8+ inches of wet, heavy snow. Took twice as long as it should have too, since the semi couldn't make it up the hill and over to the area we were unloading them, so we hauled everything into the loader bucket, drove the loader around, and hauled everything out of the bucket again to the mats... BAH.

I also have to babysit the greenhouses, and make sure the snowpiles on the roofs don't cave them in. I only slipped a few times, and nearly got buried in snow a few more, and only put (as far as I know) one giant hole in the poly with the rake. Which has been mostly repaired with duct tape. The poly-patch tape won't work if it gets the slightest bit damp, which is definitely happening out there with the snow...8+ inches of wet heavy snow is a lot of work to slog up the hill in, too...

It all appears to be turning to rain, which may or may not be a good thing. Rain doesn't build up on greenhouse roofs. And perhaps the roads will be clear when I decide to bail in a few hours. This is a day I would not have even attempted to come in, but really had no choice in the matter.

Nice. Cushy. Office. Job. Or one at a perennial farm, where I don't have to deal with heavy shrubs and giant trees. That's really my least favorite part of all this... I love the greenhouses, perennials are generally small, lighter, and more manageable, and more fun...

I think I'm tired. Definitely cranky. Definitely glad it's Friday.


Mar. 18th, 2011 07:15 pm
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Snow Violas
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Annnd here's what's been going on...

It was 68 degrees today. EEEEEEEE!

We had the greenhouse WIDE open at work (I wish I still only had a 5-minute drive to home so I could have opened all the windows and aired out the house).

And it certainly was WINDY. Changed all the air in the greenhouse too, which was a Good Thing. 40-50mph gusts made the house sway, which made all the hanging baskets sway, which made the risk of clunking my head all the greater, but it was worth it...

Our seeds came in at work! I now have a packet of 'Brightest Brilliant Rainbow' Quinoa sitting on my desk... an experiment for this year. Seems to be pretty easy to grow. I'll have to pick some up at the store, just to see if I even like it. It will at least be pretty!And not take up a whole lot of space, since I don't really even have a garden yet. Big buckets, maybe, for this year... hrm.

The little violas are blooming! So I chopped their heads off and stuck them in the snow! Pretty! And there are lots more where they came from.

The motorcycles have been out these last two days... Giovanni is calling me from the garage... I tell him, there is still too much sand on the roads, and the snowbanks are too high, and motorists don't know motorcycles exist yet... wait just a few more weeks. Ready for vroomVroomVROOMvroomVroomvroomVROOM... and 56mpg... hope for a sunny spring/summer... it can rain at night, after I'm home.

I have two scrolls to finish for Coronation. Shouldn't be too much trouble at all. Shiny and gold! Eee!

The highschool kids just won their one-act play regional competition. Two weeks of sewing our fingers off to make their costumes was worth it! And, we got my great-grandmother's sewing machine dusted off, oiled, and working again! Purrs like a kitten... Hasn't been touched, I don't think, in about 20 years. Once we got the right manual for it and figured out how to put the needle, and the bobbin, and the thread all in properly, it stopped breaking threads and skipping stitches too!

Finished a wee little vest to further improve my Steampunk attire, plans are to attend the Steampunk Industrial Revolution in Nashua next weekend. And discovered last week that the buttonholer for said 1952 Singer sewing machine works beautifully. There are 9 buttonholes on the little vest. I will not be tearing my hair out trying to get the Viking to behave. No. More. Fussing. With. Buttonholes. EVAR. Squee.

Snow is going away, bit by bit. We can see the firepit in the backyard again! I bet we could see more of it if we trudged down there and really got a good fire going... maybe we could even clear some of the backyard that way... hmmm....

Lancelot, our lovey, but thought to be deaf-as-a-post kitteh, appears to be getting some of his hearing back. He's talky more, which generally means he can hear at least miaous, and the 'look, he's completely deaf, right behind the ears and watch the no-reaction-at-all-from-the-cat' on Sunday resulted in a flinching and vaguely disquieted stripey kitteh. Better hearing? Dunno... reactions are not consistent at all...He also has lately taken to following me into the bathroom, yowling a bit, and flopping on the rug by the sink to have his tummy rubbed... strange cat... good acoustics in there, maybe?

This Sunday is the first day of Spring. Full Moon is supposed to be incredible. We may even be able to see it. Time to get the camera and tripod out!!
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Sooo... I look out the window just now, and surprise, surprise. It is snowing again. With Serious Intent. There were light, almost-but-not-quite-clear patches in the sky on the way to work this morning, so I had hopes that maybe, just maybe, the crap that was (is) forecast to fall today wouldn't. Toooooo laaaate.

Got 4" or so of light fluffy stuff on Saturday night that shoveled away no problem, though it's not quite enough to use the snowblower on. It also nicely polished the layer of ice that has again formed on the road, so even with my Magical Snow Tires, I had a hard time getting out of the driveway. Not quite stuck, but there was definitely some spinning, and sliding backwards into a snowbank.

Today's forecast: Through 2pm: Snow, sleet or freezing rain mixing with and changing to rain by 11am. Cloudy with temperatures warming rapidly into the mid to upper 30s. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph. Snowfall of about half an inch through 2:00pm.

Delightful. Two more hours, then it becomes truly miserable. Time to make my way up to the greenhouse, check on the babies (hopefully all potted and happy), and then hide in the office till I decide to slide home...

