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First Fire
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Proof of Concept - Fire in the new firepit! The wood was kinda wet, but we managed to get it burning with newspaper and bits leftover from the construction in the bedroom. There's plenty more where that came from, thanks to the breaking down of the garage (no pressure-treated stuff, though it does make pretty pretty colors...). We built the firepit itself on Saturday, then had people over and didn't end up doing anything. I skipped fencing tonight (too much going on in my brain argh), and while waiting for the chicken pie to finish cooking, we wandered into the back yard, and had a little burn. Lovely.

The garage project is going well... Photos up here. There's snags and unforseen stuff, as with any construction project, but they've stripped it to bare bones now, so I don't think there's anything else that they can find. I hope not, anyway.

I know construction projects always end up costing more than we expect them to, but ARG. Drunken Monkeys. Only explanation. )

Right. So budget is important now. I've never in my life had to keep so close track of where everything goes. Good heavens, please let both of us keep our jobs, and maybe even by some miracle get a raise in the next year or so... that would take a little bit of stress away. We may be eating a little bit more ramen and mac n cheese for a few months...
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Sooo... the oil delivery truck just left.

Good news! We're not out of oil! The gauges are reading correctly!

Bad news... we're not out of oil. The gauges are reading correctly. I guess the echo is normal? Going downstairs now to knock on the now full tanks.

So this means the furnace is made of broken. BAH. Escalated service call. Who knows how much this will cost. BAH.
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Anybody know how to fix a furnace? :(

Not panicking yet. J is going to take a poke around the basement, see what happened when the breaker tripped this evening, leaving the basement in the dark and apparently shutting the furnace down. No hot water at the moment.

EDIT 10:02PM - J is on the phone, trying to find a furnace service that does housecalls on weekends... riding tomorrow may be delayed some. :\ Going to Max & Mickel's to take a shower, now...

EDIT 12:27AM - Well, that's just stupid, that is. We are out of oil. The floats in BOTH TANKS still read half full, but knocking on the tanks themselves produces quite a nice echo. Empty. Soooo... getting oil delivered tomorrow, will be getting the floats replaced before winter. At least we discovered this new little tweak now, rather than mid-January when it's 17 below. Furnace guys will be coming out on Monday to do the cleaning that needed to be done anyway, and we'll take a look at getting the furnace on its own circuit, like it's bloody well supposed to be! Who the heck wired this place??? Drunken monkeys??
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So, there I was, 12:30 AM, just wanting a shower after fencing practice, finally, with a head full of shampoo, and the water... stops. Wait, what? *fiddles with shower controls* water - *trickle trickle trickle* Ah, crud. Wake the sleeping husband, he heads downstairs to fiddle with things, and I manage to get my hair rinsed out over the sink, thanks to the last trickles and part of a cube of water. BAH.

Diagnosis: Dead Well Pump. CRUD. Could be expensive. Could be just clogged with something, and will be fine. We'll know at noon when the tech gets out there. Not even fully unpacked, and we have a major crisis... whee!

In other news, the apartment is empty, the carpets have been cleaned, and I'm doing the walkthrough with my former landlords this afternoon. Awesome moving crew this weekend, everything we own is now in the house... if only I could figure out where. eah, that will come. Happy to be Home. More thoughts later, once we have running water again...


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