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So. We got our home equity loan straightened out, and have money (at the moment), and roofers that have been chomping at the bit to start ever since we suggested we might have a big project for later in the year, after they fixed the front leaky roof back in August.

Saturday was clean out the garage day. The amount of crap we pulled out of there was truly astounding. Had Dad-in-law and Dad there to help in the morning and afternoon, respectively. Found amazing things. If we couldn't identify it or decide definitively to keep or toss it within about 20 seconds, it got tossed. So many mouse skeletons. Ick. Some stuff worth keeping, like door handles and screen door return springs (anybody need any? We've got lots... in decorator colors...), a box full of Avon stuff (to be gone through later), lots of various wood (some good, some going to go to the fire we're having once we get the firepit built), but the majority of STUFF got tossed. The little trailer was quite full.

Wood arrived bright and early on Monday morning, followed by our fabulous roofer guys. When I got home Monday night, the garage smelled like fresh-cut softwood, the tetris mess of the back wall was gone and replaced by proper framing, and there was a pile of railing parts in my garage bay. Progress has since been made. The sunporch (which it turns out, is a pretty expensive little building add-on, just installed waaaaay wrong) has been disassembled and stored in the shed, and will be given new life as a greenhouse, or as a sunporch, off the back of the house at some point. For now, storage...

The roof comes off Friday, I think... supposed to rain some tomorrow, roofer says that they've saved some indoor work if it gets too wet outside, but they're just plugging away on this... It's wonderful (until the payments hit... then... ugggghhh!).

Now! See! The Remodeling of the 3rd Garage! Fear! The mouse nests, now gone in the Great Insulation Purge! Rejoice! In the soon-to-be-non-leaky roof! Coming soon, to our home...
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