Aug. 17th, 2012 12:01 am
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Pennsic was awesome. Real recap later. Pictures now. Still kind of exhausted, ready for a weekend to laze around at home.

Sunday and Monday at about 2 AM, I woke up, couldn't figure out why the tent looked so funny, or where exactly I was... it was a little disconcerting, but reality came back fairly quickly... I miss my little tent on the Serengeti.

Photos here:
General Pennsic Photos
Rapier Champions Photos
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Pennsic is in less than a week. I leave here at ohgodthirty in the morning on Friday, for a week of a very unique type of relaxation... Cannot wait to see everybody, and wake up every morning under canvas.

I'm packed. Mostly. Ish. Everything on my checklist is pretty much in one big pile in the basement. It's not that big a pile, looking at it... I could possibly do this in my car, but J is letting me steal his truck for a week because it has a roof rack, and tent poles really do work better up above...

Still ToDo (besides the last minute whoops-I-forgot-X packing):
- Get tent/poles (once they're repaired), and cot from Max & Mickel
- Make new fencing/sword bag. Mine are just about worn out.
- Get EK Artisan Exchange project in a better transportable state so I can work on it onsite
- buy fruit & water (Thursday PM)
- water houseplants (Wednesday PM)

I of course feel like I'm forgetting things, and my brain says no way do I have enough of anything to be gone for a week, but I know I do...

This is gonna be a long 4-day work week.
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Busy couple of weekends I've had.

Two weeks ago I day-tripped Palio di Stonemarche with Alianor, Mickel, and Max. Retained for the Princess in the morning, did some silly silly fencing games in the afternoon, and got to actually watch some of the equestrian stuff. Pretty horsies. An absolutely delightful day. Alianor and I worked on (and I finished) new garb for her, which was indeed done in time for her first event in a while. Pictures here:
06-16 Palio

Last Saturday I did a crazy thing, I'm pretty sure, but I lived. Didn't panic. Didn't break anything on me or the new dirtbike. Fell a few times, probably could/should have fallen a few more, but I'm still putting at pretty low speeds. Even so, I bruised my butt pretty well, but not enough to turn me off it.

So yeah. I'm OK... I lived. I do remember how to ride a motorcycle, though [personal profile] kurlon is right, dirt is absolutely nothing like the street. I'm not quite at "having fun" yet, but I definitely didn't hate it. Ah, my little noble steed... Going to try it again on Sunday at MX101 in New Hampshire, if it's not too rainy/thundery.

Today was spent puttering, Cleaning All The Things, and working on the door for the dang tent. One more day of sewing and work, it'll be done. I guess I work best under pressure, that's why I've waited till 2 weeks before the event to actually do anything, even though we'd planned it all out a year ago. Argh. Had allllll winter to work on this. Why didn't I? I dunno... It's going to be so nice, though... :) Door panels are all sewn, just need grommets and loops, and then to be attached to the tent.

Next potential project is possibly finding a tent to go to Pennsic in... I'm planning on taking my car, which means the kitchen tent is out (poles won't fit, no roof rack), and the rain fly from Max & Mickel's cabin tent is currently AWOL... awkward. I'll figure something out. Need to make a packing list.
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Right, so [ profile] kurlon bought a motorcycle yesterday. I knew it wouldn't be too long before we had one in the garage after we sold the ST3, and he found the newest little obsession, which really is a cute bike. In red and silver. Definitely better than the black. And he's having a fun time chasing me around on it, and I find I am riding better, for some reason, knowing he's behind me. Dunno why, it works for me.

Thursday at Pennsic, decided to wear the pretty pretty yellow kirtle and orange sleeves, since looking at Friday's rapier schedule, I was possibly going to be in fencing gear for most of it... Cadet tourney in the morning, followed rather shortly after by the Rapier Champion's tourney. )

Packout Saturday went quickly. We were loaded, the tent was down, breakfast was had, and the big parts of Thanet were being packed into trucks and trailers. I said good bye to those I could find, and we were on the road by 10:45. Stopped briefly for lunch, about an hour from site (I wish I could remember the name of the place, or even the exit... I thought I'd grabbed a newsletter, but it was not from the shop. It's a cider mill, delicious bakery (got a half-dozen pretzels and a few doughnuts for the road), good sandwiches. Back on the road, we passed Justin & Astrid shortly after. The hover conversion on Mingulay worked out very well, and with very few stops, just for gas, really, and snacks, we were back in Maine and home to New Gloucester by 11PM. Good time. Sleep came shortly thereafter.

