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Roughly T-19 hours until I have a shiny little turquoise car! EEeeeeEEEEE! Drove it tonight, love it! Financing goes final tomorrow, I sign papers as soon as I can get to the dealership after work. Pictures, I promise.

My criteria for searching for a new vehicle? Blue. I wanted a blue car. Fell in love with the 2014 Nissan Versa Note via an ad on the internet. I'll admit it. The biggest selling point was the color. Mystic Peacock. Which is exactly as awesome as it sounds. The used car market is not so good. Anything worth buying was close enough in price to the brand new car to make it not worth even looking at. Anything in a lower price bracket wasn't worth looking at.

One more trip with my Rosie to work, then out to pasture she goes. She's been a damn fine steed and travel companion these last 10 years. But she's done, my girl. Rust is eating her rocker panels and undercarriage, the A/C cracked sometime between last summer and this one, so no cool air has blown for a while, and the rear end is pretty loose. Got every penny's worth of miles out of her. I found the original paperwork last night while looking for the title (who knows where that is). Originally purchased April 12, 2003, 27,415 miles. She'll be just over 211,300 when we roll into the dealership tomorrow night. Those were some good miles.
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