Feb. 22nd, 2012

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Had a simply wonderful time at the Tourney O' Love on Saturday! Endewearde is so much fun. I love fencing with all those folks, and the little brick church holds such happy memories for me. Also enjoying how much fun it is to travel with Max & Mickel & Ninian. It's a most enjoyable ride to wherever we go.

Tourney!! I did better in my pool than I ever have before, going 6-3. I should have won one I didn't, could have won one I didn't, and have absolutely no shame about losing the last (Jehan). So much fun, all my bouts. The A&S projects and performances were delightful. I missed most of the fighting; did a quick class on Miniatum for Gwillim's little scribal group, and I think I have them on their way to doing better gold leaf.

Was wonderful to have Their Highnesses there too! Court at the end of the day was relatively short, but three Endeweardeans received their AOAs, well deserved all. Feast was quick but very tasty, and we were all home (and zonked out asleep, me at least) by 11:30.

Photos from the day are here, none of the fencing (I was kinda busy). Other folks took pictures too, hope to see them soon! Congrats to Don Jordan, winner of the fencing tourney and awesome cloak prize, His Highness Sir Kenric for winning the Heavy Tourney, Lord Gwillim for winning the A&S portion, and again, Vey, for winning the coveted Pink Baldric and title of Champeen O' Luv.
02-18 Tourney O' Love

Little bit muscle-achey on Sunday, but not too bad. My arm, though, is still a bit sore and stiff. I am really hoping this is not the new post-fencing/tourney "normal" because I don't much like it.

Excited, though, for next weekend, because Our Lovely Princess will be attending IDD's Baronial Investiture Anniversary as well! May the silliness commence.


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