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Apparently, at 180,100 miles, the explosive bolts go off in a Hyundai. Some of them, anyway.

Went through the tollbooth tonight on the way to dinner with the in-laws, got a very spirited and passionate rant from the toll-taker about his blood sugar, and how I should make sure to never, ever get diabetes (do I really have a choice in the matter?), went to roll the window up, and heard a loud and final-sounding "THUNK". Ah, crap. Window did not move, no matter what...

Got to the restaurant. Said hi. I think. Maybe I just went right into "my window won't go up, something is broken". Cue emergency in-law car repair service. The guys went outside, Bobbi and I stayed in, had a nice chat, and realized it was quite a while they'd been gone... Frank came back for duct tape. Oh dear lord. [personal profile] kurlon and his dad managed to get the window back up. It is now duct-taped to the doorframe. The rest of my door is in my backseat. The white bits are pieces of an envelope stuck to some truly nasty adhesive that I didn't want to get stuck on. Apparently the cable that drives the window got bound in the motor, and finally snapped/gave out/broke. Sigh. Oh, Rosie. She's 12 years old, and really has treated me well... only other major broken part was the alternator, about 8 years ago. Just... why did this have to break now, right when there's a $1,000 maintenance already on the books for this month? Argh.

Further exploration tonight shows that this is pretty typical of this car, and I was lucky to get 12 years before it went boom. I need a $40 part, probably about an hour's worth of labor to get it all working and back together again. Till then, I will possibly be crawling out the passenger door, since I don't want to put undue stress on the cables, since the door handle is not exactly properly attached and doesn't work very well at the moment. Will be taking the HiHy to the Fort this weekend.
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So, I go to Home Despot this evening, to pick up a few switchplates, other odds and ends we need to finish the bedroom (soooooon!), and what do I see the moment I walk in the door?


Christmas has exploded all over the front of the store. It's OCTOBER 6TH. And I know the display hasn't just been up for a day or two... it probably went up over the weekend. Ornaments. Garland. Little houses for the light up villages (I will admit to owning a half a dozen of these, all different greenhouses/floral shops...), and trees. Oh god, the trees. Plain or pre-lit, white, colored, twinkly, blinking, different colored needles, you name it, it was probably there... Too much.

I guess I hadn't quite recovered when the lovely lady in the purple shirt asked "how are you today, can I help you find anything?" and all I could do was gape and point and sputter incoherently at her... It would have been rather embarrassing, I suppose, but she laughed and understood, and we shared some "ARGH" together.

C'mon, people... the lady was right, she said "we wouldn't put it out if people weren't buying it already!" It. Is. October. OCTOBER. The first week of October. We've not even made it to Columbus Day yet! Let it go, for just a few more weeks?

I will decorate Sam the Tangerine again this year, I think... According to [livejournal.com profile] kurlon, it's tradition now... done it for 2 years in a row. I'm good with that.

But not before December 13.


Aug. 31st, 2010 08:31 am
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Now that I work Monday through Friday, I remember how annoying it can be that everybody else in the world does too. I present, now, to you, the hours of the Waterboro town office:

Mondays - Closed
Tuesdays - 11AM-7PM
Wed, Thurs, Fri - 9AM-5PM
Sat, Sun - Closed

It would be difficult to make that any more inconvenient, with my schedule.

It's kinda my own fault, really, waiting till the last minute to register my car (and new bike), but looking at that, I'd have had to take off work anyway... unless I skipped fencing, which I really don't want to do tonight. Bah. I have a 10-day plate on the bike, and don't plan on driving the car till Friday again when it's supposed to rain, but that really doesn't help me at all. Still need to get the paperwork done. Dangit. Was going to be late to work this morning anyway, another 45 minutes won't matter? :\ gah.
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Because my co-worker is so lovely, and I'm covering for her in August, I can go to Vinland Raids this weekend. Xavier is coming down tonight, and we're going to stuff his stuff in my car, and away we go! Fencing and dancing and not driving to Cape Cod on a Saturday morning (that way lies madness...)

This would have been much better were I not awakened at 7:45 by my boss, calling because they couldn't find some of the mum pots... hnnrrgghhh... Yes, they came in with the rest of them. No, I don't know for sure, because it was last November, and I don't happen to have the paperwork in front of me at this moment, but I can think of no good reason why they wouldn't have come in, and I'd have caught it last November if they WEREN'T with the rest of the shipment anyway... Look again. Hasn't called back, so they either found them, or drove to get more, which means they'll find them when they get back to the shop. That's what happened last year, anyway.

Since I was up anyway... started puttering. Got my portulaca planted at the border of the walkway garden. Should be beautiful in a few weeks when they really start filling in. Doing laundry, cleaning house... finding the camping stuff is my next priority. Glad I have all day. It's all in the garage... somewhere...


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