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Things are going well. Been getting plenty of rain, got plenty of slug stuff to keep the rotten little slimy gits from eating absolutely everything in sight. They ate all the purple kohlrabi, have shredded my iris foliage and cutleaf coneflower leaves, and as I discovered today, completely ate my Canadian Ginger. This pisses me off some... I will have to make sure to redouble my efforts on keeping the anti-slug stuff sprinkled around. There are good moments, though...

My 'Enchanted One' bearded iris has one flower stalk, 4 buds, all beautiful. Lemon scented, ruffly, yellow and purple and peach and blue. Doesn't get much better than this.

The potatoes have been buried as deeply as they're going to be, and I've hayed them in. Hoping for good blooms, and then lots and lots of tubers later! The second half of the garden is not doing so well... the peas are growing nice and tall, but aren't really clinging to the trellis. I still have a mere 4 lettuce plants, the spinach isn't doing much, no sign of more carrots from when I re-seeded a week ago, the chard is still tiny... My borage is growing well, though, and the onions appear to at least be doing what they should be doing at this point. Perhaps will just have to start with seedlings in future years, if the bed stays where it is... really it'd be better on the other side of the driveway... depends on how well I can keep the pots watered, I suppose.

The "fruit" tomatoes are both planted now. 'Pineapple' is taking off like a shot, and the little 'Garden Peach' that Ruth gave me is finally in its own pot, after the pouring rain last week finally moved off.

Everything has a nice thick topping of compost now too. Brought a trailer load of our wonderful surf n' turf compost (cow poo and seafood bits; nothing better for amending the soil!) home from work Saturday, [personal profile] kurlon helped me shovel it off. While working, I just mentioned to him to please not clock me in the head with his shovel... "Yeah," said he, "that would be an awkward police report... 'So, why exactly did you hit your wife in the head with your shovel?' 'Well, officer... I just got tired of dealing with her shit...'"

Yeeeeeeep. ;)

Everything looks fabulous, though. So happy. So tired... New photos of the garden start here, I think.


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