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Got an appointment for snow tires. Hill is sheer ice, thanks to the melting yesterday, covered with a layer of slightly sticky (but not sticky enough) snow. Even [livejournal.com profile] kurlon couldn't get Rosie to climb the hill, so she's waiting at the bottom till I get home with a tow strap and we can hook up to the HiHy and hopefully get her to the top of the road.

Done with Winter now.

ETA 4:22PM - Rosie has been retrieved and is now on her way to Town Fair Tire for new snowshoes... I am going to take a nap, since I don't remember allergies coming with full-body-aches that last 2 days... bleh. Done with Winter now.
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Christmas Tangerine
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The Christmas Tree is all decorated and surrounded with presents! Sam the Tangerine has never looked more festive. And I think the extra light is helping... A tree on wheels, in its own pot, is the most brilliant idea I've had yet... :)

Ok, so... ice storm last Thursday/Friday. Thawing Saturday and Sunday. Nearly 60 degrees again yesterday (was still 54 at 9:30, returning from the mall). This morning was still warm, mid to high 40's, and then the temperature did nothing but drop. Supposed to start snowing around 3 AM, so I expect my phone will ring around 5:30 or 6, and it's shovel time. This will be all powder, though, so MUCH easier than last week. Then look forward to another storm on Friday (Just in time, I'm sure, to miss the Holiday Burlesque. ARGH.), and again on Sunday (when I was hoping to get together with Hoobiewan, back in the States for a week or two.). Winter is displeasing me some, and it's not even winter yet.

Winter, though, still in New Hampshire. My parents still do not have power, but the generator is running quite happily and keeping the heat on and water running. My dad was able to upload some photos of the carnage from his office: )
More pictures are here, at my dad's Picasa page. Hopefully their power will be back soon...
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Winter Road
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The journey south, then northward through the ice-covered land was amazing.

Snapped quite a few photos through my (mostly clean) windshield and driver's side window as I was driving down the highways of life yesterday... Ice ice ice everywhere on the trees in Maine, until I went through the York tolls, and then nothing. Perfectly clear. Huh. Into NH onto 101, icy trees came again into view where I expected them to, as the north side of the highway just does not get sun. They glittered, though, backlit by the risen sun. I have been north on I-89 before, but had never driven it by myself. Armed with a bagel, iced coffee, and a mostly full tank of gas, I quite enjoyed the gently curving road, lined on both sides with stone, trees, and of course, ice. The damage and broken limbs along my route was not all that apparent in the daytime. Everything seemed OK.

Regional fencing practice was wonderful, if not smaller than we'd hoped. Definitely worth the 3 hour trek. [livejournal.com profile] gryphonsinsitre, Quinn, Robert, Ogedai, Natalia, Caine (all the way from NY, who also did not have power...), Jocelyn, Batty, Frenya (not fencing, gonna have a little baby soon... :) ), and I had a nice afternoon stabbing each other and doing some melee drills. Got some good lessons and instruction from Caine. It's nice to fence some different people, and since I skipped practice this past Tuesday, was good to get some activity in (not that 7 hours of shoveling wasn't good... ok. It wasn't.) I couldn't help but think, though, that we might have had one more person, if Dartmouth hadn't been so dumb... am I right, [livejournal.com profile] sprirtwolf? ;)

Dinner afterward for most of us, at a lovely little Irish pub in downtown Lebanon. Got advice that perhaps Warner would be a good place for me to get more gas for the ride home, as they were usually cheapest. Excellent. Got off at the Warner exit (about 20 miles from Concord), went in the direction of the gas stations, and realized after about 30 seconds of driving that I had just passed them both, and they were quite dark. Oh my. Warner without power. Now that I had time to think about it, and calculate how far I could go on what I had left in my tank, I realized that I hadn't seen many lights at all on my way down the interstate...

Most of New Hampshire is still dark.

Got to Concord, plenty of fuel still, but after driving in circles for 5 minutes, found a (cheap! $1.55!) gas station, filled up, and called [livejournal.com profile] kurlon to let him know where I was, and if he'd rather I come home instead of heading to [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel's for some Hot Tub Time. He said, "nope, I'm fine, your dad's keeping me company." ---mind goes blank, skips, restarts-- What..? My dad? Why is dad there? Searching for a generator... waiting for the one to come into Sears that he reserved... Oh, my. Said he probably (hopefully) wouldn't be there still in an hour and a half when I got there, so go ahead to the tub...

I did. It was wonderful, relaxing, just what I needed. Max, Mickel, and I saw Geminids from the comfort of the hot tub, including the most spectacular meteor I have ever witnessed. A true fireball, streaking bright blue-white across the sky, finally burning up in a burst of orange. Gorgeous. Went home. The drive all along 202, in both dark New Hampshire and slightly more well-lit Maine, was amazing. Only 2 patches of ice that made things... interesting... and a couple downed power lines in NH. The sides of the roads, though, looked like they were covered in shattered glass. Trees bent over everywhere. One glowing window showed which home had a generator in the neighborhood.