Wonderful, white, fluffy Frodo snuggled at the foot of the futon with me all night long. Was so nice. About 5:45, I think, he decided he had to go Out. *scratchscratchscratch* at the door. Trottrottrot over to the bed... *whiiiine* *scratchscratchscratch* at the door. Trottrottrot over to the bed... *whiiiine* *scratchscratchscratch* at the door. Trottrottrot over to the bed... *whiiiine* "Ok, ok... I get it... you want ME to take you outside... why..? OK... let's go." My getting up, of course, alerted Callie that Something Was Happening, and she bounded into the backroom, all excited. I found shoes (for me), leashes and collars (for the dogs), and away we went, in the half-light of morning. Up the road a piece, not too far, did what needed doing, and then back to the house. Back to bed for me, dogs went to do whatever dogs do at 6AM. Didn't move again till 9:30 or so.

Still tired, but rested. Light breakfast, unpacked the Prius, re-packed Rosie, oohed and ahhed over gifts brought from the War, and I was off to home and home at 11:30. I don't remember much of Sunday...

I am happy to be home. I am missing Pennsic and all the people I saw there. Missing being within walking distance of so many of my friends. Hoping already I can go back next year (but wondering if I'm pushing my luck... 2 pretty perfect-weather Pennsics, 3 years apart... too much to hope for 2 years in a row? :) )

Photos from the main event are here. Most taken by me, several of the 5-man melee tournament taken by the lovely Lady Connie, from Atlantia.
Photos of the Rapier Champions Tourney are here. Most were taken by Xavier.
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Heck of a thunder/ hail/ wind storm on the way home tonight. Got to ride the motorcycle to work yesterday and the day before, was kinda kicking myself around 4:00 today while it was still nice that I didn't today, but so, so glad I was in the car when the pea-sized hail and 50mph winds and pouring rain and lightning (some of it was pink!) started on my drive home this evening. Eep! All is calm now...

Kinda reminded me of the Sunday night of Pennsic...Quite a storm we had, then, but it cleared off... )

Next: More watching Heavy Fighting. New dress. Woods battle. Fencing Lessons and Fencer Support. Wandering the edges of the Bog.
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Ok, so it's been a few days... I'm back in the routine of work (feels like I never left... kinda... I'm humming and singing a bit more, which means I'm more relaxed... that will stop soon, but I'm going to hold onto it as long as I can.), laundry is almost done, still need to do grocery shopping, the house needs cleaning, and I still can't get in my garage bay. This weekend, perhaps, all will be completed. But first...


What a wonderful, perfect week. Part 1 of a couple, I suspect. )

To be Continued: The woes of a Tired Camille, who missed a tourney because she was buying postcards...
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Fencing Lesson
Photo by James Pallack
Originally uploaded by gshower7
I have unpacked (mostly), snuggled kittehs and husband (more of that later), eaten a lovely dinner (thank you [ profile] kurlon), started laundry (ohgodohgod), and taken a nice, long, hot, indoor shower (ahhhhh... so nice...). I am slightly less exhausted than I was, but suspect bedtime is within an hour or so. I so do not want to go to work tomorrow.

Full details to be related later. For my own memories right now, a quick overview.

- [ profile] ludicrose is a wonderful, wonderful traveling companion and contubernal. A++, would travel and camp with again. 5 million contubernal points to you, Jean!

- Camping with Thanet House is awesome. Having a real shower onsite is heavenly. What a lovely, lovely group of people, we (mostly) had a drama and stress-free week.

- Weather was nearly perfect. Rain at night, little bit hot the first couple days, rain during the day a few times, but not enough to ruin the fun, and a beautiful, beautiful breeze through most of the week made it absolutely glorious.

- I used nearly every single item that I packed, and it appears that I did not forget anything. Amazing.