February is not going out without a fight.

Update: 11:15 AM: Sweet... boss just called, told me to go home. Was on the way out the door in about 30 seconds anyway, but now I have the Official Blessing. I'm outta here!
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Regal Geranium
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Spring is coming.

Despite the weather yesterday, spring is coming. I have baby plants in the greenhouse, the geraniums came in yesterday, some with blooms on them, and I've had my hands in soil for the last two days. It is wonderful.

February is not, however, going out without a fight. )

My vacuum also came on Thursday! It's purple. It's beautiful. It sucks. In a good way. Didn't pull up nearly as much crap from the carpets as I expected it to, maybe the old vac was doing a better job than we thought. But this one definitely has better suction and sucking power. It was pulling kitty tumbleweeds in on the hardwood from a couple inches away from the beater bar (which can be turned off! So the floors won't be scratched! Joy!). The machine itself is also lighter than the old vac, a little bit quieter (though the high-speed whirrr of the beater bar is kind of annoying) and it moves much easier. I may even vacuum more than once every 6 months with the one...

Off to meet N & M for lunch today, N is bringing me a set of new-old speakers, to replace my old Logitechs. They were free, I've had them for at least 12 years, so I think I've gotten my money's worth... the right side one has developed a horrible electronic squeal that just gets worse the longer they are used... The new ones should be much better. Little cubes from Cambridge Soundworks, a few years old themselves, but based on the ones that N has had for years and years, they'll be a definite upgrade. And at $0.99 plus $15 shipping from ebay, can't beat the price...
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Quite a day. Could have been much more exciting than it was! Everything turned out just fine.

I pulled into work this morning, to an empty parking lot. Hrm. Weird, but not all that out of place. What was more slightly worrying was the police car that I noticed a moment later, pulling out of the driveway. Eh? Ok, more than a little weirded out now... Parked Giovanni, went into the office, and found normal. Which was good. But still confusing.

Explanation: we caught a skunk last night, apparently. Oh, goody. My boss had gone home to get his .22, and was going to shoot it, so everybody moved their cars in case the Bad Thing happened and the scent glands let go. Oh, goody. Now we get to smell that all day/week? No, I don't think so. Take it somewhere else if you're gonna shoot it, and if you're gonna take it somewhere else, just let it out! Moved the bike anyway.

The discussion was had upon his return, and I was told, fine, you get to do it then! G wants a day off!! Meh. I'll be fine, I said.

I am fine. Poor little skunk. He was cuuuute. And trapped in a far too-small cage for most of the day. We tried to give him shade and water, at least. Finally got a truck around 2:30, took him for a little ride, and, after covering the rear of the trap with a tarp and preparing to run veryfast in the opposite direction after opening the door, he waddled out, somewhat unsteadily, towards the woods, not giving me a hint of a second look. Poor li'l thing... probably had heatstroke. I hope it found water fairly shortly after wandering off. It was shady, but still had to be 90 degrees in those woods...

Thank goodness, I think, they're nocturnal, and this one was probably worn out and horribly hot, otherwise the whole thing could have been muuuuch more interesting.

EDIT 09/04 - since I apparently forgot, and it's confusing people... the police car was just a coincidence. He was a customer, wanted some gravel delivered. Heh.
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Gen & Giovanni
Originally uploaded by gshower7
He has a name now. [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and I figured it out on Monday. Signor Giovanni and I are getting to know each other, and seem to be getting along just fine. It's been darned hot, though. Even moving, there's not a whole lot of cooling air moving through the jacket and helmet vents... Though to note, 56 mpg is a nice number. :) I can trade A/C for that, as long as it doesn't get much hotter out...

Rode all over the world yesterday! Ended up having to wait nearly an hour and a half because the doctor was running late, and by that point, I figured, I was later than I was going to be anyway, why not get more seat time? I had called work when it became apparent I was not going to make it in at my estimated time (which was 5 minutes from the call time), and proceeded to wait... So afterward, back to town, registered the bike & car, made it to work for the 2nd half of the day, rode to fencing, fenced, was joined by [livejournal.com profile] kurlon and [livejournal.com profile] alexsaintpierre on the newly revived Suzi and Igor, respectively, rode to dinner, rode home. It was nearly chilly on the way home... didn't put the liner in. It was kinda nice, to be a bit cool.

Played landscaper today, HOT. Humid. Awful. But it was mostly shady, and on the lake. We finished right at lunchtime, though. Wandered down to the lake with what passed for lunch (pretzels and juice... not hungry in the heat) and was tempting to dive in. I hate being wet though, more than I hate being hot. I settled for wading. The water was coooooool. We decided on the way back to the shop that if we were still boss-free by the time we'd finished unloading the truck, that was it, we were going home. Too. Darn. Hot. We had barely parked in the driveway, though, when in he drove. Darnit. Oh well. Full hours worth of work, at least, and I spent most of it in the office (with breaks to go outside and warm up. We have AC fights, S and I vs J. He'll turn the temp down, and then leave. We freeze, turn the temp back up, get to a comfortable level, then he'll come back for 15 minutes and turn the temp down again. BAH.).

Scroll night tonight, and going to attempt to at least cut out the pieces for my vest. Steampunk Picnic on Saturday, assuming it's not pouring from the hurricane that may or may not hit us.


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