Golden Sun

May. 22nd, 2010 05:59 pm
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Originally uploaded by gshower7
Beautiful, glowing, golden room.

Finished painting (mostly) the dining area last night. Did the lower half last week, covering dog-gnawed and dented cranberry with lovely dark golden yellow (Killz Casual Colors 'Pommery Mustard'), and the top side in 'Light Honey'. Found some nail holes I missed spackling, of course, and have decided to finish a column that extends to the ceiling, but is still kinda part of the same visual space as well, but for now, it is done. I love it. It sets off the lighter oak flooring very nicely, and I may even continue with the same color down the hallway, not sure yet. Next weekend (assuming I'm going to be sane and not go to Panteria even if I don't have to work on Saturday... jury is still out, both on the sanity and on work), BLUE. Upstairs. Have perfect colors, finally.

Spent yesterday with K, digging in her garden, splitting hosta and other perennials, which are now, along with two enormous hydrangea that never bloomed for her (and probably won't for me either), sitting around in pots in the shadier parts of my front pathway. Sometime, I will plant them. Have to clear out the garden area first. One project at a time. (yeah, who am I kidding?)

[ profile] anna_mickel and Max showed up at my front door around noon, and we went to lunch and wandering around antique stores, and all kinds of stuff today. Blueberry ice cream is delicious. :) Visited the little farm store down the road too, where I can buy compost cheaper than at work, and not have to haul it nearly 40 miles home. This is a good thing. Hopefully soon, am going to jump on the motorcycle and go see S, who just moved to an amazing new apartment in Saco.
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