I got the rest of dad's story this morning... Most of New Hampshire is still dark. The neighborhood is a disaster. Our house is OK, but very very cold. He made some pretty good time yesterday morning, and was in Portland about when I was leaving. Home Depot was supposed to have a shipment of generators coming in sometime that day, and he was getting in line. Many hours of waiting later, with no truck in sight and nobody giving any indication of when it would be, he came here. Was able to reserve a generator at Sears, was told it would arrive "sometime today". One thing led to another, though, and when the shipment finally arrived at 10:30, he decided it would be better to spend the night and get a fresh start in the morning. I woke up when my fish tank light clicked on, and headed downstairs, in the hope that he hadn't left yet, and I could spend some time with my daddy...

He's tired... and his castle is cold, and the forests around it have fallen. Trees pulled right out by their roots. The ground isn't frozen, and they just can't take that much weight. They have phones again, the landline came back sometime yesterday. By now, he should be just getting back home, hopefully not to frozen pipes... It's going to be a while before power comes back on, they think. We are so lucky here...

On a completely unrelated note, )
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Sumac Curls
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The Great Ice Storm of 2008 is all over. Not nearly as bad (here, anyway) as it could have been. Kinda pretty... all melted and gone now.

We lost power around 6:00 last night, just as I was finishing washing the dishes and we were trying to decide what to have for dinner. It's amazing how absolutely dark (not quiet, yet) it gets when we lose electricity... Candles and our one oil lamp were quickly deployed, so we weren't running into walls, computers shut down (yay for UPSes), and, most importantly, the internet router was plugged into J's UPS. Yes, that's right. The power was out, and we had internet access for as long as the laptop batteries held up. I married a geeeeek... :)

The decision was made to head up the road to Applebees for dinner, and a quick phone call confirmed that they did in fact have power and food. Power came back on very briefly just before we left, leaving was debated, and decided for certain when the apartment again was plunged into darkness. I'm not up for starting to cook something and having to finish it on the grill outside, in the cold and wet and ice, when the stove suddenly stops working. We sat at the bar, heard stories of "eyup, we've been without power since about 5:00", and had a wonderful dinner.

So strange driving through a dark town. The houses were all still there, but lit from within only by candles, or oil lamps, so the glow was not nearly as glaring in the night. Roads lit by streetlights were dark, our headlights giving only a hint of what lay beyond. Very peaceful, really.

Returned home to a still dark apartment. Laptop batteries were dead, UPS still beeping in the basement, which was then shut off. Lamps and candles relit, along with the little portable radio (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] anna_mickel and General Dynamics).

It was wonderful, snuggled on the couch under quilts, in a candle- and lamp-lit room, with no electrical noise, and no lights outside to distract. J found some news radio station, which puts me to sleep whenever he listens to it, but it was OK last night.

The power came back on around 9:30 with a jarring blast of light (as we'd left the lamp on) and a louder-than-expected hum when the fridge kicked back on. I nearly hit the ceiling. From silence back to modernity in the blink of an eye. Cranky now. Turned light off, left radio on, returned to pretending we didn't have power, the room lit only by soft flames.

It was all nice because I knew it would be over soon. I knew the crews would get the power back on within the day, at the latest, since we are so close to the center of town. There was hardly a quarter inch of ice on things, and the sky had cleared. We could see stars overhead last night, more than usual, actually, since the streetlights were gone.

Still no power at work. S called this morning; they hadn't plowed, so I probably wouldn't have been able to get in anyway, but it was all dark and very cold. Day off for me! Now I'm glad I actually got some work done yesterday...
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Noon Ick
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Here's a wonderful picture of what we've gotten (snow), what we're getting (ice/freezing rain/ICK)*, and what will continue to fall over the next several hours (rain, in theory done by 9:00). Then it will freeze, solid, probably, and the parking lot will become a lovely skating rink. If only I still had my ice skates... I miss my ice skates...

Work from Home in Pajamas Day is a partial success. Am getting actual work done, and spent the first half in comfy pajamas, until the landlord rang the doorbell and asked us to move our cars... grump. Better to get the snow out of the way before it freezes solid, I suppose, but who knows where all the water is going to go.

*do note, in the central part of the state, right around where J's parents are (Bangor), there's a lovely little dip that is supposedly still snow... heh... weather patterns are funny. In truth, though, I'd rather have a foot of snow than what's falling from the sky right now.
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Ice Detail 1
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It's cold. Winter is coming, the weather people are predicting snow for Friday. Our wreaths and balsam kissing balls are coming in tomorrow, Christmas trees (whimper) arriving this weekend, and we still have a dozen properties with leaves all over their yards.

Spent today (and am spending tomorrow) at a property on Sebago Lake, raked the lawn, and fed the Billy Goat all the piles (great fun, really, watching a HUGE pile of leaves get sucked up into a shredder... muahaha), and am now the proud owner of several new calluses and blisters. Owie.

BUT! There was some excellent opportunity for photography... water had frozen most interestingly in some depressions down by the lake, and the light was lovely to catch the oak trees that have finally changed across the lake. Amazing that they still have leaves on them, really, what with the wind and rain of the last couple weeks.

I rather like these three (for [livejournal.com profile] nightpaws, especially):
Sebago Lake, Oaks & Beech
Oaks and Pines

There are some more really cool frozen puddle shots under the photo link... check 'em out. :)


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