- I am not as sore as I thought I would be after a week of fencing for several hours every single day. Which was awesome. Though the not sore bit may mean I should have done more! eh... maybe... maybe not... Definitely tired. Definitely completely worn out by Friday. Definitely wanted to kit up and head to the battlefield for 10:30 muster this morning, though. So Much Fencing YAY. Got to work with Wyatt a bit too, got some drills and parrying things I need to practice. Also, have to talk to Christian about doing something to lighten my swords. Argh. I was just plain. Worn. Out. by Wednesday morning. Thank goodness for the lovely light blade I'm borrowing from Wyatt...

- OMG SPIDERS IN THE TENT. AAAAAHHHHH! Little jumpy ones that liked to sometimes leap onto my face in the middle of the night, but no bites, and they mostly kept to the edges. We reached an arrangement by the second or third day. They would leave me alone and not jump on my face, I would stop smushing them. hnnngggggghhhhh...

- So wonderful to be within walking distance of so many far-away friends... I am suffering from withdrawal already...

- Have 1700 photos to go through. Mostly of fencing. Some of heavy list battles. A few of camp and site and people. And I didn't take all of them. Lovely lady Connie from Atlantia took photos for me during the 5-man melee, and Xavier grabbed the camera for the rapier champions' bouts.

- I really need to make time for naps. Somehow. Though it might mean less fencing. I didn't ever really seriously go through the merchants, but there wasn't much I wanted/needed to buy either... I just have plans for more garb.

- Can I go back next year? I think I want to... I'll see how I feel in another 6 months, but I think I want to...


Aug. 14th, 2011 02:34 pm
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
Home to Maine at 11:00 last night. Home to home at 11:30 this morning. Recap later. Unpacking now, shower, rest, time with kitties and [ profile] kurlon. Will go through the 1700+ photos soon.

Such a wonderful, wonderful week. Miss you all, my friends, already.
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I don't wanna be here... I wanna be home, prepping for Pennsic... I want to finish my new gown(s), finish up at least one more veil, do laundry (gah, I must be desperate, wanting to do laundry), pack...

My brain is spinning a gazillion miles an hour with things I need to not forget. I need to figure out how to condense my gear so it fits in the Prius with all of [ profile] ludicrose's gear. I need to figure out a nice compact way to pack the small amount of food and dishes and things we're not going to make a shopping run for once we get to PA.

I think I'm in a good spot, garb-wise. Cut out the set of sleeves for the purple kirtle last night, matching the hood. Hood is completely done, and lovely. Still want another shirt. Could ask, I suppose, to borrow back the one I gave Syd a few years ago. I think I've now worn it more when it's not mine anymore than I did when it was. Heh.

Can't wait for 5:30 so I can get home and get working on things again! All sewing will STOP tonight, done or not, except for handwork that I'll get done on the ride... tomorrow is fencing, organizing after I get home, Wednesday night is final shopping trip, then I have to pack everything into my car, and then... YAY.

Is it 5:30 yet??
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Thursday night, [ profile] ludicrose and I pack the car, get a bit of sleep, and are then heading out at ohgodthirty in the morning, to arrive at Pennsic sometime Friday afternoon. YAY.

So far, some of the shopping is done, I've found most of the 'need to take this with me' stuff, have an actual 'don't forget this' list, and have made some progress on garb.

So far, one new kirtle (YELLOW! almost done, going to do eyelets and sleeve hemming perhaps on the way there), a 15th C. open hood to go with said kirtle, one set of sleeves, and have mostly repaired my purple bliaut. I want to finish another set of sleeves, and perhaps make a front-laced overgown to go with the two kirtles, if I have time. I might. They go together pretty quick... Had hoped to make another chemise or shirt, but apparently I used the large chunk of lightweight white linen I thought I had for something else... hrmph. Might be able to work something with the pieces I have... I need to make a new armor shirt before too long... Rev. 1 is nice, but I think I can make it lighter and not sacrifice protection.

If anybody wants a postcard, leave your name and address in the comments (they are screened)... hoping to have time to breathe a bit this year, since I have a day and a half "extra" that I didn't last time! I am so ready for a week off...


May. 30th, 2011 11:10 pm
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Pre-regged for Pennsic! Woo!
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Camille and Vincent, at the end of the week.
Photo by Max Gunn.
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Returning to our regularly-scheduled Pennsic recap... it was one week ago that I was running around frantically, trying to finish garb, collect things for ease of packing, and make pickles, 'cause I'm crazy. All was done in time, and was good. Now it's still spread all over the apartment, though through the week, has gotten slightly more organized. I knew I'd need another week off to recover from my vacation; I usually do.

Today will consist of organizing the apartment, as I have no other choice. I can't use my kitchen, and I need to bake a cake. Which involves going to the grocery store, as I am out of eggs. Which will also necessitate a trip to the pet shop, maybe WalMart, to rescue another fishie, if I find one I like. I needs a little finny kitchen friend again.

Friday-Sunday: The end of a good week. )

Ready to go again next year? Maybe... but there are motorcycle trips to Canada in the works as well...
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Wakey Wakey
Photo by Max Gunn
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Just in case we hadn't all gotten enough SCA in last week, Creativity Night happened this evening. Was good. Pennsic photos on the big screen, "No $h!7, there I was..." stories, and very non-period Rock Band afterward. I'm a bit rusty... time for Guitar Hero and practice. :)

My sewing machine is home again too; cleaned and adjusted for the first time (maybe?) since 1987. It might be a little bit quieter now... Going to let the poor thing sit for a while, I think, though I would like to get my yellow gown done either in time for the Fort Knox demo or the Endewearde Hunt... we'll see.

Wednesday-Thursday recap, in which I do more fencing, and some shopping )

These are the times I treasure, and will not trade for anything.
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
Survived my first day back at work... relatively low-key, meetings, planning... it's going to be crazy for the next couple months. Plans are in motion... ack! And as it appears that we did not in fact bring any of the nice PA weather back with us right away, fencing practice will probably be inside tonight... pooey. Still going to go, I haven't fenced in nearly 4 days! Getting rusty already (though hopefully the swords aren't...).

Pictures are up! Sorted through the 400ish I took, and came up with what I think are the best ones... Right here.

Monday-Tuesday Recap: Now featuring better fencing than Sunday. )
This was apparently a Fencing Pennsic for me, and I think I'm ok with that. It's where most of my friends are, and helped work off the incredible amounts of bacon that we'd been eating...
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Pennsic Moon
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Part 1 of how many, again, not sure, but probably more than just one. I can't sum up the Week of Wonderful in one post, and I'll be off to bed soon. Laundry is done, tent floor is drying, and I don't want to go back to work and the real world tomorrow. I miss the pavilion again, even with the constant drone of I-79...

To Do before the next camping event:
1) Figure out a bed, raised if possible, folding would be good... a sort of medieval futon...
2) Fix the darned floor. Am tired of fussing with a ginormous tarp and a two-piece canvas (though this would make it more difficult to wash... maybe stick with two-pieces, but trim to fit and make some way of connecting them when they're laid down. Also, mark where the poles and stakes go so we don't have to fuss with it quite so much.)
3) New tent stakes. Metal. Should have bought some while at Pennsic, every time I thought of it, though, the thought of lugging a bag of heavy iron stakes back to camp in addition to the rest of my gear made my brain melt. This is why we have the internet (or friends with forges...).

Pennsic recap part 1, from the mind of a slightly more awake Camille )

More later...

ETA: One stop in Massachusetts, I think, yielded excellent results on the Food end of things. There was a Farmer's Market at one of the rest stops, and there were folks selling Honey. Raw Honey. Good Honey. These folks, in fact. I highly recommend the pure Buckwheat Honey.
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Pennsic Afternoon
Originally uploaded by gshower7
Part 1. There will be more later, once I have a brain.

We are all home now. What a blast. Had absolutely perfect weather the whole week long (mostly). Fenced nearly every day. Danced a bit. Shopped a lot. Relaxed. Met with old friends and made some new. Even packed up dry canvas on Saturday morning. Avoided the Plague. Travel home yesterday was through alternately sun and torrential downpours, which made for some slow going and a late night.

Arrived home this afternoon to an empty apartment (will see you soon, [ profile] kurlon. Missed you LOTS.), and minus one betta fish. RIP Louie. Didn't expect him to last the week, really... Time to start doing laundry and catch up on my comics and email, and tackle the unpacking and organizing of a week's worth of STUFF. (that, and I think my computer monitor is finally really on the way out... it keeps going black... making this very interesting. Argh.)

Thanks to my Contubernal, [ profile] anna_mickel, Max, [ profile] alexsaintpierre, [ profile] ninian_vesalius, and all of House Gamol Gat for an excellent week of camping.